Kim Kardashian Cries Her Eyes Out Saint Broke His Arm in Multiple Places

Kim Kardashian's son, Saint, broke his arm ... and it's devastated her.

Kim's 5-year-old son took a trip to the ER after fracturing his arm in multiple places. Kim didn't reveal how it happened, but she made it clear ... it broke her heart and she's been crying her eyes out.

She shared a couple photos ... you see Saint sitting in a wheelchair with an ice pack on his right wrist/arm, captioning it, "Who do you think cried more today? My baby broke his arm in a few places today. I’m not ok." #MomsWillBeMoms.

Kim posted another pic showing Saint's injured arm wrapped in a navy-blue cast.

It looks like Saint got hurt Thursday, because earlier in the day she shared a photo of Saint with one of his friends who was celebrating his birthday.

It was a night out on the town for most of the Kardashians ... from coast to coast. But, Kim clearly had other priorities and never surfaced Thursday night.

Saint's back home, hopefully on the mend. Feel better soon, Saint!!! You too, Kim.

Karl-Anthony Towns Defends Jordyn Woods' Body Transformation ... 'This Is All Natural'

4:01 PM PT -- Jordyn's responded to the criticism as well, and echoes many of the same points KAT made ... insisting that finding fitness saved her life, especially after dealing with depression and the loss of her dad 5 years ago.

Jordyn says, "Working out became my therapy and my saving." She adds that her fitness platform is for everyone but doesn't guarantee "you'll look like me" ... but she launched it for people who may be struggling like she was.

She concludes ... "Working out saved me and I wanted to let everyone know we all start somewhere. You're beautiful at any weight, shape, or size, but you're not alone."

Karl-Anthony Towns is going OFF on all the trolls talking down on his GF Jordyn Woods' recent body transformation ... saying he's personally seen her put in the work -- and it's ALL natural.

Woods was the center of awful social media criticism this week after posting a before-and-after pic from her fitness journey ... with some claiming her new look was manufactured.

But, KAT is having none of that talk ... shooting down any notion Woods went under the knife in a passionate Twitter rant on Thursday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Are we saying that women can’t work hard and transform their bodies??" Towns said minutes ago. "I’ve SEEN the hard work and I’ve seen the results and trust me, this is all natural."

"Since she was 10 years old, people been calling this woman vile things because of her weight and instead of letting the Internet run her life, she went out the put the damn work in and changed her whole life. FITNESS SAVED HER LIFE!"

Towns says he's not going to stoop to the trolls' levels and respond with hate -- instead, he's keeping positive by hoping they "find the love you are so badly craving."

KAT -- who's been officially dating Woods for about a year -- also sends a personal love note to his bae ... calling her his queen, rock and his everything.

"That comparison picture, as I told you before you posted it, is gonna help a lot of people, especially young girls who feel they can never reach the body that you’ve acquired NATURALLY."

Originally Published -- 3:36 PM PT

NFL's Gus Edwards May Be Out For Season W/ Torn ACL Ravens' Top 3 Backs Out

The Baltimore Ravens can't catch a break.

Running back Gus Edwards might be out with a season-ending torn ACL on Thursday ... just days after starter J.K. Dobbins AND backup Justice Hill suffered serious injuries.

The news was just made official minutes ago ... with Adam Schefter reporting the injury happened at practice.

Of course, Dobbins -- who was poised to have a huge role in the offense this season -- tore his ACL on Aug. 28 ... and Hill (who the Ravens waived this week) tore his Achilles on Sep. 2.

To make matters worse, star cornerback Marcus Peters also reportedly tore his ACL at Wednesday's practice.

Seriously ... so brutal.

So, what's that mean for fantasy football?? Expect newly signed Le'Veon Bell to be a hot commodity in pretty much every league ... as well as Ty'Son Williams.

Here's hoping the rest of the team can stay healthy with Week 1 officially kicking off Thursday night.

'The Flash' Actor Logan Williams Died from Fentanyl ... Coroner's Report Reveals

Logan Williams -- best known for his role on the CW series "The Flash" -- died from a fentanyl OD.

Canada's BC Coroners Service says the 16-year-old Logan died from an "unintentional illicit drug toxicity (fentanyl)." The manner of his death has been listed as "accidental."

According to the coroner's report, obtained by the NY Post, Logan "struggled with mental health concerns and had a history of consuming illicit substances." And three months before his death, Logan was reportedly unresponsive after consuming substances, though the report wasn't specific.

Logan was later resuscitated and diagnosed with a significant brain injury that messed with his ability to function.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Logan, who played a teenage Barry Allen on the CW series, died back on April 1, 2020 in Burnaby, British Columbia. The day he died, the coroner says Logan left a residential care home and was reported missing. Once Logan returned he appeared agitated and under the influence. He went to bed to sleep it off ... and staff checked on him hourly. But, when staff went to wake him up he was unresponsive.

As we've reported ... there's a fentanyl epidemic that's hitting Hollywood hard right now. Logan's news comes on the heels of comedian Fuquan Johnson and 3 others dying after an apparent overdose. Our sources say cocaine laced with fentanyl appears to be what they ingested.

Howard Stern F*** Those Who Won't Get Vaccinated ... 'I Wanna Live'

The Howard Stern Show/SiriusXM

Howard Stern laid it all out on the table ... f*** everyone who refuses to get a COVID vaccine.

Stern went on a rant this week, arguing vaccines should be mandatory. He railed on the holdouts, in particular 4 radio DJs who refused to get the shot and ended up dead. He bristled that one who expressed regret he didn't get the vaccine ... expressed it on his death bed.

Robin chimed in ... she has trouble drumming up compassion for those who refuse to take precautions and help themselves.

As Howard says, schools have required measles, mumps, polio shots, and on and on, so what's the difference?

His parting words "When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country. F*** em, f*** their freedom. I wanna be free to live."

As for the things Howard wants to do ... well, you gotta listen.

Kate Quigley On the Mend After OD ... Thanks Friends for Support

Kate Quigley's gonna be okay after overdosing in L.A. with friends ... an incident that left 2 of her fellow comedians and another woman dead.

The model/comedian revealed she's on the mend, saying ... "I'm still healing physically & mentally. But reading all the positive messages from u guys is makin me cry tnight."

She added she's grateful for all the support and love, and it's helping her recover in the hospital ... slowly but surely.

We broke the story ... Quigley was at a get-together last weekend in the Venice neighborhood where 3 people -- comedian Fuquan Johnson, comedian Rico Angeli and Natalie Williamson -- all died of suspected accidental fentanyl ODs.

Kate was also hospitalized in critical condition, but she's stable now and says she's getting a little stronger every day.

As we told you ... it's suspected that the victims at the party died from ingesting cocaine laced with fentanyl. The LAPD is investigating.

Tiger Woods Rehabbing To 'Try To Play Golf Again' ... Says Steve Stricker

Tiger Woods is gunning to eventually come back to the golf course ... so says his pal Steve Stricker, who said Wednesday the legend is rehabbing with the intent of playing again.

Stricker -- the captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team this year -- made the revelation during a chat with Dennis Paulson and Carl Paulson, explaining El Tigre has been making strides toward picking up his clubs again.

"I've talked to Tiger a lot," Stricker said. "He's a part of this Ryder Cup family. He won't be able to be a captain's assistant this time around just because of his ongoing rehabilitation to try to get better and to try to play golf again, and that is going well."

Stricker added, "[Tiger] is progressing. He's doing well, things are moving in the right direction."

Many have doubted Woods would ever compete in a golf tournament again after he suffered horrific leg injuries during a car crash last February.

The 45-year-old shattered and broke bones in his right leg -- needing a rod, screws and pins to fix the damage -- and he was still on crutches and moving gingerly as of July.

Stricker, though, made it clear Wednesday that Tiger is hoping to play again ... and has still been very involved in the Ryder Cup process.

"He's very passionate about this," Stricker said of Woods. "We've had a number of talks."

Triple H Undergoes Surgery After Cardiac Event ... Expected To Make Full Recovery

Triple H required surgery last week after suffering a cardiac event ... but, fortunately, the WWE star says he's expected to fully recover.

The wrestling org. made the announcement Wednesday ... saying the 52-year-old superstar -- real name Paul Levesque -- had the procedure at Yale New Haven Hospital.

WWE officials added, "The episode was caused by a genetic heart issue and Paul is expected to make a fully recovery."

Triple H has been wrestling for roughly three decades ... and has been an ironman in the sport -- only suffering one severe injury in his career, back in 2001 when he tore his quad.

The wrestler has recently taken a bit of a step back when it comes to action in the ring ... as he's been more involved in the business side of the WWE.

Story developing ...

Oscar De La Hoya Released From Hospital After COVID Fight 'Hit Me Really Hard'


Good news ... Oscar De La Hoya was released from the hospital after a bad bout with COVID-19, the boxing legend announced on Wednesday.

"Hey guys, I am out of the hospital. I was in there for 3 days. COVID hit me really hard," ODLH said via social media, adding, "I was in the best shape of my life and I really can't wait to get back in the ring."

Of course, Oscar was scheduled to fight Vitor Belfort on September 11 ... but was forced out of the event when he contracted the virus.

It wasn't just a matter of Oscar being positive ... he was hit hard by the virus, forcing him to go to the hospital on Friday.

@oscardelahoya / Instagram

Oscar managed to film a video the same day from his hospital bed ... and it was clear he was in bad shape.

However, the Hall of Famer bounced back quick ... and is clearly on the med.

Unfortunately, De La Hoya's still out of his Saturday night fight with Belfort ... and fellow legend, Evander Holyfield has stepped in to fight the MMA legend.

If that wasn't enough ... former President Donald Trump -- who doesn't see eye-to-eye with ODLH -- will be doing commentary for the fight.

Bottom line, despite the setback, Oscar made it clear he still intends to return to the ring after a decade-plus layoff ... and he closed out his health update with a big shout-out to his millions of fans.

48-year-old De La Hoya said ... "Thank you very much for all your well wishes and all your support. I appreciate it."

Jamie Spears The Inside Story on His Move to End Britney's Conservatorship

Jamie Spears has done a 180 in the conservatorship battle over his daughter, but our sources say ... do NOT take the latest twist at face value.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ -- just one month ago Jamie was deeply concerned about his daughter's mental health. Our sources say Jamie feared the worst if the judge ended the conservatorship. He believed Britney's mental health was deteriorating.

Jamie, we're told, felt Jodi Montgomery -- Britney's personal conservator -- was not protecting his daughter and felt her motivation was saving her own job.

Jamie told people around him, "She's never getting out of the conservatorship," and our sources say he wasn't saying this to be draconian ... he believed it was necessary for her survival.

Now, Jamie says he believes Britney is able to care for herself, make financial decisions and run her life without any guidance. So, he's asking the judge to end the conservatorship. And, here's the key -- he's asking the judge to pull the plug without doing a mental evaluation.

So, why the radical change? As one source told us ... he's calling their bluff. Multiple sources say Jamie believes Britney has not gotten better ... he thinks she's gotten worse. One source put it this way ... "He knows how mentally ill his daughter is, and has genuinely tried to protect her."

Jamie, we're told, has no love lost for Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart. By filing the latest legal docs, in a sense, Jamie thinks he trumped Rosengart, who has not yet filed a motion to end the conservatorship -- something he calls out in his legal docs. This puts Rosengart in an interesting position ... whether to join forces with Jamie at the Sept. 29 hearing and end the conservatorship, or not.

It's almost like saying, "Okay, you think the conservatorship should end. Then bring it on. Let's see what happens."

One source said they don't believe Jamie really wants the conservatorship to end, and certainly not without a medical evaluation. We're told Jamie does not believe the judge would terminate the conservatorship without a mental evaluation, and he has said privately he's sure that evaluation would present an insurmountable case to maintain the conservatorship.

So, he would get what he wants -- maintaining the conservatorship -- while also ending the lingering attacks targeting him. It might also ingratiate himself with his daughter.

And finally, according to a source directly connected to Jamie, he thinks his relationship with his daughter is not beyond repair. As the source said, "Jamie believes Britney will come back to him when things unravel again. She always has before."

Tiffany Haddish Emotional Talking Fuquan & Michael K. ... They Both Had My Back!!!


Tiffany Haddish is really going through it, grieving the loss of her friends, Fuquan Johnson and Michael K. Williams -- and while she's sending love to their families, she's also hoping others learn from their tragic deaths.

We got the comedian/actress leaving Jimmy Kimmel's show Tuesday, where she recounted some stories about both Fu and Mike -- both of whom she was close with, and whose deaths rocked her this weekend.

When we pointed out some staggering drug epidemic stats -- which might've been overshadowed by the pandemic for the past year-plus -- Tiffany got emotional remembering her friends and peers.


Tiff also expressed shock about their drug use ... she seemed genuinely surprised at how widespread the opioid crisis has become. So, we asked what, if any, wisdom should be gained from what her friends' struggles -- especially with fentanyl running rampant in the streets.

Her response is straight-forward ... with a Tiffany twist. Of course, she suggests those battling addiction "find another way," but she even had some suggestions.

Tiffany admits she has no idea what it feels like to take hardcore narcotics, but she says the better alternative is to find some more natural highs in life.

Gotta thank Tiff for taking time with us here, as she's obviously coping with loss.

Bob Odenkirk Back On Set!!! Month After Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk's back to his usual self ... he's hilarious and back to work!!!

The "Better Call Saul" star just revealed he's back on the set a little over a month after suffering a heart attack while filming in New Mexico. He said, "So happy to be here and living this specific life surrounded by such good people."

Then, a little self-deprecating humor: "BTW this is makeup pro Cheri Montesanto making me not ugly for shooting!" 😅

We broke the story ... Bob collapsed while filming on the set of his show back in July. He was rushed to the hospital and later learned the emergency was a "heart-related" incident.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bob later said he had actually suffered "a small heart attack." He said he would be okay thanks to the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery. He had said he would take a beat to recover and be back soon.

It was scary for a while. Remember, he was not conscious during his initial hours in an Albuquerque hospital before he eventually woke up. His good pal and "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston was among the many celebs who asked fans to send good thoughts and prayers Bob's way.

And, it worked.

John Mulaney Olivia Munn is Pregnant!!!

John Mulaney said it himself ... he's had one helluva year, with an impending addition of baby, courtesy of GF Olivia Munn.

The comedian dropped the news Tuesday night during an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" ... telling his close buddy/host what a crazy a year he's had. But, before dropping the big news about baby No. 1 ... John peeled back some serious layers.

He said, "I packed a lot into this (year) ... is it September now? Since last September, I went to rehab in September, okay, I got out in October, I move out of my home from my ex-wife [Anna Marie Tendler]. I host 'Saturday Night Live' on Halloween. I relapse on drugs."

John also revealed how Seth and some other closed friends staged an intervention ... leading to him going back to rehab for 2 more months. He got out in February.

John, who said he initially met Olivia at Seth's wedding in 2013, said his relationship with Olivia's really beautiful and that she's "dealt with the non-coked up Bambi version of me."

He added, "And that's been very incredible, and she's kind of held my hand through that hell, and we’re having a baby together."

As we reported ... John filed for divorce from Anna Marie back in July. He started dating Olivia in May. This is John and Olivia's first child.


Joe Rogan Ivermectin Was Prescribed By Dr. ... 1st 'JRE' Podcast Since COVID-19 Diagnosis

Joe Rogan returned to his hosting gig 8 days after testing positive for COVID-19, and addressed his use of the controversial medication, Ivermectin, insisting he took a human version of the drug that was prescribed by a doctor.

"I literally got [Ivermectin] from a doctor. It's an American company. They won the Nobel prize in 2015 for use in human beings," Rogan said at the beginning of his first 'JRE' pod since beating the virus.

Remember, 54-year-old Rogan recently announced he tested positive for COVID on Sunday, August 29 ... and threw the proverbial "kitchen sink" at the illness -- taking everything from monoclonal antibodies, antibiotics, vitamins, Prednisone AND Ivermectin.


Discussion around the drug -- which can be used in animals and humans to treat parasites -- has ignited a white-hot debate ... and the CDC has expressly advised Americans NOT to take the medicine for COVID.

However, Rogan is adamant several physicians instructed him to take the med.

"Multiple doctors told me to take it," Joe said, later continuing ... "What [the media] didn't highlight is that I got better! They're trying to make it seem as if I'm doing some wacky s*** that's completely ineffective."

Of course, Joe's been a lightning rod for COVID controversy for almost as long as the pandemic has been around ... often running sideways of the advice of Dr. Fauci and the government experts.

APRIL 2021

The podcast, featuring friend and star comedian, Tom Segura, lasted nearly 3 hours.

'Intervention' Host Ken Seeley Dealers' Deadly Gamble ... Fentanyl Hooks Users or Kills 'Em

it's sad

"Intervention" host Ken Seeley says fentanyl-laced drugs are contributing greatly to the epidemic of overdoses, and the recent deaths of 3 comedians prove dealers are playing a dangerous game.

The renowned addiction specialist told us on Tuesday's "TMZ Live" ... fentanyl played a huge role in the U.S. recording nearly 100k drug overdose deaths in 2020 alone.

Ken says fentanyl is a powerful drug that elicits a high so intense, users crave it. Essentially, he says dealers are using it to turn unwitting customers into full-blown addicts. Many users have no clue their drug of choice -- be it cocaine or heroin -- is laced with the fentanyl.

The problem is obvious ... all too often, instead of getting hooked, users are overdosing and dying.

As we reported ... comedian Fuquan Johnson was among 3 dead after an apparent overdose. Our sources say cocaine laced with fentanyl appears to be what they ingested.

Then there's "The Wire" and "Boardwalk Empire" star Michael K. Williams, who died Monday after an apparent overdose. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops are trying to locate the drug dealer who supplied the narcotics found at the actor's home.

Ken suggested a better path for users to ease their pain, instead of turning to dealers who prioritize their profits over human lives.

Todd McShay Stepping Away From ESPN ... 'Focus On My Health'

Todd McShay just announced he's temporarily stepping away from his role at ESPN ... just 3 days after viewers expressed concern over his appearance at the Alabama-Miami game.

McShay was reporting from the sideline during the big college football matchup ... when fans -- including ex-NFL player Darius Butler -- noticed things looked off with the reporter.

"I don't know Todd McShay personally," Butler said, "but I hope he's ok."

It's unclear if McShay's announcement Tuesday is in any way related to the concerns over his television appearance ... the longtime ESPN reporter said only, "I am going to take some time away to focus on my health and my family."

"Thank you ESPN for being so supportive and for all the well wishes -- I can't wait to be back on the sidelines soon."

ESPN announced it's fully supporting McShay's decision ... adding in a statement of their own, "Todd has ESPN's full support as he steps away at this time to focus on his health and his family."

McShay has battled health problems in the past year ... he tested positive for COVID in early 2020, and he was also removed from his role as a sideline reporter during a game in November due to illness.

The 44-year-old has been a mainstay on ESPN through the years ... famously becoming one of most notable draft reporters on television.

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