'Shark Week' Did You Know ... Sharks Have 2 Penises?!?


Here's a fun fact Mike Myers will love ... male sharks have 2 PENISES ... count 'em, TWO!!!

Yes, it's a true scientific fact male sharks are blessed with two members ... and the reasons behind the double dongs are gonna be explored by Discovery Channel when "Shark Week" returns next month.

To get us ready for "Shark Week" and the two-penis episode, Discovery's coming in hot with this hilarious ad ... and ya gotta check it out, because it's straight outta Mike's playbook.

If you've ever seen "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," the shark penis jokes should ring a bell ... and they're still funny, even 21 years later.

Quick science lesson ... male sharks have 2 penises, which are really just 2 grooved organs used to deposit sperm in the genital ducts of a sexually receptive female shark.

The organs are developed alongside the inner part of the shark's pelvic fin, and because there are 2 pelvic fins, there are 2 penises. Oh, and they only use one at a time.

Shark Week runs from Sunday, August 9-16 with more than 20 hours of shark programming through the week. The event will take viewers to oceans around the world to learn about the awesome creatures.

And, if the penis teaser is any hint, Discovery's right ... there's still A LOT you don't know.

'Naked and Afraid' Contestant Arrested for Domestic Abuse

Exclusive Details

Matt Alexander, who survived 21 days on "Naked and Afraid," is now accused of beating his girlfriend and holding her against her will in a car.

The former reality show contestant was arrested in Louisiana on a warrant for domestic battery and false imprisonment, after Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's deputies spoke with his GF about an alleged fight she and Matt had last Sunday.

According to law enforcement ... the couple was driving down Interstate 10 when they started arguing, and Alexander allegedly struck her in the face several times. She told cops Matt kept her in the car for 40 minutes before she was finally able to escape.

Deputies who spoke to the woman said they saw bruises on her face and busted blood vessels in her left eye. They found Alexander at his home the next day and arrested him. He's since been released after posting a $3,500 bond.

The 38-year-old appeared on "Naked and Afraid" in 2016 ... when he made it through 3 weeks in a jungle in the Philippines.

'Deadliest Catch' Sechrist Busted for Theft ... Blames Heroin Addiction


Ex-"Deadliest Catch" star Jerod Sechrist has a trifecta -- 3 arrests in 6 months ... this time for theft, and cops say he admits he's doing it to fuel his addiction.

Sechrist was arrested this week at a Tampa residence for 2 outstanding felony warrants for grand theft. The first alleged heist was a bunch of silver, collectible coins and a Rolex. According to cops, he allegedly swiped them from an ex-roommate and then sold them at a pawn shop.

The second warrant was for allegedly walking out of a Home Depot last month with a bucket filled with more than $800 in tools. Cops say he didn't pay, and when a security guard stopped him outside ... Sechrist dropped the bucket and bolted.

The former deckhand only appeared on 3 episodes in 2016 ... but he made a lasting impression with fans because he continually pissed off his crew members.

When cops hauled him in this week, they say he told them he was hooked on heroin and was only stealing to get money for drugs. He asked if he could get treatment for his addiction.

As we reported, Sechrist was arrested last October for heroin possession, and then again in November for stealing from an Ikea.

He was already on probation and remains in jail without bail.

'Naked & Afraid' Star Gary Golding Disturbing Video ... Cuts Up, Grills, Eats Dead Baby Dolphin


"Naked and Afraid" veteran Gary Golding did the unthinkable when he came across a dead baby dolphin on the beach ... he sliced it open and ate it.

TMZ's obtained this disturbing video showing Golding recently coming up on a dead baby dolphin that washed up in Laguna Beach, CA. Golding -- returning to the Discovery Channel in the new series "Naked And Afraid: Alone" -- at first says he wants to open up the baby dolphin to check if there's any plastic inside.

Watch the video ... Golding justifies his actions by saying he doesn't want the "poor creature" to go to waste. He then rips out the baby dolphin's heart with his bare hands and says he'll nourish himself and prove he's a true scavenger by eating the dolphin's heart.

'Fast N' Loud' Richard Rawlings Divorce is Official ... She Gets a Benz and $$$


"Fast N' Loud" star Richard Rawlings is officially a single man ... but it wasn't cheap.

Richard's now ex-wife, Suzanne, will get to keep all of her bank accounts plus the 2019 Mercedes SL 450 roadster ... according to new divorce docs, obtained by TMZ. She owes a little over $80k on the whip but shouldn't have any problem covering her car note.

Richard says he'll fork over $300k to Suzanne ... in 2 payments.

The good news for the reality TV hot rod guru is he gets to keep all of his belongings ... clothing, jewelry, etc. -- and, most importantly, his 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 H Fastback.

As we first reported ... Richard -- the 50-year-old co-star of the uber-popular Discovery show -- filed for divorce back in March. This is their second time going down this road -- Richard and Suzanne first divorced in 2009, after 10 years of marriage. They remarried in 2015, but here we are again.

They don't have any kids -- other than Richard's Mustang -- so that seemed to move divorce proceedings along quickly.

'Deadliest Catch' Time Bandit's for Sale for $2.88 Mil


If catching crabs in style is your thing, have we got a deal for you -- a real life "Deadliest Catch" ship which is now available ... for a small fortune.

The Time Bandit -- which debuted on the hit Discovery show in season 2 -- has hit the market for a whopping $2,888,888 million. The folks over at Dock Street Brokers are doing the honors ... and they describe the vessel as a 113-foot boat that can hold 175,000 pounds of crab.

Imagine the crab bake!

The Bandit -- built in 1991 and captained by the Hillstrand brothers -- has been on "Deadliest Catch" for most of the seasons. If your taste buds prefer salmon, you're in luck -- this sucker holds even more of that ... a whopping 365k pounds!

As we first reported, one of the captains -- Neil Hillstrand -- filed for divorce and, according to docs, he agreed to fork over $10k to his estranged wife, IF the brothers ever sold the boat.

Rough waters ahead?

Jennifer Lopez Hires 'Fixer Upper' Star Joanna Gaines for Her Malibu Pad

Jennifer Lopez is all about that Magnolia Market life ... and who better to get the job done on J Lo's new beachfront crib than "Fixer Upper" star Joanna Gaines?!?

J Lo and Joanna finally got to work Sunday at J Lo and A-Rod's new Malibu home. The couple dropped $6.6 million last month for the house and, for their 2-year anniversary, J Lo revealed to Ellen DeGeneres the couple recruited Joanna to give the "Fixer Upper" house her magic touch.

For the uninitiated ... Chip & Joanna -- who made our hearts ache hard when they left TV in 2018 -- are coming back!!! Details are scant but here's what we know for sure ... the "Fixer Upper" stars announced last November they're teaming up with the Discovery Channel to get hammerin' and stylin' again. That explains the cameras on hand.

Ya gotta imagine this project's unlike any other for Joanna ... working with a power couple that's not all that worried about going a tad bit over budget. The 3-floor beach pad's pretty sick -- featuring 4 bedrooms, 3.25 bathrooms and a wraparound deck.

Have fun, Joanna!!!

Ex-'Deadliest Catch' Star Busted for DUI, Gun and Drug Charges

Exclusive Details

Ex-"Deadliest Catch" star Jake Harris is sitting behind bars -- and has been for more than 3 weeks -- after he was arrested for felony DUI and drug possession ... TMZ has learned.

The incident went down back on January 23 in Skagit County, Washington where cops say the 33-year-old wouldn't identify himself to park rangers, who tried pulling him over. Harris took off with his RV, forcing state troopers to chase him down and force him to stop ... according to docs obtained by TMZ.

Cops say the trooper noticed signs of drug use once they pulled over Harris -- pinpoint pupils, bloodshot eyes and pale face. They also say he could not stand still ... shaking the entire time and talking fast. Meanwhile, a K-9 alerted cops to drugs in the RV.

Cops say they found a half ounce of heroin and other paraphernalia associated with the selling of drugs. Cops say they also found a shotgun Harris claims he bought from someone for $150 and a "ball" of heroin. Turns out it was stolen.

He was arrested and charged with 4 felonies -- DUI, possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a vehicle or premises for drug trafficking and possession of a stolen firearm. They also hit him driving on a suspended license.

Harris was skipper of the Cornelia Marie before leaving "Deadliest Catch" in 2012, and has struggled with drugs.

His bail's been set at $200k.

'Deadliest Catch' 3 Dead After Crab Boat Capsizes In Yaquina Bay Feat. on 'Dungeon Cove'

1:20 PM PT -- Despite initial local reports, we're told the Mary B II boat involved in this tragedy was never featured on 'Dungeon Cove,' nor were the crew members who died.

However, this dangerous stretch of sea is the subject of the 'Deadliest Catch' spin-off series.

A rep for Discovery tells us ... "We are deeply saddened by the news as we feel part of the crabbing community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and the entire community during this difficult time."

A sea vessel featured on "Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove" capsized in treacherous waters, tragically killing 3 fishermen ... according to reports.

The U.S. Coast Guard was escorting the Mary B II commercial crab boat Tuesday night around 10 PM off the coast of Newport, Oregon. The boat capsized during the escort in 12 to 14-foot seas while crossing Yaquina Bay bar and there was an immediate rescue effort.

Sadly, the Coast Guard was unable to save the 3 crew members onboard. KGW8 reports the bodies of 2 of the 3 fishermen were recovered, but the third is still trapped inside the sunken boat.

The Mary B II was featured on the Discovery show, and the premise of 'Dungeon Cove' revolves around the danger of crossing the Newport bar with a full load of crab ... which is apparently what led to this accident.

Originally Published -- 8:03 AM PST

'Deadliest Catch' Neal Hillstrand Boat Gets Tugged Into Divorce


"Deadliest Catch" star Neal Hillstrand is getting his family fishing vessel dragged into his divorce proceedings with his wife ... but this story doesn't have anything to do with tugboats.

According to divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Neal agreed to fork over $10,000 to his estranged wife, Sugayle Marie Hillstrand, if he and his brothers ever sell their boat.

The docs show Neal has one-third ownership in "Time Bandit" -- along with his brothers, Captains Johnathan and Andy -- and he's bound to cut a check to his ex if his family ever unloads the fishing boat made famous in Discovery's reality TV series. As best we can tell, "Time Bandit" is currently not up for sale.

Neal filed for divorce Oct. 29, and docs show he gets the former couple's $340,000 house, plus a 1969 Chevy Malibu. She gets their 2 SUVs, a 2012 Sierra and 2006 Envoy.

As part of the divorce, Neal already paid his ex $15k in November and will shell out $1,500 per month over the next 6 months.

But, the biggest catch in this divorce is the boat.

'Storm Chasers' Star Joel Taylor Death Investigation Dropped by FBI ... Back with Local Cops


Joel Taylor's death is officially off the FBI's plate -- for now at least ... TMZ has learned.

Carlos Osorio -- a spokesman for the FBI's San Juan Division -- tells TMZ the feds have been pulled off the "Storm Chasers" star's case, and it's been passed back to local authorities.

Osorio says FBI members conducted a preliminary investigation on the cruise ship Taylor died on this week, and concluded his death was not the result of a violent crime. That, coupled with other factors he wouldn't elaborate on, made U.S. officials determine the case was no longer in the FBI's jurisdiction.

Here's the catch -- if it's determined Taylor's death is linked to murder ... we're told the feds could reopen the investigation. That doesn't seem likely -- Taylor's death appears to be tied to a drug OD.


As we reported ... Taylor was so out of it after consuming what we're told was GHB that he was rendered unconscious on the dance floor and had to be carried to his room. Passengers told us drug us was rampant on the cruise ship as passengers partied.

No arrests have been made, and local police in San Juan are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Taylor's demise.

Nas When I Was Broke This Was My Dream Car!!!


Nas is living the dream ... exhibit A -- finally landing the car he dreamed about when he was a kid.

The legendary rapper hit up Will Castro of "Unique Rides" in NYC and challenged him to find a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 190E and turn it into a masterpiece.

Will spent under $5k to buy the beater and his team spent another 8 weeks customizing it with, shall we say, Unique touches -- a custom rag-top, leather piped interior seats, custom Nas wheels and a sick sound system. It's unclear what the whip's worth now but it's gotta be a crap load more.

The episode airs Wednesday at 9 PM on Velocity.

So, why does this car mean so much to Nas? We're told, to him, this Benz personified everything it meant to be rich ... in car, culture, style, life and spirit.

Mission accomplished, Nas.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Sig Hansen Sued For Alleged Uber Driver Attack


"Deadliest Catch" captain Sig Hansen is reeling in more heat for his alleged spit-fest on an Uber driver.

Waheed Lawal -- Sig's Uber driver during the night in question -- filed suit against the reality star and his son-in-law, Clark Pederson, for allegedly unloading saliva on the back of his head and kicking the crap out of his car. Lawal admits he refused to take cash for the trip, it's against Uber policy, and says that's what set them off.

Sig was arrested afterward, and his criminal case is still pending.

Lawal's suing for assault and battery. And get this ... his wife's a plaintiff too, claiming loss of consortium. In other words, the couple isn't having sex anymore due to his injuries.

Sig's previously apologized for the incident. Not enough for Lawal, obviously.

Michael Phelps Tells Shark Race Haters ... Bite Me!!!


Michael Phelps isn't taking a shred of blame for viewers' disappointment over him not racing an actual great white shark, and says he stands by the "incredible" made-for-TV event.

The 23-time Olympic gold medal winner opened himself up to his critics on Facebook and addressed the backlash from his Discovery Channel special. You'll recall, no doubt, Phelps lost to the shark ... but it was a CGI shark.

Phelps claims everyone involved in the man vs. beast production made it very clear what the "race" would entail, but people chose not to listen and now they're hatin' ... which he calls "shocking."

Speaking of shocking -- Michael didn't race a real shark, but REALLY did swim in 53 degree water!

Anastasia Ashley Naked and Attacked by Sandflies!


Anastasia Ashley lasted 6 of 21 days in the jungle ... but called it quits after a nasty ambush by a swarm of sandflies ... while she was naked.

The pro-surfer/bikini model is currently in Belize after competing on season 7 of Discovery's, "Naked and Afraid." The new season kicks off Sunday on Discovery, but Anastasia's episode will be airing later.

She described the nighttime ambush that cut her stay short. Don't worry, the bites are healing and Anastasia expects to be bikini-ready ASAP.

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