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Intense Underwater Attack

Divers Fend Off Shark

With A Speargun

7/29/2015 8:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharks are perfect killing machines ... but luckily for these scuba divers they have the perfect underwater weapon to combat a hungry hammerhead.

The bubbling screams of these two scuba divers as they fend off the circling predator with a speargun will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Check out the intense video of these two guys trying to stay off the seafood menu.


Girl Takes Shot Of Vodka


7/28/2015 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Would you like some salt around that rim?

One not-so-lucky fan at the annual Gathering of The Juggalos got a BIG surprise when she volunteered for some free booze.

The fan was blindfolded on stage and then ... well ... check out the video for the rest.

Let's just say she probably needed a chaser. 

'Big Brother' Star GinaMarie

Hypnotist Made Me a Zombie!

7/28/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" star GinaMarie Zimmerman got sleepy … very, very sleeeepy at a comic book expo ... where a hypnotist made her a zombie.

It's an amazing performance. It took just 5 minutes to put her in another world. Words can't do it justice … you gotta watch.

GinaMarie's first question when she came to ... "Did I get naked?" 

She was on "Big Brother," after all. 

Heroic Woman

Saves Son’s Life

After Freak Escalator Accident

7/27/2015 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A two-year-old boy is alive and well in China after his quick-thinking mother had the sense to push him to safety after a mall escalator malfunctioned and swallowed her alive.

The woman passed away in the ordeal and reports say it took four hours for workers to disassemble the escalator and recover her body.

Eliza Dushku

Sexual Fetish Gurus Not Impressed

You Gotta be a Furry to Roll With Us!

7/15/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0714-eliza-dushku-instagram-01Eliza Dushku attended her very first furry convention, but according to the organizers that doesn't mean she's automatically in the sexual fetish club. 

"Uncle Kage" -- the organizer of Anthrocon -- tells TMZ he had no idea Dushku even attended Anthrocon in Pittsburgh over the weekend. In case you weren't aware, Anthrocon is the world's largest convention for those fascinated with furries ... well, just Google it (NSFW).  

Kage isn't fully on board with extending a special invite to Eliza for next year's convention. He's not convinced she's fully committed ... just because you hang out with furries, doesn't mean you are one.

He explains, "We do not bring in celebrities simply for the sake of having celebrities."

Gotta step up your game and get a fursuit, Eliza. The furries will be watching ... 

#TheDress Debate 2.0

What Color Is


7/9/2015 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If that damn blue & black OR white & gold dress debate didn't destroy all your friendships -- try this one out ... #TheShoe.

Just like that freakin' #TheDress -- there are 2 options: Pink or purple? The person who posted this included an answer key, sorta -- the nail polish colors.

Does the shoe match the the color on the left ... or the one on the right?

Supposedly the answer is ... left! Now, is that pink or purple? Commence tearing each other apart. 

Up Up And Away

Canadian Man Gets Airborne

With Balloons And Lawn Chair

7/7/2015 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Canadian man was arrested for a PR stunt that took him up over Calgary in a lawn chair and balloons, just like the movie "UP" ... and might have gotten away with it if it wasn't for the weather.

Daniel Boria -- a professional skydiver, before you get any ideas --  floated up in a $20 lawn chair attached to about 100 balloons filled with helium. 

The plan was to skydive into a local rodeo as a promotional stunt, but the 26 year-old got TOO high, balloons started popping... and then he was screwed. He crash landed into a field and injured his ankle.

Cops nailed him for mischief causing danger to life ... but at least he lived.

Fidel Castro

I’ll Come Out Of Hiding …

For A Cheese Convention

7/6/2015 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0706_fidel_castro_say_cheese_launchPut the rumors to rest, Fidel Castro is still alive and kicking … and all it took to get the 88-year-old dictator out of hiding was some putrefied dairy.

Castro spoke for 4 hours in Guatao, Cuba -- a little about U.S. relations,  but mostly about rotten milk with 19 other cheese connoisseurs. It was his first public appearance in over 3 months ... and, for the time being anyway, put those persistent death rumors to rest.

Nothing like stinky cheese to get El Jefe back in the limelight.

Joey Chestnut

I'll Gain 22 Pounds In Hot Dog Contest

Post-Dump Will Be 'Epic'

7/2/2015 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joey Chestnut -- the greatest competitive eater OF ALL TIME -- says he expects to gain more than 20 pounds during the hot dog competition on 4th of July ... but the real show comes after the contest! 

"Jaws" says he's already began to prep his body for the Nathan's Famous hot dog contest on Coney Island ... where he hopes to defend his title by chowing down more than 60 wieners in 10 minutes. 

So what happens when it's time to digest? 

"It's not pretty," Chestnut says ... explaining that the post-contest bathroom run is "epic" and "picture worthy."

God bless America. 

Levi Johnston

Changes His Tune

Hey Bristol, I'm Here To Help

6/29/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bristol Palin just got some support from her nemesis -- the baby daddy fighting her in a nasty custody war ... former fiance, Levi Johnston.

It's a strange twist. Levi, who shares 6-year-old Tripp with Palin, tells TMZ he and wife Sunny are going to do what they can to help raise her new kid. He says she's "a great mom."

And get this ... Levi says he's sorry for Bristol's string of bad luck, specifically mentioning the fact she called off her wedding.  

Palin posted a somber announcement on her Facebook page Thursday and noted that the pregnancy was a "huge disappointment" to her and her family, but Sunday she said the pregnancy was planned.

As for the whole kid out of wedlock thing, Levi says waiting to have kids until the parents tie the knot is the way to go, but he understands things happen ... they happened to him. 

Strange words for someone fighting for custody. 

Kevin Durant

Wanna Suck Like Me?

Buy My Used Straw!

6/15/2015 9:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0615-SUB-kevin-durant-candy-slush-EBAY-01You can finally share DNA with Kevin Durant ... if the price is right ... because the NBA superstar's actual USED straw has hit the auction block ... for real. 

In fact, the straw is the REAL piece of plastic KD sucked from during a SONIC fast food commercial the NBA star shot back in March, when he was promoting the Kevin Durant Signature Slush.

The straw also comes with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by KD that reads, "This is the actual straw from the Candy Slush that Kevin Durant (KD) had on the set of a SONIC commercial shot on March 26, 2015."

There's more ... Sonic is also auctioning off the ACTUAL candy from KD's slush ... which also come with a C.O.A. 

0615-kevin-durant-candy-slush-EBAY-01Don't worry, it's not some cheap stunt to make a few extra bucks -- the auction benefits the Limeades for Learning program ... which raises money for educational programs across the country. 

So far, bidding on the straw is already up to $40 ... but there's still 5 days left to go! 

Smash Mouth Singer

Quit Tossing Bread at Us...

You 'Punk Bitches'

6/15/2015 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lead singer of Smash Mouth lost his cool during a concert, and started cussing like CRAZY at the crowd ... all because of a little bread. 

The '90s band (still working the county fair & festival circuit) was performing at a Colorado food fest on Sunday when people in the crowd started throwing slices of bread on stage -- and when the dough hit lead singer Steve Harwell. ... he went off

Harwell lost his mind ... threatening to fight anyone -- at the family friendly event, mind you. 

Security stepped in though to block Harwell from attacking, and he returned to the stage to sing "All Star" ... which is all anyone cared about anyway.  

Farrah Abraham

I Want My DNA ...

On Your Chest

6/14/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0612-farrah-abraham-tmz-01A piece of Farrah Abraham can be yours … and we’re not talking about her ass -- the backdoor teen mom has put her DNA on the market.

Abraham's partnered with Celebrity Gene, a company that liquefies the DNA of celebrities -- usually extracted from hair -- and puts it in a vial you can wear around your neck. Very Angelina Jolie circa 2001. 

The jewelry vials go for $99, and it’s mostly for a good cause because 50% goes to the charity of the celeb's choice – in Farrah’s case, it's Operation Underground Railroad, which helps rescue kidnapped children from slavery.

We're told Abraham's also banking a 10% cut from sales ... in addition to the roughly $30,000 she got upfront for the DNA sample.

Abraham has a history with the double helix … she tells TMZ a positive paternity test changed her life and "created a better future" (aka Social Security benefits) for her daughter.

Abraham joins the ranks of Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Elvis and Al Capone, who also have DNA for sale via the site ... so pick wisely.


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