Barbara Walters Longtime NYC Home Finds Latest Buyer Price Drop Since November

Barbara Walters' longtime New York City home was going to belong to someone new late last year -- but that sale fell through, and after a big price drop ... someone else has entered the chat.

Real estate sources tell TMZ that the late news anchor's longtime NYC apartment -- which she'd lived in since 1989 -- has once again found another prospective buyer ... this after somebody who was supposed to buy the crib back in November pulled out.

Unclear what the person who's now down to purchase it plunked down with an offer -- but our sources say the realtors are under contract with someone ... and trying to finalize things.

'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' Homeless Camp Outside Altman Bros. Office

A couple of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" stars are dealing with something many businesses across L.A. are facing -- the homeless crisis ... an encampment popped up right outside their offices.

The tents were spotted outside The Altman Brothers office in Bev Hills as recently as Wednesday -- the place where brothers Josh and Matt Altman work both on and off the Bravo series.

Fans of the show know folks like the Altmans have made careers selling luxury properties all across Los Angeles, so to have a homeless camp on display just steps from their business comes with some irony.

Photos taken Thursday show the encampment is gone -- we're told the city stepped in and had the camp dismantled.


As we reported, Jennifer Garner was spotted offering up more than just a helping hand to a homeless man in L.A. this week  ... offering him the shoes off her feet and getting a nearby photog involved to make sure he got what he needed.

The homeless crisis has gripped L.A., along with many other cities around the country.

Millon Dollar Listing L.A. Un campamento afuera de la oficina de Altman Bros

Una pareja en la lista de los más millonarios de Los Ángeles está lidiando con algo más que muchos negocios en la ciudad: se enfrentan también a la crisis de las personas sin hogar, pues un campamento apareció justo afuera de su oficina.

Las carpas fueron vistas afuera de la oficina de los hermanos Altman en Beverly Hills el martes por la noche y también el miércoles. Este es el lugar donde los hermanos Josh y Matt Altman trabajan de vez en cuando en la serie de Bravo.

Los fans de la serie saben que personas como los Altman han hecho carrera vendiendo propiedades de lujo por todo Los Ángeles, por lo que tener una tienda de campaña a pocos metros de su negocio viene con cierta ironía.

Fotos del lugar tomadas este jueves muestran que el campamento ya no estaba ahí, dado que la ciudad intervino y lo desmanteló, según nos han dicho.

Dando una mano

Como informamos, Jennifer Garner fue vista este domingo ofreciéndole una mano a un hombre en Los Ángeles. La actriz le ofreció sus zapatos y le pidió a un fotógrafo cercano que se involucrara para asegurarse de que recibiera lo que necesitaba.

La crisis de las personas sin hogar se ha apoderado de Los Ángeles, junto con otras muchas ciudades del país.

Josh Altman Jay-Z & Bey's $200M Home's a Flex ... Pocket Change For Them


Josh Altman says Jay-Z and Beyoncé dropping $200 million on a Malibu mansion that will serve more as an art museum than a home is a huge flex from the uber-rich celeb couple.

We got the "Million Dollar Listing" star at Sunset Plaza and asked about HOV and Bey's recent record-setting real estate splash.

Josh says the $200 mil -- which as we first reported was paid in cash -- sounds like a lot of money to most of us, but he says it amounts to pocket change for the new owners.

It's the most expensive home purchase ever in California, and the crazy thing is ... Josh thinks Jay-Z and Beyoncé will use the 30,000-square-foot property to display an art collection that could be worth more than the home itself.

Now, that's a FLEX.

Josh doesn't think the Carters are too worried about turning a profit here either ... he doubts they'll ever sell it, telling us it's a "legacy" property and somewhere to park their cash.

He envisions the home remaining in their family forever and says they will spend another $40 million sprucing up the place -- just another drop in the bucket.

Josh says the home is a unicorn, in part because there aren't a lot of beachfront lots in Malibu, to begin with ... and he tells us why celebrities often have a different mindset than a regular family when it comes to home buying.

It's a fun and interesting conversation ... and Josh tells us why Jay-Z and Beyoncé are inspiring him to hustle harder.

Josh Flagg Grabs Massive Miami Beach Home ... Over $4 Million, ALL CASH!!!

Josh Flagg is now the proud owner of an impressive Miami Beach pad ... making it clear he's out to grow his property portfolio with a real estate shopping spree.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star and his business partner/best bud Adam Rubin of Carolwood LP are in escrow on the $4.45 million Mediterranean-style villa -- and the 3,309-square-foot home is a beauty.

The property includes some sweet perks like a spa, cabana and obligatory pool ... along with a large outdoor area built for entertaining friends and loved ones.

It looks beautiful as is, but we're told Josh and Adam plan to completely remodel ... and they'll use the finished product as a crash pad when they're in the 305 for business. They clearly wanted it badly, because they dropped cash to nab it!

North Bay Road -- where the home's located -- is one of the most coveted places to live on Miami Beach, with some mansions topping $100 million! Some famous folks who have lived in the affluent neighborhood in the past and present include Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Phil Collins, and Dwyane Wade.

TMZ broke the story, Josh, who's with Douglas Elliman, bought a massive Bev Hills mansion last year for $9.2 mil.

We're told Josh was seen as recent as last week shopping for property in NYC and L.A.

Josh and Adam are co-investors in several deals including commercial real estate and food and beverage establishments like Cha Cha Matcha, Pops Bagels, Zabs Hot Sauce and Happy Hour Seltzer.

Dora Puig, Principal Broker and Founder of Luxe Living Realty holds the listing.

Josh Flagg 'Selling Sunset' Ain't About Real Estate!!! We Really Sell on MY Show


Josh Flagg isn't backing down when comes to calling out the "Selling Sunset" crew -- and while he admits they might have actual real estate licenses, he insists they're still far from the real deal!!

The 'Million Dollar Listing' star joined "TMZ Live" Tuesday to dig deeper into his ongoing beef with Jason Oppenheim's Netflix crew. Josh fired the first shot, claiming the 'Sunset' folks were mostly bogus because they didn't have licenses.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Josh cleared the air with us ... saying whether or not they have licenses isn't really the issue, it's more about their selling prowess, or lack thereof.

He proudly pointed out the folks on his show "actually make a ton of sales," and have been doing so for a long time.

JF says the "Selling Sunset" team just needs to be transparent, and in his mind, that means telling the audience they're NOT about real estate ... they're about drama and entertainment.

Ya want real estate, he says check Bravo for 'MDLLA.'


Of course, Oppenheim himself told us there's no real beef with Josh despite his opinion of the show, and Josh didn't deny that. Instead, he clarified there's no animosity behind his remarks, just brutal honesty.

BTW, Josh isn't completely against everyone who does the show. He gave a shout-out to former cast member Christine Quinn, and says he's already bought 3 copies of Chrishell Stause's book -- but quickly turned that into a diss. Playfully, we think.

'Selling Sunset' Cast Responds to Josh Flagg ... Questioning Credentials

Josh Flagg doesn't think all of the stars on 'Selling Sunset' are legit real estate agents, and a few ex-cast members are weighing in ... along with Jason Oppenheim, who's at the center of this.

ICYMI ... the 'Million Dollar Listing' star posted a video reviewing the most cringe moments from season 5 of 'Sunset' -- and based on his snarky commentary, it's clear Josh doesn't think too highly of the hit Netflix reality show.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If his words weren't clear enough, his caption was ... "If you’d like to watch a real estate show with licensed agents, make sure to watch last nights episode of MDLLA on @peacock. If you want to watch actors pretend to be agents, tune into my newest YT video (Link in bio) where I review Selling Sunset. @estatemediala."

None of the agents currently on 'Sunset' have said anything just yet, but 2 former ones -- Christine Quinn and Maya Vander -- did, and they seem to agree.

Vander says she definitely had her license when she was on the show, while Quinn doesn't say one way or the other. However, she's squarely on Josh's side about the real focus of 'Sunset.' She responded, "The joke is on y'all if you think Selling Sunset was ever about Realestate."

CQ later clarified who on the show has licenses, from what she knows -- she name-dropped Maya, Davina Potratz and Chelsea Lazkani, and added she wasn't sure about the extras.


Now, we got Oppenheim himself to chime in on this too ... and he downplayed the apparent animosity between Josh's show and his own, telling us they're really good friends and that this was nothing but some light ribbing that's not meant to be taken seriously.

He also definitively said that all of his agents have their licenses and that everyone knows that. To be frank, we're not so sure Josh agrees. If he does, he's doing a great acting job in his attack on Jason's show.

Like we said, none of the current cast members have directly responded to Josh's insinuation some of them aren't licensed agents.

Even more reason to tune into both shows, we suppose. Nothing like a big rivalry!

Josh Flagg Buys Massive, Multi-Million $$$ Bev Hills Estate ... And He's Tearing it Apart!!!

Josh Flagg just bought a massive, multi-million dollar estate, and he's spending almost as much on the renovations as the purchase price itself!!!

The "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star just scooped up a baller, 7,100-sq-ft. Beverly Hills mansion for $9.2 mil  ... just 2 weeks after announcing his divorce from his model/real estate agent husband, Bobby Boyd.


The 7-bedroom, 8-bath estate comes with a 3-car garage and chauffeur's quarters ... oh, and a large pool. We're told Josh plans to give the house a massive makeover that could cost $7 mil!!! He's collab'ing on the renovations with starchitect William Hefner.

Josh tells TMZ, "Just because Bobby and I will be getting divorced does not mean life stops. Business continues as usual. I have been aggressively courting the owners of North Bedford Drive to sell me their house for years, but earlier last year I was told by a few people they were more seriously considering a sale and I would not take no for an answer."

You'll recall ... Josh recently announced, he and Bobby decided to go their separate ways, after 5 years of marriage ... though it seems there are no hard feelings.

Josh is currently living at The Beverly Hills Hotel while Bobby is living at the home they shared in Beverly Hills.

BTW ... when rich folk get divorced in L.A., the one who doesn't get the house usually ends up at the Bev Hills Hotel.

Josh Flagg, Bobby Boyd Divorcing After 5 Years of Marriage

"Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star Josh Flagg and his husband have decided their marriage isn't working, so, after a lot of talk, they're ending it.

Josh tells TMZ the split is amicable ... he posted on Instagram, "This was not a rash or impulsive decision.  We have been very thoughtful before coming to this conclusion."

Josh and Bobby Boyd married 5 years ago.

As for why the split ... Josh said, "It was not a lack of love but rather the two of us growing in different directions and wanting very different things for ourselves. I care deeply about Bobby and have nothing but love and respect for him. I want how we separate from each other to represent that."

Apparently, there's a way to take a little of the sting out, because Josh posted his divorce statement from a super-exclusive island in French Polynesia called Tetiaroa ... it's was once inhabited by Marlon Brando.

Boyd says the divorce talk was going on for a few months ... "The last 6 years of my life I wouldn't change for the world. 6 years ago, I met and fell in love with my best friend. From the first date we were inseparable and took off at lightning speed. Josh and I had a whirlwind of a love story that I will forever be grateful for. We have both taught each other so much and have learned so much about ourselves throughout our relationship."

Short story ... it seems like they're parting on more than good terms.

The relationship has definitely had its speed bumps. A few years ago on 'MDL,' there was a pretty nuclear argument on the show over some conflict involving co-star Josh Altman.

Josh Altman No Open House For Betty White's Crib ... IF It Ever Hits Market


Josh Altman says Betty White's home will never get the open house treatment -- or at least it shouldn't -- if and when her family decides to put it up for sale.

We got the 'Million Dollar Listing' star on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills, and asked what a potential sale of Betty's longtime home in Brentwood might look like, and his answer is ... it wouldn't look like much to the general public.

Josh says that's because any realtor worth their salt would make sure to screen any potential buyer before setting foot in the home. He says when it comes to high-profile properties, they always weed out superfans just looking to snap a few pics.

Even folks who meet the pre-screening criteria would have some dos and don'ts when checking out Betty's home in person -- Josh says taking photos would be on the don't list.

TMZ broke the story ... Betty passed away at her home on the final morning of 2021, and fans quickly flocked the property to leave flowers outside the gate.

Josh says Betty's home would probably sell for a pretty penny, mainly due to the location ... but he also puts a dollar figure on what her name alone means for a potential asking price. It's a lot!!!

Josh Altman 'Selling Sunset' Can't Compete ... We Do Way Bigger Deals!!!


Josh Altman says there's no competition between 'Million Dollar Listing' and "Selling Sunset" ... but it's not the nice gesture it might sound like at first glance.

The 'MDL' star joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday and we asked him if there's any competitive fire between his group and the folks on 'SS' ... because we know how fiery L.A. realtors can be.

Josh ripped a page outta Jay-Z's playbook, telling us the 'Sunset' folk aren't even in the same conversation as his show, because the 'Million Dollar' team's doing way bigger deals than anyone over at Oppenheim.

While Josh brags about the massive dollar figures over on his side -- and there are some really BIG numbers -- he does give the Netflix show some credit, but mostly for fashion.

He's got a new spinoff, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh and Josh" premiering tonight on Bravo. It costars his frenemy-turned-BFF Josh Flagg, and while there's been plenty of friction between them -- Altman acknowledges 'Sunset' might have 'em beat in the drama department, but NOT if you're talking bottom lines on a sales ledger.

The funny thing is Josh told us, "I'm not trying to start a fight" with that other cast.

We'll see if the "Selling Sunset" crew agrees with that sentiment.

'Million Dollar Listing' Josh Altman Everyone Wants to Rep Harry & Meghan ... I Suggest Security First


Josh Altman -- one of the many realtors to the stars in Hollywood -- says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are cream of the crop clients every agent is clamoring for right now -- but if they were under his wing, he'd have one key piece of advice for them ... gated or bust.

The 'Million Dollar Listing' star tells TMZ ... everybody in the real estate game in L.A. knows someone who knows the Sussex couple -- and every big shot realtor wants a bite at the Royal apple now that they're officially doing some home shopping in the City of Angels.

Josh says he isn't repping them himself, but if he was their agent, he'd strongly suggest getting a house that's tucked away and firmly secure, to keep paparazzi and other crazies away. He's got a neighborhood in mind for reference, which has two exits out of the gated community ... something he thinks they want.

As we've seen in the recent past ... Meg and Harry value their privacy, and have at times gone to great lengths to close themselves off -- even making threats when they feel it's being violated. It'll probably only get worse in La La Land, so maybe listen to Josh here.

TMZ broke the story ... sources with direct knowledge tell us Meghan and Harry are looking in Bel-Air and their range is $12 to $18 mil. It's unlikely they'd end up in a gated community in Bel-Air, but they'd almost certainly have a gated estate with security.

BTW, JA also talks about the housing market and what he thinks is going to happen once the coronavirus pandemic is under control. Long story short ... it's a great time to buy, so that means it'll probably be properties galore for the newbies in town too.

Josh Altman Bezos Paid Right Amount for Geffen's Estate ... Wish I Got Some!!!


Josh Altman's praising Jeff Bezos for getting his money's worth in buying up David Geffen's estate -- even at $165 million -- because he says it's one of the best in the world ... though he doesn't necessarily condone HOW he bought it.

The "Million Dollar Listing" star was leaving Craig's in WeHo Thursday night when he ticked off several reasons why the Amazon honcho's "magnificent" new Beverly Hills property deserves to be the most expensive sale in the history of Los Angeles ... and then some.

Josh tells us he heard the whole deal went down on a yacht and the fellas handled the major real estate business without realtors ... something he's not down with, for obvious reasons.

Our sources tell us Josh is right ... at least about the yacht part. Jeff and David have become fast friends while spending time on Geffen's megayacht ... like Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, did last summer with a slew of other millionaires.

We're told the gentlemen struck a deal for David's estate on one of their most recent yacht excursions ... because that's how the rich roll.

As for Altman's beef with cutting out the realtors ... we can't really back him up there. Commission on a $165 mil sale would be a little over $8 mil in commission for the agents involved, and even though Bezos is stupid rich ... he's not stupid.

Jeff and David can take care of the deal themselves and hire a real estate lawyer to look it over ... for about $10,000.

Still, you can understand why Josh is looking out for his fellow realtors.

'MDLNY' Star Ryan Serhant Pimps Out $280m Colorado Ranch Includes Chopper & Pilot!!!

"Million Dollar Listing New York" star Ryan Serhant isn't just hawking a behemoth ranch in Colorado ... it's practically a chunk of the United States!!!

Serhant's truly testing his battle cry "expansion ... always, in all ways" by getting his hands on one of the most epic real estate listings you'll ever see. It's the Gateway Canyons Ranch, and it currently belongs to Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks.

It's listed at a whopping $280 million and it oozes luxury. The main house alone is 22,000 square feet. It features 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 4 floors with an elevator, infinity pool, movie theater, planetarium and, get this, its own fossil room!!!


Josh Altman PLEASE Let This Dish Send My Wife into Labor!


Josh Altman gave one of Craig's menu items very high praise, and if his review holds up ... his wife should be giving birth any hour now -- she also might have had an orgasm.

We got the "Million Dollar Listing" star Saturday night heading into Craig's with his super pregnant wife, Heather. Josh had only one thing on his mind -- Heather pushing out that baby, which is now 5 days overdue.

He was hoping a particular dish would push her over the edge ... in more ways than one. Check out what Josh calls the magic meal.

Fun fact: There really is something called the "maternity salad" in L.A. Pregnant women flock to Ciaoti Pizza Cafe believing their greens ... get the job done.

'Million Dollar Listing' Star I'm Getting Anti-Semitic Death Threats

9:00 PM PT -- A rep for Alex tells us Altman's allegations are "ridiculous" and "completely false," because Alex is Jewish ... and even had a Bar Mitzvah. The rep also scoffs at claims Alex is anti-semitic and homophobic, telling us he was an invited guest at the real estate reception, which he attended with his Jewish contractor and gay interior decorator.

A man who says he hates all Jews is threatening to kill Matt Altman from 'Million Dollar Listing' ... according to the docs filed by Matt.

Altman just requested and got a restraining order against Alex Khadavi, a famous L.A. dermatologist, who Matt says has been threatening him by phone and in person.

In the docs Matt says Khadavi walked up to him at a real estate event, and when Matt asked him to leave the private event ... Khadavi blurted out he "hated all Jews" ... and said he was going to kill Matt.

Matt says Khadavi's been making racist and homophobic comments by phone for years, but now that the guy's doing it face-to-face ... he needs protection.

The court order says Khadavi must stay 100 yards away from Matt and his girlfriend, Johanna ... plus Josh Altman and his wife, Heather.

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