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Burns' Plea -- Give Us Our Dog Back!

10/9/2009 1:35 AM PDT
Brooke Burns is sad ... and one of you may be responsible.

Yesterday outside CNN, Burns made a heartfelt plea to our camera -- hoping the couple who was spotted snatching her Malti-Poo last Saturday might watch this clip and return him to Brooke and her 9-year-old daughter Madison.

Contact if you have any information on the puppy-napping.

The dog wasn't wearing any tags when he went M.I.A..

Pam Anderson Not Broke, Says Pam Anderson

9/28/2009 12:00 PM PDT
Pam Anderson -- former actress/financial maven -- is coming out with both barrels blazing to refute reports she's gone bankrupt.

According to an article that made the rounds, Pammy is allegedly more than $1.2 million in debt -- including over $600k to a construction company that filed a lien against her.

Pam released the following statement:

"It is true that I am in a dispute with some of the contractors working on my home. This is because after paying millions of dollars to build the house I continue to get bills from the contractors. My lawyers are reviewing the work done to see if the bills are fair. If they are, they'll be paid. If they aren't, they won't be."

But Pam does seem to hint at some financial issues, saying, "Mistakes may have been made in calculating taxes owed and we are now in the process of ensuring that any taxes owed are paid."

Warren Buffet, she ain't.

The Hoff is Your Peer

9/24/2009 3:50 PM PDT
David Hasselhoff was all ears this morning ... waiting to hear if he'll serve on a jury.

We caught The Hoff outside an L.A. Courthouse ... where he could become a juror in a civil case.

David Charvet -- Who Wants to Get Paddled?

9/3/2009 2:15 PM PDT
It's been 13 years since he left "Baywatch," but David Charvet is still a pretty hot son of a beach.

Brooke Burke's 37-year-old baby daddy showed off his lightly trimmed chest and tight, shaved stomach during a paddle tennis match yesterday in Venice.

Davey's got game.

The Hoff's Ex: Pot Calling Kettle Ketel One

6/13/2009 11:45 AM PDT
Pamela Bach -- the woman who's been on a passive-aggressive mission to tell the world David Hasselhoff is a hopeless drunk -- got a different form of support last night, because she was wasted.

Take a look at this video of P.B. being helped out of Halo nightclub in Hollywood.

Wonder if she made a stop at In-N-Out? We hear the floors are spotless ...

Pam Anderson Sells Out for Strip Steak

4/17/2009 2:50 AM PDT
Pamela Anderson is turning a blind eye to her hardcore vegetarian, anti-meat beliefs -- and it's all for her deep appreciation of strip clubs.

Anderson, who's been an obnoxiously loud animal activist and PETA spokesperson, is on board to help celebrate the upcoming opening of a strip club -- which happens to be part of a New York steakhouse.

FYI -- steak comes from slaughtered cows.

But the craziest part of the whole thing -- neither Pam nor PETA refuse to acknowledge the moral dilemma. Here's PETA's statement: "Pam is not a host but may be attending as an invited guest, and since steakhouses nowadays have some of the best salad bars and veggie options around, we're sure she'll find plenty to eat should she attend."

So what happens if KFC -- with whom Pam waged war against -- opens a strip club and "invites" Pam as a guest? Would she go if they too had a nice salad bar? We're guessing if the price is right...

Calls to Pam's management have not been returned.

Pam Anderson Has Lost Her Damn...

2/13/2009 4:37 AM PST
... keys! On her way out to her ride, Pam struggled to find her keys for a good 15 minutes yesterday -- and though some dude in a Beamer offered her a ride, we're not really sure if he was talkin' about the car.

Hobie from 'Baywatch' Don't Call It a Comeback!

9/4/2008 2:01 PM PDT
Think of all the people from "Baywatch" you wish had a sex tape. Now think of Jeremy Jackson.

Yes, the kid who played The Hoff's son is all grown up -- literally. There's a sex tape being shopped around town starring Jackson and top Vivid porn star Sky Lopez.

We're told the tape is about 45 minutes in length, but so far -- no buyers.

We just got this statement from Jeremy: "Listen, this video was made by my best friend. Between me and a casual sex partner who just so happened to be a former porn star. I was later physically threatened if I didn't turn the DVD over to some drug addicted thugs.

"They said, 'Sky wanted it back and didn't want to ever be seen as a porn star, that she had turned to God and was changing her life.' So I gave it up for HER and so they would not beat me up and 'make my life hell' as they had threatened. I was blackmailed. This private recording becoming public kinda sucks. But I thought people out there should know the truth and how far some people will go to make a quick buck."

UPDATE: Just hours after we posted this morning, Jackson conveniently showed up at the beach -- with British model Danielle Lloyd -- and a paparazzo just happened to be there. What a coinkydink!

Jeremy Spoke In Class Today

5/27/2008 3:07 PM PDT
The 27-year-old former drug addict resurfaced at a L.A. fashion event over the weekend, looking divine.

At 19, Jeremy was arrested for having a crystal meth lab in his home.

When not doing his hair and brows, Jackson -- who has been sober since 2000 -- is an event planner.

Drag Queen or "Baywatch" Babe?

5/23/2008 4:32 PM PDT
Traci Bingham, a naturally-born woman, thanked David Hasselhoff for teaching her how to run on the beach.

Interestingly, Traci failed to thank RuPaul for teaching her how to do hair and makeup.

"Baywatch" Star: Worst Supporting Actor

4/28/2008 12:55 PM PDT
Gregory Williams is best known for his role as Sgt. Garner Ellerbee on "Baywatch" and is one of the most wanted actors in town -- by L.A. County Child Support Services.

Williams has earned the title of one of L.A.'s Most Wanted Delinquent Parents for failing to care for five children and owes over $209,000. In 2000, Williams plead no contest to failing to support two of his sons, but failed to appear at a later scheduled court date, so a warrant for his arrest was issued.

While he's no Bill Gates, Williams has steadily earned income as an actor appearing in everything from "Everwood" to "Law & Order: SVU." Most recently he worked on a movie currently in post-production co-starring Luke Perry and LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ contacted LACCSS, who told us the information on their website is up-to-date. When TMZ asked if it was in fact the "Baywatch" star, a rep replied, "Why? Do you know where he is?"

Williams' rep was not immediately available for comment.
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