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'Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' Honchos Call Emergency Meeting After Brawl Show Is Too Hood For Its Own Good

2/7/2014 7:15 AM PST
The fighting on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" has gotten so out of control ... show honchos are now banning the stars of the show from partying while non-cast members are around ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the show tell us ... it's all about liability -- producers think they'll expose themselves to huge lawsuits if an innocent bystander gets hurt when a fight breaks out during filming of the show.

We're told ... producers held an emergency meeting ... to discuss the massive brawl that broke out during Wednesday night's taping at a restaurant -- in which several cast members ... and some non-cast members were injured.

Sources tell us ... producers are worried about a massive lawsuit from innocent citizens who get caught in the crossfire of a brawl -- so they've laid down the law ... no more filming parties with normies.

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Stars Bloodied In Massive Brawl [VIDEO]

2/6/2014 12:57 PM PST
Exclusive Video

Filming of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" turned into a CRAZY free-for-all Wednesday ... as a massive brawl erupted during production leaving stars bloodied and injured ... and TMZ has the wild cell phone video.

The cast was shooting the opening of a restaurant. Sources close to the show tell us ... the trouble began when Joseline Hernandez walked in with a girlfriend. We're told the friend instigated an argument ... and pretty soon fists were flying.

Karlie Redd was knocked out ... several others suffered bloody cuts ... and somebody threw a bottle at Momma Dee, hitting her in the face.

VH1 cameras were rolling the entire time. Of course they were.

'Black Ink Crew' Shop Owner Receptionist Wasn't Drugged She's a Drunk Slut

1/15/2014 12:30 AM PST
The former "Black Ink Crew" receptionist who claims in a lawsuit she was roofied on the show is a DRUNK and a LIAR ... so says the owner of the tattoo shop.

TMZ broke the story ... Alex Estevez sued producers of the VH1 reality show, claiming someone connected with production roofied her on the set back in 2012.  She says she blacked out and acted the fool, but producers made her look even worse in the editing ... she thinks she came off as a slut.

But shop owner Ceaser -- whom Alex tried to seduce during the episode in question -- isn't buying it ... telling us, Alex was 100% under the influence of alcohol and nothing else ... and it was her own doing

He adds, "Ain't no one give her s**t. She was drunk off Henny. You can see from her behavior no one gave her any drugs, or tried to make her anything she's not."

As for the slut allegation, Ceaser says, "You don't have to give a slut drugs to do what she naturally does."

'Black Ink Crew' Star Sues Producers They Roofied Me & Made Me Look Like a Slut

1/14/2014 12:30 AM PST

Producers on VH1's "Black Ink Crew" roofied girls on the show to make them look sluttier than they really are -- so says the tattoo shop's hot ex-receptionist ... and now she's filed a lawsuit.

Alexandra Estevez -- aka "Alex" -- filed the suit against Big Fish Entertainment and New Pop Culture Productions over a party episode that was shot in 2012 ("Mixxxy Madness") ... in which Alex appears extremely intoxicated and throws herself at the owner of the tat shop.

Before the encounter, Alex claims someone connected with production handed her a drink that contained a "date rape drug" and it completely messed her up. She claims she barely remembers a thing, including hitting on the owner.

To add insult to injury, Alex insists producers subsequently edited show footage to make her look as slutty as possible. She says she quit the show last June because she felt so violated.

Alex's friend Ericka -- not a cast member -- claims she was also roofied. Together, they're suing for battery and more ... demanding at least $1,000,000. Calls to the producers weren't returned.

'Love & Hip Hop' Taking Over L.A. ... But Can't Land a Star!!!

1/10/2014 12:50 AM PST
"Love & Hip Hop" is moving to L.A. for its new spin-off -- with episodes expected to start shooting later this month -- but producers are now facing a HUGE problem ... they can't find a big name to star on it.

Sources close to production tell us, they initially planned to attach Ray J as the headliner, but he's currently tied up hosting "Bad Girls Club All-Stars" on Oxygen so he couldn't sign on.

Now we're told producers are scrambling to find someone else, but it's proving more difficult than they anticipated ... which is somewhat surprising, considering "Love & Hip Hop" is one of VH1's highest-rated shows.

According to sources, producers will start by shooting story lines for the smaller stars who have already signed on, including singer Brooke Valentine, radio DJ Yesi Ortiz, rapper Hazel-E, and video vixen Bria Myles. We're told producers have decided to worry about the bigger stars later.

Sounds dangerous.

VH1 Star Real My Cancer is Almost Gone 'It's a Miracle'

12/20/2013 12:40 AM PST
The star of VH1's "Real Chance of Love" went under the knife Wednesday night to remove huge chunks of cancer from his colon ... and TMZ has learned the operation was a guarded success.

A rep for Ahmad Givens a.k.a. Real tells us ... when doctors began operating Wednesday night they thought he had colon cancer.  Turns out it was stage 4 rectal cancer and they were able to remove it all.

But there was another problem.  Real also had 7 tumors in his liver.  Doctors removed all but a small portion that was deep in the liver.  The docs are hopeful ... with radiation they can eliminate the remnants of his liver cancer.

Bottom line .... going into the surgery, it looked like Real was a goner, but now he has a good, fighting chance of survival.

In the world of medicine, that's what you call a successful operation.

Kardashian Fam Honey Boo Boo'd

10/31/2013 3:29 PM PDT
Just when you thought Halloween couldn't get any scarier -- Honey Boo Boo and her family decked themselves out like the Kardashian clan ... and the costumes were so convincing, we still can't tell them apart from the real thing.

The photo was snapped today outside the Thompson family house in Georgia, and here's the breakdown:

- Honey Boo Boo is Kris (nailed it)
- Sugar Bear is Bruce (nailed it)
- Pumpkin is Scott Disick (double nailed it)
- Anna & Jessica are Kourtney and Khloe (eh)

But the best costume? That honor goes to ... Mama June as Kim. Seriously. Dead ringer.

BTW ... Uncle Poodle ... also Kim.

Kanye isn't pictured for obvious reasons.


TLC's Manager FURIOUS Over Biopic I Want Retractions!!!

10/31/2013 12:30 AM PDT
1030_perri-pebbles-reid_tlc_gettyTLC's former manager is LIVID over the new VH1 biopic about the 90s girl group -- telling TMZ, she was wrongly portrayed as a shyster in the movie ... and now she wants the network to make some serious retractions.

Perri "Pebbles" Reid tells us it has taken her more than a week to respond to the movie -- which aired last Monday -- because she was so shell-shocked by the damning lies in the film. She says, "This unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family."

But the real issue -- she tells us, "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" contains "many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me."

If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's not exactly kind toward Pebbles ... portraying her as a shifty parasite who knowingly swindled millions from the group.

But the real Pebbles insists she has never cheated anyone -- let alone the band she "discovered, managed, and mentored" -- and plans to vigorously defend her honor. She says her attorney is already in the process of demanding retractions from VH1.

Calls to VH1 weren't returned.

'Basketball Wives' Reunion Show SHUT DOWN

10/23/2013 4:00 PM PDT
Don't count on seeing a new "Basketball Wives" reunion show any time soon ... the Season 5 reunion special has been canceled because Evelyn Lozada pulled out.

The show was supposed to tape earlier this month -- but sources close to production tell us, Evelyn bailed, forcing producers to pull the plug on the entire thing. We're told the taping will not be rescheduled.

According to sources, Evelyn jumped ship because she's sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson. We're told she knew the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show, so she refused to participate.

Apparently, the other 'Wives' (specifically Tami, Tasha, and Suzie) have zilch to talk about -- we're told producers felt the girls didn't have enough material for the hour-long episode sans Ev.

Sources tell us, Evelyn has grown tired of the cattiness on 'BW' and wants to move on with her life.

Calls to VH1 weren't returned.

Ex-Basketball Wives Star 'Hos' Are RUINING the Show!

10/5/2013 12:40 AM PDT

"Basketball Wives" should only feature the WIVES of basketball players ... and NOT random "hos" ... so says former cast member Laura Govan who says the recent crop of women are ruining the reality show. 

Govan -- who was axed from the show after Season 2 -- tells us she's got a serious beef with show creator Shaunie O'Neal ... explaining, "I feel like she didn't keep [the show] in the basketball creed."

"She shoulda kept 'Basketball Wives,' basketball wives" ... adding, "There coulda been a 'Housewives or a Ho' show for everybody else later."

Clearly, Laura is talking about cast members like Draya Michele (ex-GF of football player Orlando Scandrick) and Sunday Carter (who reportedly had a daughter with married ex-NBA star Larry Hughes.)

FYI -- Laura doesn't exactly fit the mold herself ... 'cause she ain't a basketball "wife" either -- even though she's been engaged to Gilbert Arenas off and on for years.

'Love & Hip Hop' Star ARRESTED After Gas Station Beatdown

8/28/2013 2:50 PM PDT
Exclusive Details
Lil' Scrappy -- one of the stars of the VH1 show "Love & Hip Hop" -- was arrested at a Georgia gas station yesterday after getting into a fight with a guy who allegedly disrespected his girlfriend, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... cops received a call about a brawl going down inside the gas station around 2:33 AM. We're told an off-duty police officer from Atlanta happened to be at the same gas station and sprang into action -- successfully breaking up the fight.

When on-duty cops arrived to the scene ... Scrappy and the other man were arrested for disorderly conduct and hauled to a nearby police station.

FYI -- the other guy in the fight was Kenny Rogers ... not "The Gambler" Kenny Rogers ... just a random guy who also happens to share the same name as the country legend.

We're told Scrappy was very cooperative once in custody -- and was released a short time later.

We spoke with Scrappy who insists Kenny Rogers was the aggressor -- "He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me ... so I had to lay them paws on him."

Scrappy's lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis tells us there's video that proves Scrappy was acting in self-defense.

Scrappy says he plans to cooperate with law enforcement moving forward -- and is now trying to focus on the next season of his reality show.

'Love & Hip Hop' Star Nicki Minaj Was Right ... I SUCK!!!

7/6/2013 8:00 AM PDT
0706_kirk_frost_nicki_minaj_article_getty_tmzNicki Minaj BLASTED "Love & Hip Hop" star Kirk Frost for being a womanizing a-hole on national TV, and Kirk tells TMZ she was totally right to do so.

A recent episode of "LHH: ATL" aired showing Kirk cheating on his wife Rasheeda with TWO other women in a hot tub. FYI -- Rasheeda is 7 months pregnant.

Nicki ( a HUGE "LHH" fan) was pissed by the public display of douche-baggery and took to Twitter, writing, "Damn my n***a, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she's pregnant on nat'l tv like that? cornballs on deck."

She added, "And I dare u to say it ain't none of my business. U done sold it to vh1. It's everybody business."

But rather than try and make excuses, Kirk tells TMZ he knows he acted like a terrible person, telling us, "Nicki Minaj is a woman and she was speaking about me doing inappropriate things. I can't fault her for that. Every woman in America who watched felt the way Nicki did."

Kirk adds, "Not only was doing it on the show inappropriate ... but it was inappropriate period. And I hurt my wife."

FYI -- Kirk says his wife is now "done" with him. They have a 12-year-old kid together, plus the one on the way.

'Basketball Wives' Star Dodges Jail After Bitch-Slap Attack

7/1/2013 12:00 AM PDT
Shank ... fish ... yard-out ... all words Nia Crooks doesn't need to learn -- the "Basketball Wives" star copped a plea deal for her insane bitch-slap-case ... and won't spend a day behind bars.

TMZ broke the story ... Nia was charged with misdemeanor battery by the Broward County State Attorney's Office after she pimp slapped the S**t out of co-star Jennifer Williams -- and it was all caught by VH1's cameras.

Nia faced up to a year in jail, but decided to strike a deal with prosecutors (good idea considering the whole "on tape" thing) ... and pled no contest.

In exchange she was sentenced to the following: 1-year probation, $645 fine, and ordered to write a letter of apology, stay away from Jennifer and undergo 13 weeks of anger management.

Now, let's learn from Nia's mistakes -- by watching the slap:

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