Jalen Ramsey Waited Outside Locker Room for Golden Tate ... After On-Field Fight

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L.A. Rams star Jalen Ramsey was so heated after brawling with NY Giants WR Golden Tate on Sunday, he reportedly waited outside of the locker room after the game for round 2!

Yeah, these guys HATE each other.

Here's the deal ... right after the Rams defeated the Giants on Sunday, Jalen Ramsey and Golden Tate got into a straight-up fist fight at midfield.

Ramsey and Tate really don't like each other -- Jalen used to date Golden's sister, and has two kids with her.

But, the couple went through a public breakup last year ... and after the split, Golden accused Jalen of not treating his sister well.

"I’m not happy at all with the disrespect that he’s shown towards my sister," Tate told The New York Post last year, "and the things he’s done in the past, but I don’t really want to go too much into it."

In fact, when a fan on social media insisted Golden was going to have to talk with Jalen over the end of the couple's relationship ... Tate said, "He know he gonna have to see me."

Fast-forward to Sunday afternoon at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles ... and Jalen saw Golden alright.

After the Rams finished beating the Giants, 17-9, Tate and Ramsey reportedly threw haymakers at each other in a wild fight near the 50-yard line.

That, of course, ignited an all-out brawl ... with players leaving both bench areas to enter the fracas.

Fortunately for both teams, nobody appeared to be injured in the melee -- and it was all broken up after just a few minutes.

But, after the game, Ramsey reportedly wanted round 2 with the Giants star ... ESPN reported the defensive back lingered outside the Giants' locker room after the fight to try to get another piece.

The two, however, did NOT ultimately meet up again for a 2nd go-around.

Neither Rams coach Sean McVay nor Giants coach Joe Judge had too much to say about the incident after the game.

"I don’t know all the details," Judge told reporters, "so I’m going to reserve comment on that until I find out everything."

For the combatants part, neither Ramsey nor Tate have commented on the scrap either.

Pro Cyclist Quinn Simmons Suspended From Racing Team ... Over Pro-Trump Twitter Exchange

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A pro cyclist has been booted off his racing team indefinitely ... and the squad's honchos say it's all because the dude got into an aggressive Twitter exchange over opinions on Donald Trump.

Here's the deal ... 19-year-old Quinn Simmons -- a rising star in cycling -- commented on a Dutch journalist's social media post Wednesday, showing his support for POTUS.

In the original post (which has since been deleted) ... the journalist wrote, "If you follow me and support Trump, you can go. There is zero excuse to follow or vote for the vile, horrible man.”

Simmons responded by writing, "Bye" with an emoji of a dark-skinned hand waving. The cyclist later told a commenter "That's right" after the person had called him a "Trumper."

Turns out, Simmons' racing team -- Trek-Segafredo -- didn't like the exchange one bit ... and hit him with an indefinite ban.

But, the team says the punishment was NOT for Simmons' pro-Trump political views ... but rather, they say they just didn't like the way he went about expressing them.

"He was suspended for engaging in conversation on Twitter in a way that we felt was conduct unbefitting a Trek athlete," the team said in a statement.

Added the team's manager, Luca Guercilena ... "We hold all Trek staff and management to a high ethical standard and our athletes are no exception."

For his part, Simmons released a statement on it all ... writing, "As an American rider, I have always been proud to represent my country. Riding for an American team has been a lifelong dream. A big reason I chose this team was because of the American values behind it."

Simmons continued, "To those who found the color of the emoji racist, I can promise that I did not mean for it to be interpreted that way. I would like to apologize to everyone who found this offensive as I strongly stand against racism in any form."

"To anyone who disagrees with me politically, that is fine. I won't hate you for it. I only ask the same."

Landon Donovan Pulls Pro Soccer Team From Field ... After Alleged Homophobic Slur

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Landon Donovan's pro soccer team straight-up walked off the field in protest Wednesday ... after a member of his squad claimed an opponent used a homophobic slur on the pitch.

Donovan's San Diego Loyal team was playing against Phoenix Rising FC in a USL game in San Diego ... when one of Landon's players said a verbal insult was hurled his way just before halftime.

The player, Collin Martin -- an openly gay man -- reportedly claimed Junior Flemmings called him a "batty boy" ... which is known in Jamaican dialect as an anti-gay slur.

Donovan, Martin and the whole Loyal team were livid over the alleged comment ... and demanded referees or Phoneix Rising FC's coach remove Flemmings from the game.

In video of the argument between Donovan, the refs, and the Phoenix coach ... the U.S. Men's National Team legend can be seen and heard animatedly explaining his team's outrage.

"We need to get this out of our game!" Donovan said. "We need to get this out of our game!"

Donovan continued, "It's homophobia!"

When Flemmings was not removed at the start of the 2nd half ... Donovan's Loyal team took a knee and then left the field -- forfeiting a game it was leading 3-1.

Afterward, Donovan explained that since one of his players had been racially abused in a game just a week ago ... they weren't going to stand for any kind of insensitive comments or actions on the field going forward.

San Diego Loyal/Twitter

"We went through a really hard incident last week in the L.A. match and we made a vow to ourselves, to our community, to our players, to the club, to USL, that we would not stand for bigotry, homophobic slurs -- things that don’t belong in our game."

The USL says it's investigating the incident, adding in a statement, "Foul and abusive language of any type has absolutely no place in our society and will not be tolerated in USL matches."

For Flemmings' part, he denies ever saying the comment ... writing in a post on social media, "At no point did I say a homophobic slur towards Collin Martin."

"I do not know Collin personally, but I respect all of my opponents equally, Collin included."

Flemmings continued, "I am disappointed by San Diego's actions this evening as I have been mauled and ridiculed online with no opportunity to defend myself ... I stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ movement."

President Trump To Proud Boys 'Stand Back and Stand By' ... Ominous Much?!?

8:11 PM PT -- The President's choice of words hit home with the group he called by name. The Proud Boys posted "stand back" and "stand by" on social media with the group's logo.

President Trump won't denounce white supremacy and he just delivered an ominous message to the Proud Boys ... telling them to "stand by."

FOX News

Trump made the jaw-dropping remark during the first presidential debate when moderator Chris Wallace and Democratic candidate Joe Biden asked him to denounce white supremacist groups.

POTUS first attacked ANTIFA when debating violent protests in places like Kenosha, WI and Portland, OR before saying to the Proud Boys, "Stand back and stand by."

It's a bizarre and ominous statement to say the least ... because "stand by" sounds a lot like Trump is telling the far-right group that if he loses the election to Biden, he'll get back to them.

Originally published -- 7:28 PM PT

Presidential Debate Biden Clowns Trump in Heated Exchanges... Prez Feuds with Moderator

Fox News

President Trump's acting like a "clown" during the first Presidential debate ... at least according to his opponent, Joe Biden.

The debate went off the rails early as moderator Chris Wallace is finding near impossible to keep the candidates on track, and stop them from shouting over each other. It started with the very first question of the night.

Trump kept interrupting, and at one point, took a jab at Wallace ... saying he thought he was debating Biden not the moderator. The quip drew a facial expression from Biden.

During one heated exchange, Biden simply asked the audience, "Do you have any idea what this clown is doing?"

They sparred quite a bit at the outset, which was supposed to be focused on the Supreme Court, and Trump went after Biden by calling him a socialist when the topic turned to Obamacare.

FOX News

Biden's calling Trump un-presidential and asking him, "Will you shut up, man?"

Ya gotta feel for Wallace ... he's got the least enviable job in America tonight.

Donald Trump I Pay Millions In Taxes ... Biden Calls Him 'Worst President'

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Donald Trump says he's the greatest, but Joe Biden thinks 45 is the "worst President" Americans have ever seen.

The first presidential debate is still super testy -- okay, out of control -- and Biden just ripped Trump where it hurts ... calling DT, "the worst President America has ever had." Ouch.

The candidates were sparring over Trump's tax returns when Biden pulled his punch ... and Biden delivered the blow when Trump tried pushing back on reports he paid only $750 in federal taxes.

Trump says he's paid millions in taxes, but didn't specify if they were federal, and also says he doesn't wanna pay taxes as a businessman. But, Chris Wallace persisted and asked squarely how much he paid in 2016 in FEDERAL TAXES ... and Trump said "millions."

Biden, as you know, released his returns before the debate ... and he's calling on America's "worst" do to the same.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Shot Down 'Ultimate Fighter' Season with Conor ... Manager Says


Khabib Nurmagomedov wants NOTHING to do with Conor McGregor -- turning down a rematch AND a chance to coach against the Irishman on an upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter."

It's all according to Khabib's manager, Ali Abdelaziz, who tells TMZ Sports his client thinks Conor is nothing more than "human trash" and never wants to work with him in any capacity ever again.


Here's the deal ... Khabib is set to fight Justin Gaethje for the lightweight championship on Oct. 24 at UFC 254.

Ali -- who reps both Khabib and Justin -- says Dana White called him up recently to discuss post-fight plans, including the next season of the reality-style competition show, "The Ultimate Fighter."

"Last week, Dana White called me, said Ali what do you think about if Khabib wins, him and Conor will do the 'Ultimate Fighter' on ESPN?"

Ali says the plan would be for Khabib and Conor to coach separate teams of aspiring MMA fighters on the show, which would ultimately lead up to a Khabib vs. Conor rematch in the Octagon.

But, Ali says Khabib wouldn't even consider the idea ...

"Khabib turned it down," Ali said ... "He said, 'This man is a human trash. He’s garbage.'"

"When you touch sh*t, you smell like sh*t. [Conor] hasn’t earned the fight."

Ali says Dana made the same 'Ultimate Fighter' offer to Justin Gaethje if he beats Khabib.

There's more ... Ali also ripped Conor for posting private direct messages between Conor and Dana White on social media.

FYI, last week Conor posted messages from February asking Dana to set up a fight with Justin Gaethje.

Ali says Justin had been gunning for a fight with Conor for YEARS -- but Conor repeatedly turned him down.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

By the time Conor finally called for Gaethje, Ali says Justin was already prepping for a fight with Tony Ferguson in May in hopes of earning a title shot with Khabib.

Justin won that fight and got his wish. Ali essentially says Conor missed his window.

Meanwhile, Conor "retired" from MMA back in June -- though nobody really believes the 32-year-old is done.

In fact, Conor has claimed to be putting together a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao in Saudi Arabia in Winter 2020 -- AND he's talking with Dustin Poirier about an exhibition match in Ireland in December.

Since Conor is still under contract with UFC, it seems he would need the organization's blessing to participate in either event ... and from what we're being told, Conor shouldn't hold his breath.

Also, Ali tells us he's been talking with high-powered friends in Saudi Arabia who say Conor would NEVER get the green light to fight there because of the things he's said about Muslims in the past.

Ali even tweeted to Conor calling BS -- saying, "Who the hell advising you you saying you fighting in Saudi Arabia and promoting your proper 12 trash drink Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country they don’t allow alcohol dumb ass."

Meanwhile, Conor is still dealing with legal issues in Corsica stemming from a September incident. He's accused of attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure -- though McGregor insists he's innocent.

Bottom line ... Conor is all over the place with his career. It's unclear exactly what he wants and why he's so out of step with Dana White and the UFC.

But, if he truly wants to fight again, he needs to do two things -- stay out of trouble and get on the same page with Dana and the UFC, ASAP.

Kyle Richards Alleged Ring Thief Says it Wasn't Her!!! Demands Kyle Apologize

The long-nailed woman who allegedly stole Kyle Richards' ring has pretty solid proof she's been wrongly accused, and wants an "I'm sorry" from the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star.

Diana French is a retired pharmacy clerk from L.A. who went viral -- well, her hands did anyway -- after, for some strange reason, actress Diane Keaton shared a photo of her hands ... calling Diana's black nails "too much" and claiming she's a fortune teller.

The nails are up for debate, but Diana says the fortune teller thing is untrue.

Anyway, Richards saw Keaton's post, and believed she recognized one of the rings Diana's wearing as her mom's stolen ring ... which got swiped back in December 2017 when Kyle and her husband's home was hit by burglars.

@daddiebrown / TikTok

After Diana went viral for all the wrong reasons ... her granddaughter took to TikTok to clear her name.

She also defended herself by going on "Inside Edition" with even more proof the ring belongs to her ... including old photos of her wearing it, and the original appraisal from FORTY years ago.

Kyle had gone public with her search for the stolen ring, but to be fair, she never accused French of theft. She thought French might have purchased the ring from a pawn shop, and was going to offer to buy it back from her.

So yeah, it seems like the fortune teller pharmacy clerk is in the clear, but now she's waiting on an apology from Richards ... and Keaton.

UFC's Paulo Costa Demands Israel Adesanya Rematch After Humping Incident

@borrachinhamma / Instagram

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa wants another crack at Israel Adesanya ... calling the champ "human trash" for air humping him after Saturday's fight.

The Last Stylebender easily handled Costa with a 2nd-round TKO ... and promptly hit him with an NSFW celebration by getting on top of him and thrusting.

Costa says he had no idea what Izzy was doing at the time ... but now that he was able to see the footage, he's demanding revenge in a vicious video with the caption, "Adesanya is human trash. This has become a grave situation !"

"I disapprove 100%," Costa said in the video. "To me, this is mortal now. Nobody can stop me.

"I want my rematch and you know I will wait for you."

Costa goes on to say "something happened" before their big fight ... and he will be fully prepared the next time around.

"I'm not [making an] excuse here to my people, to my fans. but I will be 100% to fight him and to make him pay. That's my words. Save my words."

So, will Costa get his rematch?? That's up to Dana White. But, given how their first bout went ... don't hold your breath.

Dana White Jon Jones Vs. Israel Adesanya Fight ... Could Still Happen!!


Dana White says Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya may still fight -- despite Jon saying he's going to heavyweight -- meaning the dream matchup is still alive!!

TMZ Sports talked to White from Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, where the UFC honcho is gearing up for UFC 253 ... which Dana says will be one of the best selling cards ever.

We asked Dana -- with all signs pointing to Jones moving to heavyweight -- does that mean the chance of a JJ and Izzy super-fight is over?

His answer ... nope.

"Jon hasn't moved up to heavyweight yet. We don't know what Jon's gonna do," White told us.

"If you're Jon Jones right now, you probably sit back and watch what happens this weekend, see who wins, how they win, and maybe make them defend the title and then you come back and try to regain it."

Dana continued ... "Or you move up to heavyweight. Or if Adesanya wins this weekend, you fight Adesanya, I don't know. Jon Jones is in a really good position right now."

Of course, beef between the fighters was ignited last April when Izzy -- talking about Jon -- told us, "I already killed one G.O.A.T. and I'm hunting the next."

APRIL 2019

The G.O.A.T. he "already killed" was Anderson Silva ... who Israel beat in February 2019.

Since then, the fighters have gone back-and-forth ... promising to beat the hell out of each other.

So, Jon has a ton of options ... but before Izzy can think about Jones or anyone else ... he has to deal with 29-year-old undefeated Paulo Costa.

If he beats the beast from Brazil ... just maybe the world gets to watch while Jon and Izzy settle the score.

Joe Exotic Carole Baskin's Got It Coming ... Justice for Don Lewis!!!


Joe Exotic thinks the walls are closing around Carole Baskin ... and he's hoping her missing husband's family finally gets some answers and justice.

The 'Tiger King' rips his longtime nemesis in a phone interview from jail, and says Carole's about to pay for years of what he sees as bullying.

A source close to Joe tells us the interview was recorded long before Carole started "Dancing with the Stars" -- back when he was behind bars in Grady County Jail Oklahoma -- but it's clear he's all for Don Lewis' family putting renewed attention on his mysterious disappearance.

During the call, part of a new Discovery ID special, Joe says it's high time Don's fam finally finds out what really happened to him.

Law Offices of Phillips & Hunt

As you know ... Carole's always maintained her innocence in Don's case, but the Lewis family recently put out a $100,000 reward -- and during a commercial aired during 'DWTS' they asked, "Do you know if Carole Baskin was involved?"

As for his case ... Joe's still insisting he was set up, and also offers an explanation for why he put down 5 tigers at his infamous zoo.

"Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up" premieres with 2 parts on Sunday at 9 PM ET on Investigation Discovery ... and concludes Monday night.

Dallas Cowboys' Everson Griffen Goes Nuclear Over Criticism ... 'You F**king Joking Me'

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Dallas Cowboys star Everson Griffen just EXPLODED on a reporter over criticism of his play ... telling the guy to straight-up "keep my name out your mouth."

"I been producing in the Nfl protecting the shield for 11 mother f**king years," Griffen said Tuesday. "So if you feel the need to pick on someone in f**king week 2. It’s not going to be me. I tell you that."

Griffen just inked a deal with the Cowboys last month ... and it was widely celebrated at the time -- as the guy is considered one of the top pass rushers in the league.

But, through two games so far, Griffen and the rest of the Cowboys' defense has been underwhelming -- allowing big play after big play to the Rams and Falcons.

When a reporter pointed that out and said point blank Griffen "hasn't been good for the Cowboys at all yet" ... Everson FUMED.

"Are you f**king joking me" the pass rusher asked ... before adding, "Let’s talk about playing well at the end of the year instead of week 2."

Griffen insists he felt way better during Dallas' second game of the season as opposed to the team's first ... and claims he'll be MUCH better toward the end of the year.

"I get it everyone has job to do," Everson said, "but in this unique year of football, it’s all about the TREND LINE. Especially this year."

So far this season, Griffen has 8 total tackles and one sack.

Cardi B & Sister Sued for Defamation Over 'Racist MAGA Supporters' Jab

Cardi B and her sister are getting sued after labeling a group of beachgoers as "racist MAGA supporters" ... this according to a lawsuit.

Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo and Manuel Alarcon are suing the rapper, her sister, Hennessy Carolina, and Hennessy's GF, Michelle Diaz, claiming they defamed them by labeling them as racist during a squabble at the Hamptons earlier this month.

@hennessycarolina / Instagram

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the plaintiffs claim they were enjoying their time at Smith Point beach with their families when Hennessy approached them with rage ... spitting, insulting and threatening them just because one of them was wearing a MAGA hat.

At the time, Cardi tweeted a video of the altercation ... saying her sister was getting harassed because she and her friend are an Afro-Hispanic gay couple.

The group also claims Cardi B, Hennessy and Michelle edited the video and posted it on social media to falsely paint them as racists. Cardi had posted a video later that day with audio apparently showing Hennessy explaining that someone in the group told her to go back to her country.

Hennessy's side of the story was they were targeted because they "saw us parking here and we were speaking Spanish and we're mixed."

We've reached out to Cardi's team for comment, so far, no word back.

Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman Nuclear Exchange as Trump Calls In

If you think the Presidential election has gotten ugly, check out the intensely angry exchange between 2 UFC fighters ... and Donald Trump makes it clear whose side he's on.

Colby Covington had just defeated Tyron Woodley Saturday night when he appeared on the post-show with his arch-enemy ... Champion Kamaru Usman, who defeated Covington last December for the title. Covington, who was enraged the fight was stopped, is demanding a rematch.

And, that's the backdrop for some trash talking ... the likes of which you haven't heard in a while. The 2 men are talking at the same time ... Covington threatening Usman -- "When I see you, you're dead" -- while Usman laughs it off, claiming he broke Covington's face when they fought.

Covington invokes Trump's name, saying, "I got the President of the United States, dragon energy." And, soon after that, Trump called Covington to congratulate him on beating Woodley. Trump says, "I just made a big speech to 35,000 people and said, 'Oh, I've got to get home now and watch Colby.'"

Dana White clearly heard all of it, so a rematch seems pretty certain.

Colby Covington Squashes Beef with Ali Abdelaziz ... Thanks to President Trump


They almost fought in line at a Vegas buffet in 2019 -- but UFC star Colby Covington and fighter manager Ali Abdelaziz have buried the hatchet in 2020 ... with a little help from Donald Trump.

First, some backstory!!!

Ali represents some of the biggest names in MMA -- from Khabib to Justin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman, Henry Cejudo and more.

Back in early 2019, Colby was trying to set up a welterweight title fight with Kamaru ... and the trash talk got so personal, things came to a head at the buffet at The Palms in Vegas.


Colby was in line ... and Ali gets in his face -- and Kamaru had to hold Abdelaziz back! Intense!!!

So, what happened since?

Ali -- along with Henry Cejudo and Justin Gaethje -- were invited to hang with Trump at his rally in Nevada on Sunday ... where Covington was also a VIP guest of the President.

Ali tells us ... since the two men were forced to hang out, they made the best of the situation and talked things out. And, as of now, they're cool.

"I don't hate the kid, I don't have no ill will towards him. He was there to represent the President, I was there to represent the President. If he fought Kamaru or Gilbert or any of my guys again, he becomes the enemy again, it's simple."

"But, right now he's not the enemy. He's a guy trying to make a name for himself."

As for meeting Trump, Ali says it was one of the highlights of his life -- and says Trump treated him like one of the boys!

There's more ... Ali also talked about the upcoming matchup between Kahbib and Gaethje (both are his clients) and explained why it could be one of the greatest fights in MMA history!


Dr. Dre Divorce Nicole Accuses Him of Hiding Assets, Domestic Violence ... Dre Sources Call BS

Exclusive Details

Dr. Dre's estranged wife says he secretly transferred valuable assets to himself after they split -- in particular his stage name and "The Chronic" -- but sources connected to Dre call her claim "ridiculous" and an attempt to embarrass him into submission.

Nicole Young just filed legal docs claiming the mogul created a solely-owned, brand new holding company and transferred into it what she claims is joint property -- trademarks for "Dr. Dre" and "The Chronic." Nicole says it's a blatant attempt to hide assets that are community property."

Sources connected to Dre tell TMZ, "They were married in 1996. Chronic came out in '92 and Dr. Dre used his name since the 80's, so it's all his and his alone."

According to Nicole's legal docs, she says Dre transferred the trademarks after he allegedly kicked her out of their home and before he threatened on June 27, 2020 to divorce her. Nicole beat him to the punch ... filing for divorce just 2 days later.

Nicole calls Dre's move an "epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character, or lack thereof.” Nicole says the Dre trademark was first filed in 1997 -- when they were already married.

Our Dre sources fire back, "It's the act of a desperate woman who finally realized that the iron-clad prenup she signed doesn't win her the lottery." As we reported, they had a prenup, which Nicole says she signed under duress. She also says he ripped it up several years into the marriage. He strongly denies he ever ripped it up.

Nicole also claims she was the victim of physical, emotional and financial abuse during their marriage. She does not outline specific instances of abuse. Our Dre sources say to that ... "In their 26 years together, there has never been any hint or claim of threatened or actual physical violence and the insinuation is an insult to actual victims of domestic abuse." A Dre source adds there was one incident of violence 30 years ago -- not involving Nicole -- and Dre copped to it and "paid the price for it."

As we've reported ... Dre and Nicole have been in the middle of a contentious divorce battle. She's asking for just under $2 mil a month in spousal support while the divorce winds its way through the legal system.

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