Noah Syndergaard Throwing Shirtless Missiles ... 8 Months After Tommy John Surgery

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Things are REALLY looking up for Mets fans ... just 2 days after their new owner promised to build a winner -- Noah Syndergaard showed his right arm can still throw missiles!!

... oh, and he did it all sweaty and shirtless!!

Syndergaard -- who had to undergo Tommy John surgery back in March -- posted video of him rocketing fastballs Thursday ... and it's gotta have people in NY ecstatic.

There was obviously concern the 28-year-old might not have the same firepower after the elbow operation ... but it's clear in the footage, Thor should be throwing close to 100 MPH again in no time.

The video comes on the heels of new Mets owner Steve Cohen saying Tuesday he wouldn't cut corners in the process of building the team into a premier MLB franchise.

"This is a major-market team," Cohen told reporters. "It should have a budget commensurate with that."

Syndergaard -- who didn't have the world's greatest relationship with the Wilpons (the previous owners) -- seems fired up to play for the guy ... he even changed his Twitter bio recently to reflect that.

"Dear Steve Cohen," Syndergaard wrote. "Hi, I’m Noah. Some ppl call me Thor. I’m a Met, working out in Florida, and I just want to win for Mets fans just like you."

Opening Day is just a few months away ... pretty sure somewhere Pete Alonso is giddy about this all!

Raiders FB Alec Ingold Gunning To Play 7 Days After Breaking 2 Ribs!!!

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Wanna see a guy tougher than you???

Las Vegas Raiders fullback Alec Ingold smashed up his ribs so badly on Sunday, he was forced to go to the hospital -- but now, the dude's trying to play in a game just 7 days later!

Ingold had to be removed from the Raiders' win over the Chargers last weekend after he broke 2 ribs in a violent collision with an L.A. defender.

The injuries looked serious ... Alec posted a pic of him hooked up to a ton of wires at a local medical facility -- and everyone wondered if that would spell the end of his season.

Well, Ingold is deciding there's no chance in hell of that ... 'cause he's not only gunning to play Sunday against the Broncos -- HE WAS BACK AT PRACTICE WEDNESDAY!

The 24-year-old is known as one of the toughest dudes in the league ... but sheesh, man!

"He’s like the throwback guys," Raiders coach Jon Gruden said of Ingold to reporters Wednesday. "He will not come off the field. He insists on playing."

"He’s been cleared to play, and he did practice today. I’d be shocked if he’s not ready to play great on Sunday.”


Argentinian Cyclist Hospitalized After Crashing Into Cactus ... Body Covered In Thorns

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An Argentinian man crashed into a large pile of cacti during a recent bike ride ... and he was covered in so many thorns afterward -- he was forced to go to the hospital for treatment.

The poor guy's name is Diego Moreno ... an amateur bicyclist who was riding in Buenos Aires when the disastrous spill went down.

Moreno says he was cycling in a pack ... when he didn't see a pothole in the road. He claims his bike clipped it and sent him flying.

Unfortunately for Moreno, his landing area was giant cactus -- and he hit the plant so hard, it stuck hundreds of thorns into his body.

Check out the footage of the aftermath ... everything from Moreno's head to toe was covered in broken pieces of the prickly plant.

Good Samaritans tried to help Moreno ... but the damage was so significant, he had to get immediate medical care at a local facility.

Fortunately, Moreno did NOT suffer any life-threatening injuries ... and is expected to make a full recovery.

"Thank God I was wearing glasses and a helmet and I didn't injure my face or head," Moreno told local media after the wreck. "Because the way the spines got embedded in me, it could have blinded me."

See ... ALWAYS wear protection, kids!

Purdue Soccer Study Deflating Balls Will Drastically Reduce Head Injuries

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Wanna reduce concussions in soccer by 20 percent?!?! Reduce the air pressure in the balls ... so says Purdue University.

Yeah, this is potentially huge news.

A team of engineers at Purdue have been looking into ways to make the game safer, citing claims that 22% of soccer injuries are "concussions that can result from players using their heads to direct the ball during a game."

Long story short, the team believes there's a connection between air pressure and injury ... and inflating balls to a lower pressure could make a HUGE difference to player health.

"The study, conducted by Purdue University engineers, found that inflating balls to pressures on the lower end of ranges enforced by soccer governing bodies such as the NCAA and FIFA could reduce forces associated with potential head injury by about 20%," the school said in a statement.

The researchers also recommended swapping out wet balls for dry ones -- because they more water they take on, they more danger they pose to players.

“If the ball has too high of a pressure, gets too waterlogged, or both, it actually turns into a weapon," said Eric Nauman, who spearheaded the study.

"Heading that ball is like heading a brick."

Now, Purdue is hoping to team up with a high school or college athletic conference to conduct more expansive research in the hopes of making the game safer moving forward.

Diego Maradona Soccer Legend All Smiles After Emergency Brain Surgery

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Unbelievable photo of Diego Maradona -- who was smiling for a picture with his doctor just 8 days after undergoing emergency brain surgery.

The Argentinian soccer legend was diagnosed last week with a subdural hematoma -- also known as a brain bleed, a potentially life-threatening condition requiring immediate surgery.

The 60-year-old went under the knife on Nov. 3 -- and it appears his recovery is going pretty well!

Maradona's doctor, Leopoldo Luque, posted a photo posing next to the soccer star ... who is still sporting a bandage to cover the scar on the right side of his head.

Dr. Luque told reporters he expects Maradona to be discharged from the hospital sometime Wednesday.

Maradona will reportedly continue his recovery at a rehabilitation facility just outside of Buenos Aires, where his daughter lives.

Maradona's lawyer, Matias Morla, also spoke to the media -- saying it's a "miracle" the soccer star survived the blood clot.

"Diego has gone through perhaps the hardest time of his life," Morla said.

"What is needed now is family togetherness and being surrounded by health professionals. With the doctors and his family, Diego will be as he should be: happy."

During his soccer career, Maradona was considered one of the best soccer players in the world -- leading Argentina to a World Cup in 1986.

Odell Beckham Undergoes Surgery For Torn ACL ... 'Let The Journey Begin'

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Odell Beckham is officially on the road to recovery ... the star receiver and the Cleveland Browns just announced he underwent successful surgery to repair his torn ACL.

Beckham shredded the knee early in the Browns-Bengals game back on Oct. 25 ... and he was finally able to go under the knife Tuesday to repair the issue.

The Browns said in a statement the operation -- performed by world-renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews down in Florida -- was a complete success.

"Beckham is expected to be ready for the 2021 season," the team added.

Beckham appeared to be pleased with the results of the surgery as well ... he posted a pic of himself post-op and wrote, "Sit back relax n watch how God work.....Now let the journey begin."

Beckham was having his best year as a Brown before the injury ... logging 319 receiving yards and 4 total TDs in 7 starts.

The wideout has vowed to come back stronger than ever ... writing on his social media page earlier this week, "Adversity.... it’s nothin new to me!"

Get well soon!

NFL's Taylor Lewan Reveals Gnarly, Bloody Scar ... After ACL Surgery

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Tennessee Titans star Taylor Lewan showed off the scar he now has after docs cut open his knee to fix his torn ACL ... and the damage caused by the scalpel is GNARLY!!

Lewan suffered the initial injury back on Oct. 18 against the Houston Texans ... and he recently went under the knife to get the whole thing fixed.

And, in an effort to keep all of his followers in the loop on his recovery process ... he decided to reveal what the post-surgery damage looked like.

In the pic Lewan posted Monday night, you can see the scar is long -- running about 7 inches from just above his knee cap to just below it.

The wound is still bloody, too -- and it, unfortunately, went right through a dope tattoo the 29-year-old had.

But, Lewan stayed positive nonetheless, captioning his pic, "Stitches out today!!"

The 3-time Pro Bowler is expected to make a complete recovery from the surgery ... though it remains to be seen if he'll be ready to start for the Titans when next season kicks off in Sept. 2021.

Al Roker Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis ... Surgery Set for Next Week

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Al Roker's sharing some scary personal medical news ... he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer, but he's taking aggressive steps to beat it.

The longtime "Today" host and meteorologist announced it Friday morning on the air, and said he's going to undergo surgery next week to have his prostate removed. Al said he learned about the diagnosis on September 30 but shared the news now to explain to viewers why he'll be taking off some time for the surgery and recovery.

Al called it a good-news-bad-news situation, saying, "Good news is we caught it early. Not great news is that it's a little aggressive, so I"m going to be taking some time off to take care of this."

Dr. Vincent Laudone will perform the procedure at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, and said they decided removing the prostate was the better option over radiation.

66-year-old Roker says he hopes sharing the news will encourage Black men to get screened for a cancer that's very treatable if detected early. Al's been advocating for that since 2013, when he and co-anchor Craig Melvin got prostate exams live on "Today."

NY Giants' Logan Ryan Team Trainers Saved My Wife's Life ... After Bucs Game

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NY Giants

NY Giants star Logan Ryan says team trainers saved his wife's life after the Bucs game on Monday night -- identifying a major medical emergency before it was too late.

Ryan -- a free safety who just signed with the Giants this season -- says he was being checked out by the trainers after losing to Tampa Bay on Monday night ... when his wife, Ashley, complained of stomach pain.

Ashley says she thought she was just having a stomach ache and was planning on popping some Tums and sleeping it off ... but the Giants' trainers felt the situation was more serious and urged her to head to the hospital.

Ashley listened (thankfully) ... and after undergoing tests at the E.R., she learned she was pregnant -- despite having a "fully functioning IUD."

The bigger issue ... Ashley says she was told the pregnancy was ectopic and had implanted in her Fallopian tube.

Ashley was told the pregnancy was not viable -- and to make matters worse, the tube had ruptured, requiring emergency surgery.

"They ended up saving her and ended up preventing a lot of what could've been done," Logan explained.

Ashley opened up about the situation on IG, saying the pain was "unbearable" -- but it seems the surgery was successful and she's currently recovering in Florida.

Logan is praising the NY Giants training staff -- saying, "Our trainer, Justin Maher, telling my wife going to the ER at 1 AM ending up could've saved her life or saved a lot of internal bleeding there."

Logan says Giants' head coach, Joe Judge, couldn't have been more understanding and helpful -- and says he can't thank him enough for his support throughout this ordeal.

"I'm extremely grateful for this organization, for Joe and for everyone to understand things bigger than football, especially this year."

DaMarcus Thomas Ole Miss Tight End All Smiles After Being Discharged from Hospital

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Great photo of Ole Miss tight end DaMarcus Thomas -- who was back on campus and SMILING one day after being discharged from the hospital.

The 18-year-old freshman football player had suffered a frightening injury during Monday practice -- with coach Lane Kiffin saying the player initially couldn't move and lost all feeling in his body.

Thomas was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment -- and fortunately, Thomas began to regain feeling and movement.

University officials later told the media Thomas was on the mend and they were hopeful he would make a full recovery.

Fast-forward to Wednesday morning ... when Thomas was back at the Ole Miss training facility -- smiling with Katie Bason, director of player development (and another woman).

Worth noting ... Thomas appears to be sitting up without assistance, an unbelievable sight considering he's just 2 days out from the injury.

Congrats to Thomas -- and props to all the medical personnel who jumped into action to help.

Diego Maradona Undergoes Emergency Brain Surgery ... Doc Declares It A Success

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7:05 AM PT -- 11/4 Positive news ... the neurosurgeon who operated on Maradona's brain has deemed the procedure a success -- saying the soccer legend is now doing well in the early stages of recovery.

"I was able to evacuate the hematoma successfully and Diego tolerated the surgery very well," Leopoldo Luque, the physician, said to media members.

According to Luque, Maradona's procedure lasted roughly an hour and a half ... with the doc adding, "The way he reacted after the surgery is promising."

It's unclear when Maradona will be able to leave the hospital ... Luque told reporters that will all depend on how he responds in the coming hours and days.

1:31 PM PT -- Fans in Argentina have taken to the streets in support of the soccer legend ... cheering on his ambulance on the way to the surgery site ... with seemingly hundreds of people crowding around the vehicle.

Some fans had posters, others hung signs ... but it's obvious Maradona is still considered a hero in Argentina, where his biggest backers are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Soccer legend Diego Maradona has been diagnosed with a blood clot on his brain and his doctors say they will perform emergency surgery ASAP.

The 60-year-old Argentinian star was hospitalized Monday in his home country because he wasn't feeling well -- complaining of dehydration and depression.

Doctors began running tests, including an MRI, which revealed a subdural hematoma -- also known as a brain bleeds -- usually caused by a traumatic head injury.

If not treated, the bleeding and added pressure on the brain from the hematoma can be fatal, according to WebMD.

Maradona's doctor, Leopoldo Luque, will perform the surgery and seemed to be optimistic about Maradona's chances, when he spoke with the media.

"This is a routine surgery that even [Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Vice President of Argentina] has undergone," Luque said.

As for how Maradona suffered the injury, Dr. Luque believes it likely happened over the past month.

"We did an MRI one month ago and everything was normal. We repeated the study and we saw the subdural hematoma. These types of injuries are tough to spot, I don't know if he suffered some kind of hit or fall."

Dr. Luque says Maradona is "alert" and "not upset" -- and has signed off on the surgery.

Back in the day, Maradona was considered one of the best soccer players in the world -- leading Argentina to a World Cup in 1986.

After his playing career, he struggled with drug addiction, alcohol abuse and health issues -- and has been hospitalized multiple times.

Originally published -- 11/3 1:02 PM PT

MMA Fighter Sidy Rocha Gruesomely Breaks Arm Mid-Round ... But Continues Bout!!!

Insane scene in a Halloween MMA match ... a fighter snapped her forearm in half -- BUT TRIED TO CONTINUE THE MATCH ANYWAY!!!

It all went down Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil at SFT MMA's Standout Fighting Tournament 22 ... when Sidy Rocha was taking on Karine Silva.

At some point during the first round ... the two fighters got on the ground -- and Silva appeared to lock Rocha's arm in a submission hold.

That's when Rocha's arm broke ... and, WARNING: THE VIDEO OF THE SCENE IS GRAPHIC!

But, to everyone's bewilderment ... Rocha tried to continue brawling -- despite the fact that her arm was hanging by nothing but skin!!

Eventually, the ref stepped in to stop the fight ... and you can see in the video, Rocha was NOT happy at all with the decision.

Docs ultimately were able to tend to Rocha's arm inside the cage ... and she'll now reportedly undergo an operation to fix the break.

Fighters, man. Tough people!!!

Ole Miss' DaMarcus Thomas Regains Movement In Arms, Legs After Bad Injury at Practice

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2:19 PM PT -- Extremely positive news ... Ole Miss football says Thomas has regained movement in his extremities.

"Following the injury at practice this morning," assistant A.D. Pat Jernigan said in a statement Monday afternoon, "Damarcus traveled by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford and was airlifted from there to Memphis Regional Medical Center."

"Evaluations have all been positive to this point. He has regained movement in all of his extremities, and the physicians are optimistic."

11:04 AM PT -- Coach Kiffin is now saying Thomas had some movement and feeling in his body before he was put on the helicopter, which is great news.

Ole Miss Rebels

Horrible news out of Ole Miss ... where a freshman tight end was airlifted to a hospital after suffering a realty bad injury during Monday practice that left him motionless.

The player is DaMarcus Thomas -- an 18-year-old true freshman from Alabama, who was a 4-star recruit.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin initially told the media Thomas took a hit during practice and hasn't moved since. A helicopter was immediately called to the field to airlift him to a nearby hospital.

"He never moved and he hasn't," Kiffin said ... "There's no feeling in his entire body. We've informed the family."

Kiffin continued, "I don't know if I've seen anything as hard or like that, personally."

There are reports Thomas was "showing some movement" before being placed in the helicopter -- let's hope that's true.

Ole Miss football is 2-4 on the season -- and coming off a win over Vanderbilt this past weekend.

Originally Published -- 10:55 AM PT

Selena Gomez Rest Easy, Fans ... IV was Just a Vitamin Drip!!!


Selena Gomez fans can breathe a sigh of relief ... that IV in her arm last week is no cause for fretting about her health.

Many Selenators grew concerned after the singer did an Instagram Live chat with Timothee Chalamet on Oct. 24 ... and viewers noticed a tube coming out of her arm.

As you know, Selena's dealt with major medical issues over the past 5 years -- including a lupus diagnosis and a kidney transplant -- but sources close to her tell us the IV was simply a vitamin drip.

We're told Gomez gets the IV drips regularly and they have nothing to do with her lupus or other health issues. As for why she chose to have it administered while she was live streaming ... our sources say it was just a timing thing, and Selena didn't care to hide it.

It's not like she's the only celeb known for drippin' ... Justin Bieber's got no qualms about it either.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

More importantly, we're told Selena is fine and healthy, and has been staying very busy during the pandemic. Along with focusing on her career, she's also been working hard to encourage folks to vote in the election and advocating with other powerful women ... including Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Stacey Abrams.

Bill Belichick Honors Travis Roy After Death 'Great, Inspirational Story'

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Bill Belichick opened his Friday press conference by paying tribute to a local hero ... praising ex-hockey player Travis Roy just days after his tragic death.

Roy was paralyzed back in 1995 -- just 11 seconds into his Boston University playing career -- when he slid head-first into the boards during a game. He later used his platform to become a motivational speaker and philanthropist for those battling similar injuries.

45-year-old Roy passed away Thursday after complications suffered from a recent procedure ... and on Friday morning, Belichick recognized his contributions during his Patriots press conference.

New England Patriots

"First of all ... just on behalf of the team, pass along our condolences to Travis Roy’s family," Belichick said. "He’s been such a great inspirational story to all of us ... Nationally, but certainly in this area."

FYI -- Roy's foundation helped raise millions of dollars to help pay for research and equipment for those dealing with spinal cord injuries.

Belichick added ... "His positive outlook and the way he handled his difficult situation was just incredible. Glad I had an opportunity to interact a little bit with him and his foundation."

"Just a sad day for a kid that went through so much and handled it in an incredibly positive way," Belichick added.

BB says his family has ties to Roy's foundation ... and he was fortunate enough to work with Travis in the past.

"So, we’ve been supportive, as everybody has in this area, and again, just a lot of admiration and respect for Travis and what he did and his approach to life."


Calgary Cop On Trial for Police Brutality ... Video Shows Horrific Face-First Bodyslam


A Canadian judge has released video of a police officer slamming a woman in handcuffs face-first onto the concrete floor, resulting in serious injuries ... and now he's on trial for it.

Constable Alex Dunn is charged with assault causing bodily harm for a December 2017 incident with Dalia Kafi, who he had arrested for breaking a court-ordered curfew.

As you can see in the surveillance footage ... Dunn walks Kafi, already in handcuffs, into the police station for a booking photo ... but then it appears he attempts to take off a head scarf she's wearing.

Kafi flinches and leans away, and after a few seconds of struggling to remove her scarf, Dunn violently flips her forward ... slamming her face and head on the hard floor. Blood can be seen immediately dripping from her face onto the floor.

Staff Sgt. Gordon Macdonald, who witnessed the incident and tended to Kafi afterward, referred to Dunn's move as a "judo-style throw" ... and called it "the worst use of force" he had ever seen during his testimony this week in Dunn's case.

Macdonald testified, "There's only one type of sound when somebody's bone hits the floor and that's what I heard." Kafi was taken to the hospital and needed surgery for a broken nose and stitches in her lip.

Dunn was reportedly suspended with pay for a year after he was charged for the incident, but has been brought back in an administrative role with the Calgary Police Service.

CPS says it is awaiting the outcome of his trial to determine if there will take any additional action. However, they also tell us ... "Police officers are trained to deescalate conflict and to use the least amount of force necessary to safely resolve a situation. We expect them to follow the law, our policies and our training."

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