NFL's Tyler Eifert Bolts Live Presser To Chase Loose Dogs ... 'I'll Be Right Back!!!'

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"Hang on one second!"

That's how NFL stud Tyler Eifert bolted from his online press conference to deal with his loose dogs Thursday ... and the video of the canine commotion is hilarious!!!

The new Jacksonville Jaguars tight end was having a virtual meet-and-greet grill sesh with NFL reporters ... when suddenly, his pups began wreaking havoc.

You can see in video of the newser, the dogs were barking up a storm ... and later, a neighbor yelled into his home, "Your dog was in my yard!!!"

That's when Eifert had to get up from the sitdown with reporters to go chase down his dogs -- and when he got back, the guy was straight-up out of breath!!!

"They're back," Eifert said. "And, I got in a little conditioning too!"


Normally, we'd suggest a little timeout and no-treat treatment for the bad-behaving doggos ... but look at these faces -- HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY PUNISH THESE GUYS!!!

Running of the Goats No Bull, Just Billy Gruff & Friends ... Stampede in NorCal 'Hood

herd mentality

Spain's Running of the Bulls event might have been axed over coronavirus -- but these goats kept the tradition alive here in the States ... with a wild scattering of their own.

Check out this video captured Tuesday night in a residential neighborhood near San Jose, CA -- where what looks like a couple hundred goats stampeded (eh, fiercely totted more like, actually) down a sleepy street as neighbors were trying to corral them.

It's certainly not as intimidating as what goes on in Europe -- goats to bulls are apples to oranges -- but still, it's crazy considering we don't see this all too often around these parts.

Now, as for how this got started in the first place -- apparently, there's a little hillside ranch of some sort that borders these homes here, and a gaggle of goats are brought in each year for a few days to eat and clear out the dead grass to avoid a wildfire breaking out. Neat!!

Somehow, the goats broke through their enclosure ... and they all made a run for it. Fortunately, they didn't cause too much damage -- other than some front yard flower munching and unrestrained defecating -- and eventually ... the townsfolk reined 'em in.

It also looks like one of the local hounds played impromptu sheep dog to get the herd back where they belonged. Good boy! Baaah-d goats 😅

Dog Choked Cam Catches Man in Disgusting Act ... Attacking Ex-GF's Pet


A guy was caught on camera choking his ex-girlfriend's dog -- and now ... he's facing criminal charges for the sickeningly evil deed.

30-year-old Shane Mitchell allegedly took his ex's pup -- a Doberman named Rubyjean -- without permission, and when he showed up at the owner's front door with Rubyjean, the owner threatened him with a call to the cops. That set Mitchell off, and what happened next is disturbing.

While his ex remained behind her front door during the argument, her Ring doorbell cam recorded Mitchell angrily reaching down and yanking up the dog by its leash, suffocating it, and letting it dangle in front of the camera. The owner shrieks from inside, pleading for him to stop -- then, the video ends.

Cops in Slidell, Louisiana say Mitchell was eventually arrested and booked on animal cruelty charges after the clip made the rounds online, and even better news ... Rubyjean is okay.

She's back in her home and doesn't seem to have suffered any permanent damage as a result of the choking. The city's police chief issued a strong statement of the heinous act, saying ... "I was sick to my stomach watching that video." He added, "How someone can hurt a defenseless animal is beyond me."

The police say their investigation into the matter is still ongoing, and more charges could be brought against Mitchell.

Joe Burrow Not A Fan Of LSU Having Live Mascot 'I'm Anti Animal In Cage'

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"Pardon My Take" Podcast

"Mike the Tiger is not my favorite part of campus."

Heisman winner Joe Burrow says he's not a big fan of LSU having a live mascot ... saying he's against keeping wild animals in captivity.

The #1 overall pick made the revelation while discussing the super-popular Netflix doc, "Tiger King," on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" on Friday ... saying he probably won't tune in to the series due to the subject matter.

"Actually, I haven't watched it yet," Burrow says. "I'm anti animal in cage. So, I'm not gonna watch it, I don't think."

That's when co-host Big Cat brought up Mike VII -- LSU's beloved mascot that lives on campus -- and Burrow said he was against the idea.

FWIW -- Mike has a huge habitat on campus for students to check out the kitty in between classes ... and there's a vet on-site to make sure all is well.

There's even a live cam for people across the world to check in on Mike ... although the thing seems to be chilling most of the time.

As for "Tiger King," Big Cat and PFT Commenter say it's probably for the best he sits that one out ... and Burrow agrees.

"Very sad, yeah."

The good news?? Burrow's Cincinnati Bengals don't have a live mascot ... they just have a grown-ass dude dressed up as a tiger named "Who Dey" ... so, silver lining!!

Dog the Bounty Hunter African Grey Parrot Dies ... Gift From Late Wife


One of the last reminders Dog the Bounty Hunter had of his late wife, Beth, is now gone too ... the African grey parrot she gifted him years ago has passed away.

We're told the parrot, a female dubbed Baby Bird, died Wednesday morning and just days after the bird started plucking its feathers ... a behavioral problem that can cause them physical harm like infections from open sores. We're told Dog believes the cold climate in Colorado may have possibly led to her death.

Rainy Robinson

Our sources say Beth gave Dog Baby Bird a few years ago ... and in that short span Baby Bird, as most smart parrots often do, started mimicking how Beth said "hello" while also blurting out phrases like "Bail Bonds." Baby Bird also learned how to say "Francie" ... a nod to Dog's new fiancee.

We're told these are just some of the reasons why Dog -- an avid animal lover -- is devastated by Baby Bird's sudden passing. However, he feels comforted knowing Baby Bird is now by Beth's side.

Baby Bird was 3.

Bill Belichick's GF Our Dog Gained 1000s Of Followers ... After NFL Draft Moment

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Bill Belichick's girlfriend says their dog, Nike, is!!!

Linda Holliday said on "The Adam Schefter Podcast" this week that the pup was so adorable during its viral moment at the NFL draft ... the dog's fan base has grown from a couple hundred to nearly 20,000!!!!

If you missed it ... Nike stole the show at the Patriots' draft last Friday -- when it took Belichick's seat just seconds before New England made its 2nd-round pick.

Cameras caught the pup staring at The Hoodie's monitors ... and the scene couldn't have been cuter.

Linda says within minutes of Nike's unexpected cameo -- her phone blew up ... with people hitting the follow button on the dog's IG like crazy!!!

"Nike went from 1,000 followers to about 10,000 followers," Holiday says, "and my phone was just blowing up."

Nike is now up to over 16,000 followers on his social media account since the draft ... this despite Linda saying she's only put a handful of pics on the page!!

As for how the dog did captaining Bill's ship during the weekend? The coach and Linda have got a lot of belly rubbing to do ... 'cause most pundits gave the Patriots' picks an A grade!!!

Vallejo City Official Out After Apparent Drinking And Cat-Throwing in Zoom Meeting


A Vallejo official has left his post after he was caught apparently drinking and chucking his cat across the room during a virtual meeting he was conducting with his colleagues.

The guy's name is Chris Platzer and he was one of the city planning commissioners before he tendered his resignation this week ... after a wild Zoom meeting that included shots of him seemingly taking swigs out of a beer, and then hurling his feline in jest.

Check it out ... over the course of the 2 hour-plus meeting -- which was a formal meeting being held to discuss city business on Monday -- you see Platzer taking lots of drinks from a mug he has throughout, and constantly getting up and leaving the meeting several times.

At one point, he picks up the laptop he's using and carries it over to what appears to be his kitchen, where it looks like he opens his fridge and pulls out a green bottle -- which has been reported locally as a beer. Perhaps Heineken -- seems to be that from our POV.

Anyway, at another moment in the meeting ... Platzer's up to talk, and you hear meowing going on in the background. He gets up, brings over his cat and introduces it to everyone ... then throws it off camera, after which you hear a thud. Some of his colleagues laughed.

Toward the end, when everyone had logged off, Platzer's heard calling someone a "bitch," and he supposedly hurled a racial epithet too ... according to the City of Vallejo.

It's been reported the City Council was about to force him out on a vote soon, but he beat 'em to the punch. Platzer wrote in his resignation letter, "I extend my gratitude to those who have supported me during my tenure. I have always felt that serving Vallejo in a voluntary position is honorable because Vallejo is worth serving. We are all living in uncertain times and I certainly, like many of you, am adjusting to a new normalcy."

'Crazy Rich Asians' Henry Golding I'm Not Giving Up on Stella ... After Dog Park Attack

Henry Golding's not giving up on fostering a pit bull named Stella ... even after she bit another dog ... but seems he's warier of where they take their walks.

The "Crazy Rich Asians" star took Stella for a stroll in the sun Thursday at a park in Santa Monica. No other dogs around, just Stella and her foster dad ... who's heeding lockdown guidelines and wearing a face covering.

Henry had Stella on a short leash this time, one week after she attacked a smaller dog.

We broke the story ... Golding took Stella to Pan Pacific Park in L.A. last week, where she bit a smaller pup that was not on a leash, by the way. We're told Henry's dog picked up the other dog by the neck, causing a large gash that required 6 staples.

The actor is offering to pay the vet bills for the smaller dog, which is expected to make a full recovery.

It's pretty commendable that Henry didn't take Stella back to the shelter after the incident -- and is instead choosing to continue giving her a foster home.

'Crazy Rich Asians' Henry Golding Pit Bull Mauls Smaller Dog


9:55 AM PT -- The smaller dog's owner tells us Henry and his team only offered to pay her vet bills after she posted about the incident on Instagram ... she says her emails to him were initially ignored for several days.

Henry Golding's fostered pit bull mauled another pooch in a park -- causing a trip to the vet and staples -- but the actor is now stepping up to cover the injured pooch's bills.

Here's the deal ... the "Crazy Rich Asians" star is fostering a pit bull named Stella during the coronavirus pandemic, and last week Henry brought her to Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles, where all hell broke loose.

We're told Stella attacked a smaller pup while the dogs were running around, picking the pooch up by the neck and causing a large gash that required several hours at an animal hospital. The hurt pup needed 6 staples, but will survive.

The owner of the smaller dog tells us she spoke to a police officer who was at the park, but the cops couldn't do anything and told her the incident needed to be resolved between the 2 parties. We're also told Henry's dog was on a leash, and the smaller pooch was not.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Henry gave the other dog's owner an email, and both parties have been in communication. A Source close to Henry tells us he's offered to pay the medical bills.

MLB Star Freddie Freeman Cat Killed In Hit And Run 'Our Hearts Are Broken'

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Tragic news from Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman's family ... their beloved pet cat, Benji, was killed in a hit-and-run Monday night.

"He was struck by a car who didn’t even stop to check on him ... we found him too late. Our hearts are broken," Freddie's wife, Chelsea, said in an emotional post on Instagram.

"He was the best cat you could ever ask for, he was more like a dog or even a person," Chelsea said ... adding Benji was very close with their 3-year-old son, Charlie.

"He would run and greet us at the front door, chase baseballs and jump on the trampoline with Charlie... he and Charlie were best friends and he was a cherished child to us for the last 6 years."

The Atlanta Braves shared their condolences in the comments section, saying "We love you, Freeman family ❤️ Benji was the best!"

Chelsea ended the sad post with a heartbreaking line -- "I know Freddie’s mom and Grandma are loving on him in heaven but God does this hurt💔 We love you so much Benji💔"


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