Lisa Banes Critically Injured in NYC ... Hit-and-run Scooter Accident

Lisa Banes was almost killed by someone who mowed her down with a scooter and fled the scene out in New York City ... TMZ has confirmed.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the "Cocktail'' actress was struck late Friday evening on the Upper West Side near the Lincoln Center -- where she was reportedly on her way to meet up with her wife and some friends for dinner ... and was passing through a cross-walk.

We're told she had the right of way ... when someone on an electric scooter of some sort blew past a red light and slammed into her -- and then made an escape without stopping to help or call the police. Per reports, the scooter is described as red and black.

Our sources say 911 was called and EMS arrived on the scene to find Lisa on the ground with severe head trauma. She was transported to Mount Sinai Saint Luke's Hospital shortly thereafter, where we're told she remains in critical condition. Word is she's in the ICU.

No information has surfaced about the suspect's description -- but we're told cops are on the case now and are trying to hunt down the culprit. An investigation is underway.

Banes is 65 years old, BTW. Her family is asking for prayers, and for any help to track down the party responsible.

YouTube Star Kyle Forgeard No Charges in Paul Blart-esque Case

YouTube star Kyle Forgeard won’t have to face the music for pulling a mall cop stunt in Texas -- a grand jury is letting him off the hook.

According to a rep at the Tarrant County DA's Office ... the grand jury voted NOT to take action on the case. That means no charges and a huge sigh of relief for the star of the viral prank group Nelk Boys ... who got busted for allegedly impersonating a mall security officer at the Grapevine Mills Mall.

TMZ broke the story ... Kyle, widely known on social media for pulling off incredible pranks, had his own segway ... just like Kevin James did in the 'Paul Blart' movies. It's unclear what exactly he was doing inside the mall, but the stunt pissed off enough customers and biz owners that real cops arrested him.

The Nelk Boys' legion of fans briefly made #FreeKyle a trend on Twitter. He was eventually released on $750 bond, and after the grand jury's decision ... he's now free to dial up more pranks. He's had a pretty good week - he just launched his new seltzer line called Happy Dad as well.

For the uninitiated, do yourself a favor and watch what's arguably the Nelk Boys' best YouTube prank ... where they head to Venice to sell Coke before cops get involved. 😅

Buff Bagwell I'm Doing Great Following Arrest ... Rips Off Shirt To Prove it


Buff Bagwell has a message for all his fans that are worried about the former wrestling superstar following his recent arrest ... thank you for the concern, but I’m doing fantastic!!

... and Buff proved it by showing off his jacked body.

TMZ Sports talked to 51-year-old Bagwell -- only days after the ex-WCW star was booked for hit & run, open container, providing false info to police and other charges in Georgia -- and we straight up asked ... are you OK??

"Dude, I'm 245. I look absolutely incredible. I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel better than I've ever felt in my entire left," Bagwell says.

Buff later continued ... "As you can see, if I'm in shape, Buff Bagwell is not hurting."

If you weren't a '90s pro wrestling fan and aren't familiar with Bagwell ... he was one of World Wrestling Championships (WCW) biggest stars for a decade.

"I just don't understand why everybody's worrying. I just think, honest to God brother, I really, really am thankful for them reaching out with their prayers and I thank everybody for that," Buff says.

"I just want to say I'm fine, thank you for your prayers. Without the wrestling fans, there is no Buff."


We also talked to 5x WCW Tag Team champ about the May 22 arrest and Bagwell makes it clear ... he did NOT hit and definitely did NOT run ... and BB says he plans to fight the charges in court.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Widow's Alleged Victim ... Brutal Injury Photos

Widow Von'Du's alleged beatdown of a man claiming to be her romantic partner appears to have been fierce and brutal ... at least based on these photos showing the injuries police say he sustained.

TMZ has obtained pictures Von'Du's partner took of the alleged injuries he suffered after the 'Drag Race' star allegedly pummeled him and left him bloodied -- and, frankly, from what we can see here ... yeah, it certainly does look like there was damage done in whatever the hell went down.

As you can see ... there are multiple stitches, from the side of his face to the top of his scalp, which is consistent with what he told cops when he reported the alleged attack.

TMZ broke the story ... Widow Von'Du is accused of punching this guy 4 to 5 times, strangling him, dragging him across the floor and pushing him down to the ground, which he says propelled him into a bed frame that knocked him unconscious.

All of this is supposedly over this guy crashing at Von'Du's pad ... and it doesn't seem like they were on the same page as to whether he was supposed to be there or not. The so-called romantic partner insists he'd given her a heads up -- but Von'Du said differently, on camera.


Remember, we got video of Von'Du being arrested over this ... and she claimed she was simply defending herself against someone who she says was "violating" her and crossing boundaries.

She was booked for 2 domestic assault charges. We've reached out to her for further comment ... so far, no word back.

Ezekiel Elliott Dog Accused Of Yet Another Vicious Attack ... In New Lawsuit

12:30 AM PT -- Zeke's attorney, Frank Salzano, provided TMZ Sports a statement addressing the lawsuit.

"Mr. Elliott and his representatives were very surprised to learn of Mr. Williams’ complaint, particularly given that Bliss Pet Spa indicated at the time of the incident that this was not uncommon and was being handled under standard spa protocol. Mr. Elliott will address this matter accordingly."

Ezekiel Elliott's Rottweiler has been accused of being a very bad boy yet again ... TMZ Sports has learned another person is claiming the NFL star's dog violently attacked them.

It's all spelled out in a new lawsuit ... in which a pet resort employee says Elliott's Rottweiler viciously bit him on March 25, 2021.

Brandon Williams says he was working for Bliss Pet Resort in Prosper, Texas ... when he encountered the three dogs Elliott had boarded.

Williams claims he was taking the Cowboys running back's Rottweiler and two bulldogs out to relieve themselves -- when all of a sudden, Elliott's Rottweiler attacked.

Williams says the dog seized his right arm, clamped down, and threw him to the ground. Williams claims the bite was so ferocious, he needed stitches and was "seriously injured."

Williams is now suing Elliott and Bliss Pet Resort ... seeking more than $250,000, but less than $1 million.

Of course, this is FAR from the first time Elliott's dogs have been accused of attacks ... he was already battling a separate lawsuit in which a pool cleaner claimed she was bitten by his dogs in March 2020.

In that case, a woman says she went to clean Elliott's pool in Frisco, TX ... when Zeke's Rottweiler and two bulldogs severely mangled her arm.

As we previously reported, Elliott is also currently under police investigation after cops say his dogs, including his Rottweiler, escaped his Frisco, Texas home last month and bit neighbors.


Elliott has NOT been shy about his love for his animals ... his Rottweiler is tattooed on his arm -- and he's even showed off all the dogs on his social media platforms.

Rapper Lil Reese Busted 2 Weeks After Getting Shot ... Allegedly Roughed Up GF

10:17 AM PT -- A rep for Lil Reese tells TMZ ... “That story is false, nobody was hit ... the court narative is based off someone saying Lil Reese was physical, but he was not.”

Lil Reese is in more than a little trouble just 2 weeks after getting shot in the eye -- he's been arrested for allegedly beating the crap out of his girlfriend.

The Chicago MC was arrested on May 29 around 10:30 PM, after cops were called to his home. According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, his GF told cops the couple got into a heated argument that allegedly turned physical.

Cops say she claims Reese pulled her hair and struck her in the face with a closed fist ... causing abrasion to her lower lip, which was visible to the responding officers. Reese was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

He was later released after posting a $10,000 bond.

The arrest comes on the heels of Reese getting shot in his hometown just a couple of weeks ago. As we reported ... the scene was a bloody mess after someone opened fire into a Dodge Durango that was reportedly stolen.

Reese was accused of being involved with the alleged carjacking, but he's reportedly denied that to cops. Nevertheless ... he was caught in the crossfire that injured 2 other people as well.

Originally Published -- 12:20 AM PT

Khloe & Kris Shady Contractor Stole Our Deeds, $$ to Side-by-Side Mansions!!!

Khloe Kardashian claims a shady contractor ran off with the deeds to the side-by-side mansions she and Kris Jenner were building ... and they're BEYOND pissed.

Khloe made the revelation on Thursday's episode of 'KUWTK' saying she and Kris don't currently have any houses because she claims a contractor they ultimately fired not only stole their deeds ... but also a lot of their money.


The nightmare appears to have started when Khloe claims she ran a background check on the contractor, and told Kris she was NOT comfortable hiring him ... but Kris pushed ahead anyway.

That decision may have come back to bite them hard -- Khloe says the guy has their deeds, their money and the project has come to a screeching halt ... because they're not allowed to continue building.

You can see Kris fuming in what appears to be a tense convo with her legal team. But, the fight's not over. Kris says she wants to do something to make sure this contractor doesn't swindle anyone ever again ... and Khloe says they're gearing up to sue the contractor's ass.

As we reported, Khloe and Kris are were building side-by-side modern farmhouses in an exclusive enclave in the Calabasas area. It used to be a 3.4-acre lot for a single property but Khloe and Kris wanted 2 properties and be a stone's throw away from each other.

It's unclear exactly how much they paid for the properties ... but there are reports they each plunked down north of $10 million.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Star Vapes, Cries Racism During Wild Arrest ... They're Busting Me for 'Defending Myself!!!'


The "RuPaul's Drag Race" star arrested for allegedly pummeling a romantic partner is claiming self-defense, and she let cops know it as she was arrested -- while also blasting white "privilege," and taking a vape.

TMZ obtained this must-see video of Widow Von'Du in handcuffs, shouting that she's getting busted for defending herself in her own Kansas City, MO apartment -- and she clearly thinks it's because the alleged victim is a white man.

According to Von'Du ... she had asked him 5 times to leave her pad. As she put it, "someone else would not understand his privilege does not extend to my apartment." She quickly added, "And, just because his ass got beat up because he would not leave ... I'm being arrested."

You can also see a friend of Von'Du's holding a mic, and she made it clear she wanted all her fans to know about what she sees as a gross injustice. That being said, when someone offered her a vape ... Widow took a break from raging out to inhale deeply.

Things got deadly serious, though as police were loading Widow into their van. She demanded cops strap her down because she didn't want there to be any doubts about her possibly resisting police. She declared for the camera, "I'm not about to be the next one that we march for" ... alluding to Black people who've died in police custody.

As we first reported, Von'Du allegedly punched and KO'd her partner, leaving him with injuries so severe ... he needed 14 stitches in his face and head. Von'Du was booked for 1st and 2nd-degree domestic assault.

F. Lee Bailey Famed Lawyer Dead at 87

12:46 PM PT -- Bailey's oldest son, Bendrix Lee Bailey, tells TMZ ... F. Lee died Thursday morning in Georgia, where he was in hospice.

He says his father's death was NOT related to COVID-19, and the family is chalking it up to old age.

Bendrix also says Bailey didn't want a funeral, and he'll most likely be cremated -- but the family is considering a celebration of life.

F. Lee Bailey, one of the most famous lawyers in American history, has died.

Bailey represented some of the most notorious defendants in jurisprudence. He repped, among others, Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, Patty Hearst, Sam Sheppard and, of course, O.J. Simpson.

Bailey actually made a name for himself early in his career, but not as a lawyer. He was the host of a television show, "Good Company," in 1967, in which he interviewed celebs in their homes. In 1983, he had another show ... "Lie Detector," where he would question guests and submit their answers to a polygrapher.

You likely remember him most from O.J. Simpson's criminal trial, where he partnered with Johnnie Cochran, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian and others. One of the most dramatic parts of the trial was when Bailey cross-examined former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman and made it clear to the jury the former cop had used the n-word. Many of those who covered the trial felt that was the moment the jury would decide to find Simpson not guilty.

Bailey had big problems after the Simpson trial. He was disbarred in 2001 for transferring assets from a client into his own, personal bank account.

An interesting twist in his life ... he was arrested in 1982 for drunk driving in California and beat the rap with his lawyer -- none other than Robert Shapiro.

In 2009 Bailey took and passed the bar exam in Maine but was forbidden to practice because the bar felt he did not possess "the honesty and integrity" to practice law.

Simpson posted a video after hearing about Bailey's death, and said his former lawyer had recently completed a book about O.J.'s criminal trial.

@TheRealOJ32 / Twitter

Bailey was married 4 times and had 3 children.

He was 87.


Carole Baskin Rips Celebs Over Tiger at Party ... 'Clueless and Cruel'

12:29 PM PT -- The GDNR tells us there was a permit issued for the tiger to be displayed.

Carole Baskin is blasting Diddy, and several other celebs at an Atlanta birthday bash, for posing with a white tiger ... and she claims there are signs the animal was distressed.

Diddy, Jack Harlow, Ray J, T.I., Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Teyana Taylor and 2 Chainz attended the party Thursday night for Quality Control Music honcho Pierre Thomas, and Carole says it was a horrible scene for the big cat.


She says the white tiger looked stressed by all the noise and chaos -- that's why it's pacing and mouth breathing ... both signs it's not comfortable in the small cage.

Baskin can't fathom why folks would want to "demonstrate dominion over the world's most magnificent animal" at the party. She sees it as clear exploitation and a slap in the face to mother nature.

Carole's also wondering if the tiger was brought in illegally, and she's urging authorities to investigate the party that was held at ATL's Fox Theatre. The Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources would have to issue a permit for the tiger to be displayed.

We've reached out to the GDNR, and also to Quality Control Music for comment.

Still, Carole feels the whole scene made partygoers look "impotent, clueless and cruel."

Originally Published -- 12:01 PM PT

Miles Teller My Black Eye's Healing Up ... After Punch To Face in Maui

Miles Teller brought a bunch of mementos from his vacation in Hawaii back to the mainland with him ... including a black eye.

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star was spotted Wednesday in Los Angeles walking around with a hat from a famous resort on Maui and a shiner ... from the punch to the face he took in a Maui restaurant.


Miles wasn't practicing aloha when a photog asked about the nasty incident he was involved in on Maui -- he was mum other than to say he's feeling alright ... despite the black eye.

TMZ broke the story ... Miles was dining at Monkeypod Kitchen on Maui when he was allegedly attacked in the restroom by a man who is married to a wedding planner with a history with Teller and his wife, Keleigh.

Russell and Lorrie Nielson claim Miles and Keleigh didn't pay the bill for their 2019 Maui wedding Lorrie claims she planned.


As we first told you ... Russell and Lorrie were in the thick of drama at another wedding just weeks before the alleged attack on Miles ... ending with the wedding planner's arrest.

Casey Anthony Bar Fight Was Over Cop Ex-BF ... Body Cam Footage Shows

West Palm Beach Police Department

Turns out Casey Anthony's ex-BF -- the one at the center of her bar showdown -- is a police officer with West Palm PD, the same department that responded to her 911 call after the fight.

We just got the body cam from the West Palm PD officer who showed up at the bar, and it shows Casey spilling her guts about the sergeant she used to date. She tells the responding officer she wants to file an incident report because the woman -- identified as Thelma Moya -- verbally and physically assaulted her.

The cop asks Casey what exactly happened and Casey gives up the tea -- "We dated the same person for a couple of years. Malcolm Allison, who is one of your sergeants."


Casey added, "Whether they're together or not together, she got upset that he had texted me. I let her know that he had. And, she came inside and threw a drink at me."

Casey goes as far as telling the cop she can call Malcolm to confirm Moya's alleged past behavior, but later backtracks and says she doesn't want to get Malcolm involved. Too late?

The cop also asks why she hadn't filed a restraining order against Moya, and Casey claims she didn't have grounds to do so before ... but makes it sound like that might be her next move. Later, she said she won't, though.

TMZ broke the story ... the accused, but acquitted, child killer called cops out to O'Shea's Irish Pub in West Palm Beach after claiming an argument with an archnemesis turned ugly.

In the 911 call audio, obtained by TMZ, Casey can be heard clearly pissed off and adamant about wanting the alleged incident documented so she could file a restraining order.

Yung Bleu, Boosie Badazz Sued You Stole My Tracks to Launch Bleu ... And I Didn't 'Miss It!!!'

Yung Bleu's hip-hop stardom only came after he used music from a producer named Ice Starr for his hit, "Miss It" ... at least that's Ice's story, and he says he hasn't received a dime in royalties for it.

According to new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Ice Starr's a producer who creates compositions and recordings for rappers to use on a licensing basis, but he claims YB began ripping his music in 2017 for unauthorized use.

Ice says 2 of Bleu's most successful songs -- "Miss It" and "Ice On My Baby" -- jacked his instrumental work, "without his knowledge, authorization, and without any compensation whatsoever."

The producer claims the same is true of most of Yung Bleu's "Investments 5" album ... which Ice insists boosted Bleu's popularity and turned him into a hip-hop star.

As for where Boosie comes in ... Ice claims the rapper's Bad Azz Music label -- to which Yung Bleu is signed -- induced him into an invalid agreement to sign away his rights after "Miss It" had already been released without his knowledge.

Ice claims this was done so YB could continue profiting off the unauthorized use of Ice's recordings. BTW, Bleu's most recent hit, "Your Mines Still" features Drake, but that one doesn't use Ice's music.

Ice Starr's suing for copyright infringement and wants a cut of the profits and future royalties from Yung Bleu's hit tracks. We reached out to the rappers ... no word back.

Derek Chauvin Prosecutors Want 30-Year Sentence

Derek Chauvin could serve more than a quarter of a century in prison, if the prosecutors on his case get their way.

Prosecutors for the State of Minnesota have filed docs asking the judge to throw the book at Chauvin for murdering George Floyd ... requesting he get a minimum sentence of 30 years, which they say is justified considering the circumstances of this case.

The prosecution notes this is on the high end of what Chauvin could receive -- the maximum is 40 -- but they claim it's warranted because of 4 specific aggravating factors that were proven at trial.

First, they argue Chauvin abused a position of trust and authority by what he did to Floyd, which they say created an unfair power imbalance that left GF helpless. Second, they say Chauvin treated Floyd with particular cruelty ... namely, by disregarding his repeated pleas for oxygen and continuing to hold him down for almost 10 minutes.

Thirdly, Chauvin committed the crime in front of multiple children -- there were at least two minors present -- which effectively makes them victims as well. The last thing prosecutors cite is the fact that Chauvin was part of a team of officers on the scene.

Fox 9

Even though the other three ex-cops still have to stand trial themselves, the State suggests Chauvin was part of a group that ganged up on Floyd, and therefore he should face a harsher punishment.

On the flip side, of course, is Chauvin's defense attorney, Eric Nelson, who's reportedly asked for a sentence on the low end of the spectrum. He's even suggested Chauvin get time served and probation for the murder and manslaughter convictions.

Sentencing is set to come down on June 25.

Va. Tech Football Player Isi Etute Charged With Murder ... Suspended From Team

Isi Etute -- a freshman linebacker on the Virginia Tech football team -- has been charged with murder ... and the school says it's now suspended him from the program immediately.

The Blacksburg Police Department said Wednesday that Etute was involved in the killing of a 40-year-old man on Tuesday.

Details surrounding the alleged incident are unclear ... but cops say they found a man dead after they responded to a call in Blacksburg, Va. at around 10:30 PM Tuesday.

Cops say they zeroed in on Etute, who they say was an "acquaintance" of the victim, after conducting their investigation.

Etute has since been charged with 2nd-degree murder, court records show ... and cops say he's currently being held without bond in jail.

Cops added the investigation is both "complex" and "ongoing."

Etute -- a 6-foot-2, 200-pound outside LB -- signed with Va. Tech after committing to the school in July 2020 ... and had participated in the team's 2021 spring practices.

Tech officials say in addition to him being suspended immediately from the football team, he's also been placed on suspension from the university.

Etute was majoring in human development, school officials say.

Story developing ...

'Jackass' Director Claims Bam Sent Him Death Threats ... Restraining Order Granted

Bam Margera's been sending increasingly disturbing messages to 'Jackass' director Jeff Tremaine, including threatening his safety and that of his children ... according to new legal docs.

The court has granted Tremaine's request for a temporary restraining order against Bam, requiring him to stay at least 100 yards away from Jeff, his wife and kids ... and to stop contacting him.

Tremaine claims he's been getting harassed by Bam since February, after Jeff says Bam no-showed for a virtual meeting to discuss how he could help Margera with his mental health and sobriety struggles.

Since then, according to the docs, Bam's been on the warpath on social media. Tremaine claims Margera's publicly attacked him, threatened violence, compared him to Harvey Weinstein, posted obscene drawings and made a comment that he and Johnny Knoxville can "pencil in there [sic] death certificate."

On top of that, Tremaine claims Bam's sent him several direct threats against his kids, including one that read ... "Look at your children and grab your pocket book and write a check, if you are greedy, and cheap, look at your children again. If you don‘t sign the paper, look at you children. Sign your stupid f***ing contract before your (sic) not safe anywhere."

According to Jeff, the contract Bam is referring to seems to be one Margera wrote up himself. Tremaine says he's in great fear for his family's and his personal safety.

@bam__margera / Instagram

As we reported ... Bam recently went on a fuming rant against Tremaine and Knoxville, claiming they strung him along to be part of "Jackass 4" only to cut him loose over what he calls unreasonable demands.

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