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Russell Wilson Seems to Respond to Future's Diss ... Here's 'All That Matters'

1/19/2019 4:29 PM PST

Russell Wilson appears to be responding to Future calling him a whipped man by taking the high road ... or issuing a low blow, depending on how you look at it.

The Seahawks quarterback posted a photo Saturday that might very well be in direct response to an interview Future did on Friday, where he said Russ was "not being a man" by allowing Ciara to trash talk her ex-hubby on social media and in public. 

There's a couple different ways to interpret Russ's post -- but regardless, it'd be pretty hard not to call it a clap back. The pic shows Future Jr. --who's Future's biological son -- nuzzling noses with his half-sister, Sienna -- who's Ciara and Russell's biological daughter.

Russ captioned the post, "All that matters. #Love."

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All that matters. #Love

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While you could argue this is an integrity move on RW's part, you could also say he's strategically using Future's own flesh and blood against his pops in a petty feud ... which is eyebrow-raising at best. Both arguments would be valid on the face of this. 

As you know ... Ciara and Future are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle, for which Ciara now wants a mediator to intervene so a travel schedule can get hashed out for Future Jr. She's claimed in court docs that Future has allegedly broken scheduled visits and hands off the kid to family members instead of spending personal time with him. 

For the record, Ciara hasn't said any of this over social media ... she did it in public docs.

Future Russell Wilson Needs to Man Up ... Ciara Controls Him!!!

1/18/2019 9:00 AM PST

Future didn't need a diss track to unleash his true feelings about Ciara and Russell Wilson -- he just came right out and said she's controlling ... and he's weak.

The rapper was interviewed by his friend Big Bank Black Thursday night for Beats 1 radio and took some shots at his ex ... starting off by claiming she introduced their son, Future Jr., to Wilson before he gave it his blessing.

Future then blasted the Seahawks QB by declaring Ciara controls him, saying ... "He do exactly what she tell him to do."

Future seems to especially have a problem with Wilson allowing Ciara to talk trash about him on social media. Future says, "He not being a man in that position ... he not tellin' her, 'Chill out with that on the Internet. Don't even talk to him. I'm your husband! You better not even bring Future's name up.'"

It sounds a tad hypocritical, but Future says if he was in Wilson's position, he'd have more control over his girl ... and wouldn't let her publicly slam an ex.

We broke the story ... Ciara wants a mediator in her ongoing custody battle with Future to help hash our their son's travel schedule. She claims Future hasn't been the best dad -- allegedly breaking scheduled visits fairly often -- and tends to hand their kid off instead of spending much time with him.

Ciara didn't just make these claims on social media either ... it's all in legal docs.

Richard Sherman A.B. To 49ers?? ... Here's What I Think

1/18/2019 6:38 AM PST

Richard Sherman tells TMZ Sports if Antonio Brown is REALLY wanting to join the Niners ... he doesn't think it'd be a mistake, saying his time in S.F. has been great so far.

A.B.'s on his way out of Pittsburgh after causing tons of drama this past season ... and Jerry Rice says the All-Pro wideout wants to play next for the 49ers, "really bad."

So, when we saw Sherm hitting up Catch in L.A. on Thursday night, we had to ask if he'd welcome the WR with open arms. 

"Good luck to him," the defensive back told us -- and when asked if he had advice to Brown added, "Go wherever makes you happy."

Of course, Sherman signed with the 49ers last March after a legendary career with the Seattle Seahawks -- and, despite the 4-12 record, Sherman says he's enjoying his experience in San Fran. 

Besides being a superstar on the field, Sherman is also advocating for lifetime health insurance coverage for NFL players ... so, we asked how that fight is going too. 

By the way, Sherman was super cool with us (as always) before leaving in a waiting SUV. 

Seahawks Fan Gets Ass Kicked By Cowboys Fans ... After Playoff Game

1/7/2019 9:48 AM PST


This Seattle Seahawks fan had a painful Saturday night -- because after his team lost to the Cowboys, he tried to fight a bunch of Dallas fans at AT&T Stadium ... and lost. 

The person who shot the footage tells TMZ Sports ... the Hawks fan was runnin' his mouth to Dallas fans after the game and finally, one of the locals had enough. 

You can see in the footage, the Seattle fan was throwin' haymakers -- but never really connected. Turns out, having long hair in a street fight can really work against ya. 

The Hawks' fan's friend tried to help his buddy out -- but like the Seahawks, it just wasn't his night. 

We're told event security eventually got into the middle of the action and broke it up -- unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries. 

Dallas ended up winning the game 24-22. 

Brett Favre I'm Not Right For Packers Job ... But I Know Who Is!

12/9/2018 12:35 AM PST

Sorry, Packers fans ... Brett Favre says he's almost certainly not coming back to coach Green Bay -- but he does know who should ... DOUG PEDERSON!!!

Favre is actually a candidate to replace the fired Mike McCarthy, according to some gambling sites ... and while No. 4 says he's flattered, he can't see that happening right now.

So -- we had to ask -- who WOULD be a good fit for the spot??

Brett threw a couple names at us -- including an ex-Seahawks offensive coordinator and the current Bills OC -- before he revealed the most intriguing name.

"Doug Pederson," Favre says.

Of course, Pederson's got a pretty good job already -- coaching Carson Wentz and the Eagles in Philadelphia with one Super Bowl ring already on his finger.

But, crazier things have happened ... and there is an obvious connection to Green Bay -- Pederson played there for two separate stints when was a QB in the league.

No matter who eventually takes the job ... Favre tells us they better get ready to give the reins to Aaron Rodgers.

"You make sure that Aaron runs the show," Brett says.

Soooo ... what do ya say, Doug??

Richard Sherman I'm Gonna Whoop Marshawn's Team In New Football League

12/9/2018 12:25 AM PST

Richard Sherman is taking his role in the Fan Controlled Football League VERY seriously ... telling TMZ Sports he's GUARANTEEING win after win against his good friend, Marshawn Lynch.

Sherman and Lynch just signed on to be owners and captains in the FCFL ... a football league where the fans decide everything from the roster, the team name, logo and even the play-calling.

Although the 49ers star says he won't be suiting up for the FCFL after his playing days, he makes it clear he is out for blood when his team goes against Beast Mode's squad.

"It's gonna be really fun. Obviously, we're gonna have to beat his team over and over and over again," Sherman says. "I hope he doesn't get too upset at that."

There's a silver lining for Lynch, though ...

"I'll take him out to dinner after we wax him a few times." 

NFL's Sean Smith Brandon Browner Helped Me In Jail ... Place Was For Animals!

12/4/2018 2:03 PM PST
Breaking News

Sean Smith was sad to learn Brandon Browner will spend the next 8 years behind bars ... 'cause Smith says the guy helped him when the 2 were in jail -- and the place was awful.

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Browner pled no contest to attempted murder Tuesday -- and was sentenced to 8 years in state prison.

When Smith -- an ex-NFL DB who did time in an LA jail with Browner over the summer -- saw the news ... he was heartbroken for the former Seahawk, saying time behind bars ain't a joke.

"Jus seen some news about my dawg B Browner smh," Smith wrote on social media.

"It’s crazy how I was JUST in there with him. He for sure helped me get thru the last few months in that hell hole. Jail is for animals."

Smith just got out in August roughly 5 months into his 12-month sentence for assaulting his sister's boyfriend during a July 4, 2017 incident in Pasadena, CA.

He says his time behind bars sucked ... and he hopes Browner's close friends stay by him to help through the sentence like Brandon did for him over the summer.

"I don’t wish it on nobody, damn I can only imagine smh. If y’all his 'real friends' reach out!!!"

NFL's Brandon Browner Gets 8 Years In Prison In Attempted Murder Case

12/4/2018 12:02 PM PST

Brandon Browner was just sentenced to 8 years in state prison after pleading no contest to attempted murder ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

The former Seattle Seahawks star -- an original member of the famed Legion of Boom defense -- was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment in La Verne, CA on July 8 and allegedly chased her, dragged her and then smothered her in a carpet.

Her two children were present when the alleged abuse occurred.

Browner was also accused of stealing the woman's Rolex watch. He fled the residence but was later arrested and charged with attempted murder and faced life in prison. 

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old appeared in court where he pled no contest to 1 count of attempted murder and 2 counts of willful child endangerment. In exchange, the remaining charges (robbery, burglary and false imprisonment) were dropped. 

Browner was immediately remanded into custody during the hearing and is back behind bars. 

Browner got credit for 300 days for good behavior during the time he's spent behind bars so far. He's been in custody since the arrest back in July. 

Browner is a former Pro Bowl cornerback. He won one Super Bowl with the Seahawks and one with the Patriots.

Keenan Allen Aims Crotch Grab at Seahawks Fans ... After Chargers Victory

11/5/2018 2:46 PM PST

Keenan Allen's got a little bit of Marshawn Lynch in him -- 'cause after the Chargers WR lit up the Seahawks on Sunday, he busted a crotch grab aimed right at some Seattle fans! 

TMZ Sports has the footage showing Allen walking toward the tunnel after L.A.'s 25-17 victory over Seattle ... and grabbing his junk while staring at some loud Hawks fans at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. 

After two solid pumps -- Allen playfully stuck out his tongue at the fans and continued into the locker room. 

Allen had a helluva game -- hauling in 6 catches for 124 yards and 2 rushes for 28 yards. He was in a good mood. 

Guessing Allen will likely get fined for the gesture. Also guessing he knew that already and didn't care because he's in the middle of a 4-year deal worth up to $49 million (with $20 mil guaranteed). 

For comparison, Rams star Marcus Peters was fined $13,000 for busting a crotch grab while diving into the end zone earlier this season (in a tribute to his pal, Marshawn Lynch). 

Peters later commented, "It was a lot of money, but it was worth it."

Paul Allen Death Certificate ... Died from Septic Shock

10/19/2018 2:38 PM PDT

Paul Allen's cause of death was the septic shock brought on by his battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained Allen's death certificate, and it lists septic shock and immunosuppression as causes of death ... but both were clearly the result of his cancer. According to the document ... Allen died Monday at 12:35 PM at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. 

The Microsoft cofounder had announced nearly 3 weeks ago his cancer had returned after 9 years of remission.

Allen owned the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers, and cofounded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975. His estimated net worth was north of $20 billion. Allen was never married and had no children. He was 65.

According to the death certificate, he opted to be buried instead of cremation. 

Paul Allen Microsoft Co-Founder Dead at 65

10/15/2018 3:13 PM PDT
Breaking News

Paul Allen, the billionaire who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975 is dead.

Allen succumbed to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He died Monday afternoon in his hometown of Seattle.

Allen, whose wealth was estimated north of $20 billion, announced 2 weeks ago his cancer had returned after 9 years in remission.

Allen and Gates, both college dropouts, hatched the idea for Microsoft in Albuquerque. They designed software for the yet-to-explode personal computer revolution.

The 2 men met when they were teenage students at Lakeside School outside Seattle. They became fast friends and bonded over their love of computers. The two would go "dumpster diving" for computer program code. Allen, who dropped out of Washington State, convinced Gates to bail from Harvard.

Allen is the one who came up with the name -- Micro-Soft. 

The company moved to Bellevue, Washington in 1979. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1983 and resigned shortly thereafter, but still was an active member of the board until 2000.

Allen bought the Seattle Seahawks back in 1996, 8 years after buying the Portland Trail Blazers. He also bought the Seattle Sounders, part of Major League Soccer, with business partners including Drew Carey.

Allen was a huge music fan, especially of Jimi Hendrix, and founded The Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle. 

Paul donated more than $2 billion to various charities.

Allen was never married and had no children.

Paul's family says, "For all the demands on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends.  At this time of loss and grief for us -- and so many others -- we are profoundly grateful for the care and concern he demonstrated everyday."

Paul was 65. RIP. 

Steve Kerr & Pete Carroll Hoops Shootout ... Who Wins?!

10/5/2018 1:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Ex-NBA star Steve Kerr vs. 67-year-old NFL coach Pete Carroll in a basketball shootout ... WHO YA GOT?!?!

If you took the Golden State Warriors head man -- you'd be wrong ... we think.

The Dubs are up in Seattle for a preseason tilt with Sacramento Friday, but they popped by 'Hawks practice beforehand (we're told Kerr and Carroll are long-time bros).

Turns out ... there's a basketball hoop in the Seattle team meeting room -- so, of course, a shootout went down.

Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Tyler Lockett all got buckets ... but then it was time for the main event -- Carroll vs. Kerr.

Unclear exactly how it all went down ... but it looks like it came down to a final Carroll shot -- that cornerback Shaquill Griffin conveniently cut out before the ball went in.

If you're asking Griffin ... he swears Carroll made the bucket -- "He made the shot !! Seahawks win !!"

Guess we'll have to take his word for it ... after all, Seattle doesn't get to see much hoops success these days.

RIP Sonics.

Seahawks' Mychal Kendricks Suspended Indefinitely Over Insider Trading Case

10/2/2018 2:30 PM PDT
Breaking News

It was just a matter of time, but the NFL has finally suspended Seattle Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks for his role in an insider trading case. 

Kendricks has already confessed and pled guilty to insider trading in a scheme, where he made more than $1.2 MILLION by plying a Goldman Sachs analyst with perks like cash and NFL tickets in exchange for private information.

Kendricks was cut by the Cleveland Browns after they found out about the charges during the NFL preseason -- but he was picked up the Seahawks shortly after ... knowing the league would probably suspend him. 

In the 3 games he played in this season, Kendricks did well ... racking up 13 solo tackles and 2 sacks. 

Now, the league has suspended him indefinitely while Kendricks waits for the sentencing phase (which is scheduled for January). 

FYI, the maximum punishment is 25 YEARS in prison. 

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