Ex-NFLer Ryan Clark Exposes Racist, Homophobic DM ... From Internet Scumbag

Ex-NFL safety and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark was on the receiving end of disgustingly racist and homophobic slurs on Instagram this week ... and instead of firing back, he killed with kindness.

42-year-old Clark -- who played for the Giants, Washington Football Team and Steelers from 2002-2014 -- shared the awful Instagram DM on Tuesday ... showing an avatar-less troll spewing some of the worst words in the book.

The person also mentioned Clark's 2011 Super Bowl loss against the Green Bay Packers in the most NSFW way possible.

But, instead of stooping to the person's level, Clark responded with the nicest comeback possible -- "God bless you and yours. I hope you live forever."

The Super Bowl champ also spoke about the DM on Twitter minutes ago ... saying, "Y’all at least go to put a picture up Green Bay fans!! This isn’t even fun. Sheesh!!"

"Man good thing racism doesn’t exist huh?"

It's not the first time Clark has spoken out against racism -- back in 2020, he broke down in tears addressing an incident when his son and 2 other Arizona State football players were called the n-word by a customer at a local Whataburger ... and instead of de-escalating, the restaurant manager threatened to call the police on the players.

Pros in the sports world have also exposed hateful comments recently ... including Arizona Cardinals star Budda Baker and Cleveland Guardians infielder Yu Chang.

Michael Strahan I'm Blastin' off on Blue Origin!!!


Michael Strahan is the new Rocket Man!!!

The 'GMA' host just revealed a secret ... that one Jeff Bezos gave him a ring not too long ago and invited him to hitch a ride into space on the Amazon founder's Blue Origin rocket.

Michael says it took about a nanosecond to say yes ... after being super inspired having been on hand for a previous launch.

Here's the thing about Bezos -- he's like one of the best PR guys in PR even though he's not really in PR. He's using every trick in the book to grab attention away from Elon Musk and Richard Branson. This time ... Bezos' rocket is flying the daughter of Alan Shepard -- the first American who ventured into space -- and a father/son duo. And, of course, there's Michael.

Strahan will blast off on December 9 and there's lots of training to do. He says he's headed to the Blue Origin facility for a week-and-a-half of training. So far, he's only met his crewmates via Zoom.

Didn't know this, but apparently, astronauts on Blue Origin get some sort of stipend. Strahan's donating his to The Boys & Girls Club.

Speaking of $$$ ... MS didn't say, but we're guessing he's getting a free ride.

Bezos, as you know, has already flown aboard his rocket, as has William Shatner. So, who's next ... Oprah? Make the call, Jeff!

Matthew McConaughey They Love Me in Texas!!! Leads in Poll to Become Guv

Matthew McConaughey could win the Texas governorship if the election were held today -- according to a new poll -- and he hasn't even said he wants the gig.

So, here's the breakdown ...

Governor Greg Abbott vs. Matt -- Abbott 35%, Matt 43%

Beto O'Rourke vs. Matt -- Beto 27%, Matt 49%

Now weirdly, in a 3-way race, Abbott wins with 37%, versus Matt at 27% and Beto at 26%.  Thing is, there won't be a 3-way race, because Abbott's a Republican and Beto's a Democrat.

The Hugh Hewitt Show

So, here's the thing ... Matt has been cagey/sly about running. He's hinted he might, but so far he hasn't pulled the trigger. And, not only has he kept his views on just about everything secret, no one even knows his party affiliation.

@McConaughey / Twitter

He certainly wouldn't be the first celeb to win a governor's race. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger both had never run for office yet won the California governor's race. And there are a bunch of other politicians who are celebs, including Fred Thompson, Al Franken, George Murphy and Gopher from "Love Boat," Fred Grandy.

Wisconsin Parade Person of Interest Is Local Rapper ... Used Red SUV in Music Video

11:11 AM PT -- Cops just announced Brooks Jr. faces 5 counts of first degree intentional homicide.

10:11 AM PT -- TMZ has confirmed the person of interest as Darrell Brooks Jr. A law enforcement source tells us Brooks was fleeing another incident when he barreled through the parade. We're told there will be an investigation into how the parade route was secured and where those failures took place.

The man who's been reported as a person of interest in the Waukesha parade tragedy -- killing at least 5 people -- is a local rapper who used an SUV in one of his music videos that appears to be the same one that plowed through the crowd.

Darrell Brooks Jr. -- who went by the stage name Mathboi Fly -- released a music video a couple years ago set in Milwaukee. Several times in the video, you see the red Ford Escape, which looks like the one seen in the horrific videos of the Christmas Parade.

YouTube pulled the music video from the original account, leaving this message in its place -- "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

However, it's since been re-posted by at least one other account.

CBS 58 News got Brooks' vehicle in his driveway shortly after the massacre -- the damage is clear, and beyond disturbing.

Brooks Jr. has a recent criminal history in the area ... getting charged on November 5 with resisting an officer, bail jumping, 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct and battery.

In addition to the 5 fatalities, cops said Sunday night at least 40 more were injured when the SUV rammed through the crowd of parade viewers and participants.

Originally Published -- 7:15 AM PT

'Where We About to Eat At' Viral Kid Antwain Fowler Dead at 6 ... Immune Disease Battle

Antwain Fowler -- the kid who famously asked "where we about to eat at?" -- has died.

His official Instagram account confirmed the sad news Sunday, with a new post that seems to have been written by his mother, China. Her message reads, "The pain in my heart is like no other Why God!!!" Her caption was similar ... "Never in a million years My heart is out my chest!!!!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

An exact cause of death has yet to be revealed, but it appears his passing may be related to an illness he's been battling for a while now -- one that affected his immune system, no less. It's called autoimmune enteropathy ... which inhibits the body's ability to absorb nutrition.

According to a GoFundMe page started by his mother, Antwain has had to battle this since 2015 -- just a year after he was born. It looks like he's been in and out of hospitals for a majority of his young life ... and has been assisted with medical equipment along the way.

AF shot to internet stardom over the past couple of years with funny Instagram and YouTube posts that showcased his witty banter and big personality. Specifically, he'll perhaps be most remembered for the one 4 second clip of him in the back seat, asking what was on the menu that day.

There've been several other posts of his that have since gone viral -- but that one might top them all. He's gained hundreds of thousands of followers between his various profiles.

It sounds like Antwain recently underwent some sort of procedure to help him gain his muscle mass back, and his mom sounded hopeful he'd make a full recovery.

The boy was only 6 years old. RIP

Tiger Woods Full Swings On Golf Course Again ... 9 Months After Crash

@tigerwoods / Instagram

Tiger Woods has resumed swinging a golf club again ... the legendary ball-striker just posted a video of the incredible feat, and he looks GOOD.

The 45-year-old -- who badly injured his right leg in a car crash back in February -- showed the footage on Sunday morning ... revealing he's been cleared to swing his irons again.

In the clip, Tiger can be seen hitting a ball at far less than 100 percent of his normal, pre-crash swing ... but the strike is still clean and the ball still traveled far nonetheless.

It should be noted, Tiger's divot pattern on the ground suggests he took a BUNCH of swings during the session ... and it seems he was planning to take even more given the number of range balls left in his basket.

It's all an amazing sight for Tiger and golf fans -- particularly considering how Woods looked while walking into a hotel in Los Angeles just days ago.


Tiger was spotted sporting a noticeable limp ... and many wondered how it'd possible for him to swing a club again given how gingerly he was moving.

No word on if Tiger's been cleared to swing the driver or even play on actual courses yet ... but watch the video again -- it's clear that's all coming soon if it hasn't already.

'QAnon Shaman' Gets 41 Months in Prison ... Over Capitol Riot

The so-called "QAnon Shaman" will be in prison for a while for his part in the Capitol riot from Jan. 6 -- the guy just got sentenced, and he's looking at a few years behind bars.

Jacob Chansley was handed 41 months Wednesday during sentencing, which comes out to about 3 years and change. The guy's been in federal custody this entire time.

Prosecutors were gunning for a lengthy prison stint here, as they wanted to set an example for those charged with felonies over this matter -- and now that Chansley's fate has been determined, it could be a sign of what's to come for others whose cases are still pending.

As we previously reported, Chansley struck a plea deal with prosecutors, who laid out a window of 41 to 51 months they said they'd recommend. The judge sentenced him on the lighter end of that bench.

As we reported ... Chansley -- who was one of the hundreds of people who stormed the Capitol, dressed in a bizarre Viking-style outfit -- pled guilty to obstructing an official proceeding before Congress ... this after initially being arrested for knowingly entering/remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, among other counts.

Chansley has griped about his living conditions while in jail ... including an alleged crappy diet, which he claimed was affecting his health. Nevertheless, he was never released on bond ... despite his repeated pleas.

He's been cited as a prominent figure in the fringe QAnon movement, which is rife with conspiracy theories ... and which seems to pledge allegiance to Donald Trump.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Man Who Went to Space with Shatner ... Dies in Plane Crash

3:25 PM PT -- Bezos just honored Glen with a heartfelt post on social media, remembering him as "warm and full of life."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jeff calls Glen's death a tragic loss and adds ... "Glen made us laugh and lit up the room. He was a visionary, and an innovator – a true leader. ... The world lost you too soon, Glen."

One of the men who went to space aboard Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin ship -- and was joined by William Shatner on the voyage -- has died in a plane crash.

Authorities say Glen de Vries died Thursday in a small plane crash. De Vries and Thomas P. Fischer were the only two involved and killed in the crash. The plane reportedly went down in Sussex County, New Jersey ... the FAA is still investigating what happened.

Blue Origin released a statement, saying, "We are devastated to hear of the sudden passing of Glen de Vries. He brought so much life and energy to the entire Blue Origin team and to his fellow crewmates. His passion for aviation, his charitable work, and his dedication to his craft will long be revered and admired."

As we reported, Shatner was part of the second group of non-Astronauts to take flight on a Bezos-backed ship.

Captain Kirk and crew took off and landed in the Texas desert October 13. The voyage made Shatner the oldest person to go to space at 90.

Blue Origin

Prior to their flight, Bezos, his brother Mark and two others had gone up in a Blue Origin test mission.

De Vries was just 49.


Originally Published -- 12:12 PM PT

Astroworld Festival 9th Person Dies From Injuries Suffered

22-year-old Bharti Shahani has died ... making her the 9th casualty from Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival.

Shahani, who was a senior at Texas A&M University passed away Thursday after injuries sustained at the event Friday night in Houston ... according to a family attorney.


As we had reported, Shahani had previously been declared brain dead, and was on a ventilator. She had gone to Astroworld with her sister and cousin, but the two got separated during a crowd surge. Bharti had reportedly suffered several heart attacks after the crowd crush and was rushed to a local hospital.


In an emotional press conference Thursday, a rep for Bharti's family confirmed she was the woman in a video -- obtained by TMZ -- that was dropped on her head as she was carried out by first responders. The rep says they want justice for Bharti and her family ... and for whoever put profits over safety to be held accountable.


Bharti marks the latest victim in the tragedy, and it's possible more could come. As we reported, 9-year-old Ezra Blount is still hospitalized and fighting for his life. His family, with the help of civil rights attorney, Ben Crump, sued Travis and Live Nation for injuries they say were caused when Ezra was trampled.

Travis has vowed to pay for the funeral costs of the show's victims and to provide mental health services to those impacted by the events.

A rep for Travis tells us, "Over the last week, Travis Scott and his team have been actively exploring routes of connection with each and every family affected by the tragedy through the appropriate liaisons. He is distraught by the situation and desperately wishes to share his condolences and provide aid to them as soon as possible, but wants to remain respectful of each family’s wishes on how they'd best like to be connected."

They continue, "To those families who would like to reach out directly to his team, please send an email to AW21information@gmail.com where we will have a team on hand to assist."

Houston Rockets Travis Scott Night Postponed Team To Honor Astroworld Victims Instead

The Houston Rockets have temporarily axed its "Travis Scott Night" promotion slated for Wednesday night ... with the team planning to honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy in its place.

The Rockets were set to hand out 3,000 limited edition Scott-themed shirts prior to their matchup against the Detroit Pistons ... but will instead have a moment of silence for the 8 people who died and the others affected at the music festival in Houston.

Of course, Scott is one of the Rockets' most famous fans ... and has been spotted courtside at countless games over the years.

But given the tragic events that took place Friday night, postponing the promotion was a no-brainer.

Rockets head coach Stephen Silas shared his condolences to the families of the victims of the festival ... adding his 14 and 17-year-old daughters actually wanted to attend with their friends, but were unable to due to a volleyball tournament in Dallas.

As for Scott, he previously shared his grief over the deaths ... saying he was "devastated" by the news and could never imagine something like that happening.

Terrence J Escapes Attempted Robbery ... Says Suspects Fired Gun

Terrence J told cops he escaped what appears to be an attempted robbery just outside his home ... and he also says the alleged suspects fired shots at him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the actor and TV host was pulling into his driveway in Sherman Oaks around 3 AM when another car pulled up with 4 Black men inside, one of whom ordered Terrence out of his car.

We're told he refused the command, and took off in his car -- and Terrence told cops the suspects chased him and fired at his car ... before they fled.

Our sources say Terrence, who hosts shows on BET and MTV, then flagged down a passing California Highway Patrol car, who called the LAPD.

We're told cops took a report for assault with a deadly weapon with shots fired ... and police are investigating.

Aaron Rodgers NFL Fines Him $14k For COVID Violation Packers Docked $300,000

Aaron Rodgers just got fined by the National Football League for violating the league's COVID-19 protocols ... and the Green Bay Packers also got dinged.

The NFL fined Rodgers a measly $14,650 for attending a Halloween party with other Packers while he was unvaccinated. The protocols prohibit unvaxxed players from going to large gatherings outside team facilities.

Packers receiver Allen Lazard, who is also unvaccinated, was also docked $14,650 for attending the team-sanctioned Halloween bash.

The big fine came for the Packers ... the franchise was hit with a $300,000 penalty for not enforcing the rules with Rodgers and Lazard, including a failure to wear face coverings inside team facilities.

The Pat McAfee Show

As we reported ... Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 last Wednesday, later admitting he was not vaccinated.

The star QB claimed he was allergic to something in the Pfizer and Moderna shots ... and didn't want to take the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, saying he feared adverse side effects.

On Friday, AR told Pat McAfee he took Ivermectin -- among other treatments -- after conferring with friend Joe Rogan.

Rodgers missed last Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs, a game his team lost. The future Hall of Famer will likely have a chance to return to the field this weekend.

Don't feel too bad for Aaron ... he can afford the fine. He's in the 2nd year of a 4-year deal worth $134 million.

Astroworld Festival 14-Year-Old Revealed, Youngest to Die

5:50 PM PT -- The unidentified Astroworld victim has now been ID'd -- he's 21-year-old Axel Acosta, a student from Western Washington State.

A 14-year-old named John Hilgert is the youngest victim to lose his life at the Astroworld Festival.

John's family shared the photo of the boy who was apparently crushed in the stampede Friday night.

He was a 9th grader at Memorial High School in Houston.

The Houston Medical Examiner also released a photo of someone they have been unable to identify. The victim is a male in his 20s, stood 6'2" and weighed 498 lbs.

They obviously have released the photo so someone can claim the body.

Among the other victims ... 27-year-old Danish Baig, who was crushed to death while trying to save a relative, 21-year-old Franco Patino, a senior at the Univ. of Dayton in Ohio, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez, a junior high school student who loved dance, and 23-year-old Rudy Pena, a model who wanted to become a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

In all, 8 people died and hundreds were injured. Astroworld and Travis Scott have been severely criticized for not stopping the concert when the tragedy unfolded. He stayed on performing for 40 minutes.


Travis said he was unaware such a tragedy was unfolding, noting people pass out all the time at concerts. Critics say there was plenty of visual evidence this was a horrendous tragedy.

Naomi Osaka Tennis, Anyone??? ... Returns From Hiatus

She's baaaaaack!!!

After 2 months away from the sport, Naomi Osaka has made her return to tennis ... posting shots on the court to announce her comeback after a 2-month break.

"kinda rusty but feels good to be back 🎾💕," she said via Instagram on Friday. "I really want to say thank you everyone for all the kind messages, I really appreciate it ❤️."

The 24-year-old pro said back in September she intended to step away from the game to focus on herself after an upset loss at the U.S. Open in September ... admitting wins made her feel more relief than happiness.

Osaka was #3 in the world at the time ... and now, she's sitting at #13.

The superstar looks happy on the court while throwing up a peace sign and a smile ... which means she might be ready to get back to competing here soon.

As we previously reported, Osaka has been outspoken on her battles with mental health ... previously boycotting the media at the French Open, which resulted in a fine.


She also backed out of Wimbledon earlier this year to focus on her personal time.

Worth noting -- Osaka also posted an up-close shot of a tennis ball with the Australian Open logo on it ... so maybe we'll see her back competing in January?!?

Jon Moxley Entering Rehab For Alcohol ... Says AEW President

Jon Moxley is stepping away from the squared-circle to face his battle with addiction head-on -- the wrestling star is entering an inpatient alcohol treatment program.

AEW President Tony Khan made the announcement late Tuesday night ... saying the former WWE champion gave him permission to share the news.

"Jon is a beloved member of the AEW family," Khan said. "We all stand with him and (his wife) Renee, and all of his family and friends, as he shifts his focus to recovery."

"Jon is making a very brave choice to get help, and we’re embracing his choice and supporting him however we can."

Khan added ... "I’m proud to call Jon a friend, and like many of you, I’m also a fan of Mox and look forward to a time in the future when he is eventually ready to return to the ring."

Moxley -- known as Dean Ambrose from 2011 to 2019 -- joined AEW in 2019 ... winning the world championship.

Moxley recently opened up about his struggles with drugs in his new book ... saying he has experienced smoking crack.

He was slated for a big match against Orange Cassidy on Wednesday as part of the world title eliminator tournament.

If you need help, please reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.

Quadriplegic Gamer House Catches Fire During Live Stream ... Rescue Caught On Vid


A quadriplegic gamer just lost everything after his house caught on fire while he was gaming on Twitch -- and it was all caught on a live stream.

The scary incident happened last weekend when Lance Carr -- gamer name GimpyG -- was playing "Diablo 2: Resurrected" on Twitch for his hundreds of followers.

You can see in the footage, GimpyG is playing when outta nowhere he says "wait, we're calling 911?!?"

GimpyG then yells, "our garage is on fire!!! What happened?? Do I gotta go??"

Carr's nephew, Trenton, moves him quickly out of the room leaving the stream on -- and moments later, you can see the room fill up with smoke.

Thankfully, everyone is okay ... but the house was completely destroyed -- GimpyG said the fire was so fierce, it even damaged his wheelchair during his escape.

"The fire was so intense my wheelchair van also burned even though it was in front of the garage."

"Family and strangers risked their lives and rescued me running in and out of my home through billowing smoke."

GimpyG says his family lost everything including the equipment he needs to get around. He's set up a GoFundMe for help.

"For most this would be unfortunate but my needs are many and every tool family used to care for me is gone."

"I have been quadriplegic since birth due to Muscular Dystrophy and am seeking funds to purchase adaptive equipment so I can interact with the world around me through technology."

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