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Josh Rosen Welcomed to Miami By Legendary Jewish QB

5/5/2019 12:35 AM PDT

"What better place for a Jewish quarterback to be than in Miami!?"

That was Jay Fiedler's reaction to the Miami Dolphins bringing on Josh Rosen -- and Feidler would know, he's Jewish too!!!

In fact, Fiedler -- a 2002 inductee to the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame -- was the last Miami Dolphins QB to lead the team to a playoff victory back in 2000. 

So, with Rosen now in South Beach ... we hit up Fiedler to see if he had advice for his Hebrew brethren.

"The Jewish community down there will love him," Fiedler says ... "And, he'll probably get invited to quite a few Bar Mitzvahs along the way!!!"

In all seriousness, Fiedler thinks Rosen is a great addition to the Fins -- and says having a respected veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick in the QB room will be HUGE for the young guy from UCLA. 

Fiedler also dishes out some advice for Rosen ... and Josh should listen. 

By the way, the Dolphins last playoff win was in 2000 ... when Fiedler led his squad over Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts in the wild card round!!!

Since then, the Dolphins were QB'd by guys like Daunte Culpepper, Trent Green, Chad Pennington, Chad Henne, Ryan Tannehill and Jay Cutler

But, none of those guys were able to put a W on the books in playoff time. 

Good luck!!!

Rick Neuheisel Advice To XFL After AAF's Failure ... 'Start With Enough $$$!'

5/4/2019 12:10 AM PDT

Vince McMahon, listen up ... Rick Neuheisel is offering advice to the XFL in the wake of the AAF's colossal collapse -- "Start with enough money!!!"

"At the end of the day, you gotta have enough financing," the former Arizona Hotshots' head coach says.

Of course, the AAF just folded a few weeks ago ... and Neuheisel tells us it pretty much boils down to they just didn't have enough cash to keep it going.

So, when we asked for his message to McMahon's XFL -- which is set to kick off in 2020 -- he told us his advice is simple ... be sure to have enough green to start!!!

As for if Neuheisel thinks the league can succeed once it does that -- the ex-UCLA coach says he thinks there's certainly a place for a pro league in the NFL's offseason.

"I think there's room and need for spring football," Rick says ... "There's a gap between college and NFL and it allows players to show they're capable."

As for if Rick would have interest in coaching in McMahon's XFL -- he says he hasn't had any talks with the new league ... yet.

Tom Brady Works Out With UCLA Receivers ... Who Needs Gronk?!?

5/1/2019 12:06 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tom Brady's BFF, Rob Gronkowski, is retired ... so TB12's taking his hunt for new offseason workout partners to UCLA!!!

The G.O.A.T. joined the Bruins for an impromptu throwing sesh Wednesday morning ... and seems the Patriots QB enjoyed it -- he smiled and took pics with all the guys afterward.

Of course, this is becoming an annual thing for the NFL superstar ... just 12 months ago, Brady was in town and ran an entire workout with the Bruins' offense.

This week's sesh seemed much less formal ... but UCLA studs like Chase Cota were still jacked up for the day anyway.

"Got to work with THE GOAT today," the Bruins receiver said ... "What an opportunity, go Bruins!"

By the way ... UCLA continued the tradition of throwing some shade at USC for the star-studded workout -- tagging their pictures once again with, "#OnlyAtUCLA."


Luke Walton's Accuser 'I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me'

4/23/2019 5:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

4:57 PM PT -- We asked if there was any video or photo evidence to help prove Tennant's case, and her attorney essentially told us no.

4:53 PM PT -- When asked what they want to get out of the case, Tennant's attorney says they have no particular sum in mind. 

4:49 PM PT -- Tennant says she did not go to law enforcement because she feared it would jeopardize her career.

Tennant's attorney says they do not intend to file a police report because they do not want to put Walton in jail.

4:43 PM PT -- Tennant says she didn't come forward at first because, "I was scared." 

"I was scared for my job, my safety and what my job would be like."

She claims she's spent years trying to move past the incident and "bury it" -- but she couldn't. She says she finally mustered up the courage to tell her story. 

4:40 PM PT -- Kelli Tennant got emotional while telling her story ... recounting how she felt Walton was "going to rape her" during the hotel encounter. 

Tennant says she begged Walton like crazy to let her go but he ignored her pleas ... until finally giving up and letting her out of the hotel room. 

"This type of behavior cannot be condoned," Tennant said. 

4:33 PM PT -- Kelli says the alleged sexual assault took place in 2014, when she was 25-years-old. 

Her attorney says she was uncomfortable coming forward back then but she's comfortable now. 

Kelli says she met Luke Walton about 10 years ago through the volleyball community. 

The woman accusing Luke Walton of sexual assault will speak with the media at 4:30 PM PT ... and TMZ Sports will be live streaming the whole thing. 

Kelli Tennant and her attorney, Garo Mardirossian, will hold a press conference at his office in Los Angeles, they announced. They are both planning to speak. 

Mardirossian has just issued a pre-press conference statement saying, "By way of this lawsuit, Ms. Tennant is speaking out and saying #timesup to the culture of abusing women in the NBA."

We broke the story ... Tennant -- a longtime sports reporter -- claims Walton sexually assaulted her in a Santa Monica hotel room while he was an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors. 

Walton has lawyered up and adamantly denied the allegations -- with his attorney attacking the accuser as an "opportunist." 

There are TONS of unanswered questions ... what was the date of the attack? Is there any photo of video evidence? Witnesses? Etc. 

Originally Published -- 4:19 PM PT

Shareef O'Neal I'm Hooping Again!!! Returns From Heart Surgery

4/17/2019 6:34 PM PDT

Shareef O'Neal is making a dramatic return to the basketball court ... stepping back onto the hardwood 4 months after undergoing heart surgery!!! 

The UCLA star posted a picture Wednesday evening of him getting some shots up on campus ... and it's great to see him playing the game he loves. 

Shareef missed his entire freshman season after going under the knife in December to correct an irregularity with his heart ... and his post-op pictures proved just how serious the procedure was. 

Shareef's return is great news for UCLA and new head coach Mick Cronin ... the Bruins struggled to a 17-16 record without the services of the star recruit, missing the NCAA Tournament by a mile. 

When we got Shareef out at Staples Center in early March, Shaq's son told us he was about 6 weeks away from returning to the floor ... and it turns out his timetable was spot on. 

Welcome back, big fella!!!

Ex-UCLA Star Ryan Hollins Forget John Calipari ... Bruins 'Need To Hope' For Watson

4/1/2019 2:20 PM PDT

Forget John Calipari ... UCLA hoops should offer Earl Watson its head coaching job -- so says ex-Bruins star Ryan Hollins, who tells TMZ Sports, the school "needs to hope" he takes the gig.

Of course, Hollins -- a 4-year contributor for the Bruins from 2002-2006 -- says he'd LOVE to see Cal bolt from the Wildcats to take over the reins in Westwood.

But, the dude says UCLA needs to be honest with itself ... and understand that the Kentucky coaching legend is probably a long shot for the Bruins' vacancy.

And, why?? Hollins says he's seen the Bruins get burned going down this road before ... saying it was just a couple years ago when UCLA lost out on Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart and had to settle for Steve Alford instead.

"These top coaches that you want to go after -- which we can't knock -- it's not a guarantee they're going to come," Hollins tells us.

"And, when you ended up with Steve Alford ... man, he was the third or fourth or fifth down the line! So, if you're going to be realistic, you might as well keep it in house."

Earl's a UCLA alum who is VERY interested in taking the job ... and in fact, just reportedly interviewed for the spot last week.

Hollins says he thinks it'd be a slam dunk hire for the Bruins ... telling us the school isn't in any shape to pass on EW for the pipe dream of Calipari.

"It's a slap in the face, bro, when UCLA wants to go after a coach and they get denied," Hollins says.

"But, UCLA has put itself in that situation of being a bad job and you've got a guy -- shoot, UCLA needs to hope Earl Watson will take the job. Honestly."

USC, UCLA Coaches Named In College Admissions Scandal

3/12/2019 8:39 AM PDT
Breaking News

3:01 PM PT -- USC has fired water polo coach Jovan Vavic and Senior Associate AD Donna Heinel.

11:08 AM PT -- The NCAA released a statement addressing the scandal ... saying, "The charges brought forth today are troubling and should be a concern for all of higher education. We are looking into these allegations to determine the extent to which NCAA rules may have been violated."

Multiple prominent members of the USC Trojans athletic department have been indicted in a far-reaching college admissions scandal ... where they allegedly took bribes to help students gain admission. 

USC senior associate athletic director Dr. Donna Heinel, ex-USC women's head soccer coach Ali Khosroshahin and ex-assistant soccer coach Laura Janke are all named ... as well as current USC men's water polo head coach Jovan Vavic

Vavic -- a 13-time national coach of the year -- has 14 national titles under his belt during his tenure at the University of Southern California. 

The general allegations go something like this -- William Rick Singer, a guy who runs a college admissions prep service, would facilitate bribes to current and former USC coaches to designate prospective students as recruited athletes ... which would lower the academic standards for admission. 

The problem ... officials say the students were NOT recruited athletes and the coaches and other USC officials LIED in exchange for big money donations to USC and other payments. 

Here's a video of the U.S. Attorney's Office laying out the alleged scheme ... 

According to court documents, USC ain't alone in this -- at least one soccer coach from UCLA is named, along with a coach from Georgetown, a sailing coach at Stanford, a tennis coach at Texas, a coach from Wake Forest and even Yale

In regards to USC, officials say one of the parents involved in the scheme is Lori Loughlin -- whose daughters were allegedly recruited by USC's crew team, despite the fact they had no experience in crew. 

You can bet your ass the NCAA has eyes on this -- especially considering USC's legendary history of bribery and scandal in their athletic department. 

By the way, USC president Dr. Wanda M. Austin issued a statement saying USC is the VICTIM and not the bad guy here.

"The government has repeatedly informed us that it views USC as a victim and that these employees purposefully deceived USC."

She added, "It is immensely disappointing that individuals would abuse their position at the university in this way."

"We will continue to cooperate fully with all law enforcement and regulatory investigations."

Shareef O'Neal My Return To The Court? Six More Weeks!!!

3/3/2019 12:40 AM PST

Shareef O'Neal is ALMOST ready to hit the hardwood again ... the UCLA star tells TMZ Sports he's just a month and a half away from a return to the court!!!

"I feel great," he says.

Shareef underwent heart surgery to correct an irregularity back in December ... and his post-op pictures showed just how serious the procedure really was.

But, when we got the 19-year-old leaving Staples Center on Wednesday night ... he was in good spirits -- and tells us his first workouts since the operation are just DAYS away.

In fact, Shareef says Shaq will play a BIG role in his gameplan for a return to the Bruins when he's cleared, telling us his pops, "knows basketball."

Ya think?!

Shareef was an elite prospect coming out of Crossroads H.S. in Santa Monica ... and he famously flipped his commitment from Arizona to UCLA late in his recruiting process.

The power forward was expected to be a key piece of the Bruins this season ... but his heart surgery sidelined him for his entire freshman season.

UCLA's clearly missed him ... the team is just 16-13 this season and will likely miss the NCAA Tournament if they don't win the Pac-12 tourney this month.

DeSean Jackson Hated His Time W/ Chip Kelly ... 'Sh*t, It Wasn't Good'

2/2/2019 12:55 AM PST

DeSean Jackson hated his one season with Chip Kelly SO much ... the dude says he's trying to forget it even happened -- telling TMZ Sports, "Sh*t, it wasn't good."

Of course, Chip's disastrous run as the Eagles coach is back in the news this week after Michael Vick said he legit CRIED over the way Kelly handled Philly's QB competition in 2013.

When we got D-Jax out at the EA Sports Madden Bowl event in Atlanta on Thursday night ... he backed up his former teammate -- saying playing for Chip sucked.

"He broke up a team that we felt could've done something special for a long time. So, I don't respect him."

In fact ... the 3-time Pro Bowl receiver tells us he's trying to block out that whole part of his NFL career -- saying it pisses him off remembering it.

"I really just try not to say too much about him, because that's a part of my life where it's kind of just some bull stuff that happened through that period."

FYI ... Jackson DID have the best year of his career under Chip in 2013 -- posting 1,332 receiving yards and 9 TDs.

Sooo ... least enjoyable Pro Bowl season ever???

Chip Kelly Kaepernick Should Be In NFL ... 'He's Ready To Go'

2/1/2019 9:30 AM PST

Colin Kaepernick is not only good enough to play in the NFL right now ... he's "ready to go" for a tryout ASAP -- so says his ex-49ers coach, Chip Kelly.

Kap played under Chip back in 2016 ... and actually began his anthem kneeling protests that season. The QB is now suing the NFL, claiming he's been blackballed by teams ever since.

Chip is now the head coach at UCLA -- and, when we got him out at Craig's on Thursday night ... he seemed to agree with Kap -- saying the guy is DEFINITELY still good enough to play in the league. 

In fact ... Chip tells us he's under the impression Kap could try out for a team TODAY -- and still impress.

"I think he's ready to go."

Of course, the league's commissioner says otherwise ... Roger Goodell just told reporters he believes it's Kap's skill set -- not his politics -- that is keeping him from playing.

But Chip tells us, "anybody that wants a good quarterback" should sign him.

BTW ... Chip was out at the L.A. hot spot with high school football star Puka Nacua -- one of the top WRs in the country who's visiting from Utah. 

The reason this is a big deal is because Puka had previously committed to USC ... yet, here he is at dinner with UCLA's top man just days before National Signing Day. 

So, can Chip flip Puka from Troy to Westwood??? We talked to Puka about it ... and it seems he's got a lot of thinking to do before putting the pen to paper. 

Baron Davis UCLA Needs To Hire Earl Watson ... I'll Be His Assistant

1/16/2019 1:29 PM PST

Baron Davis says he wants to see Earl Watson be UCLA's next head coach ... and if that happens -- the ex-NBA superstar says he'll be an assistant on the staff ... FOR FREE!!!

B-Diddy is one of the greatest UCLA Bruins ever ... and tells TMZ Sports the former Suns head coach and ex-UCLA player is the right man to replace Steve Alford in Westwood.

In fact, Baron wants to see Earl coach the team so badly ... he says he'd be down to be on Watson's staff -- and UCLA wouldn't even have to pay him!!

"If Earl Watson was the head coach, I would coach for free. I would do whatever for free."

Of course, lots of ex-UCLA players agree with Baron ... guys like Matt Barnes and Lonzo Ball have already made it clear Earl would be their choice for the job too.

Watson -- whose NBA career spanned from 2001 to 2014 -- has been out of professional coaching since being fired by the Suns last season.

USC Fans Face 3 Years In Jail For Allegedly Vandalizing UCLA Statue

1/10/2019 10:56 AM PST
Breaking News

Two USC fans have been charged for allegedly vandalizing UCLA's on-campus statue and now face up to 3 YEARS in JAIL.

Louis Torres (19) and Willie Johnson (18) allegedly hit up UCLA's campus on Nov. 13 -- just days before the Trojans' rivalry game with the Bruins -- and sought to violate the bear statue.

Officials say the two men doused the statue in Trojan-colored paint ... and also inked the letters "SC" into the landmark's pedestal.

It's interesting ... 'cause in preparation for the big game -- UCLA officials actually boxed up the bear ... which means the vandals had to go the extra mile to get to it ... physically prying open the box to get to the statue.

Reports estimate the vandalism caused $15,000 worth of damage ... and now, officials say both suspects could face up to 3 years in jail, if convicted.

This ain't the first time the Bruin bear has been subject to USC antics ... back in 2009, it was also doused in red and yellow paint -- which caused a reported $20,000 of damage.

For their part ... USC fans make sure UCLA can't retaliate by wrapping their on-campus statues in duct tape and having students guard them throughout rivalry week.

Shareef O'Neal Shows Off Gnarly Heart Surgery Scar ... '#Zipperboy'

1/2/2019 1:48 PM PST
Breaking News

Shareef O'Neal just revealed his heart surgery scar for the first time Wednesday ... and he's already given himself a new nickname, "Zipperboy."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Shareef needed a heart procedure done after UCLA doctors detected an abnormality during a routine check-up.

O'Neal went under the knife on Dec. 13 ... but came out of it just fine -- and when he finally got a look at the scar this week, he was able to joke about it.

"My first time seeing my scar ..... #zipperboy."

The operation doesn't seem like it was a laughing matter though ... the scar runs from the top of his chest to halfway down to his belly button!!!

The good news ... Shaq told us just several days ago his son's doing okay -- and could be back on the basketball court in just a few months.

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