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Kirk Cousins Tells Bridgewater How Vikings Really Feel About You

10/30/2018 1:34 PM PDT
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Cool candid moment between Kirk Cousins and Teddy Bridgewater on Sunday -- when the new Vikings QB told the old Vikings QB how they REALLY feel about him in Minnesota these days. 

Teddy and the Saints were in Minnesota to play Kirk and the Vikings -- but after the game, Cousins tracked down Bridgewater and told him what the Vikings execs have been saying behind his back. 

"Everyone here speaks really highly of you," Kirk said to Teddy ... "You left a good mark on the organization."

Yeah, they love him! 

Of course, Bridgewater -- the Vikings' 2014 1st-round pick -- WAS the future of Minnesota ... before a gnarly knee injury nearly ended his football career in 2016.

Teddy fought to get back onto the field ... but wasn't able to start a game for Minnesota after the 2015 season and moved on to the Jets this offseason.

Bridgewater is now Drew Brees' backup after the Saints traded for him in the preseason ... and if you're listening to Cousins -- everyone in purple and gold couldn't be happier for him.

As for Teddy and his knee ... the QB told a Vikings staffer after the game, "I'm doing good, man."

NFL's Everson Griffen Police Video Shows Ambulance Escape ... Cops Trying to Help

10/5/2018 11:54 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained footage of Everson Griffen moments after he jumped out of an ambulance on his way to a mental health evaluation ... and you can hear cops talking football to Griffen in an effort to calm him down. 

It all went down on Sept. 22 after cops had been called on the Minnesota Vikings star following a string of bizarre and troubling behavior in the Minnesota area. 

As we previously reported, Griffen allegedly threatened to shoot somebody at a hotel, wandered into a teammate's yard and forced a stranger to drive him around town against his will. 

Cops ultimately got Griffen to agree to take an ambulance to a nearby hospital to be evaluated -- but he jumped out during the ride fearing someone was trying to harm him. 

When cops approach Griffen, you can hear him saying, "I jumped out because I was scared for my life."

Griffen then explains that someone in the ambulance was "digging in his pocket pulling out something. He was digging in his pocket pulling out something and I called him. They had gloves on there’s something in here and they tried to get me. I’m not crazy."

Griffen mentioned that he plays for the Vikings -- and cops began talking football with him. That's when everything starts to cool down. 

Ultimately, cops got Griffen to agree to get back in the ambulance and they took him to the hospital without further incident. 

Griffen has since apologized for the incidents and said he is "focused on resolving personal issues with which I have been dealing for a long time."

Rams vs. Vikings Crazy Fight In Stands Man Flung Over Bleachers

9/28/2018 8:10 AM PDT

The war at the Coliseum wasn't just on the field Thursday night -- a bunch of fans got into a brawl in the stands ... with one guy getting tossed over several rows of bleachers!!

The standoff began just before the end of the 1st half ... a Rams fan got into it with several Vikings fans. 

You can see the Rams fan smack a female Vikings fan in the face ... and then it gets crazy. 

Punches are thrown, a beer gets tossed, a woman gets her hair pulled (hard!) and then the Rams fan grabs a dude ... and FLINGS HIM OVER 4 ROWS OF BLEACHERS!

The video is nuts -- and the guy who was tossed is lucky he wasn't seriously injured. In fact, he got up and continued to scream at the dude who chucked him. 

We're told security responded and removed several of the combatants from the stadium. Unclear if any arrests were made. 

The Rams ended up winning the game ... and we're guessing both the players and the fans had to ice up Friday morning. 

Everson Griffen Apologizes for Hotel Incident Vows to Return to Field

9/27/2018 5:05 PM PDT
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Everson Griffen says he's "focused on resolving personal issues" after being hospitalized for a mental health evaluation this week ... but has vowed to return to the field.

As we previously reported ... the Minnesota Vikings star was involved in a series of bizarre incidents -- including at the team hotel on Saturday -- which ended in the All-Pro being transported to a hospital for a mental health exam.

At the time, team staffers feared he could hurt himself or others.

Griffen broke his silence Thursday on social media ... apologizing for the incident and promising to address his issues.

This past week's events have raised many questions and I want to apologize to everyone who was impacted," Griffen says. "I am currently focused on resolving personal issues with which I have been dealing for a long time."

"Once I have had time to address those issues, I hope to share my story with everyone."

"I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from my family, the Vikings organization, my teammates and our tremendous fan base."

Griffen also apologized for missing the team's Thursday Night Football match-up with the Rams ... but Vikes head coach Mike Zimmer made it clear he wants to make sure Griffen is okay getting back on the field.

"I apologize for not being able to take the field with my teammates and do not have an exact timeline for my return. I promise, however, I will return as a much-improved person and player."

Andre Reed on Josh Allen 'I'm Proud of That Kid!'

9/24/2018 11:54 AM PDT

Andre Reed LOVES Josh Allen -- telling TMZ Sports he's fired up over the Buffalo Bills QB's victory over the Vikings ... and thinks this could be the start of something special. 

It's high praise for the rookie -- since Reed isn't just a legend in Buffalo, he's an NFL Hall of Famer, one of the best to ever do it. 

Reed told us he was super impressed with Allen's play during the 27-6 win over Minnesota ... especially since the Bills were 17-point underdogs going into the game. 

So, how can Allen keep the momentum going next week against Green Bay and prove the massive upset wasn't just a fluke? 

Andre's got some HOF advice for the kid -- and if Allen was smart (he is), dude should listen up. 

NFL's Kendall Wright Ordered to Pay $400,000! ... In Human Stock Exchange Case

8/18/2018 12:25 AM PDT

Talk about return on investment ... a judge has ordered Vikings WR Kendall Wright to pay nearly $400,000 to a company that sells stock in professional athletes.

As we previously reported ... Fantex, Inc. -- a business that makes deals with athletes to sell "shares" to fans who believe the athletes are destined for big paydays -- sued Kendall back in January.

They claimed after they signed a deal with Wright in 2015 that offered him $3.125 mil for 10% of his future earnings ... he didn't pay up.

A judge signed off on an order this week in which the wideout will have to pay Fantex $386,055.83 ($349,157.22 in damages and $36,898.61 in attorney fees).

FYI ... Wright is currently on the roster bubble in Minnesota after inking an $1 million deal with the team this offseason.

Richie Incognito To Vikings Coach 'You're a F***ing Liar'

8/7/2018 4:09 PM PDT
Breaking News

Richie Incognito says Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is straight-up lying about the NFL lineman's claim that he was talking with the team about a job this offseason ... and it's getting nasty. 

It all started when Richie appeared on "TMZ Sports" last week and he told us he'd been speaking with multiple teams about a possible contract ... including Minnesota. 

"I'm still in great shape, just waiting on that call. I've had calls from Minnesota, Seattle ... I really just don't want to go to training camp, so we'll see."

Zimmer was asked about Incognito's comments during a press conference on Tuesday -- and straight-up said Incognito was wrong. 

"No interest and totally false," Zimmer said ... "Tweet that."

Incognito -- needless to say -- was furious over Zimmer's comments and tweeted, "Mike Zimmer is a F**KING LIAR!!"

Incognito claims he had been talking with Vikings line coach Tony Sparano all summer long and posted screen shots of text conversations. Sparano passed away a few weeks ago. 

The screenshots show Incognito was interested in a job -- but they don't show Tony ever made a direct offer. Incognito claims they "spoke weekly this off-season" and believes Tony was seriously interested.

Bottom line ... don't expect Richie to play in Minnesota this year. 

Vikings' Anthony Barr 'Not Too Worried' About Revenge ... Over Aaron Rodgers Hit

6/21/2018 7:23 AM PDT

Anthony Barr -- the Vikings star who put the hit on Aaron Rodgers that broke his collarbone in 2017 -- doesn't believe he'll have a target on his back when he faces Green Bay in Week 2. 

In fact, Barr tells TMZ Sports ... it's "just another game."

Yeah, right. 

As we previously reported, Barr received violent hate mail after the hit -- with one Packers fan warning him, "Your payback in coming. Piece of s***."

So, when we saw the linebacker at LAX, we asked if he was worried Packers players would REALLY try to get that "payback."

"I'm not too worried about it," Barr told us ... "It's football man. It's another game."

Barr told the NFL Network he didn't try to hurt Rodgers on the play -- saying, "It's unfortunate that it happened."

87 days and counting ... 

Bills' Zay Jones Insane Nude, Bloody Arrest After Penthouse Meltdown

3/20/2018 5:04 PM PDT

10:42 AM PT -- The NFL tells us they are "looking into the matter." 

6:00 AM PT -- Zay Jones was released from custody Wednesday morning at 4:45 AM. We're told his family picked him up. He's currently out on bond.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones got into a bizarre naked struggle with his brother -- who's also in the NFL -- and it ended in a bloody mess ... with Zay in handcuffs.

TMZ Sports obtained this video of the crazy fight that went down Monday night in a downtown L.A. apartment building. Zay is stark raving nude while grappling with his brother -- Cayleb Jones of the Vikings.

You can hear Zay yelling, "I'm going to fight for Jesus" ... and according to witnesses, Cayleb was trying to stop him from jumping out a 30th floor window. 

Zay eventually broke free, and ran in the direction of Cayleb's gf's apartment ... you can hear her screaming. We're told at some point, he ran back out of the apartment, entered a public balcony area and smashed his foot through a window.

Photos from the scene show blood on the shattered window, and all over the floors and walls.

We're told Zay actually tried to squeeze through the hole in the window, but Cayleb restrained him until police arrived, and arrested him for felony vandalism.

Jones was the Bills' 2nd round draft pick last year.

According to law enforcement sources, he's being held in the medical ward of L.A. County Jail. It's unclear what his condition is at this point.

The Bills tell TMZ Sports, "We are still in the process of gathering more information on the matter. At this point, we will have no further comment.”

We've also reached out to the NFL, but no word back yet.

Josh Norman Alex Smith Is 'Underrated'

3/16/2018 6:07 AM PDT

Josh Norman is already getting behind his new QB -- telling TMZ Sports he feels Alex Smith is "underrated" for everything he's done in his career. 

We spotted the Washington Redskins star cornerback in Atlanta and asked how he felt about the big quarterback moves in the NFL ... including his old QB Kirk Cousins getting an $84 million deal with the Vikings. 

Norman looked a little bummed out (why not? he's a good quarterback) but explained, "It's business. Everything is business."'

He also explained why Cousins is worth every single penny. 

By the way ... Norman -- super nice guy. 

Philadelphia Eagles Post-Beatdown Get Down ... To Chief Keef & Meek Mill

1/22/2018 7:57 AM PST
Breaking News

Here's video of the Philadelphia Eagles dancing their damn faces off after destroying the Minnesota Vikings ... and we gotta say, the guys look like they could've gone another two quarters.

Moments after the game was over, WR Alshon Jeffery took his celebration to IG live and got live with his teammates ... while Chief Keef and Meek Mill blasted in the background.

Highlights included Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie getting into the act, but the guy who stole the show was CB Jalen Mills, who broke it down with a Macarena-style turn up we've never seen before.

Good luck in the Super Bowl guys ... you're probably going to need it.

Philadelphia PD Only 6 Arrests Despite Pre-Game, Post-Game Insanity

1/22/2018 6:15 AM PST
Exclusive Details

There was blood before the game ... and fires afterward -- but the Philadelphia PD tells us only 6 PEOPLE were arrested on Sunday in connection to the NFC Championship madness. 

One person was arrested for assault on a police officer -- we're told the incident took place in the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field before the game. 

2 more people were arrested for disorderly conduct -- and 3 others were busted for counterfeit ticket sales. 

All in all ... seems like a win considering the videos and photos that surfaced showing police on horseback taking control during the pregame tailgates. 

Afterward, fans went crazy in the streets -- but according to police, it wasn't as bad as social media made it look. 


Adrian Peterson Pump Up Message to Vikings ... 'No Regrets!'

1/20/2018 12:30 AM PST

He's a legend in Minnesota ... and that's why Adrian Peterson was all about giving his former team a pump-up speech before the NFC Championship game! 

The NFL superstar spoke with TMZ Sports ... telling us why he's truly excited and happy for Minnesota's success, despite the fact he now plays for the Arizona Cardinals.  

And if the Vikings can ultimately win the Super Bowl, AP says he wouldn't turn down a ring from the team if they offered him one ... saying, "That would be awesome ... I did help build that stadium a little bit!"

There's more ... AP also updates us on his NFL future and how his body feels going into 2018. 

Spoiler alert -- he ain't even close to hangin' it up! 

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