Tori Spelling Honored About Khloe K Comparison ... She's Beautiful!!!


Tori Spelling's heard all the buzz from folks comparing her new look to Khloe Kardashian, and she has just one word ... honored.

We got the '90210' star out at the Malibu Chili Cook-Off on Monday night and we wanted to get her take on fans raving about her resemblance to Khloe during a recent lunch outing.

As they say, flattery will get ya everywhere with Tori, because, as she put it to us, Khloe's gorgeous. We asked if she intentionally went for a Khloe-look, and you've gotta see her reaction. We'll just say ... she was amused.

ICYMI ... Tori posted a pic last week wearing a denim jumpsuit and black leather boots. The glam look had everyone losing their minds about how much she looked like Khloe in her blonde days.

One fan tweeted, "Who Wore It Better Khloe Kardashian or Is It Tori Spelling... Khloe Spelling." In fact, fans said Tori's exact look was eerily similar to a Khloe outfit she wore back in February 2020.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We also asked Tori about the Scott Disick-Amelia Hamlin drama, but Tori wouldn't bite.

Something else she didn't bite that night? Chili, apparently.

Brielle Biermann I Had Double Jaw Surgery ... Gnarly Recovery Pics!!!

Brielle Biermann looks like she's had a rough couple of weeks following surgery, but she says recovery's actually going smoothly ... and she can't wait to eat pizza like a normal person.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann's daughter says she had double jaw surgery a couple weeks ago, but that it was NOT an aesthetic procedure ... but to improve her quality of life.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

According to the "Don't Be Tardy" star ... she suffered from TMJ and a significant overbite due to sucking her thumb for years, which resulted in her having major biting and breathing issues.

Brielle writes ... "Have you ever thought about what it's like to not be able to bite into pizza? or omg trying to bite into an onion on a burger? impossible for me. I had to use my tongue to help me chew and almost choked every time I ate."

So, she says she needed the surgery to correct her problems but was very scared, but her family, friends and support system came through for her ... along with her doctors.

Brielle says the first 2 weeks of recovery were supposed to be the hardest, but it's been "easy breezy" ... despite what the photos and videos she posted suggest!!!

It seems like the surgery was a success, and if all goes well she'll be able to eat pasta and soft foods in a few more weeks ... and chomp on some pizza in 3 months. She says she's counting the days.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Pastor Rebukes His N-Word 'Pass' ... But Defends His Character

Dog the Bounty Hunter's been educated about his inappropriate use of the n-word and now knows he doesn't have a pass to use it ... so says his former pastor, Tim Storey, who still believes Dog means well and has a good heart.

Storey -- who is Black, and is now an acclaimed author, speaker and life coach -- tells TMZ he's still very close to Dog after 20 years, so he called him following Dog's controversial interview with ET's Kevin Frazier ... and told him his comments were "not wise."

Tim says he explained to Dog that he does NOT have a pass to say the n-word regardless of what he thought in the past or what he told Frazier ... and Dog conceded his point and agrees.

According to Storey ... Dog is not a racist, but he sometimes doesn't think through everything he says. The former pastor insists Dog has a good heart, is willing to grow and learn from mistakes and has always treated him and his family with nothing but love and respect.

Tim also claims he's never personally heard Dog say the n-word other than his infamous, racial-slur-loaded rant that was leaked back in 2007 ... and doesn't think he should be canceled for that stain from his past.


As we've reported, the 2007 leaked phone call between Dog and his son got him canceled at A&E, and seems to be a bone of contention between his daughters, Bonnie and Cecily, and him. TMZ broke the story ... they were not invited to his wedding that went down Thursday.

Storey, on the other hand, tells us he did get an invite -- he actually officiated Dog's wedding to Beth Chapman in 2006 -- but didn't attend due to a scheduling conflict.

'FBoy Island' Star Garrett Morosky Officially Dating Jake Paul's Ex-GF!!! ... Sarah Emig, Who?!?

Fresh off "FBOY Island," Garrett Morosky is in a relationship with someone other than the co-star he was trying to win back -- instead, he's with Jake Paul's ex ... and there's all kinds of drama.

So, here's the deal ... we're told Garrett and co-star Sarah Emig were on a double date in L.A. back in June when they met up with "Too Hot to Handle" star Harry Jowsey and his date, Mia Francis.

But, we're told Garrett and Mia hit it off ... leaving their dates out in the cold, metaphorically.


Ever since then, Garrett and Mia -- an OnlyFans star who previously dated Jake -- had been talking, and they're now at the "officially dating" stage.

Thing is, we're told Garrett hasn't had "the talk" with Sarah just yet. Our sources say Garrett plans on publicly apologizing to her ... again. As for why things didn't work out for them -- Sarah lives in Cincinnati, and we're told the long-distance dating just wasn't realistic.

We reached out to Garrett and asked how in the world a so-called "FBoy" can be locked down, and he said ... "I'm not an 'FBoy' for the right person."

Mia was linked to Jake Paul early this year, but that fizzled due to some drama ... as the good folks over at TooFab detailed.

BTW, the fact Garrett and Mia are now dating might explain why Garrett, seemingly out of nowhere, challenged Jake to a boxing match.

Looking back, it seems like Sarah was telegraphing all of this when she told us last month Garrett did her dirty. Again.

Kyle Brandt 'Frogger' Comes To Life In Game Show ... It's Like 'Wreck-It Ralph'!!!


Kyle Brandt says '80s and '90s nostalgists are going to love the new "Frogger" game show ... because it brings the classic arcade game to life, kinda like "Wreck-It Ralph."

Kyle -- host of NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" show -- joined us on "TMZ Live" and downloaded us on the new game show he's hosting with Damon Wayans Jr.

It sounds super cool ... contestants basically get sucked inside the game, and they try to win a cash prize by navigating obstacles straight out of the timeless Konami game.

Naturally, competitors have to dodge traffic and cross over water ... and the winner gets a cool $100,000 and the title of "America's finest Frogger."

"Frogger" debuts on Peacock Sept. 9 and Kyle says the game show's a mix of sports, drama, comedy, nostalgia and even a bit of romance between him and Damon.

Brandt says the competition is like a football game and mixes in tons of '80s movie references ... and he tells us why the show is right up his alley.

Brian Austin Green JOINS 'DWTS' CAST FOR SEASON 30

Brian Austin Green is slipping into some dancing shoes ... we've learned he's the latest celeb to join the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars."

Brian's famous for starring on the original "Beverly Hills, 90210" and now we'll see if he's got any skills in the ballroom.

The official cast will not be announced until next week, but BAG is joining a loaded roster for 'DWTS' season 30.

As we first told you ... NBA baller Iman Shumpert is in the competition, along with Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Kenya Moore and Team USA gymnast Suni Lee.


Brian's joining a historic season on the ABC dance show ... because singer JoJo Siwa is also on the roster, and she's paired up with another woman for the first same-sex pairing.

JoJo told us she's got an advantage because women are better dancers than men ... so the pressures on guys like Brian.

Kevin O'Leary and Kevin Harrington 'Shark Tank' Stars Sued For Fraud

8:51 AM PT -- 9/2 -- O'Leary is denying any involvement in the alleged scam.

KO, through his attorney Andrew Brettler, tells TMZ ... "It appears that someone has been using my name and likeness without my knowledge, permission, or consent. I've never heard of any of these purported companies and have never conducted business with any of the plaintiffs who filed this suit."

He adds ... "Obviously, I want to get to the bottom of it too, as my rights have been violated. We will make sure that the bad actors are held accountable."

Kevin O'Leary and Kevin Harrington allegedly scammed tons of entrepreneurs out of hundreds of thousands of dollars ... according to claims in a new lawsuit.

The "Shark Tank" stars are being sued by 20 people who claim O'Leary and Harrington each played roles in what they say was a brazen scam to defraud hard-working entrepreneurs.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, O'Leary and Harrington steered investors and entrepreneurs to hire one of two companies, InventureX or Ideazon, to handle crowdfunding for their startups.

In the suit, the folks who claim they got scammed say they were promised help raising funds for the businesses and some say the prospect of appearing on "Shark Tank" was dangled in front of them ... but they say once they paid money to the companies endorsed by "Shark Tank" stars, they got little to nothing in return, aside from a bill.

What's more, the suit claims the crowdfunding companies O'Leary allegedly endorsed might not even exist at all and suspect it may be a big "predatory fraud scheme.”

While 20 people are suing O'Leary and Harrington, those folks claim they are just one small faction of hundreds, if not thousands, of folks who fell victim to the scam.

We reached out to reps for "Shark Tank" ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 9/1 5:06 PM PT

'RHOA' Star NeNe Leakes Husband Gregg Dead at 66 After Cancer Battle

NeNe Leakes' husband, Gregg, has died ... this after an on-and-off battle with cancer.

The 'RHOA' star's hubby of over 20 years passed away Wednesday -- this according to a family rep. They say, "Today the Leakes family is in deep pain with a broken heart. After a long battle with cancer, Gregg Leakes has passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by all of his children, very close loved ones and wife Nene Leakes."

The rep adds, "We ask that you pray for peace and strength over their family & allow them to mourn in private during this very very difficult time."

Sources close to the family tell TMZ there won't be a funeral -- which is at Gregg's request. We're told he wanted to be cremated, and NeNe and co. are honoring that wish. Our sources do say, however, that there will be a celebration of life ceremony some point down the road.

Gregg was featured on pretty much all the season for 'Real Housewives' that NeNe appeared on before bowing out of the franchise entirely last year. His colon cancer diagnosis was covered at length on the series ... and it was incredibly emotional watching him battle.

Gregg and NeNe first got hitched in 1997 but divorced in 2011. However, a couple years later -- in 2013 -- they said "I do" once more ... and have been happily married ever since. The couple shares their son, Brent, who's in his 20s -- and also have kids from previous relationships. Despite that though ... they were quite the blended family, usually putting on a united front while cameras rolled.

@teachertales / TikTok

The news of Gregg's passing was something NeNe alluded to just over the weekend -- a video of her at a lounge in Georgia went viral ... because she called out some clubgoer who gave her a hard time for not publicly wishing them a happy birthday over the microphone.

She ended up giving the birthday shout-out, but not before letting them know Gregg was on his death bed at home ... and that she and her fam were going through a very hard time.

RHOA honcho, Andy Cohen, also commented on Gregg's death, sending "love and strength" to NeNe -- who he has not always had the best relationship with.

Gregg was 66.


Olivia Jade Joins 'DWTS' Cast for Season 30


We're about to find out if Olivia Jade's a real dancer ... she's joining the star-studded cast of "Dancing with the Stars."

The daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli will be back into the public eye in a big way for season 30 of the popular celebrity dance competition. We were outside the rehearsal studio Tuesday and got a woman in a visor -- who looked like Olivia -- being escorted inside.

Though the official cast will not be announced until next week, we've confirmed the woman in the visor was, in fact, Olivia. It appears her partner will be Val Chmerkovskiy.

Jade -- who was a big YouTube star well before she got embroiled in the college admissions controversy -- will join the likes of JoJo Siwa, Kenya Moore, Olympic gymnast Suni Lee and many more celebs on the upcoming season.


JoJo's making history as the first contestant to be part of a same-sex pairing, which she tells us will give her a leg up on the competition. We're almost certain her partner will be Jenna Johnson.

DWTS is clearly tryin' to young up its audience.

Kourtney Kardashian Appears to Shade Scott ... You Treated Me Badly

If Kourtney Kardashian is not dragging Scott Disick over the coals, she's sure making it seem that way, because everything about her post early Wednesday morning points to her ex.

Kourtney posted this image ... 2 people locked in a kiss, with the caption ... "Relax ... This is going to hurt FOREVER" -- followed by, "HOW TO GET OVER SOMEONE who treated you BADLY."

It's more than a coincidence ... the kiss mimics Kourtney/Travis's passionate kiss on a boat in Italy -- a kiss that triggered Scott.

As we reported, Scott saw the pic and sent a DM to Kourtney's other ex, Younes Bendjima, shading Kourtney for the PDA display. Younes wasn't having it, and apparently nor was Kourtney.

It's puzzling ... when Kourtney and Scott split it seemed amicable, and they appear to be co-parenting without big problems. There was a time when Scott was off the rails and Kourtney was concerned about him being around their 3 kids, but that seemed to be in the rearview.

As for Kourtney and Travis, they've left Italy for Paris, where they spent Tuesday at Disneyland.

That may be the happiest place on earth, but the home front ... not so much.

'How to Be a Cowboy' Star I Might Be the Next Joe Exotic ... Without the Rap Sheet!!!


Dale Brisby is getting hyped as 2021's version of Joe Exotic -- and while he does have a new show on Netflix, Dale says there's one huge difference ... he's not behind bars!!!

The star of "How To Be a Cowboy" joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" to tell us how a long-time ranch manager and pro bull rider becomes the subject of a wild new TV docuseries.

As a bunch of city slickers, we gotta say it was eye-opening! Dale says he has a fresh group of interns -- half a dozen of 'em -- hungry to learn how to be a real-life cowboy, or how to ride a bull.

He says they're bucket list items for some, and a career starter for others.

The Netflix show drops Wednesday and the reviews are already comparing it to last year's Netflix phenomenon, 'Tiger King.'

Dale seems pretty comfortable with the comparisons, but he makes it clear he doesn't come with Exotic baggage. His character, though, seems just as bold.

BTW, if you're digging Dale's look ... you gotta see him explain why his shades never come off, even when he's riding bulls.

You can catch the full interview on Tuesday's "TMZ Live" (check local listings). Giddyup!!!

Ex-'Drag Race' Star Lucian Piane Arrested ... Booked for Public Intoxication

Luciane Piane -- a former producer and judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race" -- was arrested this week for making what cops describe as drunken phone calls ... TMZ has learned.

Oceanside PD tells us Piane was booked Monday for public intoxication, but they were first alerted because of bogus 911 calls. Cops say he made a series of the calls -- 7 of them within 3 minutes, and the same dispatcher picked up several times.

Police say Piane was harassing the dispatchers, allegedly calling them "c***s" ... among other things.

OPD says when officers arrived, they found Piane wandering down the road a ways from the motel. We're told he was cited for making the combative and completely unnecessary calls, but another alleged issue landed him in jail.

We're told, while writing him the citation, officers sensed he might've been under the influence of something and ended up arresting him on suspicion of public intoxication.

Piane was a guest panelist on 'Drag Race' from 2012 to 2016, and helped put the show's music together, as well. He has since moved on from the production altogether.

He's been released from jail, which is typical for this sort of arrest -- once you sober up, cops cut you loose -- but he'll still have to deal with the ticket for the 911 calls.

'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Hand Her Those Dancing Shoes ... Joining 'DWTS'!!!

Kenya Moore is going to be super busy soon, because she's about to join the cast of another TV show ... and show off her ballroom moves!!!

The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star is joining the cast of "Dancing With The Stars" for the show's upcoming 30th season on ABC ... according to our production sources.

As you know Kenya has been a full-time housewife for the past 10 seasons on 'RHOA' ... so it will be interesting to see how she fares on the dance floor -- particularly compared to some of her contemporaries.

Kenya joins a long line of 'Housewives' who have been on 'DWTS' over the years ... including Nene Leakes, Lisa Vanderpump, Erika Jayne, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Lisa Rinna.

'DWTS' has not revealed its full cast for the season yet -- but as we reported, 18-year-old Team USA medalist Suni Lee is joining the fold fresh off her gold medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Singer JoJo Siwa is also dancing this season.

Kourtney & Travis Gondola Ride in Venice ... That's Amore!!!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's romantic Italian getaway is sailing on ... on a gondola in Venice.

The lovebirds did the tourist thing Monday during their ongoing Euro vacation, getting comfy cozy together in the sea vessel on a seat shaped like a heart.

It paints a pretty fitting picture of the 2, who have been attached at the hip in Italy for a few days after kicking off their traveling lovefest a couple weeks ago in Cabo.

We broke the story ... Travis flying to Mexico with Kourt was his first time on an airplane since the deadly 2008 plane crash that killed 4 people and left him with third-degree burns on 2/3 of his body.

It must have gone well, because he then flew to Italy with his girlfriend to begin the overseas leg of their getaway, and the couple shows no signs of slowing down ... hand in hand everywhere they go.

Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Arrested For Domestic Violence ... No Charges For Now

Dog the Bounty Hunter's stepdaughter got into an argument with her lover and punched him in the face ... at least that's what he told cops, who busted her for domestic violence.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops in Honolulu got a call just before midnight on July 31 about an argument at a residence, and when they got there the alleged victim told officers Cecily Barmore punched and bit him.

Cecily's man, whom we're told she's been with for 5 years, told police the couple was drinking before she became verbally and physically abusive. He says she punched him on both sides of his face and bit his upper back, leaving a mark with swelling and bruising.

The alleged victim also told cops it wasn't the first time Dog's daughter physically abused him ... claiming it's happened several times before and he finally got sick of her alleged behavior and called police for the first time.

Cecily was placed under arrest for misdemeanor abuse of a household member. EMS responded but did NOT end up taking him to the hospital.

The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney's Office tells us they've declined to file charges, but prosecutors have up to 2 years to change their mind if new evidence surfaces.

Cecily confirms there was an incident, but tells us it was an "altercation where a man struck me and said vile things about the memory of my dead mother."

She says, "I used proportional response, disabled the aggressor, and stood up for the memory of my mom. She would have handled it quite the same way, I can assure you.'

Cecily adds ... "If you put your hands on Cecily Chapman you will get your ass kicked," and says cops decided not to press charges, so she considers the matter resolved.


As we've told you ... Dog is beefing with Cecily and another one of his daughters, Bonnie, over a wedding snub.

'Married to Medicine' Star Gets TRO Against Hubby, Claims DV ... He Fires Back, Wants Divorce

'Married to Medicine' star Lia Dias just got hit with divorce papers -- and now we've learned there are claims of abuse between her and her husband.

Lia filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order this week -- just days after her hubby, Colin Sr., filed for divorce. Colin has also filed his own TRO.

It’s a messy situation -- in Lia’s docs, obtained by TMZ, she alleges the most recent incident occurred last month ... she claims Colin pushed her to the ground and kicked her.

She lists several other alleged instances of abuse over the course of their 7-year-plus marriage, including times when she claims he punched her, verbally harassed her, threatened her and/or prevented her from leaving.

Lia also claims that since Colin filed for divorce this month, he changed the locks to their house, and she says she hasn't been able to see her kids. Like we said, a judge signed off on her TRO ... saying the kids gotta be with her and away from dad as this gets sorted out.

Colin has a different story. In his docs, he says Lia is "erratic and emotionally abusive" ... claiming she's lashed out at him over the years, including an alleged incident in which he claims she punched him in the gut after abdominal surgery.

He also alleges that while he and the kids were staying at his sister’s house on August 18 ... Lia showed up rolling deep with people in her crew demanding to see her kids, which Colin says made him fear for his safety.

Like we said ... messy, messy, messy.

As for the divorce -- Colin filed to end their marriage on August 17, asking for joint legal and physical custody of their children. But, it seems like things have gotten much messier since then.

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