Batman 1939 Comic Sells for $850k!!! Caped Crusader's Debut


Batman was first revealed in a comic book way back in 1939, and though kids could have bought it then for 10 cents ... a collector just paid $849,999.90 more to get his hands on one.

Detective Comics No. 27 is the vintage comic in which the Caped Crusader makes his first appearance, and there are fewer than 70 copies still remaining in the world ... according to online auction house ComicConnect.

One of those copies just sold for a whopping $850k, making it the second-highest sale price ever for that particular issue ... and one of the top comic book sales of all time.

Vincent Zurzolo -- co-owner of ComicConnect, which managed the sale -- says the comic probably would have gone for even more if it was in better condition, but it's only a 6 out of 10 on the CGC grading scale.

By contrast, another copy of No. 27 that was graded an 8 sold for a staggering $1,075,500 in 2010 ... setting the record for the Batman comic.

Zurzolo says the recent $850k sale reflects how the collectibles market is booming right now. As we've reported ... that's been evidenced by a Mike Trout rookie card netting a stunning $3.9 MILLION in August, and a LeBron James rookie card fetching $1.8 mil in July.

As for comic books ... Superman still reigns supreme. A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1 where the superhero debuted sold for $1.5 million, smashing all previous records.

Tom Holland Spidey Wants You to Wear a Mask!!!

Spider-Man's not taking any chances ... he's got a mask on over his mask, and he's encouraging everyone else to follow his lead.

Tom Holland just whipped up a frenzy on social media with his latest post -- not only is he promoting responsible behavior amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ... but he provided a first look at his character in 'Spider-Man 3.'

Holland's photo shows Spidey in an action pose, in front of a blue screen, wearing a medical facemask over his suit. Tom says ... "Wear a mask, I'm wearing two..."

The pic's also notable for another reason -- it's got diehard fans of the film franchise clamoring to find out who that is standing next to Spider-Man.

Holland and his costars -- including Zendaya and Jacob Batalon -- began filming the upcoming sequel in Georgia this week ... though plot details of the Marvel movie have been kept under wraps.

It's expected to shoot through the winter and be released in December 2021 ... if everything goes according to plan.

Johnny Depp Warner Bros. Sends Him Packing ... After Wife-Beating Case

Johnny Depp's suffering a huge blow to his career on the heels of losing his wife-beating case ... he's no longer starring in 'Fantastic Beasts.'

The actor says Warner Bros. asked him to step down from his recurring role as Grindelwald in the Harry Potter spinoff franchise, and he's agreeing to walk away.

Warner Bros. confirmed the drastic change in a statement to TMZ, telling us ... Johnny is leaving the 'Fantastic Beasts' family, and with the third-installment already in production, Grindelwald's character will be recast.

As we reported ... Johnny lost his libel lawsuit in the U.K. against The Sun ... which had called him a "wife-beater" in reference to his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Filing the case was a huge miscalculation on Depp's part -- since the judge agreed he was a "wife-beater" -- and the move by Warner Bros. to cut ties is evidence of that.

Johnny says he's planning to appeal the court's "surreal judgment" and says he won't let the case define his life and career.

Vivica A. Fox Biden's Acting Presidential ... What a Novel Concept!!!


Vivica A. Fox says Joe Biden's running circles around Donald Trump when it comes to being a true leader ... and he's not even officially the president-elect yet.

We got Vivica at LAX Thursday and she told our photog she's liking what she's seeing and hearing from Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris.

Vivica says it's refreshing to see Biden acting like a true president by doing his part to help the country remain calm as folks wait on edge for ballots to be counted and a winner declared.

Joe Biden / YouTube

Biden and Harris received briefings on the coronavirus pandemic and economy Thursday while votes were still being tabulated in key states like Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, with Biden preaching patience and assuring the public our democracy is still working, albeit slow and steady.

Vivica says it's a welcome change of pace after 4 years of Trump, who by the way, kept claiming the pandemic would magically disappear after the election. The opposite's happening -- infections are skyrocketing.

Vivica's sounding presidential herself ... she's got a strong message for anyone still panicking.

Clooney, Aniston, Chesney Let's Build Homes for Our Vets ... With Veterans Day Auction

Wanna play Kenny Chesney's guitar? Or slip on George Clooney's watch? How about a designer bag from Jennifer Aniston's closet? You've got a shot and it's all for a good cause.

Here's the deal ... Kenny, Jen and a bunch of other celebs are marking Veterans Day this year by supporting Homes for Our Troops and raising funds with a massive online auction. Other items going to the highest bidder include a dress worn by Mindy Kaling and a chance to hang on set with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The auction opens Tuesday -- the day before Veterans Day -- and it's being spearheaded by George, Mindy, CNN's Jake Tapper and Wynonna Judd. This year's auction looks a little different due to the pandemic, and a bunch of famous folks are offering zoom hangouts in lieu of meet and greets.

George's watch, Jen's Louis Vuitton tote and Kenny's guitar are all autographed ... and there's a bunch of signed sports memorabilia from NFL players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Baker Mayfield, Chandler Jones and Jimmy Graham.

Get in your bids before the November 17 deadline, and you could win a zoom chat with celebs like Ben Stiller, Bryan Cranston, Dave Matthews, Elizabeth Banks, Jerry Seinfeld and Olivia Wilde.

The Home for Our Troops celeb auction is in its 4th year, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the organization, which donates and builds custom homes for wounded vets.

Amber Heard Probably Didn't S*** the Bed ... Judge Officially Rules

Exclusive Details

An infamous claim Amber Heard dropped a deuce in her and Johnny Depp's bed has been shot down as unlikely by none other than a judge, but the truth may never be known.

Judge Nicol -- who presided over Depp's libel suit against The Sun -- weighed in on the crappy sitch, which has long dogged Amber after Johnny alleged either she or a friend shat on their bed and tried covering it up ... which sparked the nickname "Amber Turd."

Hizzoner's official two cents ... it probably was NOT Amber who made brown on their own bed, and the offense likely came from their notorious Yorkshire terrier, Boo, whom the judge concluded -- based on evidence, it seems -- ate a nug of bud and had an accident.

The judge writes Boo, "had an incomplete mastery of her bowels after she had accidentally consumed some marijuana." As for why it couldn't have been Amber, he says the supposed prank would've been ineffective and harmed her before Johnny (y'know, since she slept there too).

If you're unfamiliar with this tale, it goes something like this ... back in 2016 before Johnny filed to divorce Amber, she was having a birthday party at their DTLA apartment -- which Johnny showed up to late, and ultimately bailed on, something he says seriously ticked her off.

The next day, their maid called Johnny up to say she found caca in their bed -- and Johnny assumed it was Amber who'd done it as a way to "get back" at him for skipping out. That ended up being the last straw ... shortly after that, he dumped her and the rest is history.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

What's funny -- and what the judge appears not to have addressed -- is the fact that we're told this maid attested a while ago that she knew Boo's poo inside and out ... claiming it was usually quite small, and what she found was what Johnny described as a "whopper."

The feces was tossed out, so there was no realistic way to test the DNA to confirm who the culprit actually was. As it stands, though, seems like Amber's rep is no longer in the toilet.

Johnny Depp Loses Wife Beating Case ... Ruling Could Derail His Career

Breaking News

Johnny Depp just suffered a gigantic miscalculation ... he lost his libel lawsuit in the UK in which he tried to clear his name against allegations he abused his ex, Amber Heard, and this could have a seismic impact on his career.

The A-list actor got shot down in his claim against The Sun, one of its editors and its publisher, News Group Newspapers, for an article it published in 2018 where they flat-out called him a "wife-beater" referring to his marriage to Amber Heard in the mid-2010s.

The headline at the time read, "Gone Potty: How can JK Rowling be 'genuinely happy' casting wife beater Johnny Depp in the new Fantastic Beasts film?"

Depp filed suit, and multiple sources connected to Depp felt this was an enormous mistake because his career had been on the ropes during the Amber Heard divorce and once it was over it looked like he would get through it okay. For whatever reason, Depp lawyered up and filed the case, which again put allegations of wife-beating squarely on the table.

So, the case went to trial this year, with Amber Heard as The Sun's star witness, and she laid out her claims Depp physically abused her during their marriage. Apparently, she was convincing.


The judge who presided over the case tossed out Depp's claim after ruling that 12 of 14 claims of domestic abuse against Depp were "substantially true." In other words, the judge found evidence of spousal abuse.

Heard's legal team praised the decision, while Depp's lawyers vowed to appeal ... claiming the judge completely overlooked contradictory evidence. Of course, their turbulent relationship was well-documented ... including the infamous finger-tip incident, among other private moments -- which were secretly recorded -- that showed him raging at Amber.

Fact is ... this isn't Depp's only defamation case involving allegations of wife-beating -- he's still got a second case here in the U.S. against his ex-wife. He's suing her after she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse -- without naming him -- in a WaPo column.

Now Depp is left with convincing studios to forget the allegations and hire him to star in movies. In today's climate ... that's a tall order.

'Surface' Actor Eddie Hassell Dead at 30 ... Shot in Texas


8:13 PM PT -- Eddie's rep tells us he was shot in the stomach while he was outside his girlfriend's apartment. The rep says no one has been arrested yet and it's unclear what led up to the shooting.

Actor Eddie Hassell -- most famous from NBC's "Surface" -- has died after being shot ... TMZ has learned.

Eddie's rep tells us he was killed early Sunday morning somewhere in Texas over what appears to be a carjacking. His team is working on getting more information, but they confirm he has, in fact, died.

While he didn't have too many leading roles in movies or TV shows, he acted in quite a number of them over the years. He's perhaps best known for playing Phil Nance in "Surface" for a bunch of episodes. He also starred as Eddie Suarez in "Devious Maids" for a bit.

Other acting credits include a role in "The Kids Are All Right," "Family Weekend," "'Til Death," and other cameos in a ton of other series and flicks like "2012," "Longmire," "Jobs," "Bones," "Southland," "Warrior Road," "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," "Bomb City," and other projects.

Besides being an actor, Eddie was an avid surfer and skater -- he was also a published author, having written, "Someone Should Tell You: Startling Revelations and Truths to Help You Understand and Improve Your Life."

He was 30 years old.


Sean Connery Best James Bond Ever Dead at 90

Sean Connery, the first and widely-regarded best James Bond ever ... has died.

Sean's wife says he died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his family. No cause of death was disclosed.

Connery became an enormous star in 1962 with the release of "Dr. No," but not without difficulty. James Bond creator Ian Fleming felt he was unrefined and wanted someone suave like Cary Grant. Fleming relented and ultimately said it was a great choice.

Sean starred in 7 Bond films between '62 and '83. Among the films -- "From Russia with Love," "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," "You Only Live Twice," "Diamonds are Forever," and "Never Say Never Again."

Connery had a hard time shaking the Bond character, but was ultimately successful .... branching out and ultimately winning an Oscar playing an Irish cop in "The Untouchables." He also won 2 Bafta awards and 3 Golden Globes. He was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

When Sean was shooting "Never Say Never Again," he took martial arts classes and got into it with the instructor who then broke his wrist. Sean didn't get it treated for years ... not knowing it was really broken. The instructor -- Steven Seagal.

Among Sean's other films ... "The Hunt for Red October," "Indiana Jones" "The Last Crusade" and "The Rock."

Most fans give Sean the title of best 007 ever ... at least in the polls. And, speaking of polls, he also holds a Sexiest Man Alive crown. He also once finished third in the Mr. Universe contest back in 1953.

Fun fact ... Sean wore a toupee in "Goldfinger" because his hair had started to thin.

Sean's survived by his second wife, Micheline Roquebrune, and his son, Jason Connery. There will be a private funeral, followed by a memorial once COVID ends.

Sean was 90. RIP

Kendall Jenner as Pamela Anderson Don't Call Me Babe, But Do Vote!!! 'Barb Wire' on Halloween

Kendall Jenner's here to get you in the mood (to vote) just before the election -- and she's doing it with a '90s throwback that's sure to get your mouth watering ... again, all to vote.

The supermodel debuted her Halloween costume Saturday on the 'Gram, showing that she got all dolled up as Pamela Anderson from her 1996 B-film, 'Barb Wire' ... in which Pammy plays a futuristic badass boss babe/mercenary who takes the law into her own hands.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Kendall captioned the pic with a go-to line of Barb from the movie ... "don't call me babe," while adding her own 2020 spin to it in an effort to encourage folks to hit the polls Tuesday, writing ... "happy halloween! GO VOTE!!!" She also tagged the photog, Amber Asaly.

Instead of Pam/Barb's signature Desert Eagle pistol, Kendall was rockin' "VOTE" flags in its place ... hitting the point home about GOTV. This is right on brand for her, especially of late -- Kendall's really been pushing this and spreading awareness about early voting.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

At the beginning of October, she shared a message on IG about early voting starting up in several states, writing ... "did you know that in some states you can early vote???" She added, "you don’t have to wait till November 3rd (that’s also my bday and all i want is for you to vote, pleaseeee and thanks) this is the most important election of our lives! early vote if you can!!! i know i’m going to!"

Great message, no doubt -- and as for the costume ... it's practically flawless. We only say that because as great as Kendall looks, she lacks a certain ... um, Pam-ness, let's call it, that only the '90s-version PA could bring out in all its glory. Solid effort though, we'll give her that.

Happy Halloween!!!

Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Our Marriage Story ... Brings Big Buck$ to Meals On Wheels!!!


Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost's wedding announcement on the Meals on Wheels Instagram account paid big time ... for the org, which saw an influx of donations.

A rep for the meal delivery program tells TMZ ... the org saw approximately $10k in donations in the 24 hours after the Meals on Wheels IG account broke the happy news earlier this week. The rep says the online donations came directly from the link it posted on its IG profile.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The org's social media team also had reason to celebrate -- the Scarlett and Colin post had nearly 10 times more "likes" than their previous top post. If nothing else, the Scarlett and Colin news brought people to the MoW page that otherwise might not have ever visited, which, TBH, is unfortunate because the folks over there do a tremendous job feeding the needy.

It's easy to see why Scarlett and Colin chose to let Meals on Wheels break the story ... they've been longtime supporters of the org. The rep tells us the couple had been looking for creative ways to address senior hunger and isolation, especially as the pandemic is disproportionately impacting the population it serves.

The rep added, "We are grateful that they chose to share their wedding spotlight with vulnerable older adults across the country, illuminating their critical needs and what Meals on Wheels is doing to ensure no senior is forgotten."

Duly noted!!!

'Halloween' Dance Party Michael Myers Kills In Epic Battle with Kid


The only thing this Michael Myers is cutting is a rug ... and he got the kid across the street to accept his challenge for a scary good dance-off.

Some neighbors are just cooler than others ... and a guy who dresses up like the notorious killer from the 'Halloween' slasher franchise, cranks up some spooky music and gets a block party going definitely fits the bill.

Decked out in full costume with the creepy white mask and hair -- and equipped with a fake knife -- this dude goes toe-to-toe with his young counterpart ... jigging, lassoing and flossing to the beat.

Hard to say who won, but since Michael may have just escaped from a mental health facility ... we'll give him the edge.

Regardless, they shook hands afterward like the true champs they are.

Happy Halloween!

Mike Tobacco in 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' 'Memba Him?!

Los Angeles native Grant Cramer gained fame in the '80s after he landed the role of the hunky Mike Tobacco -- who helps save the small town of Crescent Cove from the wacky antics of alien jesters -- in the 1988 cult creep flick "Killer Klowns From Outer Space."

Grant Cramer shared the big screen with a few other notable actors including John Allen Nelson as the shield-wielding, Deputy Dave Hanson ... and of course Suzanne Snyder as Mike's girlfriend, Debbie Stone.

Grant Cramer can also be spotted playing the womanizing dreamboat, Scotty, in "Hardbodies."

Guess what he looks like now at 58 years old!

Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost They Said 'I Do!!!'

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are now a married couple ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Scarlett and Colin tied the knot over the weekend in Palisades, NY. She's familiar with the area ... Scarlett bought an iconic 4-bedroom crib there for $4 million back in 2018.

The couple made the announcement through Meals on Wheels America ... the org said the wedding was held with close family members and loved ones and that all CDC guidelines were followed.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we've reported ... the actress and 'SNL' vet got engaged back in May 2019 after 2 years of dating. ScarJo and Colin have been going strong since spring 2017 ... right after she made a guest appearance on the season finale of 'SNL.'

Fun fact about the house ScarJo bought ... it was designed by the same man commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to redesign the West Wing of the White House, including the Oval Office, back in the 1930s.

This is Scarlett's third marriage. She was previously married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011 before tying the knot with journalist Romain Dauriac. They share a child together. This is Colin's first time going down the aisle.


Paul Rudd Thanks for Voting ... Have a Cookie!!!


Paul Rudd's showing his appreciation to Brooklyn residents braving the rain and chilly weather to stand in a long line to vote ... by providing a sweet pick-me-up.

The 'Ant-Man' star was handing out cookies to voters Thursday morning in NYC, telling each person, "Thank you for coming out and voting."

It appeared Paul was accompanied by a cookie-man with a backpack who was supplying him with the treats to disperse as they made their way down the line. It's COVID-safe generosity ... Paul and crew were wearing face masks and gloves.

Brian Rosenworcel, the drummer and cofounder of the band Guster, is the guy who recorded Rudd doing his good deed as he was waiting to vote himself.

As we've reported ... several other celebs have found their own unique ways to encourage Americans to exercise their right to vote in 2020. There was Lizzo's red, white and blue-themed music vid, Lil Dicky's nude breakdown of the 2 presidential candidates ... and of course, a lot more stars stripping down to raise awareness of proper mail-in ballot procedure.

Paul's going the Mr. Nice Guy route, which is right on brand -- but considering his face was covered, ya gotta wonder how many voters really knew who the cookie-man was.

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