MLB & MLBPA Donate $1 Million To Fight Hunger During Coronavirus Scare

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The MLB and MLBPA are teaming up to do what they can during the coronavirus pandemic ... donating a HUGE amount of money to put food on the table for thousands of people in need.

Of course, President Trump has declared a national emergency as a result of the spreading infection ... with many being told to stay home from work and unable to provide for their families.

MLB and the Players Association are looking to help those affected by the pandemic ... by shelling out $1 million total to Feeding America and Meals on Wheels.

Commish Rob Manfred released a statement on the decision, saying, "In these difficult times of navigating this pandemic, it is important that we come together as a society to help the most vulnerable members of our communities."

"As an institution, Baseball is extending our commitment to addressing childhood hunger and food availability issues during this crisis."

Feeding America plans to use the donation to help food banks in highly impacted areas ... while Meals on Wheels plans to extend its service to senior citizens in need.

Manfred continued ... "We are grateful for the partnership with our players on this critical issue, which has the potential to deeply affect children and seniors."

Demi Lovato Takes Zero Chances Masked Shopper

Demi Lovato is covering her bases during the coronavirus outbreak ... by covering up.

The singer was out grocery shopping Sunday at the ritzy Erewhon Market in L.A. She sorta went incognito thanks to a fancy air mask. She's taking no chances with her hands ... as you can see, she's also wearing blue rubber gloves.

Demi's shopping spree came on the same day President Trump told Americans to STOP panic buying and stockpiling supplies ... because grocery stores around the country continue to get emptied out.

Most of the country's also been nearly shut down ... so ya can't blame Demi for stocking up.

Congress Loves That Chicken From Popeyes!!! ... Loads Up Before Trump Speaks Up on Coronavirus


Congress is divided now more than ever except when it comes to chowing down ... 'cause they all apparently love Popeyes!!!

Our camera guy in D.C. just saw moments ago a cart full of orders from Popeyes being wheeled into the Capitol building. You can see two staffers unloading the bags full of orders before heading inside.

Coronavirus or not ... politicians gotta eat. Especially with President Trump set to hold a news conference at 3 PM ET for an update on, in Trump's own words, the "CoronaVirus!"

But, get this ... we're told it's possible some members of Congress put in a huge order because the cafeteria inside the building may be shut down -- again, blame the coronavirus -- and there's limited food options.

Guess the fast-food joint was right ... everyone loves that chicken from Popeyes. Good thing we're not dealing with the bird flu.

The Boiling Crab Don't Be Shellfish, Boiling Shrimp!!! Restaurant Sues for Copycrabbing


The Boiling Crab restaurant chain ain't about to let some lesser bottom dwelling crustacean pinch its biz ... the popular joint is suing The Boiling Shrimp for stepping on its claws.

Tensions have been simmering for awhile, but the Crab finally pulled the trigger. Here's the deal ... TBC says its been cooking since 2004, when it's first restaurant opened in California. They've since expanded to several states including Florida.

That's key because The Boiling Shrimp is now opened in neighboring Georgia ... and the Crab is steamed.

In a shell, here's the meat of their complaint. TBC says in the lawsuit, TBS is trading off its good name in the shellfish game -- copying interior designs, significant portions of the menu and even used similar color schemes in their signage.

The Crab says it's fired off multiple written warnings to The Shrimp, but they've seen no sea change ... and quite frankly, they're pretty salty about it now.

So, they're serving up this lawsuit -- The Boiling Crab wants an injunction to put a lid on The Boiling Shrimp's copycatting ways. It also wants the Shrimp to hand over its profits, or at least pay royalties to the Crab.

And, that's it ... when ya boil it all down.

The Bounce-Back Stripper Sucks & Swallows Chicken Wings!!! New Style Post-Jaw Wiring


Genea Sky, the exotic dancer who crashed down off a 15-foot stripper pole, is at a juicy new stage of her recovery -- she's eating wings again!!! But, the game's changed a bit for her.

You'll recall Genea was forced to have her jaw wired shut after that super-scary plunge at a Texas strip club. She tells us the wires were just removed from her jaw last week -- but she's nowhere near having full function of her mouth yet.


Genea says she can eat solid food, but she is NOT allowed to chew for at least another 4 weeks. That's quite the conundrum because she's been jonesin' for chicken wings.

Watch the video, though ... she's figured out a system to break down her favorite appetizer. It's a slow, but pretty hot process to observe -- from a foodie perspective, of course.

As we reported ... Genea -- who quit stripping after the incident -- suffered a fractured jaw, cracked some of her teeth and sprained her ankle. She'll visit the dentist next week to see what other work she might need.

For now, at least the wires are off, and she's a few bites closer to being a food critic.

Pleasure P Arrested for Battery ... Allegedly Hit Checkers Employee with His Food

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3:43 PM PT -- Pleasure P is now speaking out about the incident, insisting the Checkers staff's poor customer service is to blame for the whole ordeal, and he was wrongfully arrested.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

R&B singer Pleasure P got into an altercation with a Checkers drive-thru worker that ended with his food on the ground ... and him hauled away in handcuffs.

The former Pretty Ricky member was arrested early Thursday morning around 5:15 AM in Miami Gardens, FL after he allegedly shoved a female fast-food employee in the chest with his bag of food through the drive-thru pickup window.

According to the police report ... the Checkers worker told cops the incident started when Pleasure P yelled at her through the intercom system for several minutes because there was a mix-up over $60 worth of grub he ordered.

The employee claims P yelled at her more as he was driving up to her window, before getting out of his vehicle and approaching her on foot. She says he handed her the money and she handed him his order ... but then he "pushed her intentionally with malicious intent in the chest with the food he received." That's when she called police.

Cops questioned the singer and according to the report ... he admitted there was a verbal altercation and he threw food, but claims it was not at the female worker.

The report says P reeked of alcohol and food was seen all over the floor near the drive-thru window ... and other employees corroborated their co-worker's story.

At that point, Pleasure P was arrested and his car was towed. He was taken into custody and booked for simple battery.

He posted bond of $1,500 a few hours later and was released from jail.

You may recall ... Pleasure P was the guy who got busted for DUI in December 2018, and asked to call Shaq as he was getting booked. No word if he made any such requests this time.

Originally published -- 2:34 PM PT

Joey Chestnut Crushes 32 Big Macs In 38 Minutes ... Sets World Record!!!

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"I'm getting a little bit of the meat sweats."

That's Joey Chestnut in the middle of pounding 32 Big Macs on Thursday ... and, yeah, it's the most disgusting/awesome thing you'll see all day.

The competitive eating legend posted the video on his social media ... saying he was having a cheat day and wanted to accomplish something he -- nor any other person -- had ever done.

So, the dude set out to grab a McDonald's world record ... and fired up his phone to get 15.36 POUNDS of Big Macs delivered to his crib.

What happened next is pretty graphic ... he slammed all 32 burgers -- pickles, lettuce, special sauce and all -- and sweated ruthlessly throughout the meal!!

But, in true Chestnut fashion ... he dominated the challenge -- setting the world record (it had previously been 30) -- and afterward, he looked pretty damn good for a guy that consumed 18,016 calories in less than an hour!!

Of course, Joey's used to these kinds of feats ... he owns the annual Nathan's Hot Dog-Eating Contest, eating a record 74 wieners back in 2018.

Now somebody get this guy some TUMS!!!

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