Tekashi 6ix9ine Nine Trey Kidnapper Gets 24 Years in Prison

The guy who helped kidnap Tekashi 6ix9ine -- one of his then-fellow gang members in the Nine Trey Bloods -- just got the book thrown at him for that crime.

Anthony "Harv" Ellison was sentenced Wednesday in a federal court in NYC, where the judge gave him 24 years in prison for the racketeering, kidnapping, and assault charges for which he was convicted last October.

In addition to his time behind bars, Ellison was also sentenced to five years of supervised release. His sentence comes more than a full year after his trial -- where Tekashi infamously snitched ... taking the stand and identifying Ellison as his kidnapper.

The kidnapping was just the tip of the iceberg though -- federal prosecutors successfully nailed Ellison, with Tekashi's help, for various other crimes connected to the Nine Treys.

You'll recall ... Tekashi was initially tight with Ellison, until their relationship soured -- after which, Ellison planned out the kidnapping scheme to get revenge ... according to T69's testimony anyway. Tekashi was abducted, taken for a ride around town, pistol-whipped and extorted for money -- some of which was captured on camera and played for the jury at trial.


Tekashi's then-GF was actually seen on camera handing over a bag of goods in exchange for Tekashi's safe return. That, coupled with Tekashi's snitching, helped seal Ellison's fate.

It's one of the last pieces of fallout from Tekashi's infamous turn on his old pals. As you might recall -- Tekashi himself was released from prison somewhat early and allowed to finish out his time at home, with an ankle monitor.

BLM New York Chapter Co-Founder Hawk Newsome Arrested ... During Chaotic Protest

One of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter chapter in New York was arrested this weekend ... and the takedown is on video.

Hawk Newsome was on the front lines of a protest in NYC Sunday, where BLM demonstrators were reportedly facing off with Trump supporters in the streets ... with cops in riot gear in the mix as well. At one point, Newsome came face-to-face with several officers.

In the clip, it looks like he has his hands up and isn't resisting or posing an immediate threat before a bunch of cops force him to the ground in an aggressive manner. After that, it appears a bunch of those same officers dog pile him while they try to throw on cuffs.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Hawk -- whose real name is Walter -- was arrested for misdemeanor obstructing governmental administration, as well as two counts of disorderly conduct. We're told police gave him multiple orders to disperse because he and his crew were allegedly blocking traffic, but he refused to do so.

Our sources say Hawk also allegedly pushed the officers and told them to get their hands off him, which is what ultimately triggered the arrest. He was given a desk appearance ticket and released.

These protests have been ramping up in the past few weeks, on both coasts actually. Doesn't seem to be a great sign of what's to come on Tuesday, or anything after that.

Applebee's Arrest Body Cam from High Chair Dispute


The woman who was arrested at an Ohio Applebee's over a high chair conflict was given ample opportunity to avoid it ... based on police body cam footage anyway.

As we reported ... Shannel Malcolm got into it with restaurant staffers after she claimed she was denied 2 high chairs for her twin babies. Welcome to 2020, where cops get called over high chairs, and the video shows Shannel's absolute disbelief once she saw the officers.

At first, she's not all that interested in explaining her side of the story. Instead, she whipped out her phone, and as we reported ... live streamed the incident.

Two babies, one high chair
Shannel G. Malcom / Facebook

The officer did speak to an employee who explained they were following the law by not allowing Shannel to have high chairs at her booth because it would be dangerous to her kids.

Applebee's told TMZ ... 2 high chairs in a booth created a fire safety hazard, so they offered to seat her at a different table. They claim Shannel refused and got aggressive with a pregnant host -- and that's why they called police.

As for why she got arrested? Well, watch the video to see what happened after the officer kicked her out of the restaurant.


Shannel was jawing with other patrons, and totally defiant when the cop tried to let her go with a ticket. That's when the handcuffs came out and, as we told you ... she got arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

High chairs, folks. High chairs.

Arizona Racist Busted for Telling Black Man 'This is a No N***** Zone,' Fired Too


11:21 AM PT -- The man who said the n-word right in front of a Black man in Arizona actually told cops he said it off-camera before saying it again when the film started to roll ... this according to the police report from the incident.

According to the Scottsdale PD, at least a couple different officers were made aware of the altercation between Ng and Abram after the department getting a call from the owner of a nearby business getting negative threatening comments, even though the owner said she was in no way affiliated with Ng.

Remember, Ng was leaf-blowing in front of a business in Abram's video, and it seems like the owner was concerned Ng would be tied to her and the biz, and that retaliation would follow. Two officers followed up and tracked Ng down at his home.

According to the cops, Ng says Abram said something to the effect of a lot of racist white people being in Scottsdale -- to which Ng said he replied, "Well, not all of them are white, n*****." As for why he even bothered to approach Abram and his Black friend, Ng told cops he often keeps an eye out in the community, and takes notes of suspicious behavior and was concerned that the men were casing the area.

In the wake of recent looting, Ng told cops he's been extra vigilant for outside agitators ... thinking Abrams and his buddy might be one of them. Ng was apparently worried the two of them were doing "recon" scouting work.

When cops asked him if he realized how his comments could be perceived as inflammatory and spark a fight, officers claim Ng pushed back at first ... but ultimately said he understood but didn't see why so much energy was wasted on the incident. Didn't get him off the hook though -- because officers eventually arrested and cited him for disorderly conduct.

A racist had the gall to tell a Black man to his face that the public area he was trying to film in was a "no-n***er zone" ... and somehow walked away unscathed, at least at first.

The victim is Andre Abram, who was recording an episode for his podcast in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ last Friday with his cameraman, who's also African-American. As they were doing their thing, Abram says he noticed a guy giving 'em the eye ... who then approached.

That's when he started rolling and caught the guy's vile words on camera. The older man -- who, interestingly, is of Asian descent -- walks up casually and asks them what they're doing ... to which Abram tells him, filming on a public road, as he asks why the guy came over at all.

The man, who has since been identified as Paul Ng, then flat out tells Abram ... "this is a no-n***** zone," while going on to admit that he is, in fact, a racist. Abram disputes his claim about the area, and Ng continues to press him on where he's from and why he's there.

Abram then tells Ng to back up and step away ... he's clearly upset, but controls himself as he addresses his own camera about the situation. Ng, from across the way now, proceeds to use a leaf blower in front of a building ... which Abram assumes is his place of business.

After the fact, local reports say Ng was later arrested by police on a disorderly conduct charge after the video was posted and went viral. Turns out, he was also fired from his real estate job -- with Russ Lyon Sotheby's Int'l Realty recommending his license be revoked.

One outlet reports that Ng later expressed regret for his comment -- and said he was simply looking out for his neighborhood, as they had had "trouble" there recently.

Originally Published -- 7:41 AM PT

Offset Cuffed, Released After Bev Hills Run-In with Trump Crowd

6:56 PM PT -- Bev Hills PD says they've arrested Marcelo Almanzar, Cardi's cousin, for possession of a concealed loaded weapon. Offset was only detained, but has been released. His camp says he's on his way home now.

Meanwhile, we're told Cardi is, understandably, concerned about her cousin.

Offset was just put into handcuffs in Los Angeles, this after apparently having some sort of run-in with Trump supporters, who were out and about in force.

The Migos rapper was detained by cops Saturday in Beverly Hills, where he actually live streamed a good majority of the encounter on Instagram. The video starts with Offset having a conversation with some officers who pulled him over. He tells them he's not getting out of the car, and he's not removing his hands from his steering wheel either.

According to him, it sounds like officers might've had their guns drawn ... because somebody claimed Offset had actually waved firearms at people from his own vehicle. Offset disputes that on camera, and says somebody was following him on the street.

Eventually, he's pulled out of the car and put in handcuffs. It's unclear if he was arrested -- we're being told by people directly in his camp that he was NOT, but was detained. Another twist to this ... we're told Offset's car was actually attacked by Trump supporters, which seems to be backed up in video Cardi B posted.

In her video, she and Offset were cruising together in L.A., when they came upon some sort of a caravan going on in support of the President. Cardi captured tons of pick-up trucks with Trump flags and American flags flying ... which she said was freaking her the hell out.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi also recorded what appeared to be a few Trump supporters near their car in some sort of alleyway, covering their faces and flaunting water guns. We're working on getting more details now from the police.

Originally Published -- 6:09 PM PT

Plot to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Included Bizarre PT Cruiser Training ... Feds Allege w/ Vid Evidence

Fox 17

Some of the men who planned to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were apparently gearing up for war from inside the ultimate mom car of the 2000s -- this per federal investigators.

Michigan's FOX 17 put out a report with a treasure trove of material it obtained from the U.S. Attorney's Office, which recently presented evidence against at least 5 dudes thus far, who were allegedly in on the plot. Among the items the FBI collected ... a video of some of these men popping in and out of a Chrysler PT Cruiser with semi-automatic rifles in hand, circus-style.

You have to see it to believe it ... four guys are in the Cruiser with guns drawn, and then they hop out and begin firing at targets in the distance. Somebody in the back filming encourages them to keep going -- according to FOX 17, the feds say this was a tactical exercise.

But, wait ... there's more. Other footage released by investigators reveals two different men practicing their load and re-load times on their weapons ... apparently as a way to show how "ready" they were for the alleged mission. It's pretty intense, but goofy all the same.

One last clip shows one of the men -- who FOX 17 says was one of those indicted -- talking directly into the camera and describing why he and his comrades are doing this ... because they were sick of being "enslaved" by the state of Michigan. It's surreal to hear him say it.

FOX 17 also posted alleged screenshots of convos between the men that investigators say detail their plans in great depth, which encompassed stakeouts, reconnaissance, entry and escape routes and general chatter about their hatred of the Gov. and her COVID policies.


As we reported ... Gov. Whitmer made the bombshell announcement last week about the FBI thwarting the alleged attempted kidnapping. At least 14 men have been arrested in connection to the alleged crime -- investigators claim they're made up of at least two militia groups.

Whitmer blamed President Trump for stoking the flames on this ... going back to his "Liberate Michigan" tweets early on in the pandemic.

Strange times, indeed.

'Home Improvement' Star Zachery Ty Bryan Arrested ... Allegedly Strangled GF

Tim Allen's eldest boy on "Home Improvement" is all grown up ... and sitting in a jail cell for allegedly choking out his girlfriend.

Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested late Friday night in Eugene, OR after neighbors called for help following some sort of scuffle at an apartment complex in town. Eugene PD tells TMZ ... when cops showed up, they found Zach sitting outside his unit with the alleged victim hiding at a friend's place across the way.

We're told after an investigation, cops found 39-year-old Zachery had gotten into some sort of argument with the woman -- with whom he has a relationship -- and it allegedly became physical ... with the victim claiming ZTB put his hands around her throat and squeezed.

We're told cops were also told Zachery tried taking the woman's phone away when she tried calling 911 ... before she was ultimately able to escape and get to a safe place. Zachery was arrested without incident and booked on three charges -- strangulation, fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report. He posed for this mug shot at Lane County Jail.

It appears Brad Taylor is still in custody -- to which we imagine Tim would say ... AEUHHH???

11-Year-Old Boy Busted for Jacking School Bus ... Went on Joy Ride, Cops Say

@lainetaylor / TikTok

A Louisiana kid put himself in the driver's seat of a vehicle where he'd normally be a passenger -- his school bus -- and there's video of him leading cops on a wild high-speed chase.

The unidentified 11-year-old boy was busted Sunday in Baton Rouge after cops say he somehow managed to start a school bus, and then fled from police when they tried stopping him. What followed, according to authorities, was an intense 45-MINUTE PURSUIT through city streets.

Cops say the kid taunted and flipped off officers as they gave chase, before eventually crashing into a tree. The real miracle here is the kid was okay, and was immediately arrested. Cops say he also hit 3 other vehicles along the way, but no one was seriously hurt.

As for the kid ... you can see from the pics taken by WAFB he was placed in handcuffs at the scene. He was booked on charges of theft of a vehicle, aggravated flight, damage to property and aggravated assault.

Unclear how he got a hold of the keys to begin with -- especially since schools would presumably be closed on a weekend, not to mention during a pandemic. What's really curious is ... how the heck he reached the pedals well enough to joyride for almost an hour?!?

Socal 'Karen' Copping Plea Deal In Battery Case

@mynamegangg/Twitter - @myullz/Twitter

Lena Hernandez, the "Karen" who was accused of a slew of racist tirades in Southern California over the past year, is taking a plea deal ... and she is getting jail time.

Law enforcement sources tell us Hernandez will take a deal on her misdemeanor battery charge, and in exchange, prosecutors will seek a sentence of 45 days in Los Angeles County Jail.

Our sources say Hernandez will be in court Tuesday for a judge to accept the deal. We're told Hernandez will be on probation for the next 3 years, and she's gotta complete a year-long anger management class. Our sources say she will also be ordered to pay about $1,500 and can't own a firearm for the next 10 years.

TMZ broke the story ... Hernandez was busted in July after launching a series of racist rants in a park and a mall. Police issued a warrant for her arrest and cops finally tracked her down in the SoCal beach city of San Pedro.


The battery charge is related to an incident last October at a shopping mall in Torrance. Our sources say Hernandez will be given stay-away orders from the mall and from the victim.

There's no video from that incident, but there's footage of 2 other incidents where she hurled racist comments -- once at a woman working out in a park, and the other at a man in a parking lot.

Trump Star Vandal Arrested, Charged with Felony ... Alleged Repeat Offender!!!


James Otis -- famous for destroying Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2016 -- is back at it again, he just got busted for the same stunt ... even with an elaborate costume.

LAPD arrested Otis for felony vandalism after he allegedly took a pickaxe to Trump's star last week, completely destroying it beyond all recognition.

The cops claim James recently went on social media expressing his intention to damage Trump's star -- plus, Otis told us he was the vandal who dressed up as the Incredible Hulk.

As we reported, he was first arrested for this before the 2016 election.

LAPD says video of Friday morning's vandalism appeared to show James as the culprit, and when they contacted Otis' camp they were told he wanted to turn himself in for the crime.

Cops say James did just that Monday, turning himself in at the police station in Hollywood. Our law enforcement sources say he's still in jail, where he's being held on $20,000 bail.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce estimated the damage to Trump's star to be over $3,000 ... and crews are already working to restore it.

Deadline Hollywood

Otis pled no contest in February 2017 to vandalizing Trump's star, the first time, and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service and ordered to cough up $4,400.

NBA YoungBoy Busted for Drugs in Baton Rouge ... Cops Seize Guns, $79k Cash

1:19 PM PT -- TMZ's obtained pics of the 14 guns and $79k in cash cops seized during the course of the investigation. Baton Rouge Police says its Street Crimes Division -- along with the FBI -- received information from anonymous concerned citizens of individuals brandishing guns in an abandoned lot on Monday around 4:30 PM. Cops say upon arrival, multiple individuals fled on foot and others were detained for questioning.

Cops say they arrested 16 individuals ... including the rapper. They say 1 weapon was stolen and 2 guns were equipped with illegal stocks. Cops gave the anonymous tipster a shout-out for calling in the tip saying, "We have consistently said that we can't do this alone. We need help from the community to solve crimes. When you See Something, Say Something. This is another example of our citizens getting involved and calling us when they witness suspicious activity. Thank you for your help Baton Rouge, Keep Talking, we will never stop listening!"

11:38 AM PT -- NBA's attorney, Jimmy Manasseh, tells TMZ his client is innocent of the charges he was arrested for Monday night, insisting YoungBoy had no controlled dangerous substances on him.

He claims cops arrived on the scene on a firearms tip, and went on to conduct searches and detainments illegally ... even though he admits cops found several guns on a bunch of the guys who were ultimately picked up. Still, he maintains YoungBoy was unarmed -- which no one is refuting ... NBA YoungBoy wasn't booked on any gun charges.

Manasseh says YoungBoy looks forward to defending himself in court.

NBA YoungBoy was sitting in a jail cell this week after getting arrested for drugs in his Louisiana hometown.

The rapper was booked Monday night by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office on 3 separate drug charges -- possession of schedule I drugs, manufacturing/distributing a schedule II drug, and manufacturing/distributing schedule IV drugs.

It's unclear exactly what specific drugs he allegedly had, but If any or all of the charges stick ... YoungBoy could be facing several years in prison.

It's unclear what led to his arrest, but a video posted to social media claiming to have captured the run-in with cops indicates it could've been a raid of some sort -- as YoungBoy was reportedly one of several people swept up and taken away in cuffs.

YoungBoy was released from jail last year after getting caught up in a Miami shooting ... while he was on probation for another case.

Originally Published -- 7:59 AM PT

Missouri Cop to Suspect Your Bony Face Broke My Hand!!! ... Man Charged w/ Assault

A Missouri cop claims a guy broke his hand ... with none other than his face -- and now, a judge has allowed the case to move forward with an assault charge against the dude.

Ozark PD officer Trevor Spencer testified last week that back in December of 2019, a traffic stop in which he pulled over 48-year-old Matthew Calhoun turned in an unavoidable beatdown (on the cop's end), which left his hand crumpled after pounding the guy's mug.

Yes, that's right ... Spencer says he had no choice but to defend himself and wail on Calhoun's face, which left his hand busted. He's alleging assault against an officer as a result.

If that sounds insane to you, you're not the only one -- Calhoun's attorney argued against the absurdity of the charge at a hearing on it Tuesday ... reportedly saying, "Are we supposed to feel sorry for Officer Spencer because he broke his hand on my client's face?"

As for how this unfolded ... Spencer says he was stopping the guy for suspected speeding, when he realized there were warrants out for his arrest. Spencer says as he tried detaining Calhoun in a parking lot, a struggled ensued and because of Calhoun's alleged aggressive behavior, he was forced to slug a few times ... which he says ended in him being injured.

Wondering if Calhoun ever struck the cop? No, actually, according to prosecutors arguing on Spencer's behalf. What they claim he did do ... allegedly elbowed Spencer in the chest while trying to escape, and then allegedly balling up his fist before Spencer started swinging.

The judge presiding over the case decided to move it on to trial court, keeping the assault charge intact ... but dropping a separate felony resisting arrest charge. What a world 🤔

'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Lima ICE Arrest was the Real Deal ... Prepare to be Deported!!!

Larissa Lima's recent run-in with ICE was far from a publicity stunt -- it may result in her removal from the country ... and we've seen the evidence.

According to the Homeland Security docs obtained by TMZ ... the "90 Day Fiance" star was arrested Saturday and released on her own recognizance.

The docs say Larissa's been "placed in removal proceedings" in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act, and she has a hearing coming up to determine if she'll have to surrender for removal from the U.S.

As we reported ... Larissa was arrested at her boyfriend's home in Las Vegas as they were getting ready to head to Colorado. Sources close to her previously claimed agents were simply checking on her immigration status, and she later posted that everything was "good to go" after her release.


According to what we've seen ... that definitely doesn't seem to be the case. We reached out to ICE, and a spokesperson declined to comment on the case.

It's funny -- after Larissa was arrested, fans began to speculate she staged the whole ordeal as a publicity stunt. Turns out they were very wrong, but it would have been impressive ... almost as impressive as the success of her CamSoda show and making herself look like Kylie Jenner

No S*** Please Let Me Poop, Mr. Officer!!! ... Raw Vid of Chase & Arrest

Enid PD

Here's the straight poop -- an Oklahoma woman really had to go number two when she got pulled over by a cop, an excuse that resulted in a high-speed chase and her in handcuffs ... and we've got the raw vid.

28-year-old Emily Owings led an Enid PD officer on a wild ride last week after he stopped her for not wearing a seatbelt, and immediately got a laundry list of excuses once he realized she had other legal troubles that might've required he bring her in.

By that, we mean she told him it was her birthday, but much more urgently ... she claimed she had to take a dump, and BAD. The cop wasn't buying it though, and did what he needed to do ... namely, check to see if there were outstanding warrants.

Turns out, Enid PD says there was ... not to mention her license was suspended. When the officer informed her of all this, Ms. Owing started bawling and pleading with the guy ... again telling him she had to drop one. It's sad ... but so funny too.

Anyway, when they finally tell her she is, in fact, wanted in another county and they gotta take her into custody -- the lady speeds off, before eventually being stopped and arrested. As they're hauling her off, she once again asks to defecate ... in the cop's car, no less.

She was booked on charges ranging from eluding to reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and other offenses. As for whether she ended up making it to the can ... Enid PD says she told the arresting officer and jailer who searched her ... the feeling had passed.

'90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima Cut Loose by ICE ... Now Colorado-Bound

1:55 PM PT -- We're told Larissa is now out of ICE custody and leaving town as quickly as possible to her new home in Colorado. Her reps says agents were checking on her immigration status.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She also posted a video updating her fans on her situation, telling them the ICE crew was actually pretty nice and that she's now "good to go."

We still haven't heard back from ICE on why Larissa was picked up in the first place.

"90 Day Fiance" star Larissa Lima has been arrested by ICE ... TMZ has confirmed.

Larissa was taken into custody Saturday at her and her boyfriend, Eric Nichols' Las Vegas home, apparently as they were getting ready to hop in the car and take their U-Haul on a road trip to Colorado Springs ... where they bought a home after selling their Vegas pad.

Her rep, Lindsay Feldman, tells us ... "Larissa's legal team is working meticulously on her release and clearing up this misunderstanding."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The couple has been documenting their real estate journey well on social media, and seemed poised to be making the big move this weekend. That came to an abrupt halt, however, as ICE agents showed up to their doorstep and hauled Larissa off.

It's unclear exactly why she was taken in -- her good friend, Carmen Nys, sent an update on her IG story saying she and Eric just saw Larissa being taken away. Carmen says the two of them are on their way to an ICE detention center now to figure out what's going on.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It should be noted ... Larissa's had trouble with the law over the past few years here in the U.S. -- she's reportedly been arrested several times over ... and was trying to avoid deportation as a result, something that was covered on the show and explored further on another series she was featured in afterward called 'Happily Ever After.'

We're trying to get in touch with ICE to find out more details.

As we reported ... Larissa made a splash with CamSoda after a very successful one-hour lingerie show she put on, with a brand spanking new bod emulated after Kylie Jenner, no less. The site cleaned up, and presumably ... so did she. Hence, getting outta Dodge.

Clearly, law enforcement had other plans.

Originally Published -- 12:53 PM PT

Breonna Taylor's BF Sues Louisville Cops for Misconduct ... Seeks Immunity, Denies Shooting Officer

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend is going after Louisville police for the allegedly botched raid at her home that left Breonna dead, claiming he's the victim of police misconduct ... and he didn't actually shoot one of the officers.

Kenneth Walker filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday, asking the judge for a declaration of immunity from prosecution in the criminal case for firing a single "warning shot" after cops rammed the door to enter Taylor's apartment in the middle of the night back in March while executing a search warrant.

As you know ... police claim Walker's shot struck Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the femoral artery in his thigh, but his legal team refutes that.

Walker's lawyers say evidence indicates that police may have shot Mattingly as they were "firing wildly from various angles."

According to the lawsuit ... Walker was interrogated by police after the shootings and was then wrongfully and illegally arrested, detained, charged and prosecuted.

Walker now wants to avail himself of Kentucky’s stand your ground law, which he claims operates to prevent law enforcement from prosecuting him after he fired the shot in self-defense. In other words, it seems the lawyer is saying Walker had a right to fire a shot under the stand your ground law, so he would therefore be immune from criminal prosecution.

According to the docs, he's specifically concerned about being hit with an attempted murder charge that was previously dropped without prejudice.

Taylor's boyfriend is also seeking damages for assault, battery, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, abuse of process and negligence stemming from the incident.

As we've reported ... none of the officers involved in the raid and shooting of Taylor have been arrested, though one cop -- Brett Hankison -- has been fired.

KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron recently received a critical ballistics report about Breonna's death, but claimed it was inconclusive.

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