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Jose Canseco's Daughter Gunning For SI Swimsuit Edition

5/14/2015 12:11 PM PDT
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Hannah Davis better watch her perfectly sculpted ass ... 'cause Jose Canseco's hot model daughter is gunning for her spot in the 2016 SI Swimsuit Edition. 

Turns out, Josie Canseco is an aspiring model ... who's making a serious run to get into the most famous bikini mag in the country.

In fact, she shot a video for SI's Swim Daily to better her chances, here are the highlights ... 

-- She thinks lingerie is sexy 
-- She doesn't like dudes with crazy chest hair
-- And thinks most women want to date a version of their father 

So, pay attention you smooth-chested, athletic roid-heads ... you may have a shot. 


Jose Canseco Gunshot Finger Making Incredible Recovery ... Says Ex

12/28/2014 9:48 AM PST

The finger Jose Canseco SHOT OFF HIS HAND is almost as good as new ... so says the MLB star's ex-wife who just showed TMZ Sports some pretty gnarly never-before-seen pics of Jose's progress.

Jessica Canseco was leaving 1 Oak in Hollywood when she admitted she told Jose to have the finger amputated after he put a bullet through the digit back in October.

But fortunately Jose didn't take her advice ... and now Jessica says he's on his way to one of the most miraculous recoveries she's ever seen -- thanks to an insane surgical procedure involving a piece of Jose's hip bone!!! 

Check out the clip -- Jessica not only gives the medical update ... but shows off graphic pics of Jose's hand just weeks after the accident.

Better put your food down for this one ...


FHM Model Anna Benson Denied Bail Because of Murder Rap

8/2/2013 11:44 AM PDT

Former FHM model Anna Benson -- who has just been charged with armed robbery and all sorts of other crimes -- is no stranger to the law.  She was once charged with murder.

A judge has denied Benson bail in her current legal predicament -- for allegedly barging into the home of ex hubby former Mets pitcher Kris Benson with a handgun and a metal baton and threatened to harm him if he didn't hand over some loot. 

As for why she was denied bail -- turns out back in '96 Anna was charged with murdering a man in Tennessee and she went on the lam for 5 months.  Although the charges were ultimately dropped, the judge in the current case felt because of her conduct in '96 Anna is a flight risk.

Anna wants out of the pokey so she can travel out of state for "mental and substance abuse evaluations."

'Baseball Wives' Star Anna Benson's Husband's Terrified 911 Call

7/10/2013 12:20 AM PDT
TMZ has obtained the terrified 911 call placed by "Baseball Wives" star Anna Benson's estranged husband Kris Benson ... moments after she burst into his bedroom on Sunday with a handgun, a bulletproof vest, and a metal baton.

Kris sounds extremely panicked during the call ... telling dispatch how Anna came into his house brandishing a gun and threatening him with it. He says he's not sure if Anna had been drinking before the incident ... but did say she's never done anything like this before.

As we reported, Kris -- a former MLB pitcher -- claims Anna used the gun to demand $30,000 from him.

Anna was arrested Sunday on suspicion of felony assault and has since been booked on 4 counts ... including 2 counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon, 1 count of criminal trespass, and 1 count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

'Baseball Wives' Star Allegedly Used Gun to Demand $30K from Ex 'He's a F***ing P****'

7/9/2013 11:00 AM PDT
Former "Baseball Wives" star Anna Benson demanded $30,000 from her estranged husband when she busted into his Georgia home with a gun, a loaded ammo belt, and a bulletproof vest ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

As we reported, Benson was arrested Sunday for felony assault stemming from the incident ... but new details surrounding the arrest have just emerged.

According to the report, Anna's estranged husband (and former MLB pitcher) Kris Benson claims she threatened him with the handgun, demanding $30k in cash, and then smashed his computer with a metal baton.

Kris -- who filed for divorce from Anna last year -- told police she was "screaming and out of control" when she burst into his bedroom ... so he ran out of the house to hide in the woods, and called 911. Cops showed up soon after and when Kris told them Anna was armed, they formed a perimeter around the house. Officers eventually apprehended Anna on the back porch of the house.

According to the report, Anna told police she was angry and came over in the middle of the night to discuss money and other bones she had to pick -- like why he hadn't picked up their kids. She admitted to breaking his computer with the baton, but denied pulling out the handgun.

While searching her, police claim they found a loaded ammo belt and a knife. They also recovered the handgun at the scene.

As for the bulletproof vest, Anna claimed "it was a new model she was testing for a company" ... and that she "had to wear it for an extended time to get it to mold to her body."

According to the report, Anna insisted she didn't do anything wrong and was SHOCKED when cops placed her under arrest ... then called her husband "a f***ing p****."

As we first reported, Anna was subsequently booked on 4 counts ... 2 counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon, 1 count of criminal trespass, and 1 count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime


'Baseball Wives' Star Arrested for Felony Assault After Alleged Gun Threat

7/8/2013 12:55 PM PDT
Former "Baseball Wives" star Anna Benson -- the estranged wife of ex-pitcher Kris Benson -- was arrested this morning in Georgia ... after allegedly raiding Kris' apartment with a gun and a metal baton, all while wearing a bulletproof vest.

According to law enforcement, Kris -- who filed for divorce last year -- reported that Anna showed up in a rage last night after being forced by the court to vacate their marital home. Kris says Anna arrived and immediately whipped out an "expandable metal baton," threatening to hit him.

But it didn't stop there ... Kris told police Anna then pulled out a handgun and demanded money. She must have been expecting Kris to pull a gun on her too ... because she was allegedly wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of the alleged assault.

According to the police report, Kris told Anna he would get her the money following the altercation ... but then left the home and called police instead.

Anna -- a former FHM model -- was arrested this morning and booked on 4 counts ... 2 counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon, 1 count of criminal trespass, and 1 count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

She is currently still in custody. Anna is famous for her outlandish behavior on "Baseball Wives" ... including pulling out a 12" dildo and threatening to hit her castmates with it. She also famously threatened to sleep with the entire Mets team if Kris ever cheated on her.

Get More: Baseball Wives

'Wives' Star Eric Williams WANTED MAN

6/9/2013 12:35 AM PDT
0607-eric-williams-tmz"Basketball Wives" and former NBA star Eric Williams is about to learn a hard lesson -- babies can cost you your freedom.

A judge just issued an arrest warrant for Williams ... because he's completely blown off a paternity case which required him to both appear and submit a DNA sample.

As TMZ first reported, Williams -- who is in the process of divorcing "Wives" star Jennifer Williams -- was slapped with a paternity suit last year by a woman who claims he knocked her up.  The woman's son was born in October, 2011, while he was still living with Jennifer.

Williams has been pretending the case doesn't exist -- he hasn't even hired a lawyer. We're told he's ignored phone calls and texts from the baby mama.

Calls to Williams have not yet been returned. At least he's consistent.

'Baseball Wives' Dildo Stunt Has Show Staffers in Uproar

11/30/2011 11:52 AM PST
Anna Benson Baseball Wives
"Baseball Wives" -- a new show debuting tonight on VH1 -- is in meltdown mode, because one of the women is so out of control, she's threatening other BB wives with a 12-inch dildo.

During a recent filming, Anna Benson -- the wife of former Mets pitcher Kris Benson -- got into it with Cheri Knoblauch -- wife of former Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch.  Anna got creative, pulled out a stun gun and set it on a table in front of her in a threatening manner, then produced a 12-inch dildo from her purse and started swinging ... which raises the question, Why such a big purse?

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... some of the staffers are now threatening to quit, because they can't handle Anna's insane behavior.

Sources tell us ... show execs are trying to contain Anna. 

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