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Billy Corben to A-Rod You Ain't Gonna Like My New Movie ... About You!

11/10/2018 12:30 AM PST

Billy Corben -- the acclaimed director behind "Cocaine Cowboys" and "The U" -- is about to debut his new film about Alex Rodriguez ... and warns the MLB star he ain't gonna like it. 

The movie is called "Screwball" -- a no-holds-barred look at Alex's role in the Biogenesis scandal, when several players were accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. 

A-Rod was banned for the entire 2014 season after an MLB investigation. 

Corben tells TMZ Sports he's spent years working on the documentary -- and was actually contacted by Alex at one point in the process. 

But, A-Rod allegedly wanted Corben to only tell his side of the story and things just didn't work out. 

"He pitched us the idea," Corben said ... "But, then kind of ghosted us over the course of 2014, and then he realized he didn't have to tell anybody anything."

The movie is loaded with shocking claims and stories that Corben insists are 100% true. 

Gotta think A-Rod will have a bone to pick with some of it -- but we'll see how this whole thing plays out. 

And, if you think Corben is the kind of guy who runs from controversy, you're clearly not familiar with his work. 

A-Rod's Ex-Wife Don't Blame Me For Not Working That's What He Wanted!!!

10/29/2018 3:31 PM PDT

Alex Rodriguez's ex-wife, Cynthia, says he has NO business calling her out for not working because he's the one who demanded she leave the workforce in the first place. 

Cynthia is firing back after A-Rod griped about her refusal to put her master's degree in psychology to work. It's just one of the reasons he wants to drastically reduce the $115k/month in child and spousal support he's been paying since their divorce in 2008. 

Cynthia thinks the former MLB superstar is way off base with his claims, telling TMZ, "To ensure that our daughters had a stable upbringing, and given his extensive traveling, Alex requested that I discontinue working and make parenting my primary focus." 

Our sources say Alex is pissed because he claims Cynthia now has millions in the bank, 3 homes and multiple cars. With his income reduced by 90 percent, due to retirement, A-Rod doesn't think he should have to bankroll Cynthia any longer. 

In the statement, provided by her attorney, Maurice Kutner, Cynthia throws some shade at A-Rod too, telling us ... "I find it terribly disheartening, shocking and disappointing that Alex has resorted to reporting falsehoods. Why he seeks sympathy from the press and public baffles me." 

Michael Rapaport Demolish Fenway ... Red Sox Kiss My Ass!

10/23/2018 2:41 PM PDT

As a diehard Yankee fan -- Michael Rapaport has a message for Red Sox nation before Game 1 of the World Series ... "KISS MY ASS!"

Here's why ... 

"Listen, I grew up a Yankee fan hating the Dodgers, hating Rick Monday, hating Steve Garvey and his butt nose. That being said, I can not stand the Boston Red Sox. I want the Dodgers to kick their ass."

"I can't stand Big Papi, Pedro Martinez, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice -- they can all kiss my ass," Mike added.

So, in conclusion ... Rap says he's "rocking with the Dodgers and Magic Johnson 150 percent."

One last shot -- "They should knock down Fenway Park and rebuild it!"

Game 1 starts at 5:09 PM PT -- we'll see if Rap gets his wish. 

A-Rod Locked in Spousal, Child Support War ... With Ex-Wife

10/23/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Alex Rodriguez says enough is enough -- he's been paying his ex-wife a king's ransom for a decade, his income has plummeted, she's now rich and he wants his support payments drastically reduced.

Sources connected to A-Rod tell us, the former Yankee has been locked in a spousal/child support war with Cynthia Scurtis for months. He's been paying $115,000 a month tax free in combined spousal and child support since the couple divorced in 2008. They have 2 daughters, 13-year-old Natasha and 10-year-old Ella.

We're told the agreement was always meant to be adjusted when A-Rod retired from the Yankees. A-Rod claims his income has dropped by 90% ... from $30 million a year, while he was on the Yankees, to around $3 million a year.  

Our sources say Alex is especially vexed because he claims Cynthia is now a rich woman with millions in the bank, 3 homes and multiple cars. He grouses she has a master's degree in psychology yet chooses not to work. He also says she has a new child and a fiance, and he feels he's now bankrolling all of them.

A-Rod says the expenses for his 2 kids are somewhere between $7k - $12k a month, yet he's willing to pay $20k a month plus expenses for the kids, including tuition.

We're told Cynthia is negotiating, but wants nearly $50k a month so the ex-couple is at an impasse.

We attempted to reach Cynthia ... so far, no luck. 

Derek Jeter Selling NY Castle I Don't Have Time For It!

10/22/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Derek Jeter ain't got time to sit on a throne anymore -- dude DOES have a baseball team to run these days -- so now you can ... if you've got NEARLY $15 MILLION LAYING AROUND!!!

The Yankees legend is parting ways with an 11,000-square-foot castle in New York that he used as a summer vacation home when he was a kid.

It used to belong to his grandpa ... but Jeter bought the Greenwood Lake place way back in 2002 -- 'cause, well, it's a dope castle.

Jeets is pretty busy now as a part-owner of the Miami Marlins ... and he says he just doesn't have time for the 6-bedroom, 4-kitchen palace anymore -- so it can be all yours, for a pretty penny.

Derek's asking for $14.75 MILLION, according to ... and if you wanna know what you get for that -- it comes with a game room, a sunroom, a gym, a bar -- AND A TURRET!!!

Nobody said ballin' like D.J. would be cheap.

Giancarlo Stanton On World Series 'I'm Rooting for a Draw!'

10/18/2018 10:40 AM PDT

If the Yankees can't win, Giancarlo Stanton doesn't want ANYONE to win -- joking with TMZ Sports that when it comes to the World Series he's "rooting for a draw."

Obviously, he was just kidding -- and told us the most important thing is for the World Series to be competitive. 

Now that the Yanks are out of the playoffs, Stanton has returned to Hollywood where he spent his Wednesday night hanging at Warwick nightclub. 

Stanton did everything right on his way out of the club -- taking pics with fans and signing photos. 

And the best part ... after the club, he got into a waiting ride where a sober driver took him home. 


Massachusetts Senator Takes Giant Steaming Dump on Yankees ... 'We Own You!'

10/10/2018 4:00 PM PDT


Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey isn't just dancing on the Yankees' grave -- he's crapping all over it ... eating a bunch of chowda and lobsta rolls ... and crapping all over 'em again!!

Seriously ... it's amazing. 

"In Boston, you're born a Democrat and a Red Sox fan and then you're baptized Catholic 7 days later. So, the Red Sox beating the Yankees is absolutely the top of the list because they're the Evil Empire."

You hear that?? Markey just said the Yankees are EVIL -- and he's not done yet!!

"They represent everything that we fight against in the Athens of America."

"We're Athens and they're Sparta. We work smarter, not harder. We're just smarter."

.... AND. THERE'S. MORE!!!!!

"We spend our money in a way that continues in the 21st century to us being the dominant team. Far better than what the Yankees have been since the turn of this century."

"Yes, they might have beaten us in the 20th century, but the Red Sox and Boston, we own the 21st century!!"

Someone get that man some Charmin. Right now. 


Dave East Sad About The Yankees ... Time For The Weed!!

10/10/2018 12:23 PM PDT

Dave East is gonna get REALLY HIGH to get over the Yankees loss -- telling TMZ Sports it's gonna take some good grass to move on from the NY "L."

We got the rapper -- who's a Yanks diehard -- just hours after the Pinstripes fell in the ALDS ... and that's when he revealed the perfect East strategy for how to cope with the defeat.

"Some good weed," he says.

Dave's from New York City ... so the loss reallllly sucks for him -- but he tells us he's still ride-or-die with Aaron Judge and the boys no matter what.

In fact ... the "Perfect" spitter tells us he's rooting for anyone that plays the Sox from now on.

"I'm against the Red Sox, man."

Only 188 more days 'til the 2019 rematch ...

Boston Red Sox Kill Yankees' Season in ALDS ... Booze Funeral

10/10/2018 6:09 AM PDT
Breaking News

The Boston Red Sox murdered the New York Yankees' season on Tuesday ... and danced on their ALDS playoff graves with champagne and beer bottles. 

The BoSox narrowly escaped the Yanks' last-ditch effort to tie up the series by winning Game 4 at Yankee Stadium ... and celebrated the 4-3 win by drenching themselves in champagne. And, LOTS of it.

The lit fest kicked off with a motivational speech from Sox manager Alex Cora -- who warned his guys about their next matchup ... the Houston Astros.

But, Mookie Betts and Co. don't seem fazed one bit, 'cause that's when the corks start flyin' (right into a local reporter's face).

The ALCS kicks off on Saturday -- start hydrating now!

Reggie Jackson I Love Boston Red Sox Fans ... Despite the Trash Talk

10/9/2018 10:14 AM PDT

They used to chant "Reggie sucks" ... but Yankees legend Reggie Jackson says he holds no grudges against Boston Red Sox fans -- telling TMZ Sports he's got nothing but respect for the enemy. 

"Have respect for your opponents when it's an opponent like the Red Sox," Jackson told us in New York.

"You're facing a great franchise with great players, 108 wins ... couple guys could be the MVP. It's a great franchise. I loved playing there."

"The whole stadium used to say, 'Reggie sucks' when I was there. [But I'd] hit a home run and they would stand up and clap," Reggie said. 

"That's just the fans. It's just excitement. It's just the thrill of playing."

This is why Reggie Jackson is awesome ... doesn't take the heckling personally -- understands it's fun for the fans and liked to shut 'em all up with his play. 

Then again, easy for Reggie to say ... his Yankees teams usually destroyed the Red Sox during his playing days. 

We'll see if the Yanks can rally back against the Sox when they play Game 4 of the ALDS tonight in New York. 

David Ortiz Johnny Damon Picks Yanks Over Sox? ... 'That's Some Bulls**t!'

10/5/2018 6:11 AM PDT

David Ortiz is just as surprised as the rest of us by his old teammate, Johnny Damon -- telling TMZ Sports he's SHOCKED that Damon would root for the Yankees to beat the Red Sox in the ALDS. 

"Johnny Damon?! That's some bullsh*t, isn't it! Red Sox all the way," Big Papi told us. 

Damon and Ortiz were both a part of that special 2004 "bunch of idiots" team who broke the Red Sox curse and won their first World Series since 1918. Damon left Boston in 2005 and signed a contract with the rival Yanks. 

So, when we asked Johnny who he was pulling for now that his 2 former squads are facing off in the American League Division Series ... and he went with the Bronx Bombers. 

Remember, there was bitterness between Damon and Boston -- and in 2015, Damon said he wasn't on speaking terms with Red Sox owner John Henry

Still, Ortiz clearly felt like there was enough Beantown love for Damon to pick the Sox over the Yanks. 

He was wrong ... 

Johnny Damon Yankees Will Upset Red Sox In ALDS ... Go New York!!

10/4/2018 4:15 PM PDT

Sorry, Boston ... Johnny Damon's making it 100% clear -- he bleeds pinstripes now.

"New York's my team," Johnny tells TMZ Sports. "The Yankees, that's who I want to win."

Damon says he still does have at least SOME love in his heart for the Sox -- a team he broke a curse with and won a World Series within 2004.

But, when it comes to Boston-N.Y. in the ALDS -- he's got his Yanks cap firmly on.

"I think [the Yankees] upset them," Damon says.

So, why's Johnny -- who played 4 seasons in N.Y. after his 4 seasons in Boston -- picking sides??

Johnny sorta explains -- when he left Boston, contract talks created some drama. But, with the Yanks, it's been nothing but good vibes from them since retirement.

Plus ... it doesn't hurt that he spends a lot of time in N.Y. these days.

As for the actual X's and O's on the diamond ... ya gotta hear why he thinks the Yankees will win DESPITE the Red Sox being the better team.

Alex Rodriguez Yanks Need Wild Card Game In NY ... 'Huge Advantage'

9/26/2018 6:33 AM PDT

It's IMPERATIVE for the NY Yankees to clinch home field for the AL Wild Card game -- so says Alex Rodriguez, who tells TMZ Sports why a road game could spell DOOM for the Bronx Bombers. 

The Yankees are currently in the driver's seat -- up 2.5 games over the Oakland A's. If they keep the lead, the 1-game Wild Card round will go down at Yankees Stadium. If not, it's off to Oakland. 

Enter A-Rod -- who we got in L.A. at the Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs Reveal Event ... he says a home game vs. away game is "night and day" and explained why having to travel across the country would put his former squad in a real hole. 

"The Yankees finish the season in Boston," A-Rod points out ... "You don't wanna have to jump on a plane [and go] 3,000 miles and go play at the Coliseum, which historically has always been one of the toughest places for the Yankees to win."

The AL Wild Card game is right around the corner -- scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 3. 

By the way, the last time the Yankees met the A's in the playoffs was in 2001 ... and it spawned one of the most iconic plays in baseball history. 

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