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Ed Sheeran Sued I've Been Really Tryin' To Figure Out Why You Jacked Marvin Gaye

8/9/2016 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0809-ed-sheeran-gettyEd Sheeran straight up jacked the heart of Marvin Gaye's famous panty-dropping song, "Let's Get It On" ... so claims Gaye's co-writer's heirs in a new lawsuit.

Sheeran stands accused of ripping off the melody, harmony, and rhythm compositions from "Let's Get It On" for his smash hit, "Thinking Out Loud."

Ed Townsend and Gaye co-wrote the song. Both are dead, and Townsend's heirs are now suing Sheeran, claiming he lifted key parts of the '73 classic and used them in 'Thinking.'

Sheeran's been accused of similar tactics in the past. He was sued back in June for allegedly ripping off chunks of another songwriter's work for his song, "Photograph."

We've reached out to Sheeran, so far no word back.

Tyga Judge Orders Arrest

8/9/2016 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0809_Tyga_tmzTyga better not run into cops today, because if he does they'll arrest him.

Kylie's BF was a no-show in court Tuesday, where he was supposed to appear so lawyers for his former landlord could grill him about his finances. The landlord got a $480,000 judgment against the rapper who fell way behind on rent and left the Malibu home in shambles. Tyga hasn't paid the judgment, so the landlord wants to know where Tyga's hiding his assets.

Attorneys for the landlord were in court today, explaining the landlord was upset over stories he saw that Tyga bought Kylie a $200,000 car for her birthday, which he claims is a fraudulent transfer of assets that should go to satisfy the judgment.

The judge issued a bench warrant, which means Tyga could go to jail.

The rapper's finances have been curious for a long time. He's had cars repoed, he's been evicted, but he still lives like a king. He recently rented a mansion for $46k a month.


San Francisco Giants Sued Cart vs. Fan Collision ... At Beyonce Concert

8/8/2016 7:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808-giants-beyonce-jayz-getty-02A woman claims she got run over by an electric cart at AT&T Stadium during a Beyonce show ... and she's pointing the finger at the S.F. Giants. 

It all went down in 2014 -- Jay Z and Beyonce were headlining the "On the Run" tour ... when Sateja Parulekar says she was mowed down by a staffer zipping around the venue on an electric cart. 

Parulekar says she suffered serious injuries in the crash -- and is holding the Giants and Live Nation responsible (she claims the driver was a Live Nation employee). 

In her lawsuit, filed in San Fran, Parulekar says San Francisco Giants Enterprises is responsible for operating the ballpark -- even during non-baseball events -- and should've been more careful with cart safety.

The woman is demanding unspecified damages. So far, no comment from the Giants.  

Torrey Green Apologizes To Falcons for Rape Case 'Distraction' ...Vows NFL Return

8/5/2016 2:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_torrey-green_utahstateaggiesNFL linebacker Torrey Green says he is completely innocent in all 4 sexual assault cases -- but wants to apologize to the Atlanta Falcons for the "distraction" his legal issues have caused. 

TMZ Sports broke the story ... the former Utah State standout is being investigated for allegedly raping several women in 2015. The Falcons cut him Thursday as soon as they learned about the allegations.  

Green has hired a crisis manager -- Zack Teperman of ZTPR -- who says he's 100% confident Green will not only be exonerated, but continue his NFL career. 

"Our client Torrey Green would like to apologize to Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn, Jeff Ulbrich and the entire Falcons organization for this distraction and the unfortunate accusations," Teperman says. 

"At this time Torrey has complete faith that any further investigation will prove his complete innocence and he will be exonerated."

"It's a shame his name is being dragged out there in the media and that this young man’s bright future in the NFL is taking a major hit."

"Torrey will continue to cooperate with authorities if needed, and looks forward to his next NFL opportunity. We will have no further comment at this time."

Montee Ball Gets 60 Days in Jail ... In Dom. Violence Cases

8/5/2016 8:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Breaking News

0805-montee-ball-GETTY-01Ex-NFL running back Montee Ball has just been sentenced to 2 consecutive 30 day jail sentences stemming from 2 different domestic violence incidents. 

The 25-year-old -- who last played for the Denver Broncos -- cut a deal with prosecutors and pled guilty to 2 counts of disorderly conduct and 1 count of battery from incidents involving 2 different women. 

One woman accused Ball of beating her up at a Madison, WI hotel back in Feb. The other woman claimed Ball got physical with her in March. 

In addition to the jail time, Ball was also sentenced to 18 months probation. 

The judge granted Ball work-release privileges -- which means he can go out and work during the day as long as he returns to his cell to spend the night. 

Rick Ross Accused of Jacking Paintings ... Da Boss Calls BS

8/4/2016 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0804-rick-ross-stolen-paintings-INSTAGRAM-02A German artist is accusing Rick Ross of making off with 2 of his paintings and is threatening legal action, but Rozay's camp vehemently denies there was a heist.

Ivan Beslic says it happened over the weekend in Germany where Rick headlined a festival. Ivan was displaying some of his artwork in a VIP tent, and says he saw Rick checking out 2 pieces -- portraits of Slick Rick and Rick himself.

Beslic claims he saw someone in Rick's crew unhook the paintings and put 'em in Rick's bus. When he tried confronting them, Ivan claims security blocked him. 

Rick's camp says no such thing ever happened -- his lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells us the allegation is false, baseless, and absurd.

Beslic claims there's a shot of Rick's guys taking one of the portraits in a promotional video posted on Rick's Instagram.

There's no proof the guy in the shot has any connection to Rick. Also important to note ... Beslic did not report the alleged theft to police. He tells us he didn't want to make a fuss because his friends were running the festival where Rick performed.

Ivan tells us Rick can keep the paintings ... if he writes a check for $3,300. If not, he says he's already hired a lawyer.


Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott In Danger Zone With the Feds

7/31/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0726-tori-spelling-dean-mcdermott-TMZ-GETTY-01Tori Spelling is practically swimming in overdue bills ... to the tune of over $1 million.

Tori and hubby Dean McDermott were slapped with a federal tax lien for a whopping $707,487.30 in unpaid taxes, according to docs obtained by TMZ. And that's JUST for 2014. 

The good news, you could say, is the couple made enough that year to owe that kinda tax -- but they've got lots of other financial problems.

American Express sued Tori back in January claiming she owes $37,981.97. And don't forget ... Tori and Dean have a $259k bill from the State of California.


Glen Rice Jr. Accused of Beating Ex-NCAA Player ... AK-47 Found

7/28/2016 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725-Glen-Rice-Jr-mugshotEx-NBA player Glen Rice Jr. allegedly beat up a former NCAA hoops player so badly, he broke the guy's jaw and knocked a tooth out ... this according to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports. 

We broke the story, Rice was arrested on July 25th in Georgia -- and according to the police report, one witness watched the violent scene unfold. 

The witness told cops ... Rice and ex-Tulane player Jordan Callahan pulled into a Kroger parking lot in a white Porsche ... and got out of the car to have a conversation. 

During the exchange, the witness says Rice clocked Callahan in the face -- knocking out the guy's tooth. The witness says Rice grabbed 2 bags from the car and ran down the street. 

When cops arrived, they found Callahan in a pool of blood -- and the witness pointed to where Rice fled. Cops tracked down Rice and arrested him ... and found 2 bags nearby, hidden under leaves. 

Inside the bags -- 2 guns (an AK-47 assault rifle and a Taurus .38 Special) and a bunch of bullets. 

Cops say a 3rd gun was found in the Porsche. 

There's more ... cops say Rice also had roughly $2,700 in cash and 6 cell phones on him at the time. 

He was initially booked for felony robbery, aggravated battery and marijuana possession -- but cops tell TMZ Sports officials are only moving forward with 2 charges ... aggravated battery and possession with intent to distribute. 

Rice's lawyer, Steve Sadow, told TMZ Sports that he's "confident his client will be found not guilty" and pointed out that the robbery charge has already been dropped.

NBA's DeJuan Blair Cited for Battery On Woman ... At Vegas Club

7/25/2016 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0725-dejuan-blair-tmz-sportsNBA player DeJuan Blair -- who played for the Washington Wizards last season -- was cited for misdemeanor battery against a woman at a Vegas club this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Las Vegas Metro PD has confirmed ... officers were called to Drai's nightclub at The Cromwell around 1 AM Sunday morning to respond to a report of a man who allegedly got physical with a woman.

The alleged victim told police ... she was arguing with Blair over the line into the club when he picked her up and tossed her off to the side. The woman was pissed and retaliated by striking him back -- before calling for help.  

Sources tell us ... when cops arrived they checked security video and decided there was enough evidence to issue a citation to Blair for misdemeanor battery. He was NOT arrested. 

However, cops tell TMZ Sports Blair was also issued a "trespassing warning" from the property and told to leave immediately.  

People close to Blair tell TMZ Sports he's adamant he did not throw the woman -- as one source put it, "He simply moved her out of the way when he was trying to get by her. Nothing more."

As for the woman, we're told she refused medical treatment -- but she's still pissed and is considering a lawsuit against the NBA player.  

NFL's Chris Clemons Denied KO'ing Woman ... In Bizarre Cop Cam Video

7/22/2016 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ Sports has obtained body cam footage from the cop who spoke with Arizona Cardinals safety Chris Clemons after he allegedly knocked out a woman in Scottsdale back in May ... and it's weird. 

Backstory ... Clemons is accused of punching a woman in the face around 2 AM on May 8th -- knocking her out cold during a parking lot altercation near a Scottsdale nightclub. 

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, cops combed the area searching for a suspect that was described by witnesses as a pro football player named Chris. 

When the cop makes contact with Clemons, he doesn't realize he's speaking with the guy he's looking for -- and a bizarre interaction takes place. 

Clemons, visibly nervous and apparently intoxicated (according to cops), drops his $10,000 gold grillz ... and asks the cop if he can search under an SUV to find them. 

Once he collects the teeth, he begins to deny that he struck anyone that night ... and references a woman who was knocked out earlier in the night after she had keyed a BMW nearby. 

The cop lets Chris go ... since he didn't realize who he was. Once the cops figured it out, they tried to find him again, but couldn't locate Clemons.

According to the police report, witnesses say ... the fight centered around the fact that Chris has some sort of relationship with a woman in Florida ... but was out that night with another woman. 

The alleged victim is friends with the Florida woman and called Chris out. The alleged victim got into an altercation with Chris' new female companion ... and during the incident, Chris allegedly punched the victim in the face. 

The cops have kicked the case over to city prosecutors and recommended Clemons be charged with assault and disorderly conduct. 

So far, prosecutors have not made an official decision. Clemons has not been arrested. 

Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers Hires MJ Lawyer For Looming Criminal Prosecution

7/22/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0720-dani-mathers-tom-mesereau-instagram-tmzDani Mathers -- the Playboy Playmate who took a picture of a naked woman in an L.A. gym -- has hired no less than the famous lawyer who got Michael Jackson acquitted ... and she has reason for worry.

We've learned Mathers hired Tom Mesereau, who not only got MJ off ... he won a murder acquittal for Robert Blake.

TMZ broke the story, the LAPD launched a criminal investigation after the gym where the photo was taken filed a police report. Mathers not only snapped the pic in the locker area, she shamed the woman by writing a snarky caption and posting it on social media.

Our LAPD sources say they are on the hunt for the victim and are working closely with LA Fitness execs, combing over surveillance video and checking member swipes during the time in question to ID the victim. And, we're told, they're close.

Our sources say the LAPD would like to present a criminal case to the L.A. City Attorney but need the cooperation of the victim.

Mathers has been banned from the health club, and good luck finding another one.

Jeremy Piven One Vicious Cycle Actor Nails Biker

7/20/2016 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0720-jeremy-piven-tmz-01Jeremy Piven opened his car door Tuesday -- no big deal. Problem was ... he didn't look first and a bicyclist slammed into the door, cutting his chest open. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Jeremy was near The Grove when he parked his car next to the curb and flung open the door of his 2015 CTS Cadillac. The 44-year-old man who was peddling along was badly hurt and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Our cop sources say they believe Jeremy was at fault but he didn't get a ticket because cops didn't see it happen. We're told Jeremy was cooperative.

The victim received stitches on his chest. Too early to know about a civil suit, but you can bet on it.

We reached out to Piven ... so far no word back.

Kendra Wilkinson Dani Mathers Is a Rotten Apple ... Leave Playboy Out of This!

7/19/2016 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson is NOT standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow Playmate alum Dani Mathers -- in fact, she's going off on her for the despicable gym sauna pic.

We caught up with Kendra at LAX and she didn't mince words about the former Playmate of the Year. Check out the vid ... she's clearly pissed at Dani for mocking an unwitting woman.

She's also got beef with anyone trying to drag Playboy into Dani's mess.


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