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Derek Jeter

Escapes East Coast Blizzard ...

Bringing Back Ripped Jeans

1/27/2015 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
012715_derek_jeter_launch_v2While most of the East Coast was hunkering down in the blizzard, NY Yankees legend Derek Jeter wasn't even rockin' a coat -- strollin' around Bev Hills in a pair of ripped jeans like it was '86 all over again. 

Jeter's out in L.A. (we're told he's taking meetings with some Hollywood people) -- and Monday night we ran into #2 on his way out of Mastro's Steakhouse. 

FYI -- apparently, distressed jeans are "in" ... at least according to GQ and Women's Wear Daily, which recently published an article saying: 

"After a few years of dark denim dominance, it's only natural that distressed denim would reenter the game with rips and tears galore."

Def Leppard is so happy right now ... 

Yankees Star CC Sabathia


I'll Kill My Beard Before the Season!

12/4/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
120414_cc_sabathia_launchIt's one of the most famous Yankees rules ... NO BEARDS DURING THE SEASON!!!

But with star pitcher CC Sabathia, who's growing out his whiskers in the off-season, we had to ask the 34-year-old if he was planning to rage against the machine this year ... and fight to keep his face warmer when it's time to put on the pinstripes.  

Don't worry Steinbrenners, Sabathia told us he's gonna play by the family rules ... even though he likes his new scruff. 

There have been rumblings over the years that the Yanks would consider reversing the follicle ban -- but team officials have shot down the rumors every time.

Derek Jeter

Vegas Reunion with an Ex-GF!

Not Her, Or Her, Or Her ...

11/19/2014 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
When you've banged as many chicks as Derek Jeter ... running into exes becomes an occupational hazard, and Tuesday night it was Jessica Alba's turn for the awkward moment.

Jeter and Alba were both guest speakers at the Goldman Sachs technology conference in Las Vegas. Jeter was there for his new website ( and Alba was talking about her Honest Company baby products.

The after party went down at Hyde Bellagio Nightclub -- and sources inside tell us Jessica and Derek did have a 10-minute chat while they were there. Nothing hot and heavy, we're told ... just enough to talk about her kids and his retirement. 

Still ... Cash Warren and Hannah Davis can't be thrilled.


Ben Affleck

I Like Derek Jeter

... Even Though He's the Enemy

11/8/2014 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video
And here it is ... yet another tribute to #2 ... courtesy of Red Sox superfan Ben Affleck.

Ben was out at a "Project Greenlight" event on Sunset last night when we asked if he's GLAD the NY Yankees superstar finally called it quits this season.

And that's when Ben got mushy -- "I like Derek Jeter a lot. I have a lot of respect for Derek Jeter."

He added, "It's nice that we're not playing against him."

If Ben really wants to honor the guy ... he can buy Derek's game-used dirt for just under $400. Seriously.

Derek Jeter

Game-Used Dirt For Sale

11/5/2014 11:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details
Derek Jeter fans can literally buy the DIRT he walked on -- because a sports memorabilia company is selling a collage of "dirt capsules" obtained from the 30 ballparks where #2 racked up his 3,465 hits.

We spoke to Brandon Steiner from Steiner Sports, who tells us ... his people went from stadium to stadium collecting the dirt -- which was all authenticated by Major League Baseball.

And the price ... $359.99 per collage.

Steiner says he's expecting big sales on the item ... telling us, "The Derek Jeter items have performed beyond my wildest imaginations."

Artie Lange

Yanks Will Suck For A Long Time

I'm Looking at You, A-Rod

10/15/2014 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
101514_artie_lange_launchArtie Lange cares about one thing more than NY sports -- keeping it real when NY sports teams blow ... and the diehard Big Apple fan tells TMZ Sports his beloved Yankees are SCREWED ... especially with Alex Rodriguez coming back.

Lange was out in NY when we asked him the question on every Yankees fan's mind ... now that "Number 2" is out to pasture -- and he's showing the Bombers ZERO fanboy love.

Watch the clip -- Artie blasts everyone ... from A-Rod to Eli Manning. Yeah, he's that down on the state of Empire State sports.

Tom Brady on the other hand ...

Oheka Castle

No On Jeter,

Yes on Gym Owner

10/4/2014 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
1004-derek-jeter-tmz-01Derek Jeter ain't getting married at Oheka Castle in NY today ... despite serious buzz.

We know various high end vendors had been contacted to work a "Derek Jeter event" at the historic location this weekend ... but it turns out, it's just not true.

There IS a wedding going down at the Castle tonight -- but the groom is not a future Hall of Famer ... he's the owner of a Crunch gym franchise in Florida ... which is still pretty baller ... but it's not Jeter.

Anyway, congrats!

Derek Jeter

Huge Party Planned At NY Palace

Possible Secret Wedding?

10/3/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Derek Jeter will be front and center at a MASSIVE secret party at a historic castle on Long Island this weekend, TMZ Sports has learned ... and now we're hearing buzz it could be a wedding. 

Here's what we know ... the party is set to go down at the famous Oheka Castle -- which was used for the exterior shots of Charles Kane's mansion in the 1941 Hollywood flick "Citizen Kane." 

Multiple sources tell us ... several high-end party vendors have been called in for a very important "Derek Jeter event." 

Now here's where things get tricky -- we've spoken with multiple sources who tell us the event in question is a retirement party for #2 ... and other sources who SWEAR it's a wedding. 

Of course, 40-year-old Derek has been dating 24-year-old supermodel Hannah Davis for the past couple of years ... but if they got engaged, they've done a helluva job keeping it a secret. 

We reached out to Derek's people for comment -- so far, no word back. 

Model Hannah Davis

Hangs with Unemployed Baseball Player

9/29/2014 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Hannah Davis has a heart of gold -- she gave some out-of-work guy the time of day and a cup of joe today in NYC.

The S.I. swimsuit hottie walked out of a coffee shop in the West Village with the guy ... who was dressed in ratty jeans and a t-shirt. She even allowed the idle dude to chat her up for a while.

Clearly, he has nothing to do with his time.

Hannah was also flaunting a ring on her left hand. It doesn't appear to be an engagement ring, but she probably just wants the guy to think she's taken.


Derek Jeter

Famous NYC Deli Honors #2

... With $28 Sandwich

9/29/2014 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be the most special of all the Derek Jeter tributes -- TMZ Sports has learned the legendary Carnegie Deli in NYC will now offer a $28 sandwich to honor the Yankees captain. 

So, what does one get for $28? 

A rep for the deli tells us ... the "Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich" comes piled high with 2 classic meats (because he's #2) -- turkey and bacon. 

Plus, several slices of American cheese -- with tomato and lettuce ... served on toasted white bread.


The deli rep adds, "We chose American Cheese because nothing is more American than baseball."

BONUS -- if you sit down to eat at the restaurant, you get complimentary pickles!

Jerry Seinfeld

Jeter Made a Mistake

He Shouldn't Have Played in Boston

9/29/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
092814_jerry_seinfeld_launch Apparently Derek Jeter CAN do wrong in the eyes of Yankees fans ... so says Jerry Seinfeld who tells TMZ Sports ... #2 should NOT have played his final game in Boston!!!

It's a pretty big issue in the Yanks community -- a lot of New Yorkers believe Jeter should've hung up his cleats after his last game at Yankees Stadium last week ... and NOT played out the final games of the season at Fenway against the Red Sox. 

Clearly, Seinfeld thinks Jeter chose poorly ... saying, "He should NOT have played in Boston. You don't owe anybody ANYTHING!"

Of course, Jeter got a standing ovation in Beantown ... with the crowd chanting his name ... but according to Jerry, the storybook ending went on a few pages too long.

Babe Ruth

Yankees Contract Up for Auction

'No Booze, In Bed By 1 AM'

9/22/2014 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
The very first contract Babe Ruth negotiated with the NY Yankees is about to hit the auction block -- which specifically outlines the MLB legend was BANNED FROM BOOZE and had a 1 AM bedtime. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... the contract -- hand-signed by George Herman Ruth on March 10, 1922 -- is being auctioned off by Goldin Auctions ... and the sellers tell us they're expecting to fetch over $1 mil. 

The terms of the 3-year deal are pretty interesting ... Babe agreed to league-high $52k-per-season ... but there were a couple of catches. 

For instance, Babe had to fork over a $30 deposit for his uniform and was not allowed to play any other sport while under contract. 

But the big one ... a clause that was added which spelled out that Babe was to "refrain entirely from the use of intoxicating liquors and that he shall not during the training and playing season in each year stay up later than 1 o'clock A.M. on any day without the permission and consent of the club's manager."

 At the time Babe signed the deal, he had already been with the Yanks for 3 years ... but was playing under the contract he signed with his previous team, the Boston Red Sox. 

The contract will hit the auction block on October 6th. Good luck ...

CC Sabathia

Bday Party Catered


3/18/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
CC Sabathia took the celebrity chef craze to a new level for his 33rd bday party -- because the whole thing was catered by Three 6 Mafia member (and Oscar winner) DJ Paul ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The party for the Yankees pitcher was insane -- it all went down at Phil Maloof's mansion in L.A. back in the Summer ... and we're told it was packed with superstars like Joba Chamberlain, Derek Jeter, Carl Crawford and Chris Brown.

But according to multiple sources, the best part was the food -- and the man responsible was DJ Paul ... who moonlights as a private chef for a TON of famous people when he's not in the studio.

"I'm good friends with the Maloofs," Paul tells TMZ Sports ... "A lot of times they'll pay me to come cook for their celebrity parties ... which, with them, is often."

Paul says he's rocked the kitchen for stars like Michael Phelps, the New England Patriots, the Yankees, Dodgers and more.

So, what was on the menu for CC's bash?

"I made spaghetti with a vodka marinara, barbeque chicken, sausage, ribs, carne asada," Paul said ... "Chris Brown went crazy over the spaghetti with the vodka sauce."

Paul says his celebrity friends are usually shocked when they notice him in the kitchen at the A-list parties he caters -- "The first thing people say is, 'Oh s**t, this is good! Did you really make this?'"

He adds, "I love cooking. I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. All we do is eat ... eat and get diabetes."

Now, who's hungry?

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