Melvin Gordon DUI Arrest Cops Say RB Reeked Of Booze ... Drove 71 MPH In A 35

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9:59 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained police docs from the Gordon incident -- with cops saying the running back was clocked doing 71 in a 35 MPH zone -- while apparently drunk as hell.

The arresting officer says when he approached Gordon's vehicle during a routine speeding stop, he noticed the obvious signs of intoxication -- "speech was slurred, breath had a moderate odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage, balance was swaying, eyes were watery."

Cops say Gordon agreed to undergo field sobriety tests ... but "performed unsatisfactorily exhibiting validated indicators of impairment."

In the docs, cops say Gordon was "arrested" ... though officials note he was NOT booked at the downtown detention center due to new COVID-19 protocols that allow officers to release DUI suspects at the scene to a sober driver.

Cops say paramedics were called in to administer a blood draw to find out Gordon's blood alcohol content. Those results are pending, cops say.

Denver Broncos star Melvin Gordon was busted for driving under the influence and speeding ... TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Records show the case was filed at 1:55 AM on Wednesday morning. The exact time of the bust is still unclear. We're working on it.

According to court records, the running back is facing 3 violations -- speeding at least 25 MPH over the limit, and 2 DUI charges.

Records show Gordon is listed as 6'1", 213 lbs. He is set to be arraigned on November 13.

27-year-old Gordon is fresh off the best game of his Broncos career -- rushing for 107 yards, including a 43-yard touchdown run against the New York Jets.

The Broncos released a statement on the incident ... saying, "We are aware of the situation involving Melvin Gordon."

"Our organization has been in communication with him and is in the process of gathering more details."

Gordon was a 1st round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and played with the Chargers until the end of the 2019 season.

The former Wisconsin star -- a Heisman finalist in 2014 -- made the Pro Bowl in 2016 and 2018.

In March 2020, he signed a 2-year, $16 million contract with the Broncos.

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Florida vs. LSU Game Postponed After COVID-19 Outbreak Targeting December Date

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10:48 AM PT -- Florida's home game against LSU has been postponed ... with the teams eyeing a December make up date, the Advocate reports.

It's the second SEC game this season to be pushed back due to COVID-19.

One of the biggest games of the college football weekend may be in trouble ... because the Florida Gators have paused all activities due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The Gators are scheduled to host the defending champ LSU Tigers on Saturday ... but 19 players and staffers have tested positive over the past few days, according to the Independent Florida Alligator.

Florida AD Scott Stricklin released a statement on the decision to halt all activities ... saying it's "out of an abundance of caution."

"Head coach Dan Mullen has been in communication with football players and their parents, and I have had conversations with the Southeastern Conference office, last week's opponent Texas A&M, and this week's opponent LSU."

He continues ... "These circumstances will be re-evaluated by UF Health and the athletic department's sports medicine staff Wednesday."

The news comes on the heels of Mullen calling for the school to allow "The Swamp" to be at full, 90,000-seat capacity when the Tigers come to town ... claiming fans in the crowd was a big factor in the team's loss at Texas A&M last week.

As for the Aggies ... the team has reported zero new cases since facing off against the Gators last weekend.

So far, the LSU game is still on as of Wednesday morning ... but as we all know, that could change quick.

Story developing ...

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Derrick Henry Stiff Arms The Soul Out Of Norman ... Instant Internet Meme!!!

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Derrick Henry + Josh Norman + Massive Stiff Arm = HILARIOUS INTERNET MEMES?!?!

Yup, turns out the Titans and Bills players had the perfect equation for going viral Tuesday ... 'cause after Tennessee's star threw Norman to the ground with a violent stiff arm -- the Internet lost its mind!!!

The play was insane ... during the 2nd quarter of the Titans' beatdown of the Bills, Henry stretched a run to the outside and met the Buffalo corner in the alley.

And, when the running back threw Josh to the ground like a bag of potatoes ... everyone lost their damn minds!!

Some of our favorite responses???


By the way, the play ultimately didn't count ... penalties wiped out its gloriousness -- but Henry himself even had to poke some fun at it all after the game!

"I have been doing too many curls," Henry joked. "I have to lay off the arms."

Sorry, Josh.

Ice up!

Packers' Robert Tonyan Warns Fantasy Players ... Keep Me In Your Lineup!!!


Green Bay Packers tight end Robert Tonyan tells TMZ Sports his breakout game was no one-hit wonder ... and he's warning fantasy owners to keep him in their lineups -- OR ELSE!!!

The 26-year-old exploded during the Pack's "Monday Night Football" win over the Atlanta Falcons last week ... catching 6 passes for 98 yards and THREE touchdowns.

Afterward, fantasy football nerds were wonderin' if the guy could keep up the unexpected production for the rest of this season ... and he told us hell yes he can!

"That's going to continue to grow and get better so I'm excited about that," Tonyan said. "If you're a believer, keep believing, if not, see ya!"

Tonyan also raved about his quarterback ... telling us Aaron Rodgers wasn't wrong for saying his bad years are some guys' career ones.

"I mean, the numbers don't lie," Tonyan said, "and, on top of it, he's been doing it for a long time."

As for Tonyan's new nickname -- Baby George Kittle -- ya gotta hear why he's charged up to be compared to the San Francisco 49ers superstar!

Mike Tomlin On Myles Garrett Rematch This Ain't Reality Television!!!

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Courtesy Of Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin says his team's not gonna turn into the Kardashians over their rematch with Myles Garrett and the Browns ... saying, they're not about "that reality TV storyline."

Sunday's matchup between Pittsburgh and Cleveland is HUGE for several reasons -- one being both teams are fighting for a spot at the top of the AFC North.

The other reason?? It's the first time Garrett will line up against the Steelers since his infamous helmet-swinging attack on backup QB Mason Rudolph in November 2019.

Tomlin was asked if he spoke to his players about avoiding any sort of distractions while meeting with reporters on Tuesday ... and he makes it clear they have bigger things to worry about.

"There really is no message," Tomlin says ... "There's a lot on the table in reference to this game in terms of stakes. They're a 4-1 team."

"We're trying to remain undefeated. We’re not looking for that low hanging fruit or that reality TV storyline and so forth. This is a big game in 2020."

As we previously reported ... Garrett has spoken out about moving on past the incident ... calling it a "small bump in the road."

So ... everyone's gonna get along on Sunday, right??

We'll see.

Chicago Blackhawks Statue Vandalized With Paint On Indigenous Peoples' Day

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The Chicago Blackhawks' mascot statue was vandalized with paint and graffiti on Indigenous Peoples' Day ... and the damage was so severe, it'll be shipped off for repairs.

Photos of the damage surfaced on Twitter early Monday morning ... with red paint covering the huge team logo atop the 75th-anniversary statue outside United Center.

Along with the paint, several phrases were spray painted along the base and the surrounding areas ... including "land back" and "Decolonize Zhigaagoong," which refers to the city of Chicago.

There are also references to city mayor Lori Lightfoot's advisory committee to evaluate monuments throughout the city and 'Hawks chairman Rocky Wirtz's position on the Field Museum board of trustees, according to The Athletic.

The Blackhawks released a statement on the statue Monday, saying, "Over the weekend, the sculpture on Madison Street outside of the United Center was vandalized."

"It is currently under tarp for protection and will be sent off to be repaired in the near future."

The team name has been at the center of controversy in recent years, especially with the Washington Football Team deciding to rebrand ... and other teams like the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves considering big changes.

But, Chicago has maintained its stance on the issue recently, with Wirtz telling The Athletic, "I think we truly believe that it’s a logo of honor."

"We also have heard from some of our partners and some newer voices in the Native American community who are holding us responsible or accountable for the types of education that come from having this platform. And so to us, that’s our frame of reference."

As for the law enforcement side of things, the Blackhawks have yet to file a police report .. and until that happens, there will be no investigation.

Dak Prescott Discharged from Hospital ... 'Successful' Ankle Surgery

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7:26 AM PT -- The QB had a warm welcome upon returning to his Prosper, TX home ... with Prescott's neighbors making a huge sign that read, "Get well soon, 💙 your neighbors."

Dak Prescott is now recovering at home after he was discharged from the hospital Monday following a successful ankle surgery, the Cowboys say.

27-year-old Prescott was rushed into surgery Sunday night after suffering a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle while playing the NY Giants.

The Cowboys tapped doctor Gene Curry to perform the surgery -- which involved cleaning out the wound and repairing the break.

Sources have told various media outlets the surgery was a success -- and Prescott was discharged less than 24 hours after being admitted.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy told the media his QB is "in very good spirits."

"I know he's excited to get home and start the journey back, as you would expect from Dak, but he's doing OK."

There are reports Dak's recovery could take somewhere around 4 to 6 months -- but McCarthy noted, "As I've found out in my short time here, he's going to challenge any timeline."

Get well soon.

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Patrick Mahomes I Can Throw a Football 83 Yards ... Bring On Josh Allen!!!

KCSP 610 Sports Radio

Patrick Mahomes believes he can throw a football 83 YARDS IN THE AIR -- and he's willing to put his money where his mouth is.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB has long talked about a possible throw-off competition with Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen ... since they both are known for having CANONS for arms.

But when Mahomes appeared on "KCSP 610 Sports Radio" this week, he threw out a number ... saying he strongly believes he can hit 83 yards in the air!!!

"I've never seen Josh throw a football but I know how far I can throw it … but I know it's pretty far."

"I think I can get it anywhere from 80 to 83 yards," Mahomes added.

For the record, 83 yards is an INSANE NUMBER -- further than any QB threw a football during the 17 years the NFL had a distance competition in the NFL QB Challenge.

Remember the NFL QB Challenge? The top QBs in the league competed in throwing challenges from distance to accuracy. Fun stuff.

The longest recorded throw was Vinny Testaverde -- who reportedly launched a ball 80 yards in 1988!

Randall Cunningham once recorded a 76 yarder and Brett Favre threw a 75-yard bomb at the '97 competition.

So, for Mahomes to hit 83 yards ... that would be impressive!!

Outside of the friendly rivalry, Mahomes says he's got a healthy respect for Allen -- saying the guy is playing MVP caliber football this season.

The Chiefs (4-1) and Bills (4-0) are set to do battle on Oct. 15 -- and Mahomes says he's looking forward to it.

"They’re gonna be a tough team for us to beat and I'm ready for the challenge."

FSU Legend Bobby Bowden 'Doing Great' After Getting COVID-19 Hoping To Leave Hospital This Week

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Great news from legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden ... the Hall of Famer says he's "doing great" while receiving treatment for COVID-19.

As we previously reported, the 90-year-old tested positive last week after being hospitalized with a skin infection ... and was readmitted to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare on Tuesday to get care for the virus.

Bowden -- who won 2 national titles with the Seminoles -- gave an update to the Tallahassee Democrat on Monday ... saying he's improving by the day.

"I am sure (God) answered a prayer," Bowden said. "I do feel better. I am doing good. I appreciate everyone's thoughts, I really do."

As for his symptoms, Bowden says they weren't too serious ... and he's now waiting on the results of his most recent test.

"You get fever, you get frustrated, you don't feel good and you wonder if you were able to get up," he said.

"But, now that's behind me. I took another (COVID-19) test ... I can't go home until that's cleared."

Bowden's wife, Ann, told the outlet she's confident the coach can get cleared to leave the hospital soon.

"We are hoping by the end of the week they tell him he can come home," Ann said.

Get well soon, coach!!

Dak Prescott Eagles Biggest Fan Sends Touching Message ... Forget the Rivalry!!!

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Class move from the biggest Philadelphia Eagles fan there is ...

12-year-old Giovanni Hamilton was so sad about the injury to Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, he shot a get-well message that'll hit you right in the feels.

Hamilton's story is pretty well known ... the way he's battled through 12 surgeries related to Schwartz-Jampel syndrome has inspired Eagles players like Carson Wentz and others.

Gio's condition has been described by his mom as a combo of muscular dystrophy and dwarfism. He's undergone surgical procedures on his hips, eyes, jaw and more.

So, when Gio -- who's an Eagles fan to the core -- found out about Dak's ankle, he fired up his camera Sunday to make a video for the injured QB.

"I just heard that Dak Prescott got hurt and you know, it sucks," Gio said.

"I’m the biggest eagles fan there is and you never wanna see that happen."

Gio added, "Even if it’s your most hated team, you never want to see that happen to anyone -- and you know Dak, I hope you see this, Brother, I hope you’re doing okay. I’ve been through a lot of pain but I can't even imagine. That looked like it really hurt."

"I heard you’re going into surgery, I wish you luck and I hope you get that comeback story you deserve."

Pete Carroll Loses His Damn Mind in Locker Room ... After Seahawks Comeback!!!

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Here's Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll going crazy in the locker room after his team's wild comeback victory ... AND IT'S THE PERFECT WAY TO START A MONDAY!

There's yelling, there's screaming, there's fist-pumping and light-flickering ... Pete was feelin' it!!!

And, for good reason, his Hawks had just completed one of the best 4th-quarter comebacks of the year ... led by QB Russell Wilson and wide receiver D.K. Metcalf.

They were down 26 to 21 to the Minnesota Vikings with less than 2 minutes left in the game -- but Wilson drove 95 yards, ultimately hitting Metcalf in the end zone with just 20 seconds left!!

Seahawks got the W in a ridiculous 27 to 26 victory. What a game!

Afterward, 69-year-old Carroll led the team in an energized back and forth ... and it'll get your adrenaline flowing!!

"Can you win the game in the 1st quarter?! NO!!"

Can you win the game in the 2nd quarter?! NO!!"

"Can you win the game in the 3rd quarter?! NO!!"

"Can you win the game in the 4th quarter?! YEAAAAAHHH!!!!!""

It's awesome.

The Seahawks are now 5-0 on the season and look like real contenders.

Next up ... Seattle takes on the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 25.

NFL's Cre'Von LeBlanc Honoring Brother With Rap Career ... 'His Dream'


Philly Eagles cornerback Cre'Von LeBlanc says he's started a rap career to help his brother's dream come true ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to give him a platform after he gets out of prison.

26-year-old LeBlanc -- AKA "Strap" -- says what started as a hobby has now turned into something greater ... as he hopes to help his brother who is currently incarcerated.

"I know his passion that he has behind music and I just try to keep it going for him," LeBlanc says. "Because it's hard when you're a felon and you come home and it's hard to get a job, it's hard to do anything."

FYI -- LeBlanc's brother, Craig Jr., is serving a life sentence in a Florida prison after being convicted of attempted murder ... but Cre'Von hopes to reunite with him someday.

Cre'Von explains ... "So, I definitely want to build up the music side up for him. I know that his dream, aspiration and goals and just have something set in stone so when he comes home, he has something to come home to."

LeBlanc says the reaction he's gotten from friends, family and even strangers has been overly positive ... with everyone encouraging him to release more tracks.


So what's next?? LeBlanc's eyeing some huge names in the business -- from Lil Baby, to Roddy Ricch, Future, Meek Mill and more.

Ryan Leaf May Arrest Not Substance Abuse Related ... Lawyer Says


Ryan Leaf's domestic battery arrest was NOT substance abuse-related ... so says the ex-NFL QB's attorney, who tells TMZ Sports the former San Diego Charger is still "100% sober."

There had been some concern after 44-year-old Leaf -- who has battled drug and alcohol problems in the past -- had suffered a relapse that led to his arrest on May 22.

But, when we spoke to David Greenberg of the Law Offices of Soda & Greenberg ... he told us that just wasn't the case at all.

"He is 100% totally sober," Greenberg said of Leaf, "and spends a good part of every day over the last five years helping other people remain that way."

In fact, Greenberg says the whole alleged incident was nothing more than a "minor dispute."

"Nobody was injured," Greenberg said. "There was no allegation of any kind of weapon or anything like that."

"This was a couple that had a small minor dispute and it's unfortunate that it ended up in the criminal justice system."

We broke the story ... Leaf was booked on a domestic battery charge at around 2 p.m. on May 22 -- and was formally hit with two misdemeanor charges by prosecutors this week.

But, Leaf cut a plea deal in court Friday ... and ultimately avoided further jail time in the case.

Greenberg said Leaf and his family are happy to have all this now behind them ... adding Ryan is still committed to helping people with substance abuse problems daily.

"He's a really good guy," Greenberg said. "He really is a good husband and a good father."

Ryan Leaf Cuts Plea Deal After Battery Charge ... Avoids Jail Time


11:11 AM PT -- Ryan Leaf just cut a deal with prosecutors in the case and he'll avoid jail time ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We're told Leaf showed up in court Friday and agreed to plead guilty to 1 count of misdemeanor violating the personal liberty of the accuser.

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop his misdemeanor battery charge.

Leaf was sentenced to four days in jail ... but he got credit for two days time served and two days credit -- so he won't have to spend any more time behind bars.

Leaf was also sentenced to 3 years of probation.

Ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been charged with 2 misdemeanors stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident back in May, TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... the QB was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in Palm Springs, CA on May 22.

Details about the specific allegations are still unclear -- but what is clear, prosecutors believe Leaf committed a crime that day.

According to court records, prosecutors are moving forward with 2 charges against Leaf -- 1 count of misdemeanor battery and 1 count of violating the personal liberty of the accuser ... aka false imprisonment (also a misdemeanor).

Both charges carry a maximum 1-year jail sentence.

44-year-old Leaf was listed on his booking sheet as 6'6", 250 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Of course, Leaf was the #2 overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft -- but his career flamed out fast and his life fell apart soon after.

Leaf has been arrested multiple times for things like drug possession and burglary ... but he had sobered up and became a program ambassador for an organization that runs sober houses in multiple cities including L.A. and N.Y.

Before the arrest, Leaf had been covering college football for ESPN.

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NFL Threatening More Punishment For Coaches ... Stop Arguing Maskless With Refs!!!

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The NFL is threatening even MORE punishment for those who violate COVID mask protocol ... now saying if coaches are caught yelling at refs sans face covering, they'll be hit with a 15-yard penalty.

League officials made the announcement in a memo to the 32 clubs Friday ... saying in addition to a possible flag -- arguing maskless with refs could now also result in fines, a suspension or even loss of draft picks.

Of course, the league has seen a SERIOUS issue with this over the first 4 weeks of its season ... just last Monday night, Bill Belichick ripped down BOTH his masks to give an earful to refs.

Others, like Ravens coach John Harbaugh, have also been spotted similarly violating the mask protocol to argue with refs this season.

The league has already hit several teams and coaches with BIG fines for just simply not wearing their masks properly on the sideline ... and it's clear, this is just another step the NFL is taking to ensure safety.

Bottom line ... just keep the thing on at all times, guys!

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