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NBA's Jeff Adrien Charged with Felony In Alleged Valet Car Theft

12/28/2015 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1223-jeff-adrien-instagram-01The ex-NBA player who allegedly jacked a car from a hotel valet in Hollywood and then went on a joyride has been charged with a felony ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We broke the story ... Jeff Adrien was arrested for allegedly taking a sweet 2015 Mercedes S550 from a hotel valet on Dec. 7th without permission from the actual owner.  


Adrien allegedly drove the car around town ... before eventually returning it to the hotel. He was arrested a short time later when the owner discovered what happened. 

Adrien's rep had previously told us the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding and it would all be cleared up.  

But now, we've learned that ain't exactly the case ... 'cause prosecutors have hit the 29-year-old with one count of driving or taking a vehicle without consent -- a felony.

If convicted, Adrien faces up to 3 years behind bars. The case is due back in court on Dec. 30th. 

'The Profit' Star Marcus Lemonis' Company Targeted in Trailer Trash Lawsuit

12/27/2015 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211_Marcus-Lemonis_gettyCNBC star Marcus Lemonis' company has been sued by an RV company that claims he tried to buy the business and when he was rebuffed he tried to sabotage it.

Lemonis, who's show "The Profit" tries to rehab struggling businesses, is CEO of a company called Camping World, which made a bid to swallow up another company called RV Sales.  

The suit claims to Lemonis' chagrin, RV Sales had no interest in selling, and that's when RV alleges Lemonis went on the attack.  RV claims it got a shipment of damaged vehicles and out of the blue Lemonis called and again offered to take all RV's problems off its hands by buying the business.  In short, RV is accusing Lemonis of causing the damage to the vehicles to get the upper hand.

RV claims Lemonis didn't stop there ... he pulled other stunts to strong arm RV into selling to Camping World.  

Lemonis tells us the suit is bogus and RV Sales has made outlandish allegations before to cover up their horrible business decisions. 

Barack Obama Trail Blazer Hiker Begs Prez for Legal Weed

12/23/2015 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama ran into an impromptu weed lobbyist in Hawaii Tuesday -- when a hiker came face to face with the Commander In Chief and asked him to "legalize it on your way out!"

Hard to gauge Obama's reaction -- but we think we heard him chuckle a bit as he continued on his way. 

It's no secret Obama smoked a ton a weed back in the day -- but says he's not a fan of the ganja anymore and has told his daughters it's a bad idea. 

Still, watch the clip ... it'll make you giggle -- whether you're stoned or not. 


Drake Bell Arrested For DUI

12/22/2015 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Drake Bell found himself behind bars Monday after cops busted him for driving under the influence. 

Law enforcement tells TMZ the actor was driving in Glendale, CA when an officer saw him swerving and speeding after abruptly stopping at a red light. We're told Bell was driving 55 in a 35 and when cops pulled him over, they noticed a smell of alcohol coming from the car. 

Cops say Bell failed an on-site sobriety test and was locked up for nearly ten hours before bailing out for $20k.

Mark Wahlberg & The Rock Sued for Stealing 'Ballers'

12/18/2015 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1218-wahlberg-johnson-hbo-tmz-01Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and HBO just got sued for intercepting the idea for their show "Ballers."  

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court, Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton say they had the idea for a project called "Off Season" back in 2007.

They claim they were close to a deal in 2009 to work with Wahlberg, Johnson and their manager to develop the project ... but it fell apart when Silas and Littleton insisted their names remain under "Created By" in the credits. 

Silas and Littleton claim "Off Season" and "Ballers" share several similarities, including:

-- Both are about football players and their lives off-field 
-- Both set in Miami
-- Both center around African-American athletes

That last one doesn't seem so unique -- still, the "Off Season" folks say even the title "Ballers" is ripped from one their episode titles.

Silas and Littleton are seeking unspecified damages.

A rep for HBO tells TMZ, "We are confident the case has no merit."

Bar Refaeli Most Beautiful Tax Evader ... Allegedly

12/17/2015 7:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

1217-bar-refaeli-instagram-01Bar Refaeli is wanted for something other than her body -- Israeli authorities say she cheated on her taxes to the tune of tens of millions of shekels. 

Israeli officials says the supermodel failed to report buckets of dough she earned abroad as well as non-cash payments she got for modeling. For instance, authorities say she got a Range Rover and a Lexus as part of modeling deals with the companies.

She's also accused of not paying taxes on her luxury apartment in Tel Aviv.

Rafaeli's mother is also suspected of tax evasion. Cops want both women detained, and bail's been set at 500,000 shekels each. 

Imagine the mug shot. 


DMX Arrest Warrant Is a Mix-Up Thought I Was Cleared to Party

12/15/2015 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1215-dmx-tmz-01DMX has a perfectly good explanation for missing his latest court date -- he thought it was changed so he could party in Vegas. 

An arrest warrant was issued for DMX after he missed a court hearing on Monday to address child support issues with his ex-wife Tashera Simmons and their 4 kids. 

A rep for DMX tells us they believed they got the court date changed in advance because they had an event booked. X performed "DMX-Mas" in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

In October, the same NY judge let him out of jail so he could perform and make money for child support. Sources in the court tell us the judge now thinks he was too lenient with the rapper. 

We're told X’s attorney is contacting the court to work out the details, and they believe the warrant will be lifted.

A video posted by derrickt (@derricktakase) on

Floyd Mayweather BUYS MILLION DOLLAR WATCH On Dubai Shopping Spree

12/14/2015 10:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Floyd Mayweather has done it again ... buying ANOTHER million dollar watch -- and TMZ Sports has the pics. 

The boxer has been on a CRAZY spending spree the past few weeks -- but went especially crazy during a trip to Dubai ... picking up one of the most expensive timepieces on the planet. 


A rep for Mayweather tells us, "The watch is roughly $1.1 million. This is just one of his big purchases.”

We're told the watch is a Hublot -- covered in expensive diamonds. 

We're told Floyd has dropped more than $1.5 million during his 2-day spree at the Dubai Mall -- and, shocker, everyone in the mall LOVES HIM!

By the way, it's the SECOND time Floyd's dropped 7 figures on a watch -- he bought a million dollar diamond covered piece in NY back in 2014.  


Nicki Minaj Meek Doesn't Do Drugs His Pee is Just Deceiving

12/11/2015 8:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Nicki Minaj was way more than a ride-or-die chick when she took the stand Thursday on his behalf ... she also vouched for a curious, bizarre drug test her boyfriend failed. 

Meek Mill was in court on a probation violation in his drug and gun case. As we reported, he left town without getting court permission, but it turns out there was a lot more he allegedly did.

According to legal docs, during a drug test Meek handed the lab tech a specimen that turned out to be cold water. Meek allegedly told the tech it looked that way because he had just consumed a lot of water, adding he was a bodybuilder and drank protein shakes that make his pee appear that way.

Nicki testified that Meek was telling the truth about his drug test, and said if she knew the protein shakes would make his urine appear like water, she would not have let him drink it.

And Nicki insisted to the judge, Meek doesn't do drugs and did not fake the test.

The judge was skeptical, saying she felt Meek was thumbing his nose at the court.

Aroldis Chapman's GF Police Photos Of Alleged Choking Aftermath

12/8/2015 10:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208_Aroldis-Chapman_INJURIES_WM_01These photos of Aroldis Chapman's GF are now at the center of a domestic violence investigation -- showing her neck and chest after the MLB star allegedly choked her.

Prosecutors in Broward County, Florida have requested the police photos -- obtained by TMZ Sports -- which could become the centerpiece of a criminal case.  

1208_Aroldis-Chapman_INJURIES_WM_02As we previously reported, Chapman's girlfriend told police he attacked her back in October -- choking and pushing her -- after she got suspicious about something on his cell phone.  

In fact, here's what she told police: 

"He came to the bathroom and took his phone from me and then I went and I follow him to the bar to confront her about it, but there were friends there so we went to the movie theater to talk about it. But, he was like - he was drinking, you know?"

"So he was mad. So, he was really like - aggravated and I got really - I got real scared. He pushed me against the wall. My brother came in. He broke us down. We were arguing and fighting together, whatever, And that's when I left and started running and I was really - I was scared for me and my daughter.

The 22-year-old woman claimed Chapman then went to the garage of his home and fired 8 gunshots by himself. No one was injured.  

1208_Aroldis-Chapman_INJURIES_WM_03bCops were called to the scene -- but say they saw no evidence of injuries or even redness anywhere around her neck and chest.

In fact, the woman signed an affidavit that night saying she did not want to press charges against Chapman.  

Chapman has not been charged with a crime so far -- but we know prosecutors are currently looking into the case. 

He has previously denied attacking the woman.  

Joseph Randle Hit With Criminal Charges ... In Casino Fight Incident

11/30/2015 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ex-Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has been charged with several misdemeanors stemming from his altercation with cops at a Kansas casino and faces jail time ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

We broke the story ... Randle allegedly assaulted an officer at the Kansas Star Casino on Nov. 24th after he was kicked out of the place for being too drunk. 

Now, the County Attorney's Office in Sumner County, KS tells us he's been formally charged with 2 counts of disorderly conduct, 1 count of criminal trespass and 1 count of resisting arrest, the most serious of the charges.

If convicted on all counts, Randle faces up to 1 year behind bars. He's due back in court next month. 

FYI -- Randle is on probation in Frisco, TX for stealing cologne and underwear from a department store ... however, it's unclear if the new arrest will affect that case.  

Otis Nixon Arrest Cops Found Weed In Rental Car

11/30/2015 8:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Another bizarre twist in the Otis Nixon arrest ... with cops saying they found marijuana in the ex-MLB star's rental car ... TMZ Sports has learned.  

We broke the story ... Nixon was arrested in Georgia last week after cops found a 16-year-old boy driving a car rented to Otis ... despite the fact the boy doesn't have a license. 

Now, more details ... 

Cops say there were 4 people in the Dodge Charger -- two 15 year olds,  a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old. The driver was 16. 

When they approached the vehicle, which cops say was being driven erratically, they smelled weed ... and a search turned up around 6 grams of marijuana. 

Cops also found a BB gun rifle with the stock removed and a blue bandana wrapped around the stock area. 

The driver produced a letter from Nixon authorizing him to have and drive the car ... which is obviously not valid ... so a warrant was issued for Nixon's arrest.  

Nixon was later taken into custody for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

As for the weed, Nixon has not been charged for that. 

This case keeps getting weirder ... we're on it. Stay tuned. 

Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp I Need a Lover ... Who Won't Rock the Boat

11/19/2015 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1118_christie_brinkley_john_mellencamp_kissing_launchChristie Brinkley and John Mellencamp took their relationship to the next level -- hanging together at his fabulous island estate ... yet in true Mellencamp fashion it still had a down home feel.

The couple was all hugged up on a dock on Daufuskie Island ... offshore from Hilton Head, SC. Christie hopped a water taxi on Wednesday back to the mainland after what had to be a fabulous getaway to John's island retreat.

The rocker remodeled an old country estate home on the island back when he was with Meg Ryan. The place is so fancy now, it's been written up in Architectural Digest. 

It's no Pink House, but it'll do in a pinch.


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