Shannon Briggs Rampage Jackson Will S**t His Pants ... When He Sees Me!!


Bring some baby wipes to tomorrow's Triller media event ... 'cause Shannon Briggs tells TMZ Sports Rampage Jackson will literally poop his pants when he lays eyes on Cannon.

We talked to the 49-year-old former heavyweight champ, acting as the captain (across from Quinton) for Triller's upcoming Triad Combat event on Nov. 27 ... and asked Briggs about coming face-to-face with his rival.

"We're gonna see each other, there's a press conference Wednesday, the weigh-ins Friday and the fights Saturday. I'm looking forward to it champ. When I look at him in his face and I tell him 'lets go champ', we're gonna see. I think personally he gonna defecate on himself. I think he gonna defecate, but he might not," Shannon says.

"If he don't defecate or urinate, he might be tougher than I thought."


Shannon and Rampage's beef ain't new ... the combat sports legends have been going back-and-forth on social media for months.

We also talked to Shannon about the concept -- fighting in a triangle -- an idea Briggs believes will lead to almost nonstop action.

"It's definitely gonna bring a lot of anxiety, pressure to someone who's never done it before. How do you train for something like that? You're used to training whether it's an Octagon or a ring, now you're fighting in a triangle."

Briggs continued ... "It's gonna be amazing. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's gonna lead to a lot more toe-to-toe slugging."

FYI, Matt Mitrione, Kubrat Pulev, Frank Mir and Mike Perry are among the fighters on the inaugural card.

For now, Briggs (2x heavyweight champion) and Jackson (former UFC light heavyweight and PRIDE middleweight champ) are just captains ... but if the 2 former champs scrapped, it'd be a hot ticket.

Press conference is tomorrow ... to crap or not to crap his pants. Stay tuned.

Susan Boyle 'Memba Her?!

Scottish singer Susan Boyle shot to stardom in 2009 after she stunned the audience, judges and television viewers around the world with her rendition of the Les Miserable tune "I Dreamed A Dream" on the third season of "Britain's Got Talent."

While Boyle made her way through the competition with the support of the crowd and the three judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden ... Susan fell short of the final prize with an upsetting loss to the dance group Diversity.

Susan Boyle continues to grace the world with her angelic singing and has released an impressive catalog of albums including the 2019 LP Ten.

Guess what Susan Boyle looks like now!

WWE's Seth Rollins Fan Attack Was 'Terrifying' ... Keep Him From WWE


WWE Superstar Seth Rollins is opening up about the out-of-control fan who speared him during a taping of 'Raw,' saying he was shocked and terrified and believes the attacker should be banned -- at least for now.

The 35-year-old wrestler just touched down in Los Angeles, less than 24 hours after he was on the receiving end of the attempted assault, and he admitted he was shook by the whole thing.

"It's terrifying, brother," Rollins said, providing a play-by-play of the incident.

"It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay."


After the attack there was confusion about whether the whole melee was part of the show ... something Rollins shot down, saying, "once the tackle happened I knew what was going on. The guy was barreling around the corner."

Luckily, Seth says he was not injured during the attack.

"No, no serious injuries. Nothing like that. I was safe, we were safe. Everything was okay."


As we previously reported, the 24-year-old fan has been hit with 2 charges in NYC ... but Rollins was tight-lipped on whether he wants the guy to be punished criminally.

However, Seth is sure he doesn't want to see the fan sitting ringside at a WWE event anytime soon.

"I think as a precedence he probably should not be allowed at the events."

Waukesha Parade Suspect Charged 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide

2:32 PM PT -- Brooks' bail was just set at $5 million. There are also now reports a 6th person, a child, has died because of injuries suffered at the parade.

The man cops say is responsible for running his SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing 5 people, and injuring dozens more has just been charged ... and is about to make a first appearance in court.

According to documents released Tuesday, Darrell Brooks Jr. has been hit with 5 counts of first-degree intentional homicide -- one count for each person killed. The docs recount how Brooks ignored attempts by both civilians and police officers to stop his vehicle.


Not only that, officers claim there were several moments when Brooks had the opportunity to exit the parade route and he stayed in ... increasing his speed and mowing people down.

In all, there were at least 62 injured by Brooks ... the 5 casualties were all adults, but we know children were among the injured.

Daniel Rider / TMX

As we reported, Brooks' arrest was captured on doorbell surveillance shortly after the massacre. He had asked the homeowners to use a phone, saying he was waiting on an Uber ... but cops were quick to catch up to him.

Brooks, who at one time had a very small-scale rap career featured the same vehicle he used in the attack in one of his videos.

Originally Published -- 2:10 PM PT

Johnny Manziel Divorce From Bre Tiesi Finalized

2:38 PM PT -- Bre celebrated the news with her very own divorce party -- featuring some of her closest friends.

"I do, I did, I’m officially done🤪," Tiesi said on Instagram Tuesday. "No shade to J, wish you nothing but the best, love ya ❤️😂"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Johnny Manziel is officially a single man -- the ex-NFL quarterback's divorce from Bre Tiesi has been finalized, TMZ Sports has learned.

Court records show the judge signed off on the divorce earlier this month ... which means both Johnny and Bre are solo-dolo in the eyes of the state of California.

We spoke with Bre, who said the two are "still cool" with each other and speak often ... and she wishes him nothing but the best.

Of course, both sides had already moved on to other people -- in fact, Bre recently dated Jennifer Lopez's ex, Casper Smart.

Johnny credited Bre with saving his life in the past ... and later said his marriage -- and divorce -- helped him grow as a person.

"I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for my relationship and getting married," Manziel said at the time.

"I wouldn't have the same attitude towards everything else if I wouldn't have gone through the divorce and stuff, too, if I wouldn't have gone through that with Bre. 100% there's no chance."

We broke the story -- Bre and Johnny first started dating in 2016 ... and Johnny proposed in March 2017. The couple got hitched in 2018 before breaking things off a year later.

Tiesi had previously called Manziel out for allegedly cheating on her ... saying, "vows were broken."

Great early holiday gift for both sides!!

BTS Traffic-Stopping Show w/ Corden ... Someone Say 'Butter'???


BTS is at the intersection of global fandom these days -- but right now, they're literally at the intersection of Genesee and Beverly in Los Angeles -- with none other than James Corden.

The Korean pop band -- consisting of a whopping 7 members -- appears to be involved in a major showstopping number in the middle of the day, and in the middle of the street too ... right outside of CBS's Television City in the heart of L.A.

That's where Corden films his 'Late, Late Show' ... and it looks like he and his team coordinated an elaborate dance routine of some sort that's blocking off the roads -- complete with costumes, signage, a trampoline ... and probably some BTS music too.

Based on what we can see here ... they're plugging the group's smash hit, "Butter," which has been at the top of all sorts of music charts lately -- emblematic of their pull in general, these guys are very much so on top of the world.


Not only have they been nominated for another Grammy this year, but they just cleaned up at the AMAs -- taking home three trophies total -- and are selling out concerts everywhere they go, including here ... they've got a show this weekend at SoFi Stadium, and tickets are reselling for a fortune (about $600 for nosebleeds, just for reference).

Of course, Corden knows talent when he sees it -- so it's no surprise he's pulling out all the stops for whatever segment they're filming right now. Besides, this is sorta right up his alley anyway ... flash mob-style extravaganzas that stop people in their tracks, and their cars.

Can't wait to see it when it airs later tonight!

Louis C.K. & Dave Chappelle Nominated for Grammys ... Is Cancel Culture Canceled???

Louis C.K. and Dave Chappelle both grabbed Grammy noms -- despite their individual battles with "cancel culture" -- a signal maybe "canceling" people is on the wane.

The Academy announced its picks Tuesday ... Louis received a nom for Best Comedy Album and Chappelle for Best Spoken Word Album. Of course, Twitter was quick to react, mostly full of people who have had it up to HERE with C.C.

One user wrote, "Louis CK just got nominated for a Grammy, in case people wanted to keep clutching their pearls about the long-term effects of cancel culture." Another said, "only one grammy nom each for dave chappelle, kevin hart, and louis CK!! cancel culture strikes again!!"


It was back in 2017 when Louis C.K. admitted to exposing himself and masturbating in front of women or during phone convos. We saw a glimpse that things were turning around for him when he got a standing ovation at a show in 2019 before COVID closed venues across the country.


As we reported ... Dave's had his recent share of controversy as well -- especially from some in the LGBTQ+ community -- after his most recent Netflix special, "The Closer" almost entirely was centered around transgender and gay people.

Cancel Culture is ...

Clearly, The Academy is over the controversy, and its members thought the work by both comedians was enough to potentially earn them one of the top honors in entertainment.

Brian Laundrie Died by Suicide Gunshot Wound to the Head

Brian Laundrie died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head -- this according to the family attorney.

TMZ spoke with Steve Bertolino, who says both of Laundrie's parents have been informed the cause of death was suicide. He tells us both parents are still mourning the loss of their son, and "hope these findings bring closure to both families."

Of course, this news comes after Laundrie's bones were examined by an anthropologist.

As we reported, Laundrie's body was found out at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park by investigators, on the advice of his parents who suggested they search that same area again.

Remember, Brian's remains were in such a state that a medical examiner could not easily determine how exactly he'd died -- and this anthropology examination was commissioned to get to the bottom of it. One part of his remains that were intact enough were his teeth ... that's how they ultimately discovered this was, indeed, Brian -- with matching dental records.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

This seems to finally close the book on this whole saga ... at least partially, anyway. We now know how exactly Brian and Gabby Petito died ... of course, we still don't know what happened in the middle -- namely, who killed Gabby ... and what Brian's role in that was.

As we reported ... Brian returned to Florida from a cross-country trip he'd gone on with his fiancee, but he came back by himself -- with no Gabby in sight. Shortly after touching down in North Port again and seeing his parents ... Brian himself disappeared without a trace.

There was a nationwide manhunt for him that carried on for weeks and weeks -- with different would-be sightings springing up all over the place.

In the end, the guy was literally in his own backyard (metaphorically) ... and the FBI said the reason they hadn't found him earlier is that the area he ended up being in was underwater for a majority of their initial search.

Moab Police Department

Many suspected Brian's parents had perhaps been helping him or not being truthful in what they knew -- something they always denied -- and as of now, it's unclear if any charges will be brought against them.

'Selling Sunset' Mary Fitzgerald Chrishell Dating My Ex Is Cool With Me ... I'm Happy for Both of 'Em!!!


"Selling Sunset" star Mary Fitzgerald is throwing girl code out the window ... she's got no problem with co-star Chrishell Stause dating her ex, who just so happens to be their boss.

Mary joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and we asked her about girl code on the show, or lack thereof, as it relates to Chrishell continuing to move on from her divorce by getting with Mary's former flame, Jason Oppenheim ... who owns the agency featured on the show.

As we reported ... Chrishell and Jason went public with their budding relationship back in July, on a European group getaway with Mary and her husband, Romain Bonnet.

Mary says she was actually one of the driving forces behind Chrishell and Jason announcing their romance to the world ... so she's definitely putting her money where her mouth is here, telling us how she egged them on to go Instagram official.

Mary and Jason dated a few years ago, but remained close ... and she tells us what advice she gave to JO when he started showing an interest in Chrishell.

While the relationship has Mary's blessing, it's still too fresh to be featured on the upcoming season 4 of "Selling Sunset," which drops Wednesday on Netflix. She says that'll be on season 5.

Bottom line ... not everyone subscribes to girl code. Deal with it, folks!

Waukesha Parade Suspect on Doorbell Video ... As Cops Swarm for Arrest

Daniel Rider / TMX

The man police believe plowed into a crowd of people in Wisconsin actually ran to an unsuspecting neighbor for help, moments before he got busted -- and it's all on video.

Darrell Brooks Jr. was captured on a doorbell cam at a home less than a mile from where he allegedly mowed down parade-goers with his Ford Escape. In the video, you see Brooks pounding on the door and pleading for help, saying he'd ordered an Uber that hadn't shown up -- while asking to use the homeowner's phone.

Crazy enough, the neighbor, Daniel Rider, actually obliged ... playing Good Samaritan and inviting the guy inside, making him a sandwich, giving him a blanket and letting him make a call on his personal cell.

Before long, though, Rider says he saw cop cars outside.

Storyful - Facebook/City of Waukesha

Unaware of what had just happened down the street, Rider told NBC News he started to feel nervous and asked Brooks to leave, which he did ... sorta. Brooks lingered on the front porch, and when he saw the police nearby -- he tried getting back inside Rider's home.

It didn't work out for him ... the cops swooped in, and told Brooks to put his hands up, at which point he was arrested.


Brooks has since been booked on multiple charges ... including 5 counts of intentional homicide, with more pending. Word is, he was actually fleeing a separate domestic disturbance when he allegedly drove through parade barricades and ran people over.

He'd recently been released from jail for a separate case he was dealing with earlier this month.

Kanye West Enlists James Goldstein ... To Redesign $57M Malibu Home

Kanye West is up to something at his new Malibu pad -- and whatever that something is ... he wants the man living in one of the most unique homes in town to help.

James Goldstein -- who owns the famed Sheats-Goldstein Residence in the Beverly Crest hood of L.A. -- tells TMZ he recently had a face-to-face with Ye ... and not just that, but it sounds like they're gonna be working together on an architectural project.

That project, we're told, encompasses some complex plans KW has for his newly purchased mansion along the coast ... ones he believes Goldstein can advise him on, considering his experience in this field.

If you don't know ... JG's house is perhaps the most awe-inspiring in all of La La Land, due to its mind-bending construction and elaborate architecture -- most of which was undertaken by the late John Lautner, who teamed up with James years ago to bring his vision to life.

With that in mind, we're told James got a call from Kanye last week to see if they could link up and talk shop about home design -- and after sending his own architect out to inspect James' place, he tells us the man himself paid a visit on Friday to see it himself.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

James says Ye toured the grounds thoroughly, taking pics and complimenting certain features he found wowing -- like the stairway and the pool -- and eventually came clean on what he wanted ... namely, for him (James) to come over to the 'Bu and help with his project.

James says Ye is interested in James' expertise and perspective, and indeed ... he accepted his request. Now, as for what exactly Kanye is cooking up, JG says he actually showed him some drawn-up rectangular-based plans -- but couldn't really make sense of it, so he's gonna swing by in person soon to talk in more detail and figure out what Ye's got in mind.

Remember, this is the place Kanye dropped upwards of $50 mil for ... and based on its very bare appearance, we'd say it could use some sprucing up. Ye's in good hands!

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Attacked By Fan During 'RAW' ... Fan Arrested


Scary moment in the WWE on Monday night ... Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan during "RAW" -- and the wrestler needed droves of security to help get the guy off of him.

It all went down just seconds after the superstar had beaten Finn Balor in the ring at Barclays Center in New York ... when a man left his seat, jumped some railing, and speared Rollins while the 35-year-old was on his way back to the locker room.

Video shot by fans standing next to the altercation is WILD -- the man absolutely rocked Rollins ... taking him to the ground in violent fashion.

Rollins was able to fight back long enough for WWE refs and security to help him -- and fortunately, Seth was able to wriggle free and avoid any serious injury.

WWE officials confirmed the attack was not fake at all ... and said they were working with law enforcement to make sure the man "will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

"WWE takes the safety of its performers very seriously," WWE officials said.


TMZ Sports has learned the NYPD did arrest the fan ... and the man has since been hit with 2 criminal charges -- attempted assault, attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs -- disrupting live sporting event.

We're told he's due in court for a hearing on the matter next month.

Michael Strahan I'm Blastin' off on Blue Origin!!!


Michael Strahan is the new Rocket Man!!!

The 'GMA' host just revealed a secret ... that one Jeff Bezos gave him a ring not too long ago and invited him to hitch a ride into space on the Amazon founder's Blue Origin rocket.

Michael says it took about a nanosecond to say yes ... after being super inspired having been on hand for a previous launch.

Here's the thing about Bezos -- he's like one of the best PR guys in PR even though he's not really in PR. He's using every trick in the book to grab attention away from Elon Musk and Richard Branson. This time ... Bezos' rocket is flying the daughter of Alan Shepard -- the first American who ventured into space -- and a father/son duo. And, of course, there's Michael.

Strahan will blast off on December 9 and there's lots of training to do. He says he's headed to the Blue Origin facility for a week-and-a-half of training. So far, he's only met his crewmates via Zoom.

Didn't know this, but apparently, astronauts on Blue Origin get some sort of stipend. Strahan's donating his to The Boys & Girls Club.

Speaking of $$$ ... MS didn't say, but we're guessing he's getting a free ride.

Bezos, as you know, has already flown aboard his rocket, as has William Shatner. So, who's next ... Oprah? Make the call, Jeff!

Kanye West Brings Saint to Bucs Game Talks & Plays Catch with Tom Brady!!!


Kanye West got a little QT with his son, Saint, and also got in a round of catch with the old pigskin -- but it wasn't Ye tossing the ball ... it was Tom Freakin' Brady!

The rapper-producer brought his 5-year-old to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game Monday at Raymond James Stadium, where they hung out one-on-one with none other than the G.O.A.T himself inside their luxury suite before kickoff.

Check out the video ... looks like Saint helped TB warm up by throwing a ball back and forth, while papa bear filmed. Not just that, but Tom chopped it up a bit with the kid, too.

Super cute moment, no doubt -- and you can tell the Bucs QB knows a thing or 2 about talking to kids. He does have 3 of his own, one of whom he references here.

According to Tom, Saint is just like his middle son, Ben, who's apparently pretty creative. Ye makes a suggestion that gets a chuckle out of TB ... who knows, they may schedule a follow-up play date after this!

All in all, a very cool daddy's day out with at least one of his brood -- and peep the music Ye put on this video. It's the Sunday Service version of "God's Plan" ... another sign he and Drake are totally cool now.

No sign of Ye's other kids here, who might have been back on the West Coast with Mom ... even though she was a little busy herself.

As you know ... Kim went out to dinner Sunday night with Pete Davidson, where they had their own little booth ... and where PD was flashing some bruised skin.

Word is, he was rocking a big hickey on his neck.

Shaq Suing Ex-Weed Biz Partners ... You Stiffed Me!!!

Shaquille O'Neal says his former weed business partners stiffed him out of a ton of cash -- and now he's suing them for more than $1 MILLION.

The Big Diesel spelled it all out in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which the NBA legend claims he and his fellow plaintiff, Jerome Crawford, invested $150k into a new marijuana biz way back in December 2016.

In the suit, Shaq says their investment was supposed to help the company "pursue opportunities in the field of legal cannabis."

O'Neal, though, claims that by late 2017 ... the company "seemingly had no licenses, no revenue, and no operations."

Shaq says when he and his attorneys pressed for details on how their money was being used, the company initially didn't respond.

In 2018, Shaq says after he threatened litigation, the company agreed to pay him and Crawford back in installments of $10,000 each.

The problem ... Shaq claims the company only paid the first installment of $20k -- and now, he is suing to get his initial investment back with interest ... plus a lot more for allegedly mismanaging the company.

In the docs, Shaq and Crawford are looking for damages in excess of $1 mil.

Malcolm X Daughter Malikah Found Dead ... No Foul Play Suspected

Malikah Shabazz, the daughter of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, has been found dead in Brooklyn, less than a week after the 2 men convicted for her father's assassination were exonerated ... TMZ has confirmed.

LoudLabs NYC

Law enforcement sources tell us Shabazz's death does not appear to be suspicious, she was found face-down on the floor in her living room by her daughter. The timing is eerie considering just last week 83-year-old Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam -- who died in 2009 -- were exonerated after a several-decades long investigation.

Shabazz was one of 6 of Malcolm X's kids with wife Betty Shabazz.

Malcolm X was just 39 when he was assassinated in NYC in 1965.


We recently had Phil Bertelsen, the director and producer of the Netflix doc "Who Killed Malcolm X?" on TMZ Live to talk about the moment Aziz found out he had been exonerated ... telling us it was a very emotional moment.

Malikah was only 56, her official cause of death is not yet known..


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