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Yankees Prodigy Clint Frazier Reggie Jackson Mentors Me ... We're Froyo Bros

2/7/2017 2:45 PM PST

The NY Yankees are FIRED UP about their big 22-year-old outfielder Clint Frazier -- who says Reggie Jackson is personally mentoring him ... even taking him out for froyo! 

Frazier was the #5 overall pick in the 2013 MLB Draft -- and some say he could be the next GREAT home run hitter in the majors. 

The Yankees are clearly believers -- and when we got Frazier out in NYC, he told us how he's been learning from one of the all-time greats, Mr. October. 

No pressure, kid.

Goose Gossage I Still Kinda Hate Bryce Harper ... But No Lie, Kid Can Play

9/17/2016 12:25 AM PDT

Goose Gossage still really, really, really doesn't like Bryce Harper and thinks he's a "punk" ... but good news, Bryce ... Gossage doesn't hate you as much as he did back in March!

If you remember ... Goosage threw all kinds of shade on Harper a few months back ... calling him a "fool" and claiming Bryce has no respect for the game.

So, when we ran into the Yankees legend out in NYC ... we wanted to know if he's cooled on Harper ... and could maybe one day see a future with the Nats star in pinstripes.

Answer ... maybe? Gossage semi-unloads on Harper, calling him a "punk" ... but has to admit, the kid's got skills on the baseball diamond.

See ... time does heal some wounds ... kinda.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman Real Interest In Tebow 'Can't Deny There's Potential'

9/10/2016 1:05 AM PDT

Tim Tebow came a lot closer to following in the footsteps of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle than we thought ... because Yankees general manager Brian Cashman tells TMZ Sports the team gave real consideration to signing the ex-NFL star.

"We certainly thought a lot about it," Cashman tells TMZ Sports ... "there’s a lot of characteristics about his reputation and character that are really attractive."

In fact, Cashman says the Yanks sent TWO scouts to Tebow's MLB workout in L.A. last month. 

Of course, Tebow ended up signing a minor league contract with the NY Mets -- and Cashman says he thinks the guy could have real value as a baseball player down the road. 

"He’s a legitimate athlete, no question about it. So you can’t deny there’s potential, something there. But it’s an uphill battle." 

Cashman makes it clear he has nothing but respect for Tebow -- but explains why the Yanks ultimately decided he wasn't the right fit for pinstripes.

Yankees Hero Jim Leyritz I Woulda Let A-Rod Play ... He's Earned It

8/12/2016 3:42 PM PDT

Jim Leyritz -- the guy who blasted one of the most famous home runs in Yankees World Series History -- says if he was running his ex-team ... he'd let A-Rod play as long as he wanted to.

A-Rod had said publicly that he wanted to play 3rd base during his final game Friday night -- but Yanks skipper Joe Girardi nixed the idea ... only allowing him to be a DH instead. 

Some people are upset saying A-Rod deserved to go out on his own terms -- others say screw him, he's a cheater and doesn't deserve anything. 

So, we put it up to Leyritz -- who played with Joe G. back in the day -- and he says in this situation, he disagrees with his old teammate. 

"The guy's one of the greatest 5 players to ever play ... I would've played him until he wanted to stop."

Leyritz also says he thinks the decision may have been out of Joe's hands -- and even suggests Yanks brass took measures to ensure A-Rod wouldn't reach 700 home runs in pinstripes. 

Derek Jeter & Hannah Davis MARRIED!!

7/9/2016 8:45 PM PDT
Breaking News

0709-Derek-jeter-hannah-davis-GETTY-01Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis are MARRIED ... tying the knot tonight in front of friends and family at a Napa Valley resort!!

Jeter, 42, married Davis, 26, at the Meadowood Napa Valley Resort in St. Helena, California. People first reported the wedding.

Davis -- who's a Sports Illustrated model -- wore a custom made dress designed by Vera Wang.

The couple dated for almost 4 years before getting hitched.



Rudy Giuliani Yankees Can Get Bryce Harper ... 'I'd Love It!'

6/20/2016 4:17 PM PDT

If the Yankees want Bryce Harper, the Yankees will GET Bryce Harper ... so says ex-NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani who says he'd LOVE to get the slugger in pinstripes. 

Check out the clip -- Harper isn't a free agent for another couple years, but Giuliani thinks the Yanks are definitely gonna be the team to beat when the Bryce sweepstakes begins. 

BTW -- it's estimated Harper could command somewhere between $400 and $500 MILLION on the open market ... so be ready to chip in, Rudy.

Artie Lange Bashes A-Rod 'Stain On the Yankees, Poison'

5/26/2016 8:30 AM PDT

NY Yankees superfan Artie Lange says Alex Rodriguez has been a disaster in the Big Apple -- calling him a stain and a poison ... who's supercharged the downfall of a once proud franchise. 

"I didn't want him from day 1," Lange said ... "What did we get, one extra ring with his legacy?"

"A-Rod is a stain, he's just a poison."

Lange goes even harder -- trashing the current players as money-hungry sellouts who care more about a check than continuing the Yankees legacy.

MLB's Aroldis Chapman I'm American, Baby ... Granted Citizenship

4/29/2016 10:43 AM PDT

429-aroldis-chapman-instagramAroldis Chapman now bleeds red, white and blue ... even though he kinda already did (see: Cuba's flag) ... because the Cuban-born pitcher is now a full-fledged U.S. citizen. 

The NY Yankees fireballer -- nicknamed the "Cuban Missle" -- defected from Cuba (by way of the Netherlands) back in 2009 ... and has made it his mission to get full citizenship. 

Well, Friday it finally happened ... and the 28-year-old proudly announced it on social media. 

"Today is a very important day for me and I want to share it with all of you," Chapman wrote.

"Today April 29, 2016 I've became a U.S. Citizen and I want to thanks God and this great nation for the opportunities it has offer me and my family. Very happy to say that I'm a U.S. Citizen."

Rob Kardashian I Almost Got Beat Up In Boston ... Over My Yankees Hat

4/19/2016 12:45 AM PDT

The rivalry is still VERY real when it comes to the Sox and the Yankees ... just ask Rob Kardashian who tells TMZ Sports he almost got his ass kicked in Beantown for rockin' his Yanks hat.

Rob says he's still a Dodgers fan at heart -- after all, he was born and raised in L.A. -- but says his lady Blac Chyna got sick of the L.A. lid and pressured him to switch it up. 

So, Rob chose the pinstripes ... but forgot how much the Yanks are hated in Red Sox country -- and says his fashion choice almost got him beat the hell up.  

Hey, it's rough out there. 

Aroldis Chapman I Didn't Hurt My GF 'That's Not My Character'

2/23/2016 10:28 AM PST
Breaking News

0223-aroldis-chapman-GETTY-01NY Yankees fireballer Aroldis Chapman has finally broken his silence about the domestic violence investigation involving his girlfriend -- saying bluntly, "I never hurt anybody. Never in my life."

The investigation began back in October ... when Chapman's GF told police he choked and pushed her during an argument over his cell phone.  

According to officials, Chapman told investigators he did NOT punch his GF -- but rather "poked her on the left shoulder and told her not to talk to him like that."

But earlier Wednesday at the Yankees' clubhouse at spring training in Tampa -- Chapman said any insinuation that he's a woman-abuser is flat out wrong. 

"That's not my character or the person I am."

Ultimately, prosecutors did NOT move forward with criminal charges against the 27-year-old -- but the MLB is still investigating ... and could still punish him if they see fit. 

MLB Great David Wells Aroldis Chapman's Off-Field Issues Don't Matter ... Dude Can Pitch!!!

12/30/2015 12:45 AM PST

1229-david-wells-aroldis-chapman-getty-01Former Yankees pitcher David Wells has no problem with his ex-team trading for the troubled Aroldis Chapman ... saying his off-the-field issues DON'T MATTER ... cause the dude can flat out pitch.

Chapman is currently under investigation by the MLB for allegedly choking his girlfriend making some wonder why the Yanks would deal for him now ... Wells ain't one of them.

"In all honesty I don't give a crap what he's done off-the-field. As long as he shows up to practice, plays hard and produces ... I'll take him."

Wells knows the Yankee organization -- having won a World Series with the Bronx Bombers in '98 -- and says this is far from the first time they've taken a chance on a player ... but it always works out.

"They always get guys that are a little crazy or have stuff going on off-the-field. But despite all the off-the-field stuff the teams that had those players ended up getting it done."

CC Sabathia 'I Feel Fantastic' ... After Stint In Rehab

12/16/2015 12:32 PM PST
Breaking News

1216_cc-sabathia_REHAB-INSTAGRAMCC Sabathia says he feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders after completing a stint in rehab for alcoholism ... but adds, "I feel fantastic." 

The NY Yankees pitcher was at the Yankees holiday food drive Wednesday when he raved about how well his recovery is going ... after spending a month receiving treatment in Connecticut.  

"It’s always going to be a struggle with different things, but I feel fantastic," Sabathia told reporters ... "I think it’s just a weight coming off my shoulders. I feel good. I’m in a good mood, always."

Sabathia first entered treatment back in October -- one day before the team took on the Houston Astros for the wild card spot in the playoffs. 

Still, CC says the Yankees have been incredibly supportive -- "The Yankees have been fantastic, from Cashman to the Steinbrenners to Joe to my teammates." 

As for the future, CC says, "I feel pretty good about where I’m at and look forward to just getting back out on the field and being myself."

Ex-NY Yankees Champ Locked Up & Broke All I've Got Is $39 and Noodles

10/26/2015 1:49 PM PDT
Breaking News

1026-chad-curtis-GETTY-02Ex-NY Yankees outfielder Chad Curtis says he's broke as hell and can't afford a lawyer to fight a sexual assault lawsuit ... claiming all he has left is $39 and some prison noodles. 

Curtis -- who won 2 World Series titles with the Yanks -- is currently doing 15 years for sexually assaulting 3 female students at a Michigan high school where he coached back in 2011. 

Now, the women have followed up with a civil suit against Curtis -- but the 46-year-old says he's so broke, he can't even afford a lawyer to defend himself. 

"I have $39 in my personal account," Curtis told a federal judge Monday ... "The state of Michigan has taken everything I own."

He added that his personal estate is limited to the "nine noodles in my cell."

According to, Curtis told the judge the accusers are lying -- and says, "I know the truth is on my side. I do not believe there will be a large verdict."

FYI -- Curtis reportedly made nearly $13 million in his decade-long MLB career. 

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