Jonah Hill got myself a new 'body love' tat ... And a Surfer Boy 'Do Too!!!

Jonah Hill has slowly been turning into a surfer bro right before our eyes -- and now, the transformation is complete ... behold!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The actor just posted a new photo of himself on the 'Gram -- a shirtless one, at that -- and he's showing off some new artwork on his back. Specifically, it's a tattoo that screams surfer vibes ... but it's really nothing compared to what's atop his noggin in the pic.

Check it out ... Jonah's tat reads "Body Love" and it's got a "rock on" hand sign attached (in color, too, BTW). JH seems proud of the new ink -- but he's kinda ignoring the headline ... namely, that his hair is now platinum blonde, beard too for that matter. Looks like he's been baring his blonde locks for a quick minute ... since at least early July, apparently.

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Jonah's got a few different photos of him in blonde on his IG page -- and, boy, is it something.

He looks like a wild man of the water, frankly, which is appropriate ... because the dude HAS been shredding the gnar in recent years -- hitting up Malibu and other remote surf spots in and around SoCal to get his wave-riding on. He seems to be getting pretty good too.

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Oh, and we know what you're thinking ... is this new look for a movie or something??? That doesn't appear to be the case ... Jonah doesn't have any roles coming up (that we can see) which would require him to rock this sort of 'do/vibe. So, it seems to be all him ... and au naturel.

Surf's up, y'all.

thea ruth white muriel on 'courage the cowardly dog' ... Dead at 81

Thea Ruth White -- the voice of Muriel on "Courage the Cowardly Dog" -- has died.

Her family shared the sad news over the weekend, saying she'd passed Friday following a surgery to remove a cancerous mass from her liver ... which her nephew, Brad Zitzner, says resulted in her catching an infection shortly thereafter.

By all accounts, she fought hard ... but lost her battle to cancer. Right before going in for the procedure -- Thea's brother, John, posted a video of her asking for well-wishes from fans (young and old) which she said would help her in her recovery. She seemed to be talking in the Muriel voice, too, from the famed Cartoon Network show that she's most famous from.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

John posted yet another video on Facebook, which seemed to indicate this is something Thea has been dealing with for a while -- apparently, she'd gone in for an initial surgery just a week ago ... and he has a video up of her talking following that procedure.

Her nephew writes, "Thanks Feefer for your leadership of your family. The role you have taken with my kids and all your family sadly can't be replaced. I can see hundreds of fan tributes already online so your love was shared far and wide."

Brad adds, "You loved life and even know I know the final outcome I love your decision to go for it and to try to win."

Thea hadn't gotten into acting until later in life -- it seems her first major role was on 'CTCD,' on which she starred for four years. She's also lent her talents for shows like "Pecola" and 'Scooby Doo' ... but it looks like she's been faithful to portraying Muriel in a variety of forms.

She was 81.


Terry Kennedy Skateboarder's Alleged Victim Dead From Injuries in Attack

Famed skateboarder Terry Kennedy will likely be facing homicide charges now -- the man he allegedly attacked in an Illinois motel has died ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office tells us 23-year-old Josiah Kassahun passed away Saturday. TMZ Sports broke the story ... Kennedy was arrested last week after cops say he attacked Josiah in an Oakbrook Terrace motel, leaving him with a fractured skull and a concussion.

Those injuries have proven fatal, and while Kennedy had initially been booked for the assault ... prosecutors will now have to consider adding a manslaughter or murder charge. We've reached out to the DuPage State's Attorney's Office for clarification.

As we first reported, Kennedy was also booked last week for repeatedly threatening to murder the cops who tracked him down and arrested him for the alleged attack on Josiah.

A police spokesperson says Kennedy told cops, "I will kill one of you police. We kill police where I'm from."

It's still unclear what prompted the alleged motel attack, but based on social media postings ... it appears Kassahun and Kennedy were friends at one time.

Kennedy -- a big-name skater who's ridden with Rob Dyrdek and appeared in several skating video games -- is still behind bars. The 36-year-old's bail had been set at $100,000 during a hearing last week.

It will likely be jacked up much higher, now that Josiah has died as a result of the attack.

Kennedy was already facing multiple charges ... including aggravated battery in a public place and threatening a public official.

DaBaby Cut Outta Lollapalooza!!! We're About Love, Inclusivity and He's Not

DaBaby just got the hook -- Lollapalooza organizers are yanking him out of their Sunday night lineup, which he was supposed to headline ... due to his ignorant and homophobic comments.

The legendary festival, going down in Chicago this weekend, announced Sunday morning ... "Lollapalooza was founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and love. With that in mind, DaBaby will no longer be performing at Grant Park tonight."

DaBaby was supposed to perform at 9 PM Sunday for more than 150,000 fans, as the final act of the 4-day festival -- instead, he'll be sidelined, and Young Thug has been moved up into that slot.

The 11th-hour change is in response to the rapper's onstage rant last weekend at the Rolling Loud festival in Miami. ICYMI ... DaBaby told the audience to put their phones up, "If you didn't show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs that'll make you die in 2-3 weeks" and "Fellas, if you didn't suck a n***a d**k in the parking lot."

Rolling Loud

He attempted to explain away the vile comments on social media when he posted a video claiming his words weren't directed at his gay fans because they're not "nasty gay n****s" or "junkies" and they take care of themselves.

In other words ... he just made it worse.

As we've reported ... the clothing company, Boohoo, stopped working with DaBaby soon after the heinous comments. Also, Dua Lipa -- who has a huge hit with DaBaby, "Levitating" -- denounced his remarks ... and their song has reportedly been removed from multiple Apple Music playlists.

In addition to Young Thug getting the spotlight Sunday night, Lollapalooza added G Herbo's on an earlier stage to fill the void.

J Lo I Got Ben Wrapped Around My Little Finger ... And My Neck!!!

Jennifer Lopez is always in the presence of her BF, Ben Affleck, even if he's not physically there ... because he always hanging around ... her neck!

J Lo continues on her birthday vacay without Ben in Portofino, Italy. She strolled through the city Saturday ... wearing a necklace with Ben's name front and center.

We're told Ben is actually heading back to U.S. soil, so J Lo's hanging out on the yacht without him.

Now that Ben's gone, J Lo's been on her phone nonstop, texting and FaceTiming to occupy her time.

As for the bling ... it's a custom Foundrae charm necklace that Ben gave Jen for her 52nd birthday.

Seems a shame J Lo's now solo on the yacht ... it runs $1.1 million a week, and has all sorts of toys and amenities. In other words, it's awesome!

Before leaving for the U.S. ... Ben joined Jen at a restaurant in Italy, but food seemed secondary as they were all over each other as diners watched.

This is a birthday you don't want to end ... that is, until you run out of cash.

Hawaiian Airlines Emotional Support Dog Dies on Flight Owner Getting No Answers

12:51 PM PT -- Hawaiian Airlines has responded, saying, "We are deeply sorry about the passing of our customer’s dog. We shared the necropsy results with the animal’s owner earlier in the week, and we are in the process of returning the dog’s remains."

A 2-year-old emotional support dog is dead ... and the owner wants some answers from Hawaiian Airlines.

The dog, a pit bull named Louis, was apparently supposed to travel in the cargo hold from Kona to Honolulu and then on to Seattle, but the dog never made it. The dog's owner says the airline told him the dog died in Honolulu, but there was no explanation as to what happened.

The dog died July 21, and the owner has been waiting for a necropsy report and information on where the dog was when he died, but so far we're told Hawaiian has been radio silent. The owner, Dr. Randall Carpio, says the airline did indeed perform a necropsy but has not handed the report over to him, only telling him over the phone that the necropsy was inconclusive.

Dr. Carpio also says the airline has not given him the dog's remains.

Dr. Carpio had big plans for Louis. The doctor says the dog had an engaging temperament and demeanor and he was being groomed to provide emotional support to children and the elderly. Dr. Carpio says Louis was actually going to become a member of his medical team to provide support for his patients.

The dog owner's attorney Evan Oshan tells TMZ ... “We want to know how Louis died and if it is discovered that there was any animal neglect or cruelty. We call upon governmental officials to investigate and file necessary charges if appropriate. We are weighing all legal options and will take appropriate measures and seek all legal remedies available under the law to obtain justice for Louis"

The lawyer tells us they're considering all legal options.

We reached out to Hawaiian Airlines for comment ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 7:22 AM PT

42 dugg Apologizes for homophobic rant ... To Defend Kissing Son's Neck

9:17 AM PT -- 8/1 42 Dugg took to Instagram to issue an apology for his homophobic rant. The rapper said, "it never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I'm offended so for that I am sorry." He went on to say that he no longer will be sharing his son or family on Instagram.

42 Dugg has responded to a now-viral video of him kissing and licking his son's neck -- and he's firing back with nothing but homophobia.

The rapper addressed a clip he posted late this week in which he's seen being affectionate with his young son -- who just turned 3 -- aboard a plane, which entailed hugging him from behind ... and slobbering all over his neck -- including licking, kissing and sucking.

too far???

You can see the kid kinda squirm a bit, but he eventually giggles as if to escape his dad's canoodling. One could argue this was innocent father-son fun, but others took it differently.

Some folks said it was inappropriate, and in some cases ... many just called it gross and speculated it might be child abuse, invoking Child Protective Services and considerations to call them over this. The interaction itself was up for debate ... but Dugg's fiery retort isn't.

Instead of tackle the crux of the issue -- whether this video is fatherly love gone too far -- Dugg went on a rant that was riddled with homophobic language and sentiments ... not entirely different from what DaBaby spewed. Now, he's catching backlash for this too.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We won't get into all the nitty-gritty from his post -- you can read the since-deleted IG Story above -- but essentially ... Dugg seems to want to distance himself from any talk of homosexuality as it pertains to his relationship with his kid ... further saying he feels he's having same-sex vibes shoved down his throat by famous people and society at large.

Whatever point Dugg was trying to make gets lost in the clear bigotry and apparent hatred he seems to have when it comes to the LGBT crowd. Not a good look ... all the way around.

Originally Published -- 7/31 1:00 PM PT

Machine Gun Kelly Performs Upside Down Set ... At Packed Lollapalooza

Machine Gun Kelly made a surprise appearance at Lollapalooza Saturday ... mostly upside down.

Fans got an alert on day 3 of the festival ... MGK was there for a special show. Within an hour, he appeared at the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions side stage and performed to ... well, let's just say a more-than-packed audience -- it had 20 times the number of people permitted in the space.

He performed "Kiss Kiss," more hit songs from "Tickets to My Downfall," and a cover of "Misery Business." But there was more ... "My Ex's Best Friend," "Bloody Valentine" and "Drunk Face."

And then, the stunt ... MGK dangled from the rafters -- upside down no less -- as fans repeatedly screamed, "MGK!!!"

The festival has drawn around 100,000 people, and health officials are super worried it will become a super-spreader event with the surge of the Delta variant.

Fingers crossed.

ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Tough Time Performing Weeks Before Death


Here's the last time ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill performed with the band before his death ... and you can tell something's just not right with him.

TMZ obtained this video from ZZ Top's last concert with Dusty -- July 18 at the Iroquois Amphitheater in Louisville, KY -- and he's clearly having a tough time performing in what would ultimately be his final gig.

As you can see, Dusty is playing bass as he sits down on a large speaker ... and we're told he was sitting like this for the entire show and had to be helped off the stage because he couldn't walk on his own.

A few days after this video, ZZ Top announced Dusty was heading back to Texas due to a hip issue.

A source close to Dusty tells TMZ ... things had gotten so bad recently, he had to stop touring because of a hip injury, so he went home early to recover, and that's when he died.

TMZ broke the story ... Dusty died in his sleep this week at his Texas home at the age of 72.

Coi Leray Rolling Loud Crowd Wasn't Ready For Me ... I'm Too Different!!!


Coi Leray says it's going to take music fans time to come around to her, like the zombie crowd she encountered at Rolling Loud ... because she's something fresh and new.

We got the rapper outside The Ivy in Los Angeles and our photog asked about her infamous set at Rolling Loud, when the crowd was mostly just standing around and looking on while she performed with gusto.

Coi says the crowd had the deer-in-the-headlights reaction because she's unlike anything they've ever seen ... and she's blaming the music industry for churning out too much of the same thing.

The way Coi sees it ... artists aren't doing anything new to make fans gravitate to them, and when something new comes along -- like her -- it takes time for people to get used to it, and that's what happened down in Miami.

Coi's patiently waiting for folks to get with the program, telling us she's glad people are talking about her whether it's good or bad ... and she's got a message for her haters.

Adam Silver I Talked To LeBron About Play-In Tournament Open To 'Tinkering' In Future


NBA commissioner Adam Silver says he's smoothed things over with LeBron James about his hatred for the play-in tournament ... telling TMZ Sports he believes the Lakers superstar now "understands" the purpose for the extra games.

Remember, LeBron went OFF on the idea of the new tourney back in May ... saying, "Whoever came up with that s*** needs to be fired."

But, the Association went forward with the format for the 2022 season ... making things official earlier this week.

So, when we spoke with Commish out in NYC this week ... he told us he personally spoke with King James about the tourney -- and it sounds like things are allllll good.

"We talked about it," Silver told us. "I think at the end of the day, I understand. Especially if you went deep last year and you have that end, you have that many sort of games on your legs."

"You're not looking forward to more games. But, I think he understands the context of the league."

Silver says despite James' initial gripe, it was the NBA Players' Association that ended up voting in favor ... but he's totally down to collab on a common ground to make both sides as happy as possible.

"At the end of the day, the Players Association speaks for the players, and they've approved this format for next season," he added.

"So, I think we wanted to get one more season under our belt that wasn't a pandemic season, so we could really get a sense of how it works."

"But, I'm more open to tinkering with it if necessary."

There's more ... we also asked about what it's like to have former President Obama as a new coworker with NBA Africa ... and also shelled out some advice for the newest rookie class.

Carl Lewis Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Carl Lewis has earned these golden good looks!

Here is a 23-year-old version of the Olympic track and field athlete showing off his winning looks after receiving a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, CA back in 1984 (left). Lewis earned a total of 10 medals during his Olympic career, 9 of which are gold.

And, 37 years later ... The now 60-year-old has since retired from the sport and gone on to star in films such as, "Alien Hunter," "Atomic Twister," "Speed Zone," and several others. The talented fella has recently been sharing snaps of himself staying in shape, and can be seen showing off his charming smile on the 'gram (right).

Hard work pays off!

The question is ...

Carl Lewis ...

Ariana Greenblatt Made $10k Per Day For 'Boss Baby 2'

Ariana Greenblatt's already making some boss moves ... the child actress is raking in a fat paycheck for her voiceover work on the 'Boss Baby' sequel.

The 14-year-old actress scored a nice daily rate of $10,000 for her voice work as Tabitha in "The Boss Baby: Family Business" ... according to her minor's contract.

The contract, obtained by TMZ, guarantees the actress no less than $50,000 for her work on the DreamWorks animated flick.

While $50k is a nice baseline, Ariana could be in line for an even bigger payday ... the docs say she could earn up to 5 different bonuses, up to $250k each, based on how much the film rakes in at the box office.

One bonus Ariana will likely miss out on -- $1,075,000 in additional cash if the sequel grosses $300 million in the United States and Canada. However, a month after its release date, the movie has only made $60 million ... so $300 million seems out of reach.

Like we said ... this is a girl boss move!!!

Ella Halikas Shells Out Sexy Bikini in Hidden L.A. Oasis!

This week's Summer Hot Shots comes from a top-secret spring where 24-year-old curve model Ella Halikas strung herself up in an eye-popping puka shell bikini and posed for some refreshing photos during a Los Angeles heatwave.

When this Greek goddess isn't collaborating with awe-inspiring artists like Megan Batson to create unique images for Ella's Instagram and TikTok accounts ... Halikas inspires others with their self-love journeys, playing soccer ... and most recently graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with her stunning beauty.

If she doesn't inspire you ... we don't know what will!

We are continuing to whip up our Summer Hot Shots for 2021 from a distance and have collaborated with some mind-melting hotties from around the world for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to check back every Sunday this summer to see who's over-heating your computer modem.

Texas Cop Mounts Black teen While She Screams 'I Can't Breathe' ... Apparently To Save Her


A white cop mounted a Black teen in Texas, who was being smothered by his body weight and screaming "I can't breathe" ... all this to apparently prevent her from killing herself.

18-year-old Nekia Trigg had 911 called on her Tuesday after she was spotted in a Forney, TX neighborhood partaking in what eyewitnesses seemingly thought was suicidal behavior -- namely, allegedly walking in front of cars in what some took as attempts at self-harm.

A Kaufman County Sheriff's deputy is said to have shown up shortly thereafter, and seems to have physically intervened ... which is where the video starts -- after Nekia's family members showed up to the scene and started recording a chaotic 7-minute plus episode with officers.


At the moment the clip begins, you can see Nekia pinned to the ground by the deputy -- ID'd as Officer Conner Martin -- who's literally straddling her and holding her arms down above her head. She's frantically screaming for help, and yelling out she's short of breath ... and appears to either be vomiting and/or foaming at the mouth throughout the ordeal.

Nekia's family plead with the officer, as well as others who show up not too long after, to let her up and that they can manage things ... but the cops insist on cuffing her to make sure she's okay -- as they clearly believe she's suicidal, saying the word a few different times.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

The family disputes the characterization of what Nekia was doing from the outset, insisting she was simply walking across the street -- although, body cam footage the Kaufman County Sheriff released gives some context of what happened before, and Nekia does indeed seem distraught from the get-go ... but things escalate quickly with Officer Martin.

Anyway, they eventually get Nekia up and start to escort her to a police cruiser ... at which point her mom jumps in and appears to get physical with some of the cops as well.

The cops end up restraining her too, and they ultimately arrested her for assault of a public servant, among other charges ... so says the woman's other daughter, who posted this footage. Nekia ended up getting taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The deputy in question is on administrative leave as the department investigates, but in their press release over this ... they claim multiple calls came in reporting the same thing -- that Nekia was clearly trying to hurt and/or kill herself by jumping into oncoming traffic.

Snoop Dogg gives peacock olympics commentary ... Jokes Fly (Cover Your Ears)

Snoop Dogg can seriously commentate on just about anything and make it entertaining -- something he's proved yet again with some Olympics coverage ... which is rated R.

The rapper joined none other than Kevin Hart Saturday for what appears to be a special from Peacock -- NBC's subscription service -- and the two of them were hired to drop some commentary on random Olympics clips from the ongoing games ... totally out of context.

Sounds like a hoot, and that's exactly what it turned out to be ... especially once SD started getting into his bag of NSFW jokes, which were preceded by some gangster comparisons.

You gotta watch for yourself ... in Snoop's eyes, the horse that's trotting around in the clip they're watching looks an awful lot like what he was doing in the music video for "Drop It Like It's Hot" -- namely, Crip walking. That got a huge laugh out of Kevin ... and seemingly out of the rest of the crew on set.

That's nothing compared to a comment he made later ... when the subject of skeet shooting came up for discussion.

We'll let Snoop speak himself on this one -- but let's just say he considers himself familiar with the practice ... but under a different spelling. Hide the kids, and cover your ears -- things are getting raunchy on Peacock!

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