Kris Jenner Sells Hidden Hills Pad To Woman Who Made Kylie a Billionaire

Kris Jenner is no stranger to making some savvy business investments, and she just turned another profit ... unloading her Hidden Hills crib to a familiar buyer.

Jenner bought the 9,400-square-foot, 6-bed and 8-bath home in November 2017 for $9.9 million and just sold it for $15 million ... TMZ has confirmed. We're told the deal was done off-market and purchased by the heiress of the Coty Inc. fortune, Katharina Harf.

Coty might sound familiar -- it's the same company that purchased a majority stake in Kylie Jenner's cosmetic company for $600 million -- and got her in range of billionaire status.

Harf will be able to enjoy the home's zero-edge pool and 10-person spa ... not to mention, she's now neighbors to Kim and Kanye. The sale was first reported by Variety.

Don't worry about Kris though ... she's still got plenty of places to rest her head. She's still got another family home in Hidden Hills and another vacation home out near Palm Springs.

Kylie Jenner 'Brown Skinned Girl' ... Wasn't Me, It Was Doctored!!!

Exclusive Details

Kylie Jenner's under fire for allegedly identifying herself as a person of color in a photo caption, but she's denying ever writing any such thing online.

The beauty mogul is taking major heat for the post that went up Sunday, and currently has the caption, "brown eyed girl." But, some Internet folks are claiming that caption is edited, and originally said, "brown skinned girl." Huge difference.

Sources close to Kylie insist she never wrote it, plain and simple. We're told the caption was always "brown eyed girl," and that the other caption making the rounds online is simply a doctored image circulated by trolls. Her camp is firm -- she never changed it at all.

Of course, this wouldn't be an issue if you weren't allowed to edit captions on IG -- like you can't on Twitter -- but you can, and a lot of people claim they saw the 'skinned' line first.

What's likely making doubters/haters skeptical is the fact Kylie is sometimes accused of cultural appropriation -- a lot of the Kardashians are, frankly -- and that magnifying glass is on her again ... no doubt, because she was featured in Cardi B's immensely popular "WAP" music video.

Folks thought the cameo should've gone to a Black girl -- like Jordyn Woods, for example -- and that putting Kylie in was giving her more exposure than she needs or deserves.

That debate's raging on, but on the "brown" caption issue, Kylie's peeps say there's no debate ... 'cause it didn't happen.

Kim Kardashian Joins Kanye for Sunday Service ... Good Sign for the Marriage???

@kanyewest / Twitter

Kim Kardashian showed up for Kanye West's Sunday Service over the weekend, and it could -- COULD -- be a sign that maybe their make-or-break vacation worked.

Kim and the kids made the trek to Wyoming to join Kanye for the service ... a service we haven't seen for a while. She posted video with the caption, "Guess what's back?!?!"

Among the many highlights -- Kim and Kanye's kids running around as North yells for her Dad ... a lot of singing and dancing, and a new song alert.

@kimkardashian / Instagram

As for COVID-19 ... Kim says Kanye's team took precautions to keep the choir healthy and safe, pointing out that they filmed without an audience. She says the music will be available soon for those who need their spirits lifted.

Kanye also tweeted ... "Praise God. We would like to thank our staff for making sure all Covid safety guidelines were followed today during Sunday Service at our West Mountains family ranch in Wyoming."

It seems like the family getaway -- which included a tropical resort in the Dominican Republic did everybody good.

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker We're Grabbin' Grub at Nobu ... Kylie's There Too!!!

Kendall Jenner was true to form -- as in looking amazing -- as she stepped out of Nobu restaurant in Malibu Saturday night, with a guy she's said in the past she's not dating, but if Kendall and NBA star Devin Booker are just friends, they're REALLY good friends.

Kendall and Devin have chowed down at Nobu in the past. They've been seen together in various places over the last few months, including a road trip through Sedona, AZ. They've also been flirting online, so there's definitely some smoke here.

As for Devin, he was sprung from the NBA bubble Friday after the Phoenix Suns failed to make the playoffs.

Kylie Jenner was also at Nobu, which seems to be the go-to restaurant for celebs during the pandemic. She and big sister Kendall just returned from Turks and Caicos, where Kylie had an epic 23rd birthday bash, which has gone on for a week now and may not be done.

Kanye West 'Kris Jong-Un' is a Hell of a DJ ... and I Miss Jay-Z

Kanye West is reminiscing about the good 'ol days -- when he was tight with Jay-Z and Kris Jenner -- and, for now, he's making moves to make nice.

Ye started putting his feelings out there late Monday night when he tweeted a seemingly heartfelt message about Hova -- "Miss my bro ... real talk." Kanye attached a screengrab of rap's former dynamic duo performing "Otis" at the 2011 VMAs.

He was still feeling those bridge-building good vibes Tuesday morning when he said, "My mother in law Kris Jenner ... makes the best music playlist."

As you know from Ye's Twitter rants over the last few weeks, he's taken direct shots at Kris ... such as referring to her as "Kris Jong-Un" and accusing her of peddling Kim's sex tape.

As we reported ... Kanye said last month he wants Jay-Z as his running mate ... even though he'd already picked Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball as his running mate. No need to worry, if Jay accepts the VP invite -- highly doubtful, though -- Kanye says Tidball told him she'd be down to take another position in his cabinet.

Unclear what's triggered peaceful Ye, but his recent family time with Kim and their 4 kids might be a good indicator. The fam took off from the Dominican Republic over the weekend to go glamping.

Wherever they are, it's working for Kanye!

Kim and Kanye Touchdown in Miami ... Next Stop, Glamping

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their brood have left the Dominican Republic and just touched down in Miami ... and we're told this isn't the end of their make-or-break vacay.

They sure look like they're enjoying their time away ... at least on the surface. They spent a week in a fortress-like estate on a Dominican beach, as Kim and Kanye hashed out problems in their marriage.

We're told they're now heading west ... where the family will go glamping.

As we reported, their marriage is on the rocks, and this is the last hurrah to try and repair it.  Both Kim and Kanye clearly love their kids, so it's hard to look at this pic and figure out how much of it is for the benefit of the kids and how much is this about their relationship.

As we reported, although there's one subject that is not being discussed -- POLITICS -- Kanye spent time last week working on his Presidential campaign, vowing to win in November, and trying to qualify for the ballot in a number of states.

'Foodgod' Jonathan Cheban Suspect Sketch Released in Alleged Armed Robbery ... Pic of $250k Watch


2:11 PM PT -- Englewood Cliffs police tell TMZ ... there was a report of an armed robbery Sunday night around 8:30 PM, and officers were on the scene within a minute of the call to get a description of the suspects from Cheban and the other witnesses.

Cops say a K9 unit was used to track the suspects and potential evidence, but didn't come up with anything.

According to police ... the suspect forcibly removed Cheban's $250k watch while he was held at gunpoint, causing minor injury to his wrist, then fled to meet up with a second suspect.

Police released a composite sketch of the main suspect from the information they collected, and say the investigation is ongoing.

Jonathan Cheban -- AKA the "Foodgod" -- claims he had a gun pointed at him this weekend ... and now, says he's out hundreds of thousands after a crook made off with his bling.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Kim Kardashian's BFF said he was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, where he was hanging with his mom and friend. We're told Jon and his ma were at a mall earlier in the day, and afterward ... rolled up to his pal's place.

We're told all three of them were out front in the driveway, when a young man walked up and asked for the time. Our sources say Jonathan felt something was off and told everyone to head inside, but by then ... we're told the dude pulled out a gun and was on them.

Cheban told cops the perp moved the group between two cars, to trap them ... and then pointed the gun right at Jonathan's mother's head. We're told Jonathan told the guy to take anything he wanted and the guy ended up taking Jon's Richard Mille watch, worth about $250k.

BTW, we're also told a second gunman was on the scene -- a larger man who was standing watch. Eventually, neighbors heard the commotion and came out to see what was going on -- which scared off the guys, whom we're told made off together on foot.

We're told cops were called and Jonathan is supposed to go in and help with a sketch of the suspects -- we should note, our sources say neither of these fellas had masks on.

It's interesting ... Jon's best friend, Kim Kardashian, rarely wears expensive jewelry anymore after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Originally published -- 9:09 AM PT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Trying to Save Relationship ... Massive Uphill Battle


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying to navigate an extremely rough patch in their relationship, and hope a family trip will help to set things straight ... before it's beyond repair.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... the couple decided to jump on a jet Sunday and take a private family vacation to try and work things out. We're told the trip was something the couple discussed when Kim visited Kanye in an emotional trip to Wyoming last weekend.

As of late ... things between Kim and Kanye have been icy. They hadn't seen each other much at all for months ... Yeezy was doing his thing at the ranch and Kim's been taking care of their four young children.

Kanye said during his South Carolina rally he asked Kim for a divorce last year and he raised the subject of divorce several times at the event. We're told it's something that has definitely been discussed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim and Ye reunited this week in Wyoming for the first time since Kanye's off-the-rails campaign rally in South Carolina, which ignited a bitter back and forth that saw KKW trying to get Yeezy treatment for a serious bipolar episode.

The family trip will mark one of the first they've taken in a long time ... and outside the vacation, Kim and Kanye hadn't spent much time together outside family birthdays and holidays.

YE 2020

As we've reported ... the list of grievances from Kim to Kanye is pretty long -- we're told it's everything from him continuing his presidential campaign, to his Twitter rants and what he said at his rally.

As we reported ... Kanye offered up an apology on Twitter last weekend, so the family trip will be a time for him to prove it was legit and that he's willing to change for his family.

Kanye and Saint West Board Private Jet in Wyoming ... Possible Family Vacay???

Kanye West is getting quality time with his kids ... jetting off somewhere with at least one member of his brood -- and possibly the whole fam -- for a last-minute trip.

Ye was at a landing strip Sunday in Cody, WY -- where he and Saint were both seen getting inside the same private jet, with what appears to be security in tow. No sign of Kim Kardashian or any of the other kids, but we know the jet took off from L.A. this morning ... so it's quite possible she and the other kids were already on board when these pics were taken.

Seems unlikely Kim would put 4-year-old Saint on a PJ by himself to visit Dad. We know the plane's taken off, but no word on where it's heading.

Kanye's been living at the family's Wyoming ranch for several weeks now while he's been in the grips of what Kim, and others, say is a bipolar episode.

Wherever the jet's going ... this is some long overdue face time between Kanye and his family. Other than Kim's visit last week, he's been without them while at the ranch working on his new album and his Presidential campaign.


Of course, it's been rocky lately between Kim and Ye. She went out there to see him last week and had a very emotional conversation in the car ... which left her in tears. She left Cody by herself without Kaye tagging along. Since then, hard to say where things stand.

So, if this is a full family getaway it's the most positive sign we've seen in several weeks.

Stay tuned.

Kanye West Growing Campaign Staff Vows ... We're Serious About Running


Kanye West is getting super serious in his bid for the White House ... his campaign is beefing up its staff and bringing in tons of folks with political know-how.

Sources close to Kanye tell TMZ ... Yeezy's hired a crack team of political advisors and people with experience to help him navigate how to get on the ballot in more states.

We're told Kanye's advisors are hiring people to work on the campaign. They're also recruiting volunteers, and they've contracted third-party organizations to assist with spreading campaign awareness and getting boots on the ground across the United States.

YE 2020

Our sources say the campaign's main objective right now is gathering enough signatures to get Kanye on the ballot in each of the remaining states.

We're told volunteers are canvassing for signatures in West Virginia -- hitting popular spots like restaurants and shopping malls -- and campaign staffers are working in New York ahead of Thursday's deadline to qualify for the ballot.

In West Virginia, the Secretary of State's office tells us Kanye needs 7,144 signatures by Monday to get on the ballot. If Yeezy gets enough signatures, it will trigger a review to verify every person is indeed a registered voter.

TMZ broke the story ... Kanye's facing a huge hurdle back in his home state, Illinois, where there are several objections over the validity of signatures gathered to get Ye on that state's ballot.

As we reported ... Yeezy's already submitted paperwork to get on the ballot in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois and Missouri.

Now, Kanye's setting his sights on West Virginia and New York behind a beefed-up campaign staff.

Kim Kardashian Returns To L.A. Without Kanye ... After Tense Trip To Wyoming


Kim Kardashian is back in California after what seems to have been a very difficult visit with Kanye West in Wyoming ... and she flew back solo.

Kim landed in L.A. Tuesday morning, and as you can see, she was all by herself as she walked down the stairs of her private jet. Kanye's still at the ranch.


We broke the story ... Kim and Kanye reunited Monday in Wyoming for the first time since Yeezy's off-the-rails campaign rally in South Carolina ignited a bitter back and forth that saw Kim desperately trying to get Ye treatment for a serious, bipolar episode.

As we reported ... the couple stopped at a Wendy's drive-thru in Wyoming, and things got super emotional in the car, with Kim breaking down crying.

As for why Kanye didn't fly back with Kim ... we're told he's deep into the final touches of his album.

As you know ... Kanye talked about divorcing Kim, but he apologized Saturday for a comment he made to hurt his wife, and we're guessing it's the abortion talk.

Bottom line ... Kim's back in Cali, and Kanye's home on the range.

Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Crying During Tense Visit with Kanye

7:01 PM PT -- We just got these pics of Kim and Kanye as they returned to the ranch after making a pit stop at Wendy's, and she is visibly upset ... crying as she and Kanye talk it out. He seems animated and it appears the conversation is somewhat contentious. TMZ broke the story ... Kim has been trying to get Kanye to agree to get medical help, but so far he has been unreceptive.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are together for the first time since the disastrous campaign rally in South Carolina a week ago, and their first outing was ... Wendy's!!!

Kim flew to Cody, WY Monday ... this after weeks of back and forth where she was desperately trying to get Kanye to get treatment for a serious, bipolar episode. He was unwilling to listen to her, we're told, and the Kardashians were at a loss on how to help.

Well, Kanye publicly apologized to Kim Saturday for a comment he made that hurt her -- we're guessing it's the talk of abortion that really upset her. He begged for her forgiveness.

Now, they have come together, but when you look at the photo -- which, of course, is just a moment in time -- they don't look particularly happy. They're staring at their phones in one photo and off into the distance in another.

As you know, Kanye talked about divorce a few days back, but again ... he's in the middle of a serious episode.

Originally published -- 3:45 PM PT

Kanye West Goes to Hospital Over Anxiety ... Invites Paparazzi Inside Ranch House

Exclusive Details

7:33 PM PT -- After the ambulance left, Kanye invited 4 paparazzi inside his home. We're told they were there for 2 hours -- waiting -- and Kanye finally came out for a few minutes. We're told he wanted the photogs to let him "control the narrative."  That was pretty much it, and they left.

A source connected to Kanye and with direct knowledge tells TMZ, he went to the hospital for anxiety, but there were lots of people inside, he got uncomfortable and left. His people then arranged for an ambulance to come to the ranch. Ye apparently calmed down ... EMTs checked his vitals -- heart rate and blood pressure -- and determined he was not in danger.

Kanye West showed up at a hospital near his Wyoming ranch Saturday, and a short time later an ambulance arrived at his property ... TMZ has learned.

Kanye entered the E.R. door of the hospital in Cody Saturday afternoon, and stayed inside for about 10 minutes. We're told he returned to his ranch and a short time later an ambulance arrived on the property.

This comes just an hour or so after Kanye went public to apologize to Kim for his hurtful comment -- presumably about abortion. She has been desperately trying to convince her husband, who is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode, to get help, but he had shut down her efforts.

We've also learned Kanye had flown from Wyoming to San Francisco. It's unclear why he went, but he returned to Wyoming earlier on Saturday.

It's unclear why Kanye went to the E.R. and why an ambulance showed up. The big question ... did he go for help?

And, we just found out the ambulance left without Kanye. He's currently on the ranch riding his ATV.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 4:40 PM PT

Kanye West I Wanna Apologize to My Wife, Kim K ... 'Please Forgive Me'

Breaking News

A sign of hope ... Kanye West has just apologized to Kim Kardashian for a flurry of public jabs ... asking for her forgiveness.

Ye took to Twitter Saturday with the apology, writing ... "I would like to apologize to my wife Kim for going public with something that was a private matter."

He continued, "I did not cover her like she has covered me. To Kim I want to say I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there for me."

TMZ broke the story ... Ye had been giving Kim the cold shoulder as she tried to reach out to him to get him the help he needed -- this after he lapsed again into a serious bipolar episode, hurling a barrage of disparaging tweets that took aim at her, her mom, Kris Jenner, and others in the family. He even said he'd been trying to divorce her for a while now.

YE 2020

What's confusing ... specifically which comment he's apologizing for, since the mea culpa is in the singular -- "something that was a private matter."

Ye said a lot, but it would seem the most hurtful comment was last Sunday in South Carolina, when he said he wanted Kim to get an abortion but she would not and had the baby anyway. There were other things too -- allegations of cheating, etc., but it sure seems the abortion talk was the most hurtful, and one thing we know ... Kim's protective of her kids.


There's possible good news ... Dr. Phil was on "TMZ Live" Friday and explained how bipolar episodes eventually wane ... so hopefully, this is a sign Kanye's getting back on track.

Dr. Phil Ya Gotta Protect Kanye from Himself ... During Bipolar Episode


Dr. Phil has some ideas about how best to help Kanye West, or anyone coping with bipolar disorder, and says it's all about protecting him from himself ... on several levels.

The good doc joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" to discuss a tactic known as "containment." He says it's important for Kim Kardashian and co. to remember they're not dealing with the Kanye they know and love.

Phil says people going through bipolar episodes often engage in destructive behaviors that put themselves at risk -- buying 5 cars in one day would be an example -- and containment is all about blocking them from things, events or people that could have long-term consequences.

Kanye's not gonna go broke, but Phil says he could still get into bad situations that have lasting ramifications on his life. Beyond that, he says Kim's gotta hope to catch him in a moment where he'll agree to go back on his medication.

As we reported, Kanye's made it a struggle for Kim to reach him, ducking calls and turning down her pleas to join him in Wyoming, and claiming the family is trying to have him involuntarily committed.

That's why Phil says containment, even from afar, might be best for now.

Dr. Phil also addresses Kanye's recent Twitter rants ... explaining why folks need to stop judging him for his comments during a bipolar episode.

Kim Kardashian Unfollowed Larsa As They Grew Apart ... No Drama or Bad Blood


Kim Kardashian and Larsa Pippen just aren't as close as they used to be ... and that's what triggered a conscious unfollowing between them.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Kim quietly stopped following Larsa on Instagram at the end of last year when she made a decision to unfollow EVERYONE, and bring her following count down to zero.

We're told Kim felt she needed a fresh start, social media-wise, and wanted to start over by following only accounts of her family and childhood friends -- all to reduce her feed, and keep a clear headspace.

Most folks thought Kim and Larsa were still super close -- until they noticed this week they weren't following each other anymore -- but our sources say the ladies' friendship simply grew apart over time because life got in the way.

We're told there was no drama between Kim and Larsa -- and the rumors floating around LP messed around with Kanye West or Tristan Thompson are not true.

Our sources say Kim is focused on getting Kanye healthy, her 4 young kids, law school and juggling her 3 business. Larsa, meanwhile, says she's focused on her kids, her new fitness line and her "relationships in real life."

Our sources say Kim and Larsa are just in a different place in their lives, and while they're not as close as they used to be, they have no ill will and still stay in touch. Case in point ... we're told Larsa recently visited Kim in Los Angeles.

Larsa's still got a Kardashian following ... Khloe and Kourtney cleaned house on IG just like Kim, but they still follow Larsa on Twitter.

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