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'Hardcore Pawn' Star Makes Offer On Seahawks Football I'll Outbid EVERYONE!

1/22/2015 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0121-les-gold-tmz-01The star of "Hardcore Pawn" is gunning for the famous game-winning football from the Seahawks vs. Packers game ... and he tells TMZ Sports he'll CRUSH the $20K offer that's already on the table. 

Les Gold tells us ... the pigskin that Seattle WR Jermaine Kearse launched into the stands after catching the winning touchdown is an instant collectors item -- and he's dead set on getting it. 

The man who caught the ball, Scott Shelton, has already received a $20,000 offer from a sports memorabilia dealership -- but Gold says he's ready and willing to smash that number. 


"Whatever the highest offer, I'll offer a thousand more," Les tells us, "Offer 25K, and I'll offer 26K. That ball will be in my shop."

So, why's he so set on getting the ball? Les says it's an iconic piece that could double in value over the next few years. 

"There's only one of these ... so call me. I have cash waiting."

Crying Packers Fan Mom Posts Tantrum Vid ... Kid Scores a New Bike!!

1/20/2015 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kierra Yarbrough did her 6-year-old son a huge favor by posting a video of him bawling his eyes out over the Packers loss -- instead of embarrassing him ... she helped him get a new bicycle!

The adorable video shows little Xavier crying a river after Green Bay's devastating defeat to the Seattle Seahawks -- and when he spotted a Seattle player riding around the field on a bicycle ... he really lost it.

Kierra was on "TMZ Live" Tuesday ... explaining why she put her son's tears on front street -- possibly opening him up to schoolyard taunting -- and it involves none other than Aaron Rodgers.

But the video's already worked a different kind of miracle -- Kierra says a local Seattle coffee shop saw the video and reached out to offer Xavier a bike of his own.

Not as cool as a trip to the Super Bowl, but it will do.

Green Bay Packers Players Stop Blaming Bostick ... We All Blew It

1/19/2015 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
0119_brandon-bostick_getty_subGreen Bay Packers players want anyone blaming Brandon Bostick for Sunday's loss to BACK OFF ... telling TMZ Sports the epic collapse wasn't just one guy's fault, but a total team disaster.

Bostick made the gaffe seen 'round the world in Seattle on Sunday -- muffing an onside kick and allowing the Seahawks to pull off one of the craziest comebacks in NFL playoff history.

Reaction to the miscue was swift and brutal on social media, with Bostick being the butt of jokes, the subject of memes, and even the target of death threats.

We spoke to several members of The Pack who tell TMZ Sports they have Bostick's back 100% and the the loss on Sunday -- while brutal -- was a total team effort.

"We're disappointed in how the game ended but to blame Bostick is purely ridiculous, it's a team game and we win or lose as a team."

Another player told us, "I know that there are NO hard feelings against him for what happened in the game.  You definitely feel for him – I felt for him."

The player added, "We've all been there."

Marshawn Lynch All Gold $1,000 Dollar Cleats ... To Stomp The Packers

1/16/2015 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
The Packers D could have gold tracks across their asses Sunday, cause Marshawn Lynch is rockin' some SICK $1,000 all gold cleats for the NFC title game ... and TMZ Sports has the pics.

The cleats were hand made by shoe-customizing guru Solesbysir and feature 24K gold flake paint with a RIDICULOUS gold chrome plate at the bottom ... final value $1,100 bucks.

0116-SUB-marshawn-lynch-golden-shoes-tmz-sports-01We're told Beast Mode had originally planned to rock the kicks on Super Sunday (confidence), but when he saw the finished product, he had to have them for the big game this Sunday.

Marshawn had no comment on the story ... 'cause ... well, you know.

Charlie Sheen to Packers Guy: WE WON, LET'S KISS!

1/12/2015 9:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was so pumped about the Green Bay Packers beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday -- he raged with fans at a local bar after the game ... and kissed a dude on the mouth to celebrate. 

We're told Sheen -- who flew in especially for the playoff game -- hit up a place called Symba's Pub and Grub in Green Bay and bought shots and drinks for a bunch of Cheeseheads who were still fired up about the victory. 
Then, at the end of the night, things got kissy in the bar -- and a male Packers fan decided to seal the victory with a liplock from Sheen.  

Hey, if the players can pat each other on the ass ...

Aaron Rodgers KISSING OLIVIA MUNN ... Yeah, We're a Couple!!!

6/9/2014 11:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn DatingWhere there's smoke, there's a brand new celeb couple -- Aaron Rodgers and "Newsroom" star Olivia Munn ... who kissed each other in public this weekend, proving the dating rumors are apparently TRUE. 

The Green Bay Packers quarterback was cuddling up with Munn -- who's been on the cover of everything from Maxim to Shape and even Playboy -- on the L.A. set of Munn's HBO show. 

There have been rumors about the two hookin' up for months -- but they've been pretty private with their relationship ... until now.

Darren Sharper Surveillance Footage Poses Problems for Prosecutors

2/20/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
0214-tmz-darren-sharperSurveillance video has surfaced in the Darren Sharper rape investigation that could blow a huge hole in the case for Arizona prosecutors -- and it's all because of what the footage DOESN'T show ... TMZ Sports has learned.

According to the police report ... Sharper's accusers claim they partied with the NFL star at a bar called The Mint for roughly 10 to 15 minutes in the hours before he allegedly drugged and raped the 2 women.

Problem is, multiple sources tell TMZ Sports ... Sharper is nowhere to be seen in security footage taken from The Mint on the night of the alleged attacks.

In addition ... multiple staff members also told cops they never saw Sharper inside their bar that night.

Clearly, this presents a big problem for prosecutors because it could undermine the accusers' credibility.

For his part, Sharper denies any wrongdoing ... not just in AZ, but in all 4 states where he's been accused of raping women.

Ex-Packers QB Seneca Wallace Check Out My Japanese Penis ... Cookie!

2/11/2014 12:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seneca Wallace went to Japan ... and all he got was this weird black penis cookie.

The former Green Bay Packers QB -- along with other NFL stars -- went to Asia recently to visit U.S. troops stationed abroad. But when the guys stopped in the Land of the Rising Sun, they stumbled upon an interesting cultural artifact ... baby penis cookie (chocolate flavored).

We ran the cookie box by our in-house Japanese expert (Yori our camera guy) ... who tells us the Japanese word at the top of the packaging translates loosely to "weiner."

Seneca tells TMZ Sports he wasn't offended by the black penis cookie ... partially because "there was a vanilla flavor with a white baby on the cover."

Japanese desserts -- extremely weird ... but not overly racist!


Aaron Rodgers I've Learned My Lesson on Making Bets

2/1/2014 11:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Bad news for anyone hoping to make a bet with a guy who doesn't pay up ... 'cause Aaron Rodgers says his days of making friendly wagers on football games are officially OVER.

The Green Bay Packers QB was leaving Benjamin Steak House in NYC (he likes his steak "medium" btw) ... when we asked him if was planning to take any "friendly" action on the Super Bowl.

You know ... like the jersey bet he made with the guys from Boyz II Men last season (Aaron lost the best but refused to wear a 49ers jersey, as he had agreed to do ... cluck cluck cluck).

But last night, Aaron shut down the idea of making any more bets on football EVER AGAIN.

As for Boyz II Men, the guys told us they forgive Rodgers for bailing on the bet ... but they will never forget.

Jermichael Finley I'm Pumped for Clay Matthews He's Gonna Love Living In Bieber's Hood

1/30/2014 6:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Packers superstar Clay Matthews just got the Jermichael Finley stamp of approval ... 'cause the tight end tells us Clay's decision to buy real estate in Bieber's neighborhood is a "GREAT MOVE."

We broke the story ... Clay recently purchased a plot of land in The Oaks in Calabasas -- a private community where Justin Bieber has been raising hell for the past few years.

But Clay's Green Bay teammate tells TMZ Sports he's PUMPED for Matthews -- "If he's trying to party, it's a great move!"

Unfortunately for Clay, Bieber might be moving out verrrry soon -- so, if he wants to rock out with JB, he better move fast!

NFL Star Clay Matthews I'm Moving Into Justin Bieber's Hood

1/29/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0128-clay-matthews-calabasas-oaks-splashGreen Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is thiiiiis close to having Justin Bieber as a neighbor ... 'cause he bought land in Bieb's Calabasas community -- but the singer could be OUT by the time Clay's home gets built.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Matthews recently dropped $2.6 million on a plot of undeveloped land in The Oaks ... a gated community littered with huge stars like Bieber, Travis Barker, Keyshawn Johnson, Nikki Sixx and (coming soon) Kourtney Kardashian.

Matthews -- who signed a $66 million contract extension last year -- is planning to build his dream home on the property ... but we're told construction has not started yet.

And with Justin Bieber telling people he's planning to leave The Oaks, it's very possible Calabasas could be Bieber-free by the time Clay is ready to move in.

And get this ... Clay scored a huge deal on the property -- it was originally on the market for $4.4 mil. We're not sure if the drastic price cut is due to the fact it's located near Bieber's home, but it's very possible Bieb was a factor.

Fun Fact -- Clay is very familiar with the Calabasas area .... he went to high school just a few miles away and played his college ball at USC.

'Shark Tank' Star Helps Shred Packers With Graterhead Company

11/6/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
1106-bears-grater-heads-APIt's the new craze sweeping the Cheesehead-hating anti-Packers universe -- a Graterhead -- and TMZ has learned, it's got "Shark Tank" star Daymond John's fingerprints all over it.

The Graterheads made their big debut during Monday night's game between longtime rivals the Packers and the Bears -- and the Graterhead creator tells us, it's been two years in the making.

CEO & Founder of Graterhead Jeran Dahlquist says he hatched his plan to create the grater-shaped hat back in 2011 -- and Shark Tanker Daymond John has been instrumental in the product's launch.

Daymond's rep says the businessman hasn't made a financial investment yet -- he's still weighing his options -- but he believes in the product, and has been coaching the company during its infant stages.

If the company shapes up like he thinks it will, we're told Daymond will be investing a sizable sum.

And that might happen sooner rather than later -- Dahlquist tells us the Graterheads are blowing up. Within minutes of being featured on the game's broadcast, Dahlquist says his website received tens of thousands of hits, and averaged a sale once every 3 seconds.

Packers Star Jermichael Finley I'm Out of ICU ... And I Can Walk

10/21/2013 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley says he's finally been transferred out of the ICU -- and was able to walk today -- after badly injuring his spinal cord during Sunday's game against Cleveland.

Finley -- who was removed from the field on a stretcher yesterday -- tweeted moments ago ... "I'm happy to report that I have been transferred out of the intensive care unit and that I have full feeling in my arms and legs."

He added, "As importantly, I was able 2 walk to & from the shower today, which was badly needed after yesterday's victory!"

"Thank u again 4 the support, and Go Packers!"

Finley was having a helluva game until he took a shot to the head while trying to catch a pass over the middle. Finley had already suffered a concussion earlier in the season and his son asked him to stop playing football.

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