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Ambien to Roseanne Our Drug Doesn't Make You Racist!!!

5/30/2018 7:14 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr should keep Ambien out of her mouth when trying to explain away her racist tweet this week ... so says Ambien.

A rep for the sleep medication brand tells TMZ quite frankly ... "People of all races, religions and nationalities work at Sanofi every day to improve the lives of people around the world." Sanofi is the pharmaceutical company under which Ambien is sold.

They go on ... "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication." In other words ... our Ambien didn't make you tweet that racist BS -- that's all you, Roseanne.  

As we reported ... Roseanne tried blaming the sedative for her racist tweet aimed at former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, in which she called her a baby born out of the 'muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes.' She also tried saying she thought Valerie was Jewish ...

So yeah ... Roseanne's still canceled.

John Goodman Doggone Depressed After 'Roseanne' Gets Axed

5/29/2018 5:07 PM PDT

John Goodman's body language says it all -- he's beyond pissed after Roseanne Barr's racist comment led to the cancellation of their hit ABC sitcom.

Goodman -- who costarred as Dan Conner on "Roseanne" until Barr's decision to post a racist tweet resulted in the show getting the axe Tuesday -- was spotted out in New Orleans glumly walking his dog shortly after the news broke.

As we reported ... ABC made the call to pull the plug on "Roseanne" just hours after she tweeted a "joke" about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, saying, "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby."

Clearly, Dan's had better days ... but it could be worse. At least he still has his loving dog by his side.

Obama Aide Valerie Jarrett I'm Fine After Roseanne Attack But, I Worry About Others

5/29/2018 2:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

The woman Roseanne Barr called a baby born out of the Muslim brotherhood and 'Planet of the Apes' says she can deal with the racism -- but worries about those facing similar attacks out of the spotlight.

Barack Obama's former adviser, Valerie Jarrett, spoke on MSNBC Tuesday following Roseanne's racist comment, saying she's "fine" ... but adding she's concerned about those who don't have such a public support system coming to their defense.

She says she wants this to be a teaching moment, but notes that there are daily examples of racism black people experience that don't get the attention she's getting now.

BTW ... Valerie also calls out President Trump for setting the tone that she believes Roseanne followed and executed. Speaking of "Roseanne" ... she's all the way canceled.

She also says she got a call from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who apologized and said his company has a "zero tolerance" for such hateful comments.

Wanda Sykes Quit 'Roseanne' Due to Roseanne's Racist Tweet

5/29/2018 9:29 AM PDT

Wanda Sykes is following Whitney Cummings out the door of "Roseanne" -- but her exit is a direct response to Roseanne Barr's racist attack on an Obama aide, a woman who's a close friend of Wanda's ... TMZ has learned.

Wanda kept it short and sweet, saying ... "I will not be returning to ['Roseanne']." The timing is no coincidence, coming within an hour of Barr's apology for calling an Obama adviser the product of "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes."

A source close to Wanda tells us Roseanne's tweet is "100 percent why [Wanda] quit." We're told Wanda and Valerie Jarrett, the Obama adviser, are friends ... and hung out together as far back as 2009, when Wanda hosted the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Wanda was a consulting producer on the hugely successful reboot, which is returning for a second season -- but, clearly, with some producing changes. 

Earlier this month Whitney, who was an executive producer, announced she was leaving because she was too busy with other projects.

Michael Jackson Estate Disney has Unmitigated Gall Airing 'Last Days' TV Special

5/23/2018 2:35 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

The folks managing Michael Jackson's estate are outraged that ABC would dare do a documentary called "The Last Days of Michael Jackson" and trash the singer and exploit his legacy.

A rep for the estate tells TMZ ... it's especially galling that Disney -- which owns ABC, and sometimes viciously protects its image -- would sully the image of Michael. The rep called Disney's conduct "disgraceful."

The rep went on to say this -- "What if we did a documentary on the relationship between Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and some of the rumors they were drug abusers? How would Disney like that?"

We're told Disney has not paid a cent for photos or music for the upcoming TV special, and the MJ estate will be watching like a hawk to see if any of those assets appear in the show.  But, our sources say, the Estate's issue is not money ... it's that they think the show is irresponsible and dishonors Michael. 

Marcia Clark New Legal Drama ... TV Show Gets ABC Pickup!!!

5/11/2018 3:01 PM PDT

Marcia Clark just took a big step toward no longer just being known for a real-life legal drama ... and making it big in Hollywood with a TV version instead.

The famed O.J. Simpson prosecutor's new show, "The Fix" -- which has been described as part legal thriller and part revenge fantasy -- just got picked up to series by ABC ... according to sources close to production.

We're told the drama -- which Marcia co-writes and executive produces -- is being pegged by ABC to partly fill the void left by Shonda Rhimes leaving the network for Netflix ... along with the recent cancellations of "Designated Survivor" and "Quantico."

Actress Robin Tunney plays the lead character on "The Fix" ... which is loosely based on Clark's life as an L.A. prosecutor who loses the case of her life and gets shredded by the media. 

'Roseanne' Original Couch Mystery Solved Goodman's Claim Just Plain Wrong

3/31/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Roseanne Barr and John Goodman ruffled some feathers when they told Jimmy Kimmel the original "Roseanne" couch is with the Smithsonian and that's why they couldn't get it for the reboot. Turns out, it's not true. 

TMZ did some digging, and we found out the Conners' couch went to a production warehouse after the show went off the air in 1997 ... and it remained there for years until a show honcho bought it.

We're told that person reached out to James Comisar -- curator at Museum of TV -- 10-15 years ago ... and it's been under his care ever since. The Museum has no affiliation with the Smithsonian. 

Comisar tells us the TV sofa is in an L.A. warehouse under climate, humidity and light control ... and he says he WAS contacted by "Roseanne" cast member Sara Gilbert about using it for the reboot.

James says he was open to letting the show use the couch, but worried it would get damaged, so he had strict stipulations on its use. Ultimately ... he and ABC couldn't come to terms, so the network decided to make a replica instead.

Comisar has more than 10,000 objects from TV history in his possession, and hopes to turn his site into a full-fledged museum someday ... and he'll proudly display the "Roseanne" couch.

John Goodman Trust Me, Trump Won't Call Me!!! LOLs on His Roseanne Call

3/29/2018 2:54 PM PDT

John Goodman's happy Roseanne Barr's happy about getting a congratulatory call from Donald Trump ... but the idea of the Prez calling him? That's a laugh riot.

Dan Conner was out in L.A. Thursday, looking way more chipper than the day before about "Roseanne" grabbing the attention of 18.2 million viewers in the sitcom's return to TV. He says the Trump call meant a lot to his TV wife -- but only needed 2 words to make it clear, he and Roseanne are NOT on the same page when it comes to POTUS.

As we reported ... 45 kinda took credit for 'Roseanne's' success, since its star is a Trump supporter, both on the show and in real life.

Doesn't sound like Goodman is in real life. Remains to be seen on the show.

'Roseanne' Star John Goodman Premiere Ratings Killed, Eh? Huh, Didn't See That Coming

3/28/2018 4:29 PM PDT

John Goodman is either as shocked as the rest of us that "Roseanne" completely smashed the ratings in its return to TV screens across America ... or he just doesn't care.

We got John at LAX -- who was recast in his old role as Roseanne's hubby, in a revival season that premiered on ABC Tuesday night -- and his response to "Roseanne" churning out a whopping 18.2 million viewers was, well, oddly anticlimactic ... to say the least.

Our photog asks if he expected such a YUGE turnout -- seeing how the show now features Roseanne as a Trump voter and her sis on team HC. He says it quite simply ... not really. John also doesn't think the show's too political now either, as some have suggested.

Oh, and get this ... we also got the real Roseanne Barr out in NYC Wednesday, and she was a bit more receptive to the good ratings news than her Conners costar. Just a bit, though.

Isaiah Washington Shonda Rhimes Agrees with Me ... Racism at ABC Got Me Booted off 'Grey's'!!!

3/21/2018 11:28 AM PDT

Isaiah Washington insists he was ousted from "Grey's Anatomy" in 2007 over false accusations fueled by an allegedly racist ABC exec ... and he says Shonda Rhimes knows it too, and has his back.

The actor tells us Shonda -- creator and exec producer of 'Grey's' -- has "nothing good to say" about ABC or its exec VP, Howard Davine. He also says Shonda believes Davine should be investigated for his "racist, biased behavior."

What Isaiah's suggesting is pretty explosive. First, that the stories about him making homophobic comments on the 'Grey's' set were lies to get him blackballed in Hollywood. Second, Shonda, the queen of TGIT, taking a stand against ABC says a lot.

She's the network's biggest content creator, and if she's calling out one of its execs ... y'know she's pissed.

Isaiah says a whistleblower tipped him off to Davine's alleged actions, and now he's hoping the Time's Up movement or others get on board with his fight.

We've reached out to Shonda's office several times, but so far no word back.

'Grey's Anatomy' Doctor Kevin McKidd Officially Divorced Massive Child and Spousal Support Obligations

12/27/2017 8:55 AM PST

"Grey's Anatomy" star Kevin McKidd is officially a single man, but it came at a high price.

Kevin's wife Jane had filed to end their 17-year marriage and the divorce is now final. They have joint legal custody of their 2 kids -- ages 17 and 15. As for physical custody, they agreed to a "nesting arrangement." The kids stay at the family home and the parents rotate in and out.

As for money ... Kevin will pay $22,440 in monthly child support, and will also pay for private school and summer camp. Jane will get $65,096 a month in spousal support, plus 20% of any income Kevin receives in excess of $3 million a year.

When the kids turn 18, Kevin's still not off the hook. Although his child support obligations will terminate, Jane will get an additional $12,147 a month in spousal support for 4 years.

They each get a house and will continue to share ownership in a third house in Malibu. She gets the 2014 Chevy Volt. 

Mario Batali Fired from 'The Chew'

12/14/2017 3:37 PM PST
Breaking News

Mario Batali is officially cut from "The Chew" ... for good.

ABC completed its review into multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the celeb chef -- and says, "While we remain unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with our show, ABC takes matters like this very seriously as we are committed to a safe work environment and his past behavior violates our standards of conduct."

As we reported ... 4 women claimed Batali had inappropriately touched them in the past, 3 of whom used to work for him. Batali said some of the accusations matched up with ways he'd acted.

Mario Batali 4 Women Claim 'Inappropriate Touching'

12/11/2017 7:00 AM PST
Breaking News

Mario Batali is accused of "inappropriate touching" by 4 women -- 3 of them former employees -- and the allegation is forcing the celebrity chef to step away from his restaurant empire.

One of Batali's accusers called him "creepy" and said he gave "me this provocative, icky feeling." Other claims are he groped a woman's breasts, grabbed someone from behind and compelled her to straddle him.

The allegations, spanning at least two decades, surfaced in an Eater NY article published Monday. Batali responded to the article, saying he's stepping away from day-to-day operations of his business. ABC has also asked "The Chew" co-host to step away from the show while it reviews the allegations.

Batali added, "I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt. Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact match up with ways I have acted."

Anthony Bourdain hinted Monday morning he knew about Batali and claims he knew of firsthand stories.

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