Von Miller Awesome Custom Carhartt Boot ... After Ankle Injury

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A season-ending injury can't stop Von Miller from reppin' his favorite brand ... with the Denver Broncos LB getting a sick custom Carhartt walking boot!!

The NFL superstar went down with a devastating ankle tendon injury in the season opener against the Tennessee Titans ... requiring surgery to get back to 100%.

The 31-year-old showed how he's dealing with the bad news on Friday ... revealing a personalized Carhartt boot to help him through the tough time.

Now, Miller's love for the company is the worst kept secret -- the guy LOVES to rep the brand while farming his chickens ... and now he can keep it going during recovery.

It's been pretty positive for the Broncos lately -- Denver just beat the NY Jets on Thursday Night Football to get win #1 on the season.

Seeing Miller have some fun with his injury has to boost the spirits a bit, too.

Get better, Von!! In the meantime, enjoy the boot.

Joe Biden Beauty Brand Bearing His Name And It's Booming!!!


Joe Biden's getting some much-needed support down the homestretch of his presidential battle from an unlikely source ... beauty and fashion sales.

BIDEN Beauty launched this week on the heels of the first debate, and though that event was far from pretty ... the Biden-themed products are flying off shelves.

David Yi -- founder of Very Good Light, the group behind BIDEN Beauty -- tells TMZ ... they launched it with the goal of activating the beauty community to get behind the Democratic nominee and encouraging them to vote blue.

The group had remained anonymous until now because Yi says they want the focus to be on Biden and Kamala Harris, but they're stepping out now to let everyone know 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Biden Victory Fund ... to help him defeat President Trump.

Those proceeds have the potential to be yuuuge -- as Trump might say -- because since Wednesday's launch, Yi says they've had an order placed every minute, selling 50 percent of their initial inventory in 35 states ... including all the major swing states.

David says Arizona is leading in that category, and across the U.S., the #1 seller has been the BIDEN Beat Makeup Sponge. The site's also selling totes and hoodies, in addition to cosmetics.

We're told they're launching a line for Kamala next week as well.

Kobe Bryant Storage Locker Treasures Returned to Vanessa ... 'It's All Worked Out'


The treasure trove of Kobe Bryant memorabilia found in an abandoned storage locker has been returned to the NBA star's family, TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... someone recently won an auction for an abandoned locker in L.A. -- like a scene out of "Storage Wars" -- which contained everything from Kobe Bryant shoes to jerseys and even a mink coat from a photoshoot.

In total, there were 35 pairs of shoes, jerseys, Lakers practice gear, a Lakers all-access badge that says, "Mamba," tax paperwork and more.

The buyer ended up selling the items to "Storage Wars" star Rene Nezhoda for roughly $13,000 ... and the original plan was to make a fortune on the open market.

But, we're told Vanessa Bryant learned about the auction and felt the items belonged with the Bryant family -- so her reps reached out to Rene before he put them up for sale in hopes of working out a deal.

We spoke with Rene who tells us, "Everything has been worked out. A number of personal items, worn items, and paperwork were sold directly back to the Bryant family."

Rene wouldn't tell us the sale price because of the terms of the agreement -- but sources close to the deal say it wasn't about turning a profit, it was about getting the items back to the family in a fair way.

That said, Rene was able to keep some of the items that were NOT worn by Kobe -- some cool shoes and shirts ... and he is planning on selling those for profit.

'Batwoman' Javicia Suits Up ... 1st Look at New Costume!!!


Here's Javicia Leslie taking over as the new "Batwoman" ... and TMZ has the first look at the new getup.

Javicia's in her full 'Batwoman' gear after taking over for Ruby Rose on the CW series ... and this is the first time she's been spotted filming for season 2 in the new-look costume.

As you know ... Javicia is making history here as the first Black woman to take on the role of 'Batwoman.'

Javicia's been teasing the new suit for a while on her social media, and now fans are finally seeing what it's all about ... and we gotta say, she looks like a badass who is more than ready to fight some crime.

As you can see, the suit is black with red accents, and Javicia's got red hair to top it all off. Her boots look like they could kick some serious butt.

Bad guys beware, there's a new 'Batwoman' in town!!!

Vanessa Bryant Shares Incredible Kobe Memorabilia ... 'Hoarder Wife'

Vanessa Bryant is revealing some of the most cherished items she's collected over the years ... showing off her incredible keepsakes from Kobe's life.

Vanessa -- who proudly calls herself a "hoarder wife" -- shared some of her favorite items ... including Kobe's high school jersey and warmups, which she says their family did not get back until 2013.

"The fact that this was auctioned off and my husband had to buy this and more back is so sad," Vanessa said. "Glad we have it back."

Among the other items include the Adidas shoes Kobe wore during his first championship run with the Lakers ... as well as his champagne-soaked locker room shirt and shorts after winning the title in 2001.

"I keep EVERYTHING for my baby and our girls," Vanessa added.

Bryant also shared pics of Kobe's All-Star jerseys and autographed basketballs from the NBA events ... and his Lakers jacket from his "teenage years."

We know what you're thinking -- collectors would salivate over the idea of getting their hands on these items ... but it's clear they'll NEVER be for sale.

RIP, Mamba.

Oscar De La Hoya's Daughter Gunning To Blaze My Own Trail ... In Modeling Industry


Oscar De La Hoya's stunning 21-year-old daughter, Atiana, says she's out to make a name for herself outside of the boxing world ... telling TMZ Sports she's working to blaze her own trail as the next big model!!

Remember, looks run in the family -- Atiana's mom is former Miss USA Shanna Moakler ... and ODLH ain't too bad lookin' himself.

We spoke with Atiana about her own career ... and she says it's off to a hot start!!!

"It's going great!," ADLH tells us. "Kinda ready to branch out and start a whole new path, so we'll see where it goes. Got some exciting stuff I'm working on."

We asked if having a legendary boxer as her pops has any perks in the modeling industry ... and Atiana makes sure to point out she still has to be great in order to succeed.

"I always like to say it opens doors but it doesn't get you through them."

While she won't spill the beans on any of her current projects, one look at Atiana's Instagram shows she's already got huge brand deals with companies like Too Faced Cosmetics ... so she's off to a great start!!

Naturally ... we had to ask some questions about Oscar's big boxing comeback ... and Atiana is 100% confident her dad will open a can of Whoop Ass when he gets back in the ring.

"I think it's amazing! I'm so excited for him. Think it's gonna be great."

As for ODLH being 47 ... Atiana ain't worried one bit.

"Absolutely not! He's got this. I'm so confident in him. It's gonna be great!"

Patagonia Clothing Our New Tag Line ... 'Vote the A**holes Out'

The Patagonia clothing brand taking a political stand is nothing new ... but the tags in its organic shorts are, and the message they're pushing is change.

The company is now confirming it's indeed putting a tag that reads, "VOTE THE ASSHOLES OUT" in some of its clothing. A pic of the tag spread like wildfire on Twitter last week, but no one knew if it was legit.

Brad Wieners, the company's director of copy, says ... "With an assist fm @BallotReady we've got a widget to help folks folo thru on that advice, too" followed by a link directing consumers to its website calling for Americans to vote climate deniers out of office.

Hmmm ... think they might be referring to President Trump?

Fox News

You'll recall the current occupant of the White House most recently laughed off climate change during a wildfires briefing with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Patagonia -- which closes its stores on Election Day -- and the Trump administration have been at odds for some time now. The company sued the administration in 2017 to protect national monuments. The company also donated the money it got from tax cuts to environmental groups.

Putting their money where their mouth is.

Justin Bieber Yellow There ... Yeezys On My Vespa!!!

Justin Bieber is no Hells Angel, but he's tooling around the City of Angels on a hot new ride ... a bright yellow Vespa and Kanye West's latest kicks!!!

The singer took to the streets Thursday on his slick Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon, zipping around Los Angeles ahead of his new music video release for "Holy."

Justin wore a white hoodie and yellow shorts, keeping it safe with a black helmet and keeping it fresh with a pair of Adidas Yeezy Foam RNNR 'Ararats' ... the latest in Kanye's futuristic footwear.

As we reported, the Biebs and Hailey paid Kanye a visit on his Wyoming ranch towards the end of July, when the couple was cruising the countryside in an RV, and now Justin's repping Ye on his feet.

Gotta love fine Italian motor scooters. Vroom vroom!!!

Colin Kaepernick Special Nike Jersey Sells Out In Seconds ... Resale Market On Fire

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Colin Kaepernick is still in very high demand -- at least when it comes to his jersey.

Nike offered up a special limited edition CK7 jersey on its website early Thursday morning -- and within seconds, they were sold out!!!

The jersey -- called The Icon 2.0 -- commemorates the 4 year anniversary of Colin's kneeling demonstration in the NFL.

If the jersey looks familiar, it's because LeBron James wore the "triple back" uni on his way to Game 5 of the Lakers' playoff series with the Houston Rockets last week.

The jersey retails for $150 a pop -- but minutes after they flew off of the Nike shelves, they were being offered up on resale sites like StockX and eBay for 3 times the original price!

In fact, one sold on StockX for $400 already -- several more are being offered up in the $400 to $500 range.

It seems like the type of sales blitz that went down for the special Colin Kaepernick Air Force 1 sneaks back in 2019.

Colin posted about the special Nike jersey -- saying, "Four years ago, I took a knee to protest against systemic racism and social injustice. It was that day that the number on my jersey would come to represent something greater than football, something greater than me."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Since then, the number 7 jersey has become a symbol for advancing the liberation and well-being of Black & Brown communities. Thank you for staying True."

Kaepernick seems to be doing well off the field -- his Nike merch is in high demand and he's been ranked as the top free-agent QB in the Madden 2021 video game.

But, on the field, there are still issues -- he hasn't received a single offer for a tryout from an NFL club, despite saying he still wants to play.

Joe Exotic Jeff Lowe Has Big Money Beef With Joe's New Fashion Line


Joe Exotic just can't get Jeff Lowe off his tail ... Joe's former business partner's got beef over the 'Tiger King' star's new fashion line.

Here's the deal ... Joe has his nickname plastered all over his "REVENGE" fashion collection with Odaingerous streetwear ... but Jeff insists he's owed a cut of the profits.

Jeff's lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to Odaingerous, obtained by TMZ, claiming he owns the trademark "Joe Exotic." Jeff's threatening a lawsuit if Odaingerous doesn't pull the merch or come to the bargaining table to work out a licensing deal with him.

But, sources close to Odaingerous tell TMZ ... the brand currently has a valid contract with Joe and his team related to the merch, and they claim Jeff's not the true owner of "Joe Exotic."

Jeff sees things much differently ... telling us he's owned and controlled intellectual property with regards to Joe Exotic and Tiger King since 2016. He also raises issue with the fact that Joe has started up a business while behind bars ... something he believes to be illegal.

As you know ... Joe's fashion line keeps selling out, whether it's boxer briefs or hoodies and t-shirts.

There's a lot of money at stake here ... and Jeff's fighting and clawing for his slice of the "Exotic" pie.

Lewis Hamilton Investigated Over Breonna Taylor Tribute ... At Tuscan Grand Prix

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7:43 AM PT -- 9/14 -- Lewis Hamilton is being investigated over his tribute to Breonna Taylor at the Tuscan Grand Prix this weekend ... and now the driver is facing possible fines.

Racing officials are reportedly trying to determine if the shirt -- which advocated for law enforcement to arrest the cops who killed Taylor -- violated the sport's “no political statement” rule.

British racing star Lewis Hamilton made his feelings known Sunday at Italy's Tuscan Grand Prix ... he wants the cops who killed Breonna Taylor brought to justice.

Hamilton wore a black t-shirt with the words, "Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor" emblazoned in pink on the front, and the words, "Say her name" on the back, along with a photo of Breonna.

Hamilton has talked recently about his encounters with racism in the UK ... and also talked about being a black man in a sport dominated by white men. He said, "I'm in a sport which is white-dominated and there is very little diversity, for example. And with everything that happened in the states, it really brought up a lot of emotions for me."

He went on to say, "A lot of people think it is only happening in the states.  Yes, there is the police brutality in the states but systemic racism is across the world."

A lot of people think it is only happening in the states. Yes, there is the police brutality in the states but systemic racism is across the world.

As you know ... NASCAR star Bubba Wallace has also taken a strong stand in the Black Lives Matter movement and received support from many of his fellow drivers.

Originally Published -- 9/13 8:11 AM PT

Kylie Jenner Designer Feels Like He Won Lottery After She Wore His Clothing


Kylie Jenner's probably a muse for a lot of people, but one creative artist is especially feeling her influence as he watches his sales skyrocket ... all because she wore a hoodie.

Here's what went down -- the cosmetics mogul wore a hoodie made by Muse Clothing in a recent YouTube video to promote her new Summer Sailor Collection.

Muse is a streetwear brand created by Antony Muse, who tells TMZ the hoodie Kylie wore in the vid was one-of-a-kind ... and he has no idea how she got it.

Antony says he's never spoken to Kylie or her team or sent her any of his work, so he was stunned when he found out she wore his clothing ... stunned and elated.

He tells us Kylie randomly wearing his hoodie is "similar to what I think would happen if I won the lottery," adding it seems surreal.

Beyond the excitement ... a major boost to his bottom line. Antony says his DMs immediately began blowing up over the hoodie, so he's re-releasing it.

And, get this -- he says in the first 24 hours after Kylie posted the video, his brand's sales have surpassed any day since the company launched in 2017. Sales increased by 10 fold over a typical day.

Antony's singing Kylie's praises, saying ... "Although it may seem like a small thing for her to just put on a hoodie, her post could be the difference between a smaller artist like myself having to go back to waiting tables and being able to continue to grow and live off of my art."

Now that's some serious influencing.

Louis Vuitton Cover Your Mug in Style ... With Our Nearly $1k Fancy Face Shield!!!

PPE has gone full bougie -- 'cause, soon, you'll be able to fight COVID-19 and look fly doing it at the same time ... for a pretty penny, of course.

Louis Vuitton is introducing a new item to their 2021 Cruise Collection ... a high-priced face shield, laced with their signature 'LV' trim along the edges of the plastic itself and headband, plus their well-known gold studs. It's supposed to hit the market starting next month.

And, get this ... it's only gonna cost folks a mere $961 (more or less)!!! To recap ... that's almost a cool grand for plastic, more plastic and a sliver of leather with some nifty print.

A reported description of Louis V's forthcoming face shield says it can also be flipped up and worn as a visor -- so dual function, if you can call it that. They also say it's "an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective." The shield also turns dark in the sun or bright light.

LV isn't the first luxury fashion brand to dabble in COVID wear -- Burberry recently announced they were rolling out their own face masks as well, but theirs are more subtle than Louis' shield. According to reports, they're supposed to be going for about $115.

Off-White also has a line of face masks -- they're hawking 'em for about $100 or so. Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana got some too, similar price ranges.

Louis Vuitton's face shield stands alone though. The real question now ... you copping???

'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' 30 Years After Premiere ... Time for Fresh New Clothing!!!

Now, this is a story all about how Will Smith's life got flipped-turned upside down 30 years ago today ... and now "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is going the fashion route to celebrate that momentous occasion.

All the chillin' out, maxin' and relaxin' all cool began for Will on September 10, 1990, when NBC aired the first episode of what would go on to become a quintessential '90s show.

To commemorate the premiere and the show's cultural impact ... a nostalgic 'Fresh Prince' clothing line -- featuring jackets, tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sock, hats, masks and bags -- just launched. It's inspired by Smith and his music partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The "30th Anniversary" collection includes 30 items that either pay homage to Smith’s Philadelphia roots or his Bel-Air experience on the show ... like starring on the Bel-Air Academy basketball team.

Of course, the whole line is also dripping with '90s fashion trends.

The clothing launch comes amid a very exciting few weeks for 'Fresh Prince' fans, as the cast is reuniting to film an HBO Max special to air around Thanksgiving ... and a 2-season order was just picked up for a dramatized reboot of the classic sitcom.

Jazzy Jeff says... "This is really a celebration of a legacy and it’s incredible watching the series evolve into a fashion brand and influence an entirely new generation."

The limited-edition apparel is available now at the newly-launched Fresh Prince Store website.

Drake It's Adonis' 1st Day of School ... Make Me Proud, Kid!!!

Drake just hit another milestone of parenthood by sending his son to his first day of school, and it looks like papa made sure his own flesh and blood was fresh and ready for it.

Drizzy posted a photo Wednesday of 2-year-old Adonis about to hop into a waiting SUV, which was going to take him to class. You can tell his pops was pretty proud of the moment, as he captioned the pic ... "First Day Of School...The World Is Yours kid 🌍"

As for Adonis, he's laced up from head to toe ... rocking freshly braided cornrows, a black hoodie, matching pants and what might be some black Air Force 1s (don't quote us on that). Point is ... AG is ready to take preschool by the reins decked out in a sweet fit.

Here's another interesting aspect -- it looks like Adonis might be with dad over here in North America, possibly in Toronto.

In any case, Drake's son got mad love on the Gram ... most notably from 21 Savage, who said Adonis was on his way to being a great. He commented, "Already got a chauffeur 🐐."

That he does, that he does.

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