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Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field Here's 'Jeremy' ... and Dennis Rodman

8/19/2018 12:00 PM PDT

Pearl Jam brought out a very special guest at their Chicago concert this weekend -- none other North Korea's #1 man Dennis Rodman ... who had some, uh, interesting things to say.

The former Bulls star made an appearance Saturday night at PJ's Wrigley Field set and told Chitowners he was thankful for their continued support while he unofficially lobbied for the U.S. with Kim Jong-un ... which unofficially resulted in an actual meeting recently. 

Dennis told the crowd ... "You people here are the only people on this planet Earth [that] gave me support. Thank all you guys!" He continued with a promise to the Windy City, saying when he died ... he'd "make sure" to be buried in Chicago. The audience ate it up.

Eddie Vedder told him to put off his death for as long as possible. Well said.

Ferrari 512S Modulo Concept Car Or, XL Doorstop?!

8/15/2018 9:44 AM PDT

How's THIS for a concept car?!?

The one-of-a-kind Ferrari 512S Modulo hit the road Tuesday for its first ever ride on public pavement ... nearly 50 years AFTER it was introduced. 

The driver is Ferrari megafan Jim Glickenhaus. He calls it the 'Mona Lisa' of sports cars and believes it has a future in art museums.

The 512S Modulo debuted in 1970 as a concept car from Italian car design company Pininfarina ... after it was passed on to them by Enzo Ferrari. Pininfarina sold it to Glickenhaus in 2014 and he's been prepping it for this moment ever since.  

The two-seater has a V12 engine ... but there's no power steering. 

If you're heading to Pebble Beach for this week's U.S. Amateur Championship ... look for the whip on the lawn in the Ferrari section.

Grieving Mother Orca Finally Drops Body of Dead Baby Calf ... 17 Days Later

8/12/2018 4:36 PM PDT

A Southern Resident killer whale whose calf died shortly after birth last month was finally seen swimming without the carcass 17 days later ... according to scientists, who say her "tour of grief" is over.

The Center for Whale Research announced Saturday that the mother orca in question -- who goes by both Tahlequah and J35 -- was seen swimming solo near British Columbia with her pod chasing a school of salmon ... the first time she'd been seen without the body of her deceased calf since July 24.

Scientists say the whale refused to part with the carcass for a whopping 17 days, in what they described as severe grieving. The CWR says mother whales have been known to transport their dead calves for up to a week at a time, but this case was unprecedented. 

Photos and video showing Tahlequah keeping the baby whale's body afloat soon after it died quickly went viral, especially after each passing day. The CWR says 100% of pregnancies for Southern Resident killer whales over the past 3 years have failed to produce viable offspring.

Sex in the Park The British Are Coming!!! And People Are Pissed

8/8/2018 7:42 AM PDT

As the saying goes, the best laid plans of horny men often go awry -- or something like that, but this video of a bare-assed British dude banging his chick in a busy park ... definitely applies.

In the video, shot over the weekend in Leeds, England, you can hear a concerned citizen calling the police to report the guy's failure to Brexit his GF ... within yards, apparently, of a cricket match.

Once the players noticed, a violent case of coitus interruptus went down. One guy ran over and put an end to the bangers and mash ... by slapping the BF in the face multiple times.

More than a handful of parkgoers called cops, but in the end it looks like the cricketers handled it just fine.

Paris Airport Fight Beefing Rappers Brawl ... Duty-Free Shop Destroyed

8/1/2018 5:09 PM PDT

If the "you break it, you buy it" rule applies at this duty-free shop ... these guys can expect a VERY hefty bill coming their way.

This insane video captures the mayhem at the Paris Orly Airport as 2 rival French rappers and their respective entourages went AT IT ... with punches, kicks and expensive cosmetics flying everywhere.

At one point, a man is pummeled by at least 3 other guys before they let up

The beefing rappers -- Booba and Kaaris -- were reportedly arrested along with 9 other members of their crews. It's unclear how much damage they caused, but by the looks of it ... they better hope they sell a lot of records after this.

The airport's terminal was briefly closed and some flights were delayed due to the melee.

Charles Manson Peed On His Own Painting Smell Ya Later?!?!

7/31/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Ever wanted to get a whiff of Charles Manson's piss? Zak Bagans says now you can, 'cause he bought a canvas the murderer painted and hated so much he pissed all over it.

The “Ghost Adventures” star tells TMZ he dropped $2,500 for the artwork and claims the person who sold him the painting says Manson himself created the work while in prison ... but hated it and peed all over it. Manson was pissed off, if you will. (Sorry, not sorry).

Zak says he bought the painting from the same dude who sold him Manson's chompers. And, get this ... he says the painting STILL smells like urine. It'll soon be available in Zak's "Murderbilia" exhibit at his infamous haunted museum in Vegas.

As for what drew Zak to the painting ... he likes that it's gross and creepy, exactly what his museum needs. And, with Manson allegedly pissing all over it, Zak feels it emanates emotions of hatred.

Conor McGregor Squats a Human ... In Central Park

7/30/2018 3:50 PM PDT

Conor McGregor took his Monday workout to the next level -- throwing a grown ass man on his back for a set of squats in Central Park ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

The UFC superstar is still out in NYC after his court hearing last week in which he agreed to a plea deal in his bus attack case that will keep him out of jail. 

So, what's Conor doing with his free time? Seems to be prepping for his next fight ... with a grueling workout all over the city. 

After the squats, Conor knocked out some ab work before going on a run -- dude looks to be in pretty solid shape. 

Of course, McGregor is expected to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov in October ... and now that his criminal case is pretty much over, he can focus on training full-time

Charles Manson Blood Painting with His Ashes To be Auctioned Off

7/20/2018 12:40 AM PDT

A creepy Charles Manson painting made with the artist's blood is awaiting an even creepier finishing touch -- the cremated remains of Manson himself -- and then it can be yours.

Artist Ryan Almighty tells TMZ ... he created this painting using his own blood, and was able to obtain some of Manson's ashes from someone who attended the spreading of them ... back in March, near Porterville, CA. 

Ryan plans to use the ashes to fill in Manson's eyes in the painting, and then it will be complete.

The man who provided the ashes gets the first painting and plans to auction off the masterpiece and use the proceeds to make a monument for Steven Parent ... one of the victims of the Manson Family murders. With the remainder of the ashes Ryan Almighty plans on doing a series of paintings that won't be sold, but displayed. 

We'd say buyer beware, but this seems more like a beware of buyer situation.

The Jonas Brothers Crash Mary Carey's Wedding in Cuba

7/9/2018 10:00 AM PDT

Hear the one about the Jonas Bros -- formerly of purity ring fame -- running into a porn star at the altar? Well, you're about to, 'cause Mary Carey's Cuban wedding got super random.

The ex-porn star and Dr. Joseph Brownfield had their wedding celebration in Havana and, while partying at a restaurant called La Guarida ... in walked Nick and Kevin Jonas!

Turns out all 3 Jo Bros have been in Cuba too, and just happened to be dining in a separate part of the restaurant. Kev and Nick posed for this shot with the happy couple. Joe abstained.

We're told Nick and Kevin weren't there long, and managed to dodge any wedding singer duties.

You'll recall, Mary and the good doc got hitched in L.A. a couple weeks back, but had the ceremony and reception in Havana. Great timing.

Rihanna Not Arrested Rite Aid Frame Job Doesn't Work, Work, Work

6/25/2018 12:40 AM PDT

No, Rihanna did not get busted for trespassing at Rite Aid ... but one woman pulled out all the stops to try to make it look that way.

According to law enforcement ... the woman was busted last week at the Bev Hills Rite Aid, and didn't have any ID on her. When cops asked her for her name, she said it was Robyn Rihanna Fenty ... which is the singer's government name.

When cops asked her for her birthday, she said it was February 20 ... Rihanna's actual birthday.

The woman made one mistake though -- she said she was born in 1986 ... but Rihanna was born in 1988.

Obviously, cops knew they weren't dealing with the real RiRi, and the woman was cited for misdemeanor trespassing and was released. We're fairly certain Rihanna's life was not affected at all by the ordeal.

Michael Rapaport Mile-High Hero ... Saves Airplane from Emergency Situation

6/23/2018 11:24 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

12:25 PM PT -- Sources close to American Airlines tell us ... airport authorities and FBI spoke to the passenger who tried to open the emergency door, and determined he really was confused ... so they let him go. We're told he continued on a flight from L.A. to Vietnam to visit his mother, who is ill.

Michael Rapaport sprung to action and stopped a guy who was trying to open the emergency door on an airplane mid-flight ... according to another passenger.

Fox Sports director Ted Kenney tweeted about the ordeal, saying he was on a flight to L.A. from Houston early Saturday morning when he heard a commotion several rows ahead, and saw the "Atypical" actor jump out of his seat and rush toward a guy yelling, "What the f*** are you doing?!"

Kenney says by the time he and a couple BIG3 players who were also on the flight ran up, Michael had the guy by the collar and pulled him away from the emergency door. He told the crew the guy was trying to open it.

The man's excuse -- allegedly -- was he thought it was the bathroom door.

Rapaport also took to Twitter to joke about the scary incident, giving a shout-out to ballers, Glen 'Big Baby' Davis and Baron Davis for helping diffuse the situation, as well.

The crew was returning from Houston from the opening night of the second season of the BIG3 league.

And Rapaport comes away from the trip with a couple new nicknames -- Air Marshal Mike ... and Michael RapaPort Authority.

Lenny Dykstra Uber Driver In Trouble with Cops ... Over Ride with MLB Star

6/8/2018 6:24 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Lenny Dykstra claims he was essentially kidnapped by an erratic Uber driver -- and now, we've learned the driver's been hit with a criminal charge.   

The night in question (May 23) is the same evening Dykstra was arrested in NJ for allegedly threatening to shoot the driver when cops say they also found Dykstra in possession of weed, cocaine and ecstasy. 

The driver had claimed Lenny asked to change destinations in the middle of the ride and when the driver refused, Lenny flipped out and threatened to shoot him. 

But, Dykstra says that's B.S. -- admitting he did ask to change locations, but it was the DRIVER who flipped out ... locking the doors and driving 100 mph in the wrong direction. 

Dykstra says the driver eventually pulled up in front of a police station -- where Lenny claims the driver lied to cops about what really happened. 

Cops investigated and according to court documents, the driver has been hit with 1 count of false imprisonment. 

Lenny says he was afraid for his life and called 911 several times from the back seat. Lenny says when the driver realized he was talking with police, the driver freaked out even more. 

Dykstra's charges have not been dropped -- but now, it seems both the driver and the passenger could go down together in what may be considered as one of the most bizarre Uber rides ever. 

8:40AM PT  -- Dykstra and his attorney Matthew Blit held a news conference this morning in NYC .. where they described the incident. Lenny says he was kidnapped by the driver and was in fear for his life.

"I literally thought this guy was going to kill me."

Off-Duty FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Someone ... While Dancing at Club

6/3/2018 10:41 AM PDT

An off-duty FBI agent accidentally shot someone at a night club in Denver after his gun fell out of his holster and went off while dancing ... but luckily the victim seems to be OK.

The unnamed agent was getting his groove on early Saturday morning at Mile High Spirits in Denver, CO, when he decided to do a backflip that made his gun fall loose on the floor.

He went to pick it up ... and mistakenly fired a round, according to local police. One man was hit in the lower leg and was hospitalized -- but cops say he's expected to recover.

The man has not been charged with a crime yet -- he was taken to police headquarters and eventually released to an FBI supervisor. The D.A. will decide whether or not to prosecute.

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