D.L. Hughley U.S. Voters are Dumb ... So Yeah, Cardi B Can Enter Politics!!!


D.L. Hughley is throwing his hands up in disgust at the American electorate, because he begrudgingly admits Cardi B could win office if she's serious about politics.

It's no secret the comedian isn't a fan of President Trump and told us the fact America elected a "game show host for a president" is proof knowledge and experience in politics no longer matter at all to the public. Translation: the door's wide open for Cardi.

Just because he believes it, doesn't mean he's happy about it -- D.L. points out several other professions where you'd NEVER hire someone with zero experience ... yet, voters seem willing to put anyone in high public office.

Cardi's been touting Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic race, and he's surged ahead in the Iowa polls -- so, we asked Hughley if a Sanders-Almanzar ticket would be out of the question.

Chris Johnson Titans Are Super Bowl Bound After Predicting Ravens Upset


No one expected the Titans to wreck Lamar Jackson and the Ravens ... that is, no one except Chris Johnson ... and he tells TMZ Sports his old team is about to pull off ANOTHER huge upset!!

Mike Vrabel's squad came away with the 28-12 dub over Baltimore in the divisional round of the playoffs on Saturday (they were 10 point underdogs) ... one week after taking down Tom Brady and the Patriots.

CJ2K says the Titans ain't done yet, 'cause he tells us Tennessee is about to take down Patrick Mahomes and co. in the AFC Championship game and punch some tickets to Miami.

"Man, listen, the Ravens had a explosive offense as well," CJ tells us. "We went in there and we did what we had to do. We held them to 12 points. so, we gon' do the same thing this week."

CJ -- who was so pumped about the win, he made t-shirts -- jokes that he's getting so good with his predictions, he deserves a TV deal!!

"I've been right on the head. I've been predicting it every week."

Veruca Salt Band Babes 'Memba Them?!

Chicago-natives Louise Post (left) and Nina Gordon (right) were both in their early 20s when they joined forces on guitar and vocals to front the girl grunge group Veruca Salt and dropped the fuzz-toned feedback infused songs "Seether" and "All Hail Me" in the late 90s.

Louise Post and Nina Gordon weren't the only two musically inclined people in the group ... they were joined by Steve Lack on the distorted bass and Jim Shapiro completing the band's backline with snappy snare and drums.

The original group reunited after 14 years to record their album "Ghost Notes" back in 2015.

Guess what Louise and Nina look like now!

R. Kelly's Ex-GF Azriel Says 'Let the Healing Begin' ... Back with Her Family!!!

Azriel Clary and her family look elated over her homecoming and committed to her recovering from her years with R. Kelly.

The singer's now ex-girlfriend took several pics of herself back with her whole fam -- mom, dad and siblings were posing and dancing in matching outfits. We knew the reunion was coming, but this is the first time we've actually seen her with her folks ... Angelo and Alice Clary. Azriel was 17 when she left to live with Kelly and Joycelyn Savage ... she's now 22.

Azriel captioned the family shots, "surprise. Let the healing process begin. Love yall and thank y'all. I even thank everyone who follows me.. because you all believed in me when I could not believe for myself." She included the hashtag #movingontobetterdays.

Her dad, Angelo, tells TMZ ... "We are just enjoying these moments right now ... enjoying being reunited as the Clarys."

We broke the story ... Azriel plans to seek professional help from a counselor to recover from the alleged abuse and trauma she suffered from Kelly. Her parents are focused on doing whatever they can to get her life back in order.


The happy reunion comes just days after Clary and Savage had a huge fight at Kelly's condo as Azriel was moving out. During the fight, Azriel claimed -- on camera -- Joycelyn had sex with her while Azriel was still a minor.

Joycelyn was booked for misdemeanor battery in the altercation, although the video seems to show Azriel getting the upper hand when the fight spilled into a hallway.

Dr. Oz to Mark Wahlberg Let's End Breakfast Debate With 1-Legged Push-Up Challenge!!!


Dr. Oz is throwing down the gauntlet like we've never seen anyone do before -- daring to challenge shredded Mark Wahlberg to a physical fitness competition!!!

The so-called "BreakXit" controversy Dr. Oz started is NOT dying down ... and Monday in NYC he was prepared to go all-out to defend his belief it's time to cancel breakfast.

As you know, we got Mark out this weekend and he shot down the good Doc's theory. Turns out, Oz is taking that personally. He told us, he's reached out to Wahlberg for a sit down to come to some agreement about skipping breakfast.

And, get this ... he's also down for more than just talk the talk. Oz is challenging Wahlberg to a one-legged push-up contest -- and seems supremely confident he can beat the muscle-bound celeb without breakin' a sweat ... especially if Mark's got a bellyful o' breakfast.

Nancy Pelosi Trump 'So Sad' for Islamic Garb Jab ... Retweet Crosses a Line


Rep. Nancy Pelosi is once again questioning President Trump's judgment on the Iran crisis after his open support for a doctored image of her and Sen. Chuck Schumer with the Iranian flag.

We got the Speaker of the House Monday leaving Washington D.C.'s Reagan Airport and asked her about Trump's early morning retweet of a photoshopped image showing herself and Schumer in Islamic garb. It was a random account with a mere 15,000 followers, but Trump blasted it out to his nearly 71 million followers.

Pelosi summed up the state of our democracy by repeating one of Trump's favorite social media phrases. A subtle counter-punch, for sure. She also took a bigger swipe, saying Trump doesn't know right from wrong.

As you know ... Republicans and Democrats are at odds over Trump's order to target and kill Iran's Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and the mudslinging is showing no signs of slowing down.

Pelosi clearly thinks the Prez's retweet is over the line -- but she's also NOT holding her breath for an apology. After all, this ain't her first rodeo with POTUS.

Washington Nationals Pitching Prospect Dead At 23 ... After Motorcycle Crash

Breaking News

Tragic news in the Washington Nationals organization ... one of their up-and-coming pitching prospects died Sunday reportedly after a motorcycle crash in the Dominican Republic.

Fausto Segura -- a 6-foot-3 right hander who signed with the Nats back in 2017 -- was allegedly driving his motorcycle when he was struck by a van, ESPN Deportes said.

Segura was reportedly visiting his hometown of Barahona at the time of the accident. He was 23 years old.

"The Washington Nationals are extremely saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Fausto Segura," the team said in a statement Monday. "He was beloved by his teammates, coaches, coordinators and everyone he came in contact with throughout our organization."

Segura pitched in the Nationals' farm system the past three seasons ... and showed some upside, according to assistant general manager of international operations Johnny DiPuglia.

"He was starting to take off," DiPuglia said of Segura. "We were excited about him. But the thing we were most excited about him was how his maturation had improved."

"So that’s the sad thing. The kid was starting to figure some things out, and then this happens."

The Nationals added in a statement, "We extend our deepest sympathies to Fausto's family, friends and loved ones in their time of grief."

Trick Daddy Mug's No Joke ... I've Got Lupus!!!


Trick Daddy has an explanation for his recent mug shot that's giving some folks a laugh ... he suffers from an incurable disease that really does a number to his appearance.

As we reported ... the rapper was busted for cocaine possession and DUI over the weekend in Miami, leading to this disheveled mug shot. The Internet has been dragging him nonstop ever since.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... Trick Daddy suffers from lupus and his medical condition is the reason his face and hair look so bad in his mug.

Trick Daddy's got some seriously thick skin .... we're told he doesn't care one bit about "ignorant" people poking fun at him on the Internet, and if they want to make fun of someone with an illness, go right ahead...

TD's not alone ... other celebs diagnosed with lupus include Selena Gomez, Nick Cannon, Lady Gaga, Toni Braxton and Seal.

Montae Nicholson Investigation Woman's Death Ruled Accident ... 'Fentanyl Intoxication'

Getty Composite

The woman who died after being taken to the hospital by NFL player Montae Nicholson passed away due to an accidental fentanyl overdose ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story, back on Nov. 14, Nicholson and a friend found 21-year-old Julia Crabbe "foaming at the mouth" in Nicholson's Ashburn, Virginia home after a night out.

According to police documents, Nicholson and the friend took Crabbe to a nearby hospital ... where she was later pronounced dead.

Now, TMZ Sports has learned Crabbe's death has been ruled an accident ... a spokesperson for the county medical examiner tells us Crabbe died of "fentanyl intoxication."

FYI, the CDC characterizes fentanyl as an opioid pain reliever that is "50 to 100 times more potent than morphine."

Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan Have 'Mercy' on London Club Scene


Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan's latest movie provided the perfect reason to travel to the United Kingdom ... and tear it up at a popular nightclub.

The "Just Mercy" costars hit up London's Libertine late Sunday night and mixed in well with the party crowd -- especially Jamie -- while they're in town for the film's press tour.

Foxx sang and grooved to his 2004 hit track with Kanye West -- "Gold Digger" -- before getting on the mic in the DJ booth to fire everyone up even more.

Both Jamie and Michael have received praise for their roles in the movie (no love from The Academy, though) ... but that didn't stop Foxx from being MBJ's number one hype man anyway.

"Just Mercy" comes out in the UK this weekend ... it's in theaters everywhere in the U.S. already.

Future PDA Pool Pic with Lori Harvey ... Yes, They're Dating


Future is getting up close and very personal with parts of Lori Harvey, confirming what we've all suspected for a while now ... they are boo'd up and happy as hell.

The rapper posted a rare IG pic Monday, showing Lori and him cuddling up in a pool during their vacay in Jamaica. He captioned the pic with the same three words Lori posted this weekend, "Life is Good."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If there was any doubt before, there's none now.

Houston Astros Fire Manager A.J. Hinch and GM ... After MLB Drops Hammer In Cheating Probe

Breaking News

3:38 PM PT -- Hinch just released a statement, saying, "I regret being connected to these events, am disappointed in our club's actions within this timeline, and I accept the Commissioner's decision."

Hinch reiterated that while he did NOT endorse the sign-stealing scheme ... he admitted, "I failed to stop them and I am deeply sorry."

Hinch added, "I apologize to all of you for our mistakes but I'm confident we will learn from it - and I personally commit to work tirelessly to ensure I do."

1:43 PM PT -- We just got Ted Cruz out at Reagan Airport in D.C. ... and the Texas senator says he's DEVASTATED by the MLB's findings.

In fact, it sure seems like Cruz is starting to wonder if the 2017 World Series title should now be considered tainted!!


12:06 PM PT -- The Astros just fired A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow ... saying the team needs to start fresh.

When asked if the team's 2017 World Series championship was tainted as a result of the scandal ... 'Stros owner Jim Crane said, "Absolutely not."

Houston Astros

The MLB just laid the hammer down on the Astros over sign-stealing allegations ... suspending manager A.J. Hinch for 1 YEAR -- and hitting the team with all kinds of other punishments for cheating.

MLB commish Rob Manfred just made the announcement ... saying the league found the Astros DID, in fact, steal signs from opponents beginning in the 2017 season.

Per Manfred, the league interviewed 68 witnesses -- including 23 current and former Astros players -- and found the cheating allegations to be credible.

As part of the punishment, Manfred announced 1-year suspensions for both Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow ... as well as a fine of $5 MILLION AND the loss of draft picks.

Manfred said the Astros will be forced to give up their first AND second-round picks in both the 2020 and 2021 drafts.

Per the league's report, the Astros used a complicated scheme where they filmed signs, decoded them in a separate room and relayed the upcoming pitches to batters by banging on dugout trash cans.

The report says former Astros bench coach and current Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, was the mastermind behind all the cheating.

Gigi Hadid Gets Called in for Possible Jury Duty In Harvey Weinstein Trial!!!

Breaking News

Gigi Hadid's in an awkward place, getting called as a potential juror on Harvey Weinstein's criminal trial -- and though she probably has solid reason to be excused, it seems she wants to serve.

Gigi showed up Monday morning in the NYC courthouse, and was later seen exiting. She was the model potential juror -- refusing to discuss the case, now in the fifth day of jury selection. More than 100 jurors have reportedly filled out questionnaires about their backgrounds and whether they'd remain impartial in the case.

Gigi was reportedly seated just 20 feet away from Weinstein and, according to the NY Daily News, she told the judge she'd previously met Weinstein but, "I think I'm still able to keep an open mind to the facts."

It's unclear if Gigi's been selected as a juror, but she's definitely got a dog in this fight. Back in 2017, Gigi's good friend, Cara Delevingne, accused the disgraced studio mogul of making an unwanted move and asking her questions about her sex life.

Dina Lohan Denies Being Drunk During Arrest ... I Fled 'Cause It Was NBD


Dina Lohan has answers to just about everything cops allege she did this weekend during her DWI arrest -- denying she was in the wrong or in the danger zone for booze.

LiLo's mother's attorney, Mark Jay Heller, tells TMZ ... Dina was leaving an Outback Steakhouse Saturday near her East Coast home, and as she was pulling her Mercedes out of the lot when she hit the other car, a Honda.

Heller says Dina didn't see any damage, and claims no one was injured ... so she left, thinking nothing of it. Soon enough, she had the cavalry behind her.

We're told Dina was surprised to see several cops tailing her as she got home -- the implication being, she didn't think she'd done anything wrong. As for that pesky breathalyzer, Heller says she refused it 'cause she was NOT drunk ... and thought they'd lie.

As for the police officer's claim, Dina fell on her face as she got out of the vehicle, Heller says that's BS, and claims the officer actually pushed her to the ground.

No word yet on whether she'll take legal action, but for now ... she's gonna have to take her case up with the State of NY. Dina's pled not guilty to DWI, and a laundry list of other traffic violations ... including leaving the scene of an accident.

Queen Elizabeth We Support Harry & Meg Leaving ... But Wish They Wouldn't!!!

Breaking News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are winning over Queen Elizabeth -- immediately following the family summit, Her Majesty now says she supports them stepping away from Royal life.

QE2 says both she and the fam are fully supportive of her grandson's power move. That said, she's pretty honest too, and notes she wishes they would've stayed on and remained "full-time working Members of the Royal Family."


Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles all left the meeting at the Queen's Sandringham Estate separately. They were all discussing the future of the Royal Family and how they'd all move forward after Harry and Meg's announcement. Meghan, who's in Canada now, reportedly teleconferenced for the meeting.

Her Majesty says there will be a period of transition while they sort out details on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's departure and finances. Harry made it clear they don't want to rely on public funds and prefer to seek financial independence.

Harry's grandma also confirmed he and Meghan will split their time between Canada and the U.K.

The Queen has spoken!!!

Jenelle Evans Drops Restraining Order Against David

Exclusive Details

Jenelle Evans is having a change of heart when it comes to David Eason ... he no longer has to stay away from her, because she's ditched the restraining order against him.

Jenelle filed docs Friday to dismiss the temporary restraining order, and a judge just signed off on the request ... a rep for the Davidson County Circuit Court tells TMZ.

The former couple was due in court today in Tennessee for a hearing to make the order permanent, but we're told the entire case has been dismissed at Jenelle's request.

As we reported ... Jenelle got a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband back in November, after claiming her ex was off-the-rails violent. She said she feared for her life and her children's well-being.

It's unclear why Jenelle changed course, but under the temporary restraining order, David was prohibited from having contact with her or her kids. Jenelle and David have one child together, 2-year-old Ensley.

We reached out to Jenelle's reps ... no word back, so far.

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