El Paso Mom Arrested Infiltrated Middle School ... Passed as Teen Daughter!!!

A Texas mom's social experiment ended up with her facing criminal charges after she successfully infiltrated a middle school disguised as her 13-year-old daughter.

The lady's name is Casey Garcia ... a 30-year-old who's got a 7th grader attending Garcia-Enriquez Middle School near El Paso ... whose security process she wanted to test by going "undercover" as a student ... just to see how far she could get without being caught.

Garcia recorded her experience and posted the footage on YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms -- which have taken off and gone viral. It's pretty crazy ... she does a full incognito attempt, undergoing a makeup routine and a wardrobe change to pull it off.

Sure enough, she does kinda resemble a middle schooler -- granted, the face mask she had to wear certainly helped. Still, she made it through about 85% of the school day undetected.

Garcia is seen walking through the halls, interacting with faculty, sitting in class listening to lectures, and even eating lunch at one point ... and no one seems to notice she's an adult. Eventually, the jig was up ... somebody called her out and reported her to the principal.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

She went willingly -- and even though she seemed to think it was NBD ... the administration thought differently, getting the police involved who busted her for falsifying records and for trespassing. The incident happened Tuesday, but she wasn't booked until this past Friday.

Again, the whole point of doing this was to show that the school was a little too lax when it came to vetting students ... especially as kids start heading back to campus in person.

Of course, people were concerned Garcia could get in so easily ... which could pose bigger problems if it was someone who meant to do harm. The superintendent reportedly sent a note to parents saying they were reviewing and revamping their security measures.

If this sounds like something straight out of a movie, that's because it kinda is. Drew Barrymore did something similar in "Never Been Kissed" -- except that was high school.

So, yeah ... this is crazier than even that premise.

Pam Anderson's Ex Chuck Zito New Show on Tommy Lee Sex Tape??? Yeah, Probably a Bad Idea

idk about this one

Pamela Anderson's sex tape scandal with ex-hubby Tommy Lee is getting resurrected for the small screen ... something another ex of hers, Chuck Zito, is calling ... no bueno.

We ran into the actor and celeb boxing trainer -- who dated PA back in the 2000s -- and just had to ask about this new Hulu miniseries that's in the works ... in which Lily James and Sebastian Stan are portraying Pam and Tommy during their early years as a married couple.

More specifically, the series will focus on the period of their marriage when their infamous sex tape was stolen and peddled on the black market ... something they say they never saw a penny for, at first.

According to Chuck ... Hulu's probably doing wrong by Pam in revisiting a chapter that's more than 20 years old by now, and suggests making an entire show around those events is in bad taste -- especially if the couple themselves haven't signed off (which they haven't).

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He makes the point that the whole saga is ancient history -- adding Pam probably doesn't care very much about it ... even joking that she seems more interested in rings these days. Oof ...

Of course, some of her closest friends are taking a stronger stance ... including Courtney Love, who claims the show is making Pam relive the trauma she went through ... going on to say the tape "destroyed" Pam's life, and calling the show exploitative and disgusting.

Regardless of where people land on this issue, one thing everyone seems to agree with is ... Lily James is a dead ringer for the one and only. As for Seb ... eh, not so much.

Lil Durk Brother OTF DThang Dead at 32 Reportedly Shot & Killed

Lil Durk's older brother, OTF DThang, died this weekend ... TMZ has confirmed.

Cook County officials tell us Dontay Banks Jr. -- DThang's government name -- was found deceased on the 7900 block of S. Loomis Blvd. in Chicago, and has been assigned a case number. An autopsy still has to be done to figure out the cause and manner of death.

Reports say DThang was shot in the head outside of a nightclub and died on the spot ... citing alleged witnesses who say they saw the shooting go down.

DThang was a rapper himself ... but wasn't nearly as big as Durk is, who's blowing up right now. Still, he's got a string of songs out -- although it doesn't look like they ever collab'd.

This is just the latest tragedy to strike Durk's inner circle -- he's lost a handful of friends and loved ones over the years ... including, famously, the death of his labelmate King Von ... who was shot and killed last year. A producer he worked closely with named Turn Me Up Josh also died just last week ... something Durk himself commemorated with a post.

Durk hasn't commented on his brother's passing yet, but condolences have been pouring in all over social media. DThang was 32.


Donald Trump Pants on Ass-Backwards!?! Lookin' Like a No-Fly Zone

@BFriedmanDC / Twitter

Donald Trump traveled to North Carolina for a speech to Republicans, but the headline may be in his pants!

Check out the video and pics ... there isn't any apparent zipper in the front of his suit pants, which had Twitter going insane. The question ... did Trump put his pants on backwards?

One meme was captioned, "No fly on Trump's pants? I think I know where it went." The pic is of the fly that landed on Mike Pence's noggin during the Vice Presidential debate.

As for the speech, Trump zeroed in on China again, in the wake of reports COVID may have originated in a lab and not a wet market. He said China should pay reparations to the world.

He defended Putin. He asked for credit for the vaccine. He groused forever about what he falsely claims is election fraud, asserting for the thousandth time he won the 2020 election.

He went on and on for 90 minutes ... but those pants!!!

Mayweather vs. Paul Weigh-In Is Full-On Show ... Music, Smack Talk, Crazy Spectacle!!!

If a big part of boxing is showmanship, the Logan Paul/Floyd Mayweather fight is world-class.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hopped on the scales Saturday ... and the weigh-in was a well-produced, splashy show, featuring music, commentary, a huge crowd and lots of smack talk.

The weigh-in went down in Miami ... the prelude to the pay-per-view match which goes down Sunday night in Miami Gardens.

Logan Paul weighed in at 189.5 pounds ... barely under the maximum of 190. Mayweather came under the 160 lb limit at 155. There's also a 6-inch height difference in favor of Logan.

Logan entered to “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N' Roses. He said his presence “proves this sh*t is a simulation.” And then, he went on ... “None of it’s real. The aliens are coming in June. Just be ready. Tomorrow, I break the f***ing simulation and beat the greatest boxer in the history of the planet.”

As for Floyd ... his message is simple as he yawned at Paul's presence ...“Height don’t win fights,” he said. “Weight don’t win fights. Fighting wins fights, and at the end of the day, I can fight.”

The fight has drawn massive interest, both inside and outside the boxing world, thanks in big part to Logan's showmanship. Check out the video he dropped Saturday night ... fueling even more interest in the fight.

It's pretty crazy ... Mayweather's 50-0, and Paul is 0-1, so it seems ridiculous on its face.  But, boxing is full of surprises, so ya never know.

Mayweather says he's gonna pocket $100 mil from the fight.

Boxing is changing in a big way.

Restaurant Snafu Customer Gets Deep-Fried Towel with Chicken Dinner!!!

A woman who dined at a fast-food restaurant says when she ordered some fried chicken, the restaurant threw in the towel.

Alique Perez posted photos and video -- from Jollibee restaurant in the Philippines -- of the "meal" she got ... and it's just gross.

She wrote, "Just something that frustrated me this late. We had Jollibee delivered via grab. Ordered chicken for my son, while I was trying to get him a bite, I found it super hard to even slice. Tried opening it up with my hands and to my surprise a deep fried towel."

Alique Perez / Facebook

She asked the right question ... "How the hell do you get the towel in the batter and even fry it!?!?"

For its part, the restaurant seems to be taking it seriously, saying it closed down the location for 3 days to “thoroughly review its compliance with procedures and retrain its store team.”

It then tried delivering a testimonial ... “Jollibee has carefully developed and complied with food preparation systems to ensure that we deliver excellent quality products and customer satisfaction. We will continue to endeavor to deliver on the high standards we have set for ourselves and franchisees,”

Jollibee has 1,150 locations in the Philippines ... more than Mickey D's. There are 58 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada and the plan is to expand to 300 by 2024.

YouTube Star Kyle Forgeard No Charges in Paul Blart-esque Case

YouTube star Kyle Forgeard won’t have to face the music for pulling a mall cop stunt in Texas -- a grand jury is letting him off the hook.

According to a rep at the Tarrant County DA's Office ... the grand jury voted NOT to take action on the case. That means no charges and a huge sigh of relief for the star of the viral prank group Nelk Boys ... who got busted for allegedly impersonating a mall security officer at the Grapevine Mills Mall.

TMZ broke the story ... Kyle, widely known on social media for pulling off incredible pranks, had his own segway ... just like Kevin James did in the 'Paul Blart' movies. It's unclear what exactly he was doing inside the mall, but the stunt pissed off enough customers and biz owners that real cops arrested him.

The Nelk Boys' legion of fans briefly made #FreeKyle a trend on Twitter. He was eventually released on $750 bond, and after the grand jury's decision ... he's now free to dial up more pranks. He's had a pretty good week - he just launched his new seltzer line called Happy Dad as well.

For the uninitiated, do yourself a favor and watch what's arguably the Nelk Boys' best YouTube prank ... where they head to Venice to sell Coke before cops get involved. 😅

Golfer Jon Rahm at PGA Tour Learns He's Covid-Positive Live on TV ... DQ'd, Well Ahead

Jon Rahm had the news broken to him that he had COVID-19 live on TV during a PGA tournament ... one that he was leading the pack in before having to withdraw.

The Spanish golfer -- and reigning champion of the Memorial Tournament, which he was again ahead in on Saturday -- was filmed being approached by PGA officials ... who told him he'd tested positive for the virus, which means he'd have to leave the premises and the game entirely.

It made for such a bizarre moment, as there were cameras all around on the course ... and they captured the exact moment he learned about it, which left him looking defeated. Rahm covered his face and then crouched down in disappointment -- before being led off.

The interaction was filmed from at least a couple different angles ... and the second picked up on some audio as well. You can hear Rahm say something that sounds like "Not again" ... seemingly suggesting he's gone through this before during the pandemic.

The CBS anchors who were covering it live had trouble making sense of what had just happened, but they knew some bad news had just been delivered. As Rahm made his way inside ... his crew pushed away photogs who attempted to follow, presumably for privacy.

Big time bummer for the guy. Prior to the COVID notice, he was a good six-strokes ahead of everyone else. Now, he'll be scratched from play completely ... and probably until he's negative again.

Billy Baldwin More of Us Gotta Get Vaxxed, Period Can't Open CA 'Til Then


Billy Baldwin isn't sweating Gavin Newsom's refusal to fully reopen CA -- saying vaccine rates need to go up ... and that, eventually, we'll all have to play ball to get back to normal.

We talked to the actor Saturday in Bev Hills, where our photog asked what he made of Gov. Newsom's apparent backtracking on his June 15 date ... which is when he was supposed to lift all COVID restrictions, but clarified he wouldn't lift the state of emergency just yet.

Many are taking that as Newsom going back on his word -- but according to Billy ... it probably won't make a big difference in the short term. He says people are already out and about, and things are looking a lot like they used to now more than ever.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He also makes this point ... if ya want things to truly get back to normal faster than Newsom's timeline, the only way to do it is to get vaccinated ASAP -- there's no other way around it. He makes an even better point about holdouts and what lies ahead. Watch.

BB clearly doesn't get the outrage over requiring vaccines, when we have a long history of doing exactly that in schools and elsewhere for kids. So, in his mind, one more can't hurt.

Billy drops one other nugget about how this pandemic's affected youth, including his own brood ... who've struggled in every department, not to mention sex life. Awk, but probs true.

Elon Musk Targeted by 'Anonymous' ... Warning Shots Fired???

Elon Musk appears to be in the crosshairs of a notorious group of hackers who are responsible for some of the biggest digital breaches/leaks in modern history.

The Tesla CEO is the subject of a new video posted by Anonymous -- a coalition of self-described freedom fighters who use the "V for Vendetta" Guy Fawkes mask as their logo ... and who've caused a lot of grief for different orgs over the years, including Scientology, PayPal and others.

In their latest offering ... they're going after Elon, claiming the power he wields over cryptocurrency markets -- and the cavalier way he wields it -- has gone far enough ... especially as it pertains to Bitcoin, which has reacted wildly to Elon's words of late.

Anonymous claims that even though Elon has positioned himself as concerned about the environment with Tesla's pivot away from Bitcoin, he doesn't practice what he preaches within the company itself -- hurling many allegations against him and Tesla's practices at large.

Anonymous goes on to take even more shots at Elon personally ... saying he suffers from a superiority/savior complex -- noting he once dubbed himself the "Emperor of Mars" -- and that he's actually hurting working-class people and their prospects by his constant crypto trolling.

There's a lot to unpack here ... but the bottom line is, Anonymous seems to think Elon isn't a friend to the common man -- something they consider themselves to be -- and because of that ... they seem to be issuing a warning. As to what that is ... it remains to be seen.

Anonymous has famously disrupted computer systems from large corporations, as well as municipalities -- especially following police-involved deaths like Michael Brown and, recently, George Floyd, whom they vowed to avenge by "exposing" MPD's alleged misdeeds. They've also been involved with spurring noteworthy social movements like Occupy Wall Street ... not to mention partaking in high-profile leaks, especially surrounding Jeffrey Epstein.

In other words, Elon and co. might wanna beef up their firewalls and encrypt passwords, STAT.

'Tiger King' Jeff Lowe & Wife Busted for DUI ... Weeks After Big Cat Seizure

12:18 PM PT -- TMZ just obtained the incident report in regards to Jeff and Lauren's DUI arrest -- and it appears Oklahoma City PD is claiming that both hubby and wife were driving at different times before they got busted.

According to the report, OKCPD alleges that they spotted a white Range Rover pull out of a parking lot at a high rate of speed and then stop abruptly when they saw a cop was nearby. The officer goes on to note that he saw Lauren lean out of the driver side window, yell for help and then exit the driver side door ... only to switch places with Jeff, who was riding passenger.

The police go on to claim that Jeff then started driving himself and pulled into another lot -- this as cops started hitting the lights and pursuing. Before coming to a stop, they claim Jeff made an illegal lane change without signaling. Once they were pulled over, OKCPD says they conducted field sobriety test for Jeff, whom they claim appeared incredibly intoxicated.

They note Lauren, too, appeared quite drunk ... as her speech was slurred, among other signs. That seems to explain why she was also arrested for DUI.

Jeff Lowe is continuing to take legal lumps -- the current owner of Joe Exotic's onetime 'Tiger King' zoo was behind bars to kick off his weekend ... this after a DUI bust.

Lowe and his wife, Lauren, were both arrested early Saturday morning in Oklahoma County for driving under the influence ... and it looks like Jeff might've been the one behind the wheel, because the Sheriff's Office also booked him on a changing lanes improperly charge.

Since it appears Jeff was driving it's unclear why Lauren was also arrested for DUI.

The Lowes were brought to jail around 4 AM ... and they posed for these mugs while getting processed. We weren't quite sure that was Jeff at first without his signature bandana/cap combo -- but yep, that's him alright. Last we checked, they were still in custody.

The details of the arrest/alleged incident haven't surfaced yet -- but in any case, it's the latest hit Jeff and co. have taken when it comes to Johnny Law ... both on the state and federal level.


As you might recall ... he had a couple run-ins with law enforcement earlier in the month of May, as they steadily confiscated dozens of his big cats and other animals that he had at his zoo ... which the feds claim weren't being properly cared for or, in some cases, were malnourished, allegedly violating federal guidelines.

So, yeah ... the dude's had it rough lately, and this is just the most recent ding.

Fans of the former zoo owner might be rubbing their hands together in glee watching Jeff's proverbial fall from grace right now -- as some believe he did Joe dirty and helped land him in prison ... where JE currently remains as he continues to try and fight for his release.

Originally Published -- 11:10 AM PT

Katt Williams to Comics at Large Chill on 'Cancel Culture' Outrage ... Time to Be Better in 2021

Katt Williams has a challenge for all comedians who are griping about the state of comedy in 2021 because of so-called "cancel culture" ... do better, be better and be funnier.

The legendary comic dished his thoughts on the much-discussed topic with Joe Budden, and he basically suggested that the outrage over society and audiences in 2021 being too woke or sensitive for comedy to function properly (or as it has in the past) is mostly bologna.

Check it out for yourself ... 'cause he gives a pretty nuanced breakdown of what he thinks people are actually mad about -- namely, that comedians are being forced to evolve with the times.

Katt says that certain words and/or subjects are being rightly called out as inappropriate or off-limits -- and he explains that, in most cases, that's probably fine ... because the point of comedy isn't to offend, but to entertain the most number of people possible.

He also notes all that's happened over the years and with the advent of social media is that more people have been allowed to join the conversation ... and as a result, can speak up on things they might've always found objectionable -- whereas, before, they had no platform.

It's a pretty fascinating take ... which actually mirrors what Seth Rogen said on this not too long ago to The Independent -- when he said, yeah ... some jokes have aged poorly, and rather than be mad at being called out about it, he said just own and adapt accordingly.

Of course, not everyone agrees with Katt and Seth when it comes to this. Many comedians have railed on what they consider overly-sensitive tastes these days ... including one Billy Crystal, who recently called comedy today a "minefield" that he doesn't recognize anymore.

Different strokes for different folks, we suppose -- but for KW ... he doesn't seem to be sweating the tightening of the belt in his biz. If anything, it sounds like he's taking it in stride.

Government UFO Report No Evidence of Aliens ... But Doesn't Rule it Out!!!

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

The U.S. government is set to release an unclassified report on UFOs for the first time ever, and while intelligence officials reportedly found no evidence these mysterious, unexplained flying objects are alien spacecraft ... it doesn't discount it either.

According to reports ... the upcoming UFO report -- expected to be delivered to Congress sometime before June 25 -- doesn't completely rule out the possibility that UFOs encountered by Navy pilots in recent years are aliens ... it's just that there's no solid proof.

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

Instead, the report is expected to confirm that these objects are NOT top-secret American technology ... but could potentially be experimental or hypersonic aircraft of other countries that we have some issues with -- like Russia and China.

Here's the problem ... Navy pilots have seen objects in the air do things that defy any technology known to man. For example, there are images on radar showing spherical objects that have no wings, no engines, no emissions, and they operate in ways that defy physics and gravity.

Navy pilots saw an object at 80,000 feet careen to 20,000 feet in a second-and-a-half. Some of these objects appear to submerge in the ocean, yet submarines found no traces of debris.

Pressure has been mounting for more transparency from the U.S. government about UFOs ever since the Pentagon confirmed the existence of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) back in April.

This has led politicians like Sen. Martin Heinrich and Sen. Marco Rubio to call for more investigating, with Rubio going as far as to say UFOs pose a risk to our national security.

The upcoming report seems like a starting point, but according to outlets like the NY Times ... there's still no explanation from intelligence officials on how these UFOs are able to accelerate and maneuver like they do.

One thing's for certain, though ... we're not all crazy.

Bizarre Wedding Bride Dies During Nuptials ... Family Offers Up Sister Instead!!!

Weddings in India are hardcore, 'cause even a bride's death didn't kill the wedding day vibes -- the groom just married the woman who was going to be his sister-in-law ... on the spot!

The strange tale played out when a bride, identified only as Surbhi, reportedly collapsed and died of a heart attack just as the ceremony kicked off last week, and she exchanged traditional garlands with her hubby-to-be, Mangesh Kumar.

Sadly, Surbhi was declared dead at the scene. Now, this would normally put a halt to most, if not all, wedding ceremonies. But in this case, the bride and groom's families reportedly huddled up and came up with a solution -- Surbhi's family offered up her sister, Nisha.

When the wedding resumed ... the dead bride's body was taken to another room. 😑

Nisha and Surbhi's bro told the Times of India, "It was a bizarre situation as the wedding of my younger sister took place while the dead body of my other sister was laying in another room."

So, why'd the wedding continue? The bride's mother reportedly pled for the shindig to go on as planned. The groom's family reportedly would have been expecting a dowry.

Although that practice was officially banned in India in 1961, it's still prevalent ... just under the table.

Mike Posner I Climbed Mount Everest ... Check Out The View!!!

Mike Posner really knows how to soak in a sunrise ... he's now enjoyed one from the top of Mount Everest!!!

The EDM star just completed another amazing trek, summiting our planet's highest mountain, and ya gotta see the view from 29,000 feet above sea level. Even Mike would have to say this beats a pill in Ibiza ... hands down.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mike says his climb up Mount Everest was extremely hard and more exhausting than his 6-month walk from New Jersey to California back in 2019 ... but it looks like the juice was definitely worth the squeeze.

Now, Mike's descending back to base camp after raising $229,000 and counting for the Detroit Justice Center with his climb. He says he's excited to get back to his home state of Michigan after spending about 2 months in the Himalayas prepping for the trek of a lifetime.

Remember, Mike walked across America 2 years ago and he says when he was crossing the Rocky Mountains he decided what he wanted to accomplish next ... climbing Everest.

Congrats, Mike!!! Can't wait to see what's next on his bucket list.

President Trump Still on Facebook, Instagram Time-Out ... Despite Frenzied Rumor

President Trump's still persona non grata on Facebook and Instagram ... despite a rumor that spread like wildfire.

Folks got all up in arms Wednesday after a popular Trump critic tweeted that 45's social media ban on 2 major platforms appeared to be lifted ... but a rep for Facebook and a source close to Trump tells us that's NOT the case.

We're told Trump's profile page is simply still viewable, but he can't put up new posts, as it's been for the past several months. His last post, from January 6, is still the one at the top of his page.

As we reported ... Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg banned Trump from Facebook in the wake of the Capitol riot ... saying it was too great a risk to America for Trump to remain on the platform.

Zuck had hoped Facebook's oversight board would make a final decision on Trump's ban, but instead, the board kicked that decision right back up to Zuckerberg. The next decision as to whether or not Trump will continue to be banned from the platform will happen in November.

It's been a bad day for Trump's faithful ... who just hours ago also had to deal with Trump shutting down his personal blog less than a month after launching it, after it failed to gain any traction.

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