Jared & Ivanka Trump Buy $30M-Plus Lot of land in Miami ... Keeping NYC Crib

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are apparently looking to become Sunshine State residents like their old man is said to be -- 'cause they reportedly spent a fortune on a plot of land there.

Trump's daughter and son-in-law recently threw down upwards of $30 million to snap up space in the exclusive Miami neighborhood of Indian Creek Island ... this, per Page Six.

The outlet reports they actually purchased a lot of land that used to belong to Julio Iglesias -- and that they got almost 2 acres of dirt to play with which is right on the waterfront. PS says the couple plans to build an estate on the grounds, and that the sale closes in 10 days.

Indian Creek Island is heavily guarded too, BTW -- there's a small police force that works just there, protecting only 29 homes in the community, which boasts neighbors like billionaire Carl Icahn, ex-football coach Don Shula, Adriana Lima, and other CEO and business tycoons who are uber-rich. That's the company Jared and Ivanka will keep while there.

Speaking of that, it doesn't sound like they're planning to permanently establish roots in Florida -- unlike Donald, who's rumored to be getting out of NYC completely and heading off to Mar-a-Lago once his presidency is over.

Page Six reports the couple is planning to keep their Park Ave. apartment in the Big Apple, so this might just be a getaway home for when they wanna visit dad.

Tom Brady & Gisele Home Intruder Was Laying On QB's Couch ... Cops Release Mug Shot

Exclusive Details


Just last year, Cineus was arrested for stealing a Tom Brady jersey from the New England Patriots Hall of Fame exhibit in Foxboro.

Officials said at the time Cineus allegedly tried to stuff the uniform under his shirt -- along with a glove from the exhibit -- and make a break for it.

But, cops busted the man when he SLIPPED during the attempted theft -- giving police time to move in and apprehend him.

Cops say Cineus was wearing the stolen jersey under his jacket when they found him.

7:53 AM PT -- More info from the cops ... who have identified the suspect as Zanini Cineus, a 34-year-old homeless man.

Officials say officers located Cineus in the basement of the home -- where he was "laying on the couch in the middle of the room."

Cineus is facing multiple criminal charges -- including breaking and entering, entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony, attempted larceny and trespassing.

Officials also say Cineus has "several active warrants out of Wrentham District Court stemming from incidents that occurred in Foxboro, MA late last year."

One last thing ... in a press release issued by police, they refer to Brady as "our forever New England Patriot."

Cops in Massachusetts arrested a man who allegedly broke into a mansion owned by Tom Brady and Gisele ... but the superstars haven't lived there for months.

The Brookline Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... 1 suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of breaking and entering at 5:55 AM.

Cops say the suspect set off multiple house alarms -- plus, private security spotted the intruder ... so police raced over.

We're told responding units were given an access code and located the suspect in the basement area. He was arrested without incident.

The suspect, whose name hasn't been released, is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning.

Tom and Gisele reportedly bought the property back in 2013 -- and built the home from the ground up. It was completed in 2015.

The 12,000-square-foot estate is sick -- 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms with a rec room, gym, wine room, spa AND an outdoor organic herb/vegetable garden.

The couple put the place up on the market in late 2019 for $39.5 million -- but then cut the price to $33.9.

They reportedly took it off the market for a while -- but recently decided to try their luck again privately, off-market ... so, it's currently up for grabs.

Of course, Tom and Gisele have moved to Tampa Bay, Florida -- since TB12 left New England to play for the Bucs.

Originally Published -- 7:08 AM PT

Ty Pennington Buy My Extreme Venice Makeover ... Hits Market for $2.8 Mil!!!

Ty Pennington got down and dirty to restore a 1927 Craftsman to its old glory, but he's now ready to part ways with it ... for the right price.

The former "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star and carpenter/designer spent the last year or so updating this Venice crib to give it some modern appeal. So, as Ty famously used to put it ... "MOVE THAT BUS!!!" Figuratively, of course.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home features a porcelain-tiled porch, bamboo flooring ... and bathrooms with vintage-inspired ceramic tile and an antique cast-iron tub. The sunken family room leads to a newly landscaped and super-private backyard with a koi pond.

Check out the gallery to see the rest of Ty's upgrades ... dude hasn't lost his touch. Patrice Meepos of Compass is his listing agent.

BTW, not seen in the pics -- this pad is walking distance to the beach, the Venice Boardwalk, the Venice canals and all the restaurants and shopping on Abbot Kinney Blvd ... if you're into fun and stuff.

NBA's DeMar DeRozan Chases Off Home Intruder After Man Came Face-to-Face with His Kids


5:53 PM PT -- DeMar DeRozan has confirmed our story, and had a short and sweet response to the situation.

When reporters asked him about the attempted burglary, he simply said ... "Yeah, everything good. I grew up in Compton, CA -- I've been through worse."

There you have it!!! Tough dude right here.

Scary moment for NBA star DeMar DeRozan ... who chased an intruder out of his L.A.-area home after a terrifying encounter with his kids, TMZ Sports has learned.

Our sources tell us ... the man broke into DeRozan's home on Nov. 19 and made his way upstairs into a play area where at least one of DeMar's kids was hanging out.

We're told 31-year-old DeRozan -- who's 6'6", 220 pounds -- heard the commotion and raced to the area to see what was going on, coming "face-to-face" with the intruder in the process.

Our sources say DeRozan then "chased the man out of his house."

Law enforcement sources tell us the man fled the area -- before returning to DeRozan's gated community a short time later.

When the alleged intruder attempted to get back in to the gated community, security stopped him and called police.

According to our sources, the suspect told cops DeRozan's home was not his intended target -- he was trying to get to Kylie Jenner's home but made a mistake.

As we previously reported, the man was eventually arrested and has been charged with 1 count of felony burglary.

He's also been hit with a restraining order -- prohibiting him from getting anywhere close to DeMar's home and Kylie's home.

DeMar's not the first celeb to have issues with home security in a gated community, you'll remember a man scaled the hill behind Kendall Jenner's home a few years ago ... Kris Jenner also had a man break into her community several times.

Originally Published -- 1:00 AM PT

The Kardashians This Rental's Giving Us Cabin Fever!!!

The Kardashians are getting outdoorsy ... with a rustically elegant alpine estate.

Sources tell TMZ ... the fam bam stayed at this stunning cabin in Lake Tahoe for a few days, and they brought company too. We're told a production crew was also there to document what will eventually air in the final season of 'KUWTK.'

The private compound's pretty damn breathtaking. It features a main residence and a guest house ... with a whopping 17 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. The house is 17,000 square feet strong. The pad's even got a name -- the Gunbarrel Lodge -- after the Heavenly Ski Resort adjacent to the 15-acre property.

The scenic driveway takes guests to a hillside perch, which leads into a grand porte-cochere entry. The house has phenomenal lake views and a huge deck for chilling and sunbathing.

The decor includes melded timbers and rugged reclaimed materials -- like masterful stonework -- that seamlessly create an indoor/outdoor flow.


When the Kardashians recently pranked some of their family members and close friends -- including Justin Bieber, Dave Chappelle, David Grutman and Travis Scott -- one of the pad's stone beams and walls was prominently featured in the background.

The house -- which rents out for around $6k per night -- is definitely camera friendly. It's been featured in other shows ... including the 'Bachelor' franchise. Gotta love the great outdoors!!!

Ex-NFL Pro Bowler Selling $5 Mil Cherry Farm And Leaving CA ... Over COVID Protocols


Did you know ... ex-49ers Pro Bowl center Jeremy Newberry became a cherry farmer after retiring in 2009?

It's true!

Did you also know ... he's SELLING his cherry farm for $5 MIL because he's sick of the strict COVID protocols in California and has decided to move to another state?!

That's also true!!

Here's the deal ... Newberry has listed his 40-acre cherry farm property located in the Bay Area, which also features an amazing house with a gym and game room!

There's also the backyard which has a basketball court, miniature golf and an amazing pool with fire pits!

The place is incredible -- and Jeremy has run his Newberry Cherry business out of it since 2019, selling his delicious cherries on the property and hosting events!

So, why move? We spoke with Newberry who told us he feels the COVID protocols in California are WAYYY over the top and it's depriving his kids of a normal childhood.

"We're going to move somewhere where our kids can actually go to school, go participate in sports. Somewhere in the country that's open. I kinda feel like these kids are getting deprived from their childhood because everything's locked down."

Newberry added, "What is the future of this state? Are they gonna go back to school next year? Are they gonna go back sometime later this year? We're going on almost a full year now where these kids haven't been in school, haven't been allowed to do any extracurricular activity, any football, any dancing, anything. It's time to give them a childhood that they deserve."

So, where are they looking to move? Idaho -- where Newberry feels the COVID protocols are more relaxed and a better fit for his family.

Still, Newberry hopes his cherry farm finds a new owner who will appreciate it the way he did.

"The cool thing about that property if someone were to buy it, and farm it, it will pay for itself. You can make enough farming where you can live there for free and probably put something in the bank."

"So, that was a tough decision to let it go is because it makes me good money and it's not a lot of work to take care of."

The property --  listed by Deneen Vornhagen of Delta Ranches and Homes Inc -- is on the market for $4.98 million!

The 44-year-old former center -- who is also an NFL analyst for KPIX 5 -- played for the 49ers from 1998 to 2006 -- earning 2 Pro Bowls and 1 All-Pro. He also played for the Raiders, Chargers and Falcons.

Kylie Jenner I Need Protection From Alleged Burglar


Kylie Jenner says a man who was recently busted for burglary in her gated community has it out for her ... and she's run to court to get protection.

Kylie beelined it to court Friday and filed legal docs seeking a restraining order against a man named Justin Bergquist. Law enforcement sources tell us Bergquist allegedly broke into a home in Kylie's neighborhood last month, left without taking anything -- but came back and tried to get inside the gates again.

We're told security stopped him the second time and called the cops, and he told officers he was there to see Kylie.

Our sources say it's unclear if Bergquist mistakenly thought the first home he allegedly broke into was Kylie's ... but in any event, he was arrested for burglary and trespassing.

Court records show Bergquist was charged with burglary, and he's due back in court next month after pleading not guilty in his criminal case.

Story developing ...

Billie Lourd Cops Rush To Her Home Shots Fired


An argument between construction workers led to a shooting at Billie Lourd's home ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops responded to a shots fired call at the 'Star Wars' star's L.A. property, where there's currently a bunch of renovations underway.

We're told there was a conflict between 2 workers -- one of whom had been fired -- cops say the fired worker pulled out a rifle.

Our sources say he aimed at the worker, fired at the ground and took off. Nobody was hurt. Billie wasn't home at the time of the incident.

We're told the shooter has not been arrested, but cops are on the hunt.

Regarding all the construction ... Billie now owns the former Bev Hills homes of her late mother, Carrie Fisher, and her late grandmother, Debbie Reynolds -- which were contiguous -- and she's making one massive estate.

The mother-daughter duo lived right next to each other for 15 years before Carrie died in December 2016 and Debbie died the very next day.

Billie's rep tells us, "I can confirm that there was an incident today at the property involving a disgruntled ex-employee of the construction company working at the site, who had an issue with his former employer. The owners were not on site and had nothing to do with the dispute. Nobody was harmed and the situation has since resolved."

The 3.5-acre combined properties are reportedly worth $18 million, though with all of the construction going on ... seems likely that figure might go way up.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon Crib Hits Market (Again) This Time for $2.5 Million!!!

Wanna live like the King of Rock and Roll? It's possible for whoever snatches up the home where Elvis and Priscilla Presley enjoyed their honeymoon ... but it'll cost a pretty penny.

The so-called Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs has hit the market again for a cool $2.5 million. The crib's famous because Elvis leased the pad in 1966 for a year for $21,000, which sounds like an incredible deal ... but in '66 that was a handsome sum.

It's the same house where Elvis and Priscilla were supposed to get married on May 1, 1967 ... but the press got wind of the plan so they jettisoned that plan and had a quickie-wedding in Vegas.

The newlyweds certainly kept busy in the house ... exactly 9 months after beginning their honeymoon in Palm Springs, on February 1, 1968, Lisa Marie Presley was born.

The house was really futuristic ... dubbed the "House of Tomorrow."

The home was restored in the '90s ... though it maintains clean mid-century elements like rock walls, a floating fireplace and terrazzo flooring. The 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom pad has 5,000 square feet of living space ... not to mention tons of outdoor space that includes a cool pool.

This house was on the market a year ago for $3.2 million ... and the price has dropped roughly a dozen times since it first hit the market with a $9.5 million price tag in 2014. Turns out the house was in escrow several times but none actually closed.

Scott Histed of Bennion Deville Homes holds the listing.

BTW, another fun fact ... it's believed Elvis' '1968 Comeback Special' that aired on NBC was planned during the many months the singer spent there.

Goes without saying ... whoever gets this will own a piece of history.

Ryan Seacrest New York's My Home Now Selling Bev Hills Estate for $85 MILLION!!!

Ryan Seacrest doesn't spend much time in L.A. these days ... he's living in New York where he co-hosts "Live with Kelly and Ryan" ... so he's decided to sell his home and in the process pocket around $44 MILLION!!!

Real estate sources tell us, Ryan is putting the Bev Hills home he bought from Ellen DeGeneres back on the market. We've learned he's listing the estate Monday for $85 million ... amazing since he bought it for $39 mil back in 2012. He spent another $2 mil on an adjacent property.

The house is amazing and has quite the history. Ellen bought it from "Will & Grace" creator Max Mutchnick. After she sold it to Ryan, we're told Max got in touch with him and said he was never able to finish the house the way he wanted, so he offered to help Ryan redo it, and Seacrest agreed. So, Max was his designer/architect!

The estate is spectacular ... one of the great resort-like compounds in the city. It has 5 structures, set between gardens and water features. It's amazing for indoor/outdoor living.

The main house is 9,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 6 baths and a gourmet chef's kitchen that opens to an outdoor pizza oven.

The living room has 22-foot high ceilings, but that's just the beginning. It has a movie theatre, a spa, an incredible world-class gym and a master suite with its own meditation garden. It even has a super cool bar/lounge.

The house, and especially the pool and teak pool house, gives sunbathers a jetliner view of L.A.

Seacrest is kind of a land baron ... he has houses in NYC, Napa and Italy -- and that's just what we know of.

Ryan will still commute to L.A. to do "American Idol," but apparently he doesn't need a massive estate for the quick trips.

The house is listed by uber-successful realtor Kurt Rappaport, who is one of the few people who can afford it.

Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Gunning to Reopen as Museum ... Fundraising $6 Mil

Breaking News

A $6 MILLION fundraiser is underway to reopen the home where Muhammad Ali grew up -- with the hopes it will "serve as a beacon of hope and remind visitors greatness can begin anywhere."

Ali's parents bought the 1,200-square-foot home in Louisville, Kentucky back in 1947.

The home originally only had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for Ali, his parents and his younger brother, Rahman. The entire family lived in the home until 1961.

The home had fallen apart over the years until it was purchased in 2012 by attorney George Bochetto and real estate investor Jared Weiss.

The goal was to open the home as a museum -- which they initially did in 2016, just before Ali passed away. But, the museum closed in 2017 due to financial issues.

Now, the owners have teamed up with several key partners in the hopes of successfully relaunching in 2021.

The Board of Directors includes Malcolm X's oldest daughter, A. Shabazz, Ali's ex-wife, Khalilah Camacho-Ali ... and Muhammad's brother, Rahman.

Muhammad Ali's son, Muhammad Ali Jr., is also involved in the project this time around.

Organizers say they need $1 million to get the ball rolling -- with a goal of raising $5.8 mil.

"Donations will also go toward expanding The Museum footprint, improving the grounds, creating community programs as well as an endowment," organizers said.

"With a commitment to the community, sponsorships and scholarships dedicated specifically to the youth of the Louisville community will also be a priority of the organization and Restoration Campaign."

Muhammad's brother, Rahman, says, "To know that others can step into the room we grew up in, or the backyard he played in, and the back room he and I shadow boxed in is incredible. It’s like stepping back in time."

"This museum, my childhood home, is meant to inspire all of us to reach what my brother Muhammad fought so hard for -- opportunity for all. I’m confident we can hit the first million in record time and kick off this very important project!"

'Home Alone' Xmas Decorations at House Recreate Iconic Movie Scenes to a T

The Wet Bandits are once again being chased off a property by young Kevin McCallister this holiday season ... because somebody went to extreme lengths to bring 'Home Alone' to life at their own crib ... almost quite literally.

The house in question is decked out in perhaps the most EPIC Christmas decoration set-up ever ... with this home-owner going above and beyond to recreate some of the most iconic scenes and snapshot moments from Macaulay Culkin's 1990 comedy classic.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

They even have life-size figurines of the three main characters -- little Kevin's up on the roof with his memorable paint can booby trap ... while Marv and Harry try to make a run for it from the porch below. Not exactly how things played out in the flick, but close enough.

If you'll recall, Kevin actually throws the paint cans from inside the huge Chicago-based McCallister mansion, tossing 'em over the stair banister and hitting each crook in the head to send them toppling back down to the first story.

There's more décor from the movie all over the house -- including the Michael Jordan cardboard cutout that Kevin used to make the bandits think someone was home ... plus the front page of the newspaper showing that Marv and Harry had escaped from prison. Whoever shot this also had the good sense to throw Brenda Lee's 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' as the background music ... a prominent song featured in 'Home Alone.'

Oh, and who could forget the classic line from the fake noir film Kevin used to scare people -- like an unwitting pizza boy -- as well ... 'Angels with Filthy Souls,' which had the best tagline ever?!? That makes a cameo here too, in spirit (and signage).

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!!! Ah ... that never gets old.

Lukas Gage Director Trashes 'Euphoria' Star's Apartment During Zoom Audition


Lukas Gage just wanted to audition for a part in a new project, but he had to deal with a rude director who talked crap on his apartment in a Zoom fail.

The video is equal parts awkward and, well, humorous ... the director thinks he's on mute as he starts picking apart Lukas' surroundings.

Thing is ... Lukas heard it all, and squarely calls out the director. But, the dude is super clever ... rather than getting angry, Lukas gets on board with the director, saying he could afford a better place if he gets the gig.

Lukas has appeared in big shows like "Euphoria," but like lots of folks these days he needs a job to pay the bills.

BTW, it's not even Lukas's apartment ... he's in a hotel on location in Hawaii for another gig.

Boy, who knew Zoom had so many minefields?

'Selling Sunset' Stars Brett & Davina Back Despite Exiting Firm ... Netflix Green Lit Seasons 4 & 5!!!


The "thirsty bitches" are back!!! Netflix has given "Selling Sunset" the green light for seasons 4-5 ... and even though stars Brett Oppenheim and Davina Potratz left the brokerage firm for greener pastures, cameras will still be rolling on their pretty mugs.

Production sources tell TMZ ... Brett and Davina will be part of the hit series when season 4 filming gets underway in Spring 2021 despite Brett leaving the family biz to start his own shop and Davina bolting last month to rival Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

It's unclear if cameras will be following them inside their new joints but one thing's for sure ... our sources say cameras will continue to follow their storylines, which is mostly tame when it comes to Brett but definitely fiery -- and even catty -- as it relates to Davina. For the newbies ... she's usually the center of the drama revolving the gorgeous real estate agents, but the drama -- and the fake drama alike -- is definitely NOT exclusive to Davina.

Speaking of the ladies ... Christine Quinn -- who back in September referred to the cast as "thirsty bitches" -- and the rest of the gang are all back. We're told Christine, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young and Amanza Smith ... along with Jason Oppenheim and Mary's beau, Romain Bonnet, all finalized their deals last week.

Our sources say Netflix ordered a good chunk of episodes for the next 2 seasons ... though at this point filming will begin only once logistics can be figured out on how to safely film such a large cast/crew amid the coronavirus pandemic.

NFL's Carson Palmer Sold $18 Mil Del Mar Mansion ... To Google Ventures Founder

The mystery person who snatched up Carson Palmer's insane Del Mar mansion for $18 MIL has been revealed -- and shocker, it's a rich guy!!!!

Earlier this year, the former NFL quarterback sold the incredible 6,580-square-foot mansion he custom-built back in 2015 ... but nobody seemed to know the identity of the buyer, until now.

Enter Bill Maris ... a super successful tech investor who famously founded Google Ventures back in 2009.

Maris now runs his own venture fund in San Diego -- and was clearly looking for a badass place to settle down.

So, when he saw the unreal modern pad that Palmer built ... he pounced (according to Variety) -- and once you look at the pics, it's pretty obvious why he had to have it.

The modern-styled crib is wild -- it's got incredible views of the ocean, outdoor kitchen, infinity pool, spa, rooftop deck ... and even a bocce ball court!!

And, hopefully, Maris likes whips, 'cause the place has a 10-car garage!!

The whole mansion -- listed by Rande Turner of Ranch and Coast Real Estate -- is decked out in the latest tech ... with all the lights, sound and security systems controlled with a hand-held device.

Palmer famously moved to Idaho after he retired from the NFL in 2017 -- turning down TV and coaching opportunities to live the quiet life with his family.

Don't worry about Carson's bank account -- the 40-year-old reportedly made more than $174 million in contract money during his 15-year NFL career.

So, if the family wants to move back to SoCal, they'll have options!

Trump Tower NYC Realtors Expect a Rebound If The Donald Moves to Florida


Donald Trump's possible exit from NYC and his famous Trump Tower could be the exact thing that helps rebound prices in the building ... so say the people trying to sell them.

We spoke to a number of NYC-based real estate agents familiar with the President's signature building and home base for years, and they gave it to us straight ... real estate valuations across the board have, by and large, dipped since 2016.

For instance, two TT units that were worth $4.3 mil and $3.5 mil before Trump's run are now valued at just $2.495 mil and $3.3 mil, respectively. We're told it's a similar story for units elsewhere in the high-rise.

The agents say the losses can be chalked up to any number of things -- like a poor market in the City, the pandemic, or ... disdain for POTUS.

The agents we spoke to think if Trump does move out of NYC after his Presidency -- as he vowed -- the TT market could rebound.

If Donald leaves, building security will loosen up big time -- something these realtors say turns people off when they're looking at the property. Building access is a hassle ... cops blocking off streets, not being able to hail a cab, and all the red tape for guests who enter the building.

If Trump scrams ... most, if not all, of that goes away -- which our sources say would help in bringing prices back up. Moreover, we're told there's a clear divide with who will and won't consider snapping up property in Trump Tower nowadays.

Fact is ... some folks won't even bother with TT because of the affiliation. On the flip side, there's a whole new demographic that we're told would love to live in their hero's former home -- so, a new dynamic of future residents, it seems.

Old news is old news!
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