Blac Chyna Switches Out Heels For Sneakers At 'Spider-Man' Premiere

Angela White, formerly Blac Chyna, is all about simplicity these days ... and her latest look shows less can definitely be more.

Angela popped out Tuesday at the "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" premiere in Westwood, near the UCLA campus ... and she rocked a casual, college look.

AW wore a red varsity jacket, with a crop top and jeans as she made her entrance. She traded her go-to high heels for Nike Air Jordan 11 sneakers. As for accessories ... strictly minimal.

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The former stripper/reality TV and OnlyFans star has recently transformed herself, and the reviews are universal -- super positive.

She was on "TMZ Live" recently and said she made the change for her kids, adding her focus is now motherhood, music and new business ventures.


AW also made some big changes to her appearance ... 86'ing face fillers, getting a breast reduction and even removing some tattoos. She also ditched her incredibly profitable OnlyFans account and started going by her government name.

Clearly, Angela seems to be more than happy with the switch up ... good on her!

Blac Chyna Becoming Angela White for My Kids ... Gotta Set Good Example


Angela White -- who's best known, to this point, as Blac Chyna -- is turning over a new leaf to set a good example for her little ones, and it's obvious the changes are way more than just cosmetic.

Angela joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" to fill us in on how and why she decided to re-brand from her ex-stripper/reality TV and OnlyFans star persona ... to instead focus on motherhood, music and new business ventures.

She says her kids were a big reason for the change, and also ... she was just "sick and tired of being sick and tired." Angela says the turnaround started for her when she was Baptized last year on her birthday -- something that's helped her find peace in every aspect of her life.

Case in point, Angela says even her once bitter and litigious relationship with Rob Kardashian is much smoother now, as they happily share custody of 6-year-old Dream. She added there's no bad blood with the Kardashian clan as a whole.

You have to see how she says it, because she genuinely seems to have made a 180 from last year when she lost her defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians -- and she and Rob reached a settlement in the alleged revenge porn case.

Angela's transformation includes getting rid of face fillers, getting a breast reduction and even removing some tattoos. She also recently ditched her incredibly profitable OnlyFans account.

Big changes, for sure, but Angela knows it's all worth it because everybody's happy, especially her daughter -- "As long as Dream is happy, I'm happy. I don't really care about anything else."

Jeffree Star Makeup Warehouse Burglarized ... Millions in Products Stolen

Famed makeup artist Jeffree Star got his warehouse ransacked by burglars, and the heist is hitting him hard ... as in millions of dollars worth of stolen goods.

Jeffree revealed on his YouTube page Tuesday a warehouse he uses in L.A. to store a bulk of his makeup line was broken into last month ... and virtually stripped clean by "black market" peddlers.

He says they made off with upwards of $2.5 million of his stuff -- and the break-in appears to be a 6-man operation. The majority of stolen goods were from his skincare concealer line.

The break-in was even more elaborate than what it sounds like. Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ the burglars cut a hole through the roof of Jeffree's warehouse to get in, and also used the rear door somehow. We're told thousands of lip liners were jacked, among other items.

They definitely trashed the place too, as you can see in the photos we got.

Jeffree says he's been working with cops and the feds to catch the crooks.

Law enforcement sources tell us the burglary went down in mid-March, and that investigation is still ongoing. There are no suspects who've been identified yet.

We're told this does not appear to be connected to a string of other high-profile makeup heists that have happened in L.A. lately.

The makeup mafia ... apparently it's a thing.

We reached out to the FBI, but they told us they couldn't confirm an investigation.

Alex Trebek Beard Beats Mustache by a Whisker!!!

7:48 AM PT -- Shockingly, TMZ has learned that Trebek has already shaved! Looks like the 'Jeopardy' host will be sans whiskers after all.

Alex Trebek found a way to spice up the 35th season of 'Jeopardy' ... shocking viewers by growing out his beard!!!

Alex calls the journey into season 35 "magical" ... and he's got the wizard beard to back it up.

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Trebek opened the season Monday by talking about his new look ... admitting things got out of hand when he stopped shaving during his summer vacation and hoping it wont be a distraction for players.

It's definitely a distraction, and a good one at that!

Alex's facial hair has been a fun topic for years. He previously shocked fans for the 30th anniversary of the show by bringing back his famed mustache for the first time in 13 years. Alex had returned to the clean-shaven look until now.

35 years in, #AlexTrebeard knows how to keep us coming back for more.

But, we want to know your favorite Alex.

Best Mug

Cardi B It Was Poppin' at The Hair Salon ... Before I Finally Popped

Cardi B clearly wanted to make a good first impression before meeting her first child ... hence her visit to a hair salon.

The "I Like It" rapper hit up Sula's Dominican Hair Salon in Atlanta on Monday ... just one day before giving birth to Kulture Kiari Cephus. Cardi made it clear on social media pregnancy was taking its toll, but she wasn't about to let it stop her from getting her hair did.

Gotta hand it to Cardi ... that's some dedication to her hair game, getting an 11th hour blowout before going into labor. We're guessing she'll have plenty of help caring for Kulture, so she can still hit the salon.

As we reported ... Cardi and Offset named their baby girl after two Migos albums and his real name -- Kiari Cephus.


Kim Kardashian West Put The Makeup Brush Down, North!!!


Kim Kardashian West couldn't hold back her laughter telling her daughter North to put the eye shadow brush down as her mini-me generously applied it all over her face, and we do mean ALL over.

Kim shared a video of North back to her usual hijinx -- being ridiculously adorable while getting into mom's new eye shadow from her KKW beauty line. North didn't just go for the eyelid, she also got her nose and ... pretty much every other facial feature.

Kim does her best to reprimand her daughter for going the face paint route, but North's just too dang cute. Plus, Kim's got a pop-up opening in LA for her line, so .... clever marketing.

Cardi B Shaq's Jacked Up Toes Got Glitter!!! I Like Them Like That

Shaquille O'Neal's flossy toes are now Cardi B approved ... but they're still soooo messed up.

The NBA Hall of Famer's legendarily bad feet got some MUCH needed TLC Wednesday at a mani-pedi spa -- and, while the nail techs went to work, Cardi's music was blaring in the background.

Warning: shield children's eyes from this video unless you WANT them to have nightmares.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Shaq opted for some gold glitter nail polish, which is definitely an improvement over what he's usually rocking -- but, honestly, there's not enough lipstick in the world for these piggies.

Still, Cardi said ... "I like them like that" ... but we're guessing what she really approves of is her music playing in the background.

She definitely can't love those feet.

The Royal Wedding Fans Are Getting Union Jacked Up!!! (Yes, Already)

The Royal wedding's got women AND men of all ages -- and all over the U.K. -- dolled up and ready to celebrate the historic event.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials less than 24 hours away, fans wasted no time getting in the spirit by throwing on their best red, white and blue -- Union Jack and Old Glory -- to honor the couple.

Seriously, they're head-to-toe in this stuff, and you gotta see it! Imagine what's gonna happen tomorrow.

As we reported ... Meghan will be walked down the aisle by Prince Charles. TMZ broke the story ... Meghan's dad, Thomas, planned to but at the last hour couldn't fly to England because of heart surgery.

NBA's Elfrid Payton Chops Off Signature Hair ... Reveals New Look


Phoenix Suns guard Elfrid Payton looks like a completely different person now ... 'cause the dude just chopped off his signature hairdo ... and we really don't know what to do anymore.

The NBA baller might be most known for his Weeknd-esque hairstyle ... but that didn't stop him for following in the R&B singer's footsteps and parting ways with the beloved locks.

FYI -- the 24-year-old's barber teased last month that he might've done the deed ... and now we have confirmation that it wasn't a late April Fool's joke.

While we're mourning the loss of the locks ... Suns fans are probably rejoicing ... 'cause there have been several instances where his 'do got in the way of his game ... and many people have wanted him to get a new look for years.

Now we wait to see if it makes a real difference on the court ... or if it was all for naught.

But seriously ... pour one out for Elfrid's hair.

Johnny Depp Check Out My New Rocker 'Do ... Braided Tail Included!!!

Johnny Depp's shaved off a lot of his famous flowing locks, and what's left is his new take on the mohawk 'cause ... rock 'n' roll, baby!

Johnny's taken the sides all the way down to his scalp but, instead of just rocking your standard mohawk, he's braided the tail end of it. Maybe a cool tip of the hat to Captain Jack Sparrow.

He also ditched his mustache and goatee. He'll be debuting the new look with his band, Hollywood Vampires, next week in Verona, NY.

We don't know if his bandmates -- Alice Cooper and Joe Perry -- will debut new hairstyles, too. If they do, it'll be tough to top their frontman's 'do.

Damian Lewis First Crack at Playing Rob Ford ... Nailed It!!!

"Billions" star Damian Lewis looks totally unrecognizable on set, which is a good thing ... because he's playing Toronto's former crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford.

Lewis was spotted in character on the set of "Run This Town" in Toronto on Monday, after spending nearly 7 hours in makeup to transform into the disgraced ex-Mayor ... and the resemblance is uncanny.

The film will focus on Ford's last year of his mayoral term, which was rocked by scandal when he was caught on video smoking crack in 2014 and took a leave to go to rehab.

Those involved with the movie have referred to it as "historical fiction," instead of a Rob Ford biopic ... but it certainly has that biopic look.

As we reported ... Ford died in 2016 after a battle with cancer.

Lewis is known for his Emmy-winning performance as Nicholas Brody on "Homeland" and as cocky hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod on "Billions."

Harvey Weinstein Artful Dodger

Harvey Weinstein went to lunch in Arizona without a Trumpian wig, without orange makeup and without looking like one of the Blues Bros.

The fallen mogul was sporting a Dodgers shirt, which is risky because he's in enemy territory. Weinstein dined at Babbo Italian Eatery in Glendale, AZ ... 40 minutes outside of Phoenix where the Arizona Diamondbacks play.

He broke bread with an unidentified woman and they had the whole damn place to themselves. He looked a bit slimmer as they watched the Cardinals-Rams game while eating and drinking ... sans alcohol.

Kim Kardashian Nothing Sells Face Makeup Like My Nude Boobs!!!

Kim Kardashian's rolling out a new line of face makeup, and the tag line for her promotional shot should read ... IT'S UP HERE, FOLKS!!!

The product's called Ultralight Beams (shout out to Kanye) -- it's a line of highlighters, glitters & glosses to make your face all pretty and stuff. Presumably Kim's rocking the stuff in this shot, but uhhh ... yeah, she's fully naked.

Yes, her face looks amazing, but this ain't the best way to get people to focus on ...

What were we talking about again?

Antonio Banderas The Old Guitarist

Antonio Banderas is long gone from his guitar case-carrying, gun-slinging days but he's still a badass ... painter.

Antonio is here wearing a toupée as he portrays Pablo Picasso for the second season of "Genius" on National Geographic. It's pretty damn spot on ... right?

Antonio's in Sitges, Catalonia -- south of Barcelona -- shooting the series. Talk about commitment to the role ... Antonio also shaved his head for the role. He's known for nailing the appearance. Remember when he played Saddam Hussein?!

Harvey Weinstein Wigs Out At Phoenix Restaurant

Harvey Weinstein showed up in a not-so-effective disguise at a Phoenix restaurant Thursday night, because everyone in the joint made him.

Weinstein was wearing a blond wig, orange makeup and a baseball cap when he showed up with a male companion at Chestnut restaurant. We're told he asked for a private room ... problem was, the room was all glass so people in the restaurant could see him.

Weinstein's hat was inscribed 2:24. There's a 2:24 Bible verse that reads, "But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him."

Weinstein has been in the Phoenix area where he completed a 1-week outpatient rehab program and was supposedly getting more outpatient therapy.

Heidi Klum East Coast Halloween Bash was a Thriller!!!

Heidi Klum will NEVER be outdone when it comes to Halloween bashes ... to say her party was a thriller would be an understatement.

Heidi channeled the King of Pop at her 18th annual Halloween party in NYC -- at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge at Moxy Times Square -- nailing the werewolf in Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Heidi's known for her awesome costumes ... in the past going as a 95-year-old lady and Jessica Rabbit.

But check out the 2017 getup ... along with what Nick Cannon and Mike Myers threw on. Questlove was also there ... safe to say he hates costumes. It's written all over him.

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