Tiffany Haddish New Music With Beyonce?!? Dream Might Come True 😜


Tiffany Haddish says she's a coy person, so she's really trying hard not to spill the beans about a rumored music project with Beyonce ... but there's a lot of smoke that could lead to something fire!

The "Girls Trip" star joined us on "TMZ Live" Friday and hinted at an upcoming collab with Queen B ... and even though she was coy and bashful about possibly getting in the studio with one of her music idols, there's enough between the lines to believe it may be happening, or it already went down.

Tiffany's been making new music with the likes of Trina and Jada Pinkett Smith, and we've been hearing she was also recruiting Beyonce, Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne to the project.


One thing is for certain ... Tiffany really admires Beyonce's work, and let's be honest, who wouldn't want to get with Bey in the studio?!?

It's interesting ... Tiffany says her original plan was to only use the music in movies and TV shows she's producing but not acting in, but she tells us why the financials might cause her to change course and drop the music publicly first.


Tiffany's a jack of all trades in Hollywood ... she just released a new book about bullying and being yourself, "Layla, the Last Black Unicorn," which she hopes helps kids who are going through some tough times.

Now she's acting, producing, singing and writing all at once, so Tiffany tells us what occupation she puts down on her tax forms ... and, we gotta say, she fits the bill. 😜

British Cycling Bans Trans Cyclists ... After Emily Bridges' Disqualification

British Cycling is now banning transgender athletes from participating in their races ... just a week after trans cyclist Emily Bridges was disqualified from the women's championship.

It's a bit surprising because British Cycling has a Transgender and Non-binary Participation Policy that seemingly allows trans cyclists to compete.

But, since the incident with Bridges -- when the Union Cycliste Internationale banned her from the April 2 race because she was registered as a male cyclist -- the board voted this week to suspend the policy.

"As a result of this, on Wednesday 6 April the British Cycling Board of Directors voted in favor of an immediate suspension of the current policy, pending a full review, which will be initiated in the coming weeks," BC said in a statement.

British Cycling says its initial policy is "unfair on all women riders and poses a challenge to the integrity of racing."

Bridges' mother was not happy when she received the ruling via email ... saying on Twitter, "Dumped by email."

"We've just received this in our inbox. We will be making a statement at some point during the next 24 hrs."

British Cycling says they will work "tirelessly" to make sure their new policy remains "free of hate, discrimination and abuse in all forms, and that we prioritize the welfare of riders, volunteers, event organizers, commissaries and others that our sport can’t continue without."

"As an organization, we remain committed to ensuring that transgender and non-binary people are welcomed, supported and celebrated in the cycling community, and the inclusion of these groups within non-competitive activities remains unaffected by the suspension."

Since her ineligibility, 21-year-old Bridges says she has been harassed by British media and had to deactivate her social media to stop "targeted abuse."

Trevor Donovan Gives Students Anti-Bullying Skills ... Helps 'Em Stand Up for Each Other


"90210" star Trevor Donovan is using some Hollywood acting skills to show students across the country how to stop being a bystander to bullying and harassment.

Trevor joined us Wednesday on "TMZ Live" to explain how his 'Team Upstanders' program is empowering students to help each other ... especially those who aren't able to defend themselves against bullies.

His assemblies feature skits where he acts out bullying scenarios with the kids ... which allows them to experience these emotionally charged incidents from different perspectives.

Trevor says letting the kids feel the impact is an effective learning experience, albeit a painful one at times.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

By the end of the program, Trevor picks students to be ambassadors ... and it becomes their job to promote an anti-bullying environment.

After a recent assembly at Deer Lakes Middle School in Russellton, PA, Trevor says he was approached by a parent online, saying her kid was a target of bullying. He quickly jumped on a Zoom with the school's counselor and 2 upstanders he appointed -- and they all worked out a solution.

In addition to combatting bullies, Trevor says there's a bonus effect --- one that will help students years after they've graduated. Check out the video ... great program, great guy.

Chrissy Teigen I Mind My Own Business Now ... Riding it Out in 'Cancel Club'


Chrissy Teigen says she's learned a valuable lesson following her bullying scandal, and it goes like this ... stay out of other people's s**t!!!

Chrissy was heading to pick up her daughter in WeHo Tuesday and attracted a gaggle of photogs because, let's face it ... public Chrissy sightings are a rarity these days. Anyway, one of 'em asked what she thought about Addison Rae catching flak for introducing herself to Donald Trump at UFC 264.

Check out Chrissy in action ... she had an answer locked and loaded, one that seems to be part of her plan to get out of what she dubbed "cancel club."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for that club, we ask Chrissy how long she anticipates being a member, and it's clear she hasn't lost her sense of humor ... or reality. For now, she says she's focused on living her life and taking care of her family.

As you know ... Chrissy's current situation stems from Courtney Stodden revealing they were the victim of Chrissy's cyberbullying years ago. Then, more bullying claims followed, and Chrissy vented that being "canceled" has been an awful experience.

One last thing -- Chrissy insists she's texted Stodden about their issues ... despite Courtney claiming they've not been contacted.

Chrissy Teigen 'Cancel Club' Sucks!!! But I Can't Stay Silent Anymore

Chrissy Teigen says she's the newest member of "cancel club" -- and it's been an awful experience she can't wait to end.

It's been a few weeks since Chrissy's publicly commented on her cyberbullying scandal, but she says she can't stay silent anymore and needs to mix it up ... because she's "tired of being sick with myself all day."

According to Chrissy ... it's "weird to pretend nothing happened in this online world but feel like utter sh*t in real life." She says, "Going outside sucks and doesn’t feel right, being at home alone with my mind makes my depressed head race."

So, it seems she's desperately trying to snap out of it by opening up about how she's feeling ... especially how she feels about being "canceled."

Chrissy says, "Cancel club is a fascinating thing and I have learned a whollllle lot. Only a few understand it and it’s impossible to know til you’re in it."

She adds ... "And it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because obviously you sound whiney when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks. There is no winning."

That said, it certainly appears like Chrissy is trying to get a W ... at least with her followers, who she says she just needed to have an "honest moment" with.


As you know ... Chrissy's been embroiled in controversy ever since Courtney Stodden revealed they were the victim of Chrissy's cyberbullying years ago. Then, more bullying claims from Michael Costello and a few others followed ... and she hasn't spoken about it since.

She's speaking now though, and concludes by saying ... "If you or someone you know has also been cancelled please let me know if there is a cancel club reunion because I could use some time off my couch!"

British Influencer Oli London I'm Getting Death Threats ... After Identifying as Korean


The British influencer who elected to undergo 18 surgeries to look like BTS singer Park Jimin says they're facing tons of backlash ... including threats against their life.

Oli London, who identifies as non-binary and changed their name to Jimin, tells TMZ ... they're getting flooded with death threats and they're scared for their life.

Jimin -- the influencer, not the singer -- tells us they're also getting hateful comments from folks telling them to commit suicide, and claims others are threatening to gun them down.

@OliLondonTV / Twitter

As you know, Jimin is identifying as Korean after going under the knife 18 times for a variety of plastic surgeries including extensive work on their eyes and a brow lift.

It's interesting ... the influencer claims most of the attacks are coming from liberal white people, while Republicans and people struggling with identity issues have been largely supportive.

H.S. Basketball Coach Fired After Players Throw Tortillas ... At Latino Opponents


8:12 AM PT -- 6/23 -- Coronado H.S. hoops coach JD Laaperi has been fired from his job following the alleged racist incident ... with the school board voting unanimously to part ways at a meeting Tuesday night.


According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Laaperi allegedly hurled cuss words at an Orange Glen staffer after the game ... saying, "That’s why you don’t talk (expletive). Get your kids and get the (expletive) out of here."


The report adds at least two of Laaperi's players were seen on video footage throwing tortillas during the incident.


Laaperi tweeted out an apology over the tortillas on Sunday ... saying, "Unfortunately a community member brought tortillas and distributed them which was unacceptable and racist in nature."


"I do not condone this behavior. Coronado High School does not condone this behavior and is already taking appropriate action."


The incident is still under investigation by school officials and law enforcement.

Ugly incident at a boys high school basketball game in Southern California over the weekend ... when opposing fans and players from a predominantly white school fired tortillas at a largely Latino hoops team after a heated playoff game.

It all went down at the CIF championship game between Coronado H.S. and Orange Glen H.S. Saturday night ... where Coronado eeked out a 3 point win in a hotly contested game.

According to reports, instead of celebrating with class ... some Coronado fans (and reportedly several players) began hurling the traditional Mesoamerica food at the Orange Glen players as they stood on the court only moments after the devastating 60-57 loss.

Many people have described the obviously pre-planned attack as being racist.

On Sunday, Coronado's superintendent released a statement addressing the "reprehensible" incident.

“Swift action will be taken to address all those involved, and they will be held accountable. it is our hope to create opportunities to dialogue with the orange glen community in an attempt to repair.”

The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) -- which oversees H.S. hoops -- also addressed the ugly situation, saying their org. "prohibits discrimination" ... and vowing to investigate and "determine the appropriate next steps."

The Coronado school district also announced they will hold an emergency board meeting on Tuesday.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 6/21 10:14 AM PT

Chrissy Teigen I'm 'Good,' John's Been My Rock ... No Word on Oprah Sit-Down


Chrissy Teigen is finally speaking out on camera amid her cyberbullying scandal, crediting her husband John Legend for having her back -- but she's tight-lipped about a potential Oprah interview.

Photogs got Chrissy as she arrived at her office Monday -- while bumping some Destiny's Child, btw -- and asked her if she's really going to sit down with O.

She says she doesn't know if that's happening, or at least that's how she makes it seem ... and Chrissy appeared to laugh off a suggestion from Courtney Stodden.


As we reported ... Courtney wants in on Chrissy's possible interview with O, seeing as she was the victim of Chrissy's cyberbullying before the latest round of claims from Michael Costello and others.

Later in the day, Chrissy explained how John's been her everything while she's been laying low -- this is one of the first times she's been seen in public since the bullying scandal began.

Watch the clip, she also told us what she's been doing to keep her mind off things -- super fancy arts and crafts are still her thing.

Eyelid Bite Victim Chihuahua Lovers Attacking Me Now!!! Claim I'm Hating on Breed


Kelsey Salmon is fending off a different kind of attack -- chihuahua lovers are accusing her of dragging the breed through the mud over her eyelid-biting incident.

Kelsey tells TMZ ... she's been flooded with tons of social media hate from the chihuahua community ... claiming she conjured up this whole episode just so people would turn on the tiny breed.

The victim shaming is pretty obvious just from looking at Kelsey, and her reattached eyelid, for Pete's sake!!! Yet, she still wants to make it clear, she's in no way saying all chihuahuas are violent.

Remember, Kelsey told us she loves dogs -- owns pooches of her own -- and she didn't even say the eyelid tech's dog that chomped on her should be put down.

Still, she says the messages have been vicious. One person wrote, "You only saying Chihuahua instead of Chihuahua Mix [because] a lot of hate going towards the bred, which already gets hate because of bad owners. Maybe instead of hating the dog, you should hate its owner for raising it like that."

Kelsey says it's all ratcheting up her anxiety ... even as she's in danger of losing the reattached eyelid. She described what doctors will do if that happens, and it ain't pretty.

BTW, Kelsey tells us she still hasn't heard from the lash tech. As for a lawsuit ... the family's contacted their lawyer but still, no decision has been made whether to move forward.

So far, her medical bills total at least $5k -- she's set up a GoFundMe to help cover costs for now -- and that's expected to rise, based on additional therapy and appointments on the horizon.

Chrissy Teigen Rips Costello for 'Fake' DMs ... He Insists He's Truthful


2:59 PM PT -- Costello is firing back -- he says for the last time -- by insisting once again that he spoke the truth about Chrissy bullying him and trying to get him blacklisted ... and claims he has "receipts of emails and confirmations" to prove it.


That said, Michael's also apologizing to his family and everyone involved in this "messy situation" for the stress it's caused. He adds that he will not be commenting further ... and he's taking the obligatory break from social media.


Where have we heard that before?

Chrissy Teigen says she has "no idea what the f*** Michael Costello is doing" when it comes to faking an alleged DM convo between them ... and she's doubling down, insisting he's lying.

Chrissy unloaded on the 'Project Runway' star Friday ... accusing him of fabricating the screenshots he released to the public to make it look like she had privately bullied him online.

CT says she actually thought things were cool between her and Michael until he suddenly accused her last week of mounting a yearslong campaign to get him blacklisted from the fashion industry over an alleged racist comment he made on social media.

Chrissy says she's "never conspired with anyone to harm his career" and claims they were being friendly online until he recently attacked, and claimed she nearly drove him to suicide.

As you know ... Michael posted what he says are direct Instagram messages from Chrissy calling him racist and threatening his career back in 2014 ... but she says those are all BS, and the proof is in the details of the purported DMs.

For instance, Chrissy says the camera icon for the video chat function in the upper right corner is the smoking gun -- video chats weren't available on IG until 2018 and she also points out the convo's color formatting appears to be from the app's 2020 update. In other words, she's saying there's no way the DMs are from 2014 ... so, the whole convo is fake.

As we reported ... John Legend came to his wife's defense earlier Friday, accusing Michael of faking the DMs just so he could insert himself in Chrissy's bullying controversy.

Chrissy also announced Friday she's stepping away from Safely, the self-care and home cleaning line she launched 3 months ago with Kris Jenner, to take time to focus on herself and be with her family.

Originally Published -- 1:39 PM PT

Chrissy Teigen Michael Costello Calls Fake DM Claims 'Victim-Blaming' ... John Legend Responds


10:33 AM PT -- Chrissy's husband, John Legend, is coming to her defense and accusing Costello of faking the DMs to insert himself into the controversy she's dealing with.


John points to the story that broke alleging the DMs were manipulated as "receipts," and claims ... "This exchange was made up, completely fake, never happened."


The singer adds ... "I encourage everyone who breathlessly spread this lie to keep that same energy when they correct the record."

Michael Costello's doubling down on claims Chrissy Teigen's bullied and traumatized him, and says her attempts to discredit him confirm "she remains the same bully."

The "Project Runway" star's responding to news that broke Thursday night -- Chrissy's team alleges the 2014 Instagram direct messages Costello shared earlier this week to show how she bullied him ... are fake, or at least manipulated.

Chrissy's side claims the purported DMs between Teigen and Costello contain technical inconsistencies suggesting they were altered.

As we reported ... Costello claims Teigen attacked him because she mistakenly believed he had posted something racist, and he says it led to a yearslong campaign to get him blacklisted from the fashion industry. He also claims Chrissy nearly drove him to suicide.

Though Chrissy's team is calling the DMs into question, Costello maintains that for 7 years he's been "a victim of trauma and bullying by Chrissy Teigen both online and offline" ... and points to public comments she posted as further proof.

He adds ... "When a victim feels like their only recourse is to speak up, and the abuser’s first move is to discredit the victim and shame him publicly, this perpetrates victim-blaming and it costs lives."

Costello also alleges he has emails and documents unreleased to the public that show Chrissy went beyond social media to blacklist him in the real world, "making him endure over seven years of suffering - mentally and financially."

While Chrissy has said she plans to reach out personally to some of the people she bullied -- the continued back and forth allegations between Michael and her don't bode well for any sort of face-to-face ... as he had invited her to do.

Originally Published -- 9:06 AM PT

Farrah Abraham Slams Chrissy Teigen for Non-Apology ... Mean What You Say & Reach Out!!!


Farrah Abraham has read Chrissy Teigen's apology for cyberbullying, and says it rings hollow until she backs it up with some specific actions -- and yet, she doesn't want Chrissy canceled.

We got the former 'Teen Mom' star Wednesday in L.A., and asked her if she'd gotten an apology from Chrissy. Remember, the former SI swimsuit model didn't name names when she said she was going to reach out to people she's hurt in the past.

Farrah -- who responded to Chrissy's apology with her own post -- tells us Chrissy has NOT reached out, and she thinks she has an idea why: Farrah says she doesn't think Chrissy "has the emotional or mental capability at this time to apologize properly to anyone."

In fact ... Farrah scoffs at Chrissy's posted apology and says it's just her way out of having to deal with the real problem at hand ... making serious amends.


Farrah's advice ... don't ignore the obvious task at hand and reach out. Farrah says if Chrissy actually did have a breakthrough, she'd do exactly that.

Farrah was one of Chrissy's targets back in the day ... calling her a "w****" in a 2013 tweet while taking shots at her about her sex tape and saying everyone hates her.

When we asked Farrah if she thinks Chrissy should be canceled ... she surprised us by saying no. Instead, she'd like to see something else happen. It's actually a decent take on cancel culture.

John Legend Chrissy Teigen's 'Doing Great' ... Amid Bullying Scandal


John Legend did more than put on a brave face to support his wife, Chrissy Teigen ... he smiled and claimed she's doing better than her lengthy apology for bullying made it seem.

The singer was out in WeHo Tuesday and seemed to be in great spirits. You can see him sporting a wide grin as he walked up to his car and was incredibly polite when a photog walked up to ask him about Chrissy's attempts to recover from the trolling scandal.

After exchanging some very quick pleasantries the pap got right to the point ... how's Chrissy doing? John had zero hesitation and answered with a smile ... she's doing great.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... CT has apologized for her old ways of internet trolling. Chrissy insisted she's a changed woman ... and is trying to own up to her mistakes and become a better version of herself.

She issued a long apology and added she was reaching out privately to other people she insulted. She didn't name names but some have pointed out that Lindsay Lohan and Farrah Abraham were past targets of Teigen's trolling ... as was Courtney Stodden.

One of the peeps she may have to reach out to could be "Project Runway" star Michael Costello. As we reported ... Costello accused Teigen of getting him blacklisted after she mistakenly thought he posted something racist back in 2014.

He said the trauma of the ordeal led him to having suicidal thoughts. He's since extended an olive branch to Chrissy, while also dealing with claims he's bullied others as well.

Tommy Pham Fans Troll Me Over Stabbing Incident ... 'I Need To Talk To MLB'

Tommy Pham says the trash talk directed his way this year has been ruthless -- with fans bringing up his terrifying offseason stabbing incident ... and now, he says he wants MLB to step in.

The Padres star spoke candidly this week about the verbal abuse that's been hurled at him at ballparks this season ... and he says it's been flat-out disgusting so far in 2021.

“The vulgarity this year, the gestures, I've never seen it at this level," the 33-year-old outfielder told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

"I want to know if this is just because fans have been gone for a year and now they’re back and acting a certain way. That (stuff) shouldn’t be tolerated.”

Pham explained it's "common" for him to hear jabs about the October 2020 night in which he nearly lost his life during a stabbing incident outside of a San Diego strip club.

Jett Dennis

You'll recall, Pham was slashed so badly by a blade following an altercation with people outside of the venue, he said he needed 200 stitches to close the wound.

Pham explained to the Union-Tribune he's quite frankly tired of fans bringing that up and more ... saying he's ready to talk to MLB officials about getting involved to make it all stop.

"I need to talk to MLB," he said.

To his credit, Pham has pushed through all of the trash talk and trolling this season to have a solid year ... he's been hot as a Padre recently, batting .297 with four home runs over the last month.

Chrissy Teigen I Am So Sorry ... Adds to Last Apology, Vows to be Better

Chrissy Teigen insists she's a changed woman who's become more empathetic since her days of Internet trolling ... but she's still trying to own up to her mistakes and better herself.

Chrissy's issued a more in-depth apology on the heels of the backlash she received last month when old tweets resurfaced ... in which she was mean and demeaning to Courtney Stodden.

Much like the last time around when Teigen publicly said sorry for her past behavior, she acknowledges she was "a troll, full stop," and is ashamed ... but she also admits it wasn't just Courtney who deserves an apology.

Chrissy doesn't name names, but says she's reaching out privately to other people she insulted in an attempt to make amends. Along with Stodden ... folks have pointed out that Lindsay Lohan and Farrah Abraham were past targets of Teigen's trolling.

Chrissy says ... "Many of them needed empathy, kindness, understanding and support, not my meanness masquerading as a kind of casual, edgy humor."

She goes on to offer an explanation for why she used to behave online the way she did, but says it's no excuse and was simply a manifestation of her own insecurities and immaturity.

Chrissy adds that she's done a lot of growing up since then, gotten a lot of therapy, and gone through many life experiences she claims have made her more empathetic and understanding ... and hopes people will give her a second chance.

As we told you ... Stodden seemed open to that idea if Chrissy was sincere, and it sure seems like she's trying her best to show that she is.

Arizona Coyotes Cut Ties With 2020 Draft Pick ... Over Bullying History

The Arizona Coyotes have severed ties with their 4th-round draft pick ... punting Mitchell Miller out of their organization over his bullying past.

The 'Yotes' selection in the 2020 NHL Draft has been accused of making one of his classmates' lives a living hell back when the two were in junior high in Ohio.

Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, a Black man who has developmental disabilities, told the Arizona Republic earlier this month that Miller beat him up and picked on him constantly.

"Everyone thinks he's so cool that he gets to go to the NHL," Meyers-Crothers said, "but I don't see how someone can be cool when you pick on someone and bully someone your entire life."

The harassment got so bad ... a police report was eventually filed, and in it, cops reportedly said Miller did some heinous things to Meyer-Crothers.

Officers in the report, per the Arizona Republic, said Miller called Meyer-Crothers racial slurs and made him lick a piece of candy that had been rubbed on a bathroom urinal.

18-year-old Miller reportedly admitted to the bullying in a juvenile court back in 2016 ... but the Coyotes still took him with the 111th overall pick in the NHL Draft earlier this month nonetheless.

And, initially, the team had stood by the pick, even in the wake of Meyer-Crothers coming forward with his displeasure over the selection. But, on Thursday, the team announced it's now officially moving on.

"Prior to selecting Mitchell in the NHL Draft, we were aware that a bullying incident took place in 2016," Coyotes' President & CEO Xavier Gutierrez said. "We do not condone this type of behavior but embraced this as a teachable moment to work with Mitchell to make him accountable for his actions and provide him with an opportunity to be a leader on anti-bullying and anti-racism efforts."

"We have learned more about the entire matter, and more importantly, the impact it has had on Isaiah and the Meyer-Crothers family. What we learned does not align with the core values and vision for our organization and leads to our decision to renounce our draft rights."

For his part, Miller apologized in a statement earlier this month for his disturbing past, writing, in part, "I am extremely sorry about the bullying incident that occurred in 2016 while I was in 8th grade. I was young, immature, and feel terrible about my actions."

Miller is committed to playing hockey at the University of North Dakota ... though it's unclear if the school still plans on allowing him to play in the wake of the Coyotes' decision.

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