Warren Moon Cam Would Be Good Fit For Jaguars ... Could Start Over Minshew


Warren Moon tells TMZ Sports ... Cam Newton would be a good fit in Jacksonville -- saying straight up, the QB has a great shot to start over Gardner Minshew ASAP!

Newton has been team-less since the Carolina Panthers cut him last month ... and the market for the former MVP hasn't been great.

In fact, Cam's been heavily linked to the L.A. Chargers, but the Bolts haven't reciprocated the interest. Like, at all.

Enter Moon ... who says Cam's next best option might be down in Florida -- 'cause the Hall of Famer thinks Newton might have a real shot to beat out Minshew in Jacksonville.

"They have Gardner Minshew there as their starter, who is not really a solidified starter in this league yet," Moon tells us. "So, I still think there’s an opportunity for maybe Cam to go to a Jacksonville and be a starter there."

Of course, Moon says everything is going to depend on Cam's health ... saying he believes teams need to see Newton's injured foot before they send contract offers his way.

As for if Cam would be a good fit to replace Tom Brady in New England ... Warren ain't so sure about that -- telling us the QB might be too flashy for Bill Belichick.

"I just don’t know if Cam fits into that right now," Moon says.

Terry Bradshaw Dan Fouts Was Better Than Brady ... TB12 Isn't The G.O.A.T.!!!

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Terry Bradshaw says there's NO WAY Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time ... citing -- and this isn't a typo -- Dan Fouts in his explanation.

Of course, there's been a bit of TB12 on TB12 negativity as of late ... with Bradshaw saying Brady's move to Tampa Bay was more about ego than winning.

The Steelers legend hasn't let up on Brady 2 weeks later ... saying the 6-time Super Bowl champ isn't even close to being the top QB in NFL history.

"I don’t think he’s the greatest quarterback of all-time," Bradshaw told 93.7 The Fan’s "Cook and Joe Show" on Thursday.

"He may be the best quarterback we’ve had in the last 30 years. Is he better than [Roger] Staubach? No! Is he better than Dan Fouts? No! Dan Marino? No!"

"I'm talking talent-wise when you're putting all of it together."

Bradshaw says Brady's rings make him the "best" QB ... but not BETTER than everyone else.

"Is he better than Montana? Not in my opinion. Is he better than Drew Brees? Yeah, maybe."

Of course, the most puzzling name Bradshaw threw out was Fouts ... and no offense to the guy (he's a Hall of Famer!) ... but he didn't put up even close to Brady numbers and has zero rings.

For example, Brady has 287 more TDs, 31,000 more passing yards and 63 LESS interceptions than Fouts.

But hey, it's Bradshaw's opinion ... gotta give him credit for sticking to his guns.

Julian Edelman Off the Hook in Car Jumping Case ... Case Dropped


It's a Passover miracle for Julian Edelman -- the NFL superstar will NOT be prosecuted for drunkenly jumping on a car in Bev Hills back in January, TMZ Sports has learned.

Remember, the former Super Bowl MVP was arrested on January 11 after cops saw the Patriots WR jumping on the hood of a car (we're told a Mercedes) around 9 pm.

Cops say the car was leaving a parking lot -- and had stopped for pedestrian traffic -- when Edelman "slid across the hood" like he was Starsky and Hutch!

According to police, Edelman reeked of booze (duh) and he was busted for vandalism.

He was at dinner earlier in the evening in Bev Hills at Cantina FRIDA, along with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola.

But that's all over now ... cops say the owner of the vehicle told prosecutors he does NOT want Edelman charged with a crime because "he has been fully compensated for the repair costs to the vehicle."

In other words, Edelman cut the dude a fat ass check and now it's all gooooooood!!!

Officials say the case filing has been formally declined "in the interests of justice."

Tom Brady Pens Long Goodbye to Patriots ... Belichick Diss!?!

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Tom Brady just dropped a very long and very emotional goodbye letter to Patriots Nation -- and while he thanked Robert Kraft by name ... Bill Belichick didn't get the same kind of love.

It's all in a Player's Tribune article titled, "The Only Way Is Through" -- TB12 reflects on his 20 years in New England and explains why he's so damn "motivated" to succeed in Tampa Bay.

But, one part of the story stood out to us ... this line.

"But more than any one physical place, it’s the relationships I made in New England that I’ll miss the most. Of course, it starts with the entire New England Patriots organization, and Robert Kraft and the entire Kraft family. It extends to countless other individuals who played such a valuable role in my 20 years as a Patriot. Teammates and coaches, past and present."

See that? Kraft got a shout-out by name. But, Bill was just lumped in with "teammates and coaches."

Was it an intentional diss? An oversight?

We know Tom is very calculated when it comes to the media -- and with the reported bad blood between Tom and Bill, we're guessing it was no mistake.

As for the rest of the article, Brady explained why he's so excited for his new squad in Tampa Bay ... but admits, he's got a lot to learn and realizes he doesn't have much time.

"It will be different," Brady says about Tampa ... "that goes with the territory. Different coaches. Different players. Different programs."

"Right now I have no idea how to get to Raymond James Stadium, or where the meeting rooms are, or where everybody sits. It will be a learning curve, in the same way it was remembering that the Atlantic Ocean is always due east."

As for his physical conditioning, 42-year-old Brady feels his body can still perform at a very high level.

"Physically, I’m as capable of doing my job as I’ve ever been. Now I want to see what more I can do. I want to see how great I can be."

Brady also talks about just wanting a change of scenery ...

"Playing for one team for 20 years has been an amazing ride and experience. But doing the same thing year after year brings its own challenges," Brady said.

"A familiar rhythm can be comforting and great. But it can also make you lose sight of other rhythms, newer ones that remind you of everything that hasn’t been done yet."

He ended on this note ...

"At some point, you have to throw your whole body into what you’re doing. You have to say, Let’s ride. Let’s see what we got. I want to show everybody what I got."

So, do we!

Rob Gronkowski Teases NFL Return ... After 'Masked Singer' Cut

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Fire back up the NFL return rumors for Rob Gronkowski ... after he was cut from "The Masked Singer" Wednesday, he refused to close the door on his football career once again!!

Gronk had been participating on the blind singing show this season ... and it was pretty damn obvious the former Patriots tight end was rockin' the "White Tiger" outfit the whole time.

His dance moves -- even in full costume -- were very Gronk-esque ... there was plenty of twerking, flossing and overall spasming on the stage weekly!!

Surprisingly, only two of the judges were able to correctly guess it was him ... but when Jenny McCarthy was interviewing him after the reveal, she made a comment about his NFL career.

"We hope we see those moves back in the locker room soon," she said.

Gronk's reply?? "Oh. You never know!"


In all seriousness, 30-year-old Gronk hasn't given much indication he will, in fact, make a comeback to the league ... with his brother, Chris, even telling TMZ Sports last month he'd be SHOCKED to see Rob return.

MARCH 2020

But, crazier things have happened ... and Tom Brady could use another weapon with the Bucs. So, stay tuned???

Tom Brady's Dad TB12 Has No Beef With Belichick ... Pats Exit Wasn't 'Divorce'

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Raising Fame Podcast

Tom Brady has NO hard feelings toward Bill Belichick despite his New England departure ... and calling their split this month a "divorce" wouldn't be fair -- so says the QB's dad.

"Divorce sounds a little bit harsh," Tom Brady, Sr. says, "I think it's a separation, you know?"

When Tom bolted for Tampa Bay earlier this month ... reports indicated Tom wasn't exactly pleased by the lack of love Bill and the Pats showed him when it came to free agency.

But, Tom's dad spoke with Steph Curry's parents, Sonya and Dell, on their "Raising Fame: Sports Edition" podcast ... and he shot down all rumors of a rift with The Hoodie.

"Bill's got a lot of responsibilities to keep the Patriots on track and that is a bigger responsibility than keeping Tommy under the hood," TB Sr. says.

"So, both of them are mature individuals and I really respect Bill's decision and respect Tommy's decision as well. It's okay to take different paths. You don't have to stay joined at the hip."

In fact, Tom's dad claims his son has nothing but love for the Patriots' head man ... even after the split.

"I mean, I can't tell you the hundreds of times that Tommy has said Bill is the best coach in football. Tommy sings Bill's praises."

As for Brady's goals in Tampa Bay ... Tom's dad told the Currys they're pretty simple -- win a 7th ring!!!

Eli Manning Patriots Dynasty Not Dead ... They've Still Got Belichick!!!

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The Patriots can still continue as kings of the AFC East without Tom Brady ... so says Eli Manning, who claims even with the G.O.A.T. in Tampa, New England is in great shape.

The Giants legend (and noted Patriots killer) made the bold statement this week in an interview with the NY Post, saying you can never count out a Bill Belichick-coached squad.

"I think they still have a very good team, a great defense, great coaches," Manning said.

"Obviously Tom was a very important part on their success over the years, but I think they have kind of a way and they have a system that Belichick has implemented there that I think will continue to find ways to have success."

Of course, Eli says things will be different ... he still ain't sure who will fill Tom's shoes in 2020 -- but he's still confident in The Hoodie nonetheless.

As for Tom's departure ... Eli says he was shocked to see Brady move, saying, "I guess you just kind of wonder what was the reasoning?"

"I don’t know if he felt unappreciated, or just wanted to try something different, but was surprised that this went down."

Eli says he thinks Tom will find success with his new squad next season ... but he's wondering just how much having no offseason due to coronavirus will affect the team.

"That’s valuable time for a quarterback to kind of get on the same page and learn a new offense and figure that out," Manning said.

Joe Montana Shades Patriots Over TB12's Exit ... 'Somebody Made A Mistake'

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Joe Montana thinks it's a damn shame Tom Brady won't finish his career in New England ... and he's laying the blame for the GOAT's exit at the feet of the Patriots.

"I don’t know what’s going on inside there," Montana said Wednesday, "but somebody made a mistake."

Joe Cool told USA TODAY Sports there's just no way in hell that breakup needed to happen ... saying the Patriots really should have done more to keep their quarterback in the mix.

Of course, Montana doesn't necessarily think Brady's without fault for the dissolution of the relationship ... Joe said when he talked to Tom at the Super Bowl last month, he got the feeling that TB12 wanted to yield more power than Bill Belichick likely wanted to give up.

"He wants control," Joe said. "I mean, he wants a lot of control. I don’t know what Tampa Bay gave him, but at some point in time, you’re just a player."

"You can try to get what you can and do what you want, but in the end, you’re still not in the hierarchy when it comes to hiring people, firing people and all that."

Still, Montana thinks the Patriots should have worked it out ... saying his situation at the end of his 49ers career was not the same as Brady's current one.

“I had a different story, where they had made a decision," Montana said. "He, obviously, they never would have gotten rid of. I still don’t understand how New England let him get away. I don’t understand that.”

Joe believes Tom is going to have a lot more fun in Tampa regardless ... but he's warning Bruce Arians to implement some Patriots philosophies into his offense, or else it could be trouble for Tom.

"He’ll be a good addition to that team, as long as they don’t hold the ball like they’ve been doing," Joe says. "I don’t think he fits into that category to hold the ball."

"Can he do it? Yeah. But physically, it becomes a different game when you’ve got to hang on, because you’re going to get hit."

TB Bucs Star Mike Evans Stoked to Play With Tom Brady, ... So Happy I'm Boozing!!!

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How does Tampa Bay Bucs superstar WR Mike Evans feel about his new 42-year-old QB, Tom Brady?!

"I've been on that Hennessy. Oh, I'm drinking!"

That's what the 26-year-old told gamers during a Fortnite stream on Twitch (he's a huge gamer) -- explaining why he's already thinking PLAYOFFS, BABY!

"He's about to be my quarterback, bro ... I've played 6 years in the NFL and I haven't been to the playoffs yet. Tom Brady has won 6 Super Bowls."

Evans continued ... "Bro, I've been on that Hennessy. Oh, I'm drinking. I got Tom Brady. You know what I'm saying?"

The 6'5" wideout is already considered one of the best WRs in the league -- in fact, in 2018 the Bucs signed him to a 5-year, $82.5 million contract extension!

Brady must be stoked about the situation as well -- he reportedly only had one major demand in his contract negotiations with the Bucs ... he wanted all of the players' personal cell phone numbers.

How cool would it be to get a call from Tom Brady?!

Donovan McNabb Jameis Should Replace TB12 In NE ... 'He'd Flourish'


A Tom Brady swap for Jameis Winston in New England?!?!

Donovan McNabb is all for that ... the legendary NFL QB tells TMZ Sports he thinks Jameis is the perfect replacement for TB12 in Foxborough.

"I think he would kind of flourish in the New England offense," McNabb says.

As for why ... Donovan tells us he thinks Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick could finally get Winston to stop throwing interceptions -- something the ex-Bucs QB did 30 TIMES last season.

"It'd be more dink-and-dunk, protect the football," McNabb tells us, "and all a sudden, we're talking about New England again possibly winning the AFC East."

The signing wouldn't be all that crazy ... Winston is likely open to a team-friendly deal now that most QB-needy teams are full -- and the Pats certainly could use his talent level on their depleted QB roster.

So, could it happen? Maybe ... but McNabb tells us if it doesn't, there's one other name he thinks Belichick should go after this offseason.

Andre Reed Buffalo Bills Will Run AFC East ... After TB12 Exit


Hall of Famer Andre Reed says he's happy for Tom Brady's move to Tampa Bay ... pretty much only because it means the Bills will FINALLY get a shot at winning the division.

Now that TB12 has officially signed his papers and is officially a Buccaneer, it's time for a new team to run the tables in the AFC East, which the Pats have won 17 of the past 19 seasons.

We spoke with Reed about the Bills' chances at being the team to take over ... and he thinks it's theirs to lose!

"I'm thinking it gonna be the Bills to be the class of that division this year'" Reed tells us. "Ya can never count nobody out but it's a big move for the AFC, for the league, but not for New England.

"I'm sure Tom is gonna be alright wherever he goes, however he finishes his career, whatever team he's with. Just glad it's not the AFC East anymore."

It's an exciting time for Bills Mafia ... the team just picked up superstar Stefon Diggs ... and Reed weighs in on what the big transaction means for 2020.


Rob Gronkowski Goes Crazy On SmackDown ... I'm Hype, Baby!!

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The Gronk era of WWE is officially here!!!

Rob Gronkowski made his first appearance on SmackDown on Friday ... and the dude went BONKERS right out of the gate!!

Gronk's BFF Mojo Rawley grabbed the mic at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and gave Rob one of the greatest, most hype intros ever ... despite the fact there were no fans in the stands (because of the COVID-19 pandemic).

The music came on, Gronk busted out into the arena ... AND DANCED HIS ASS OFF!

He even grinded on one of the turnbuckles!!

Once the former New England Patriots tight end made it inside the ring, he took the mic and got even MORE turned up!

"Let me tell you something," Gronk said to the empty arena ... "I've been watching [WWE] since 2nd grade!"

Gronk even joked that despite "zero" people in the stands, "I'm still hype baby!!"

Later on, there was some good ol' fashioned trash talk from Baron Corbin -- who roasted Gronk for being injury-prone ... "I know you know something about getting hurt."

The gloves are off, baby!!!

Next up for Gronk ... he's hosting "WrestleMania 36" -- a 2-night event starting on April 4th which will also take place at multiple locations -- including WWE's training center in Orlando -- with only essential personnel in attendance.

By the way, Orlando is only 85 miles from Tampa Bay ... where Gronk's buddy Tom Brady is starting his new job. Maybe he'll pop over and say hi? Sign a new contract maybe?

Tom Brady Billboard Tribute from Kraft Family ... 'Greatest Of All Time'

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Robert Kraft wanted to send one last message to Tom Brady before he heads to Florida ... so he bought up 12 billboards for a special tribute to his former (!!!) quarterback.

"Thank You Tom, The Greatest Of All Time," the signs read ... "With Love, The Kraft Family and the New England Patriots."

The billboards are up all around Gillette Stadium, where Brady played for the past 20 seasons.

The next step for Brady ... he will undergo a physical conducted by a doctor in New York and if (when) he passes, he should be cleared to be the next starting QB of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The physical is supposed to go down TODAY. Guessing TB12 will gas up his private jet to get to NYC to minimize contact with other people.

Earlier this week, Kraft issued an emotional statement about Tom leaving -- saying, "I love Tom like a son and I always will."

"He has brought so much happiness to me personally and to all of our fans."

Tom Brady I'm Gonna Be a Buccaneer!!! ... Gisele Says Goodbye to Boston

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8:47 AM PT -- Tom's wife, Gisele, is speaking out about the change of scenery ... thanking the people of Boston for welcoming their family through the years.

"What a ride the last decade has been," Gisele said on Instagram. "Boston has been so good to us and will always be in our hearts. We will forever have wonderful memories."

"Our kids were born and raised there and we have made special friendships to last a lifetime. I’ll miss our friends, the beautiful change of seasons and the rides to the stadium to go cheer for Tom and the Pats."

"Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my husband and our family throughout all these years. We will miss you!"

5:43 AM PT -- 3/18 -- Could Antonio Brown follow the G.O.A.T. to Tampa??

Brady reportedly wouldn't mind seeing it happen ... NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says, "The word among teams interested in Tom Brady were among the impression that Brady wanted to bring Antonio Brown with him to a new team."

Of course, it's unclear if/when Brown would be able to play if the Bucs signed him ... AB is still under league investigation for a myriad of issues, including allegations of assault and rape.

Brown has been an NFL free agent since the Patriots cut him last fall.

TB to TB.

Tom Brady is going to the Tampa Bay Bucs -- with a deal that will pay him $30 MILLION per season, so says NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

It still sounds like Tom has some I's to dot and T's to cross, but it's essentially a done deal at this point. Unclear how long the contract is for. Guessing it's on the shorter side considering Tom is 42 years old.


There is one little issue ... the #12 currently belongs to Bucs star WR Chris Godwin. Will he give it up for free or will Tom have to pay up?!

Of course, the 6-time Super Bowl champ announced he was leaving the New England Patriots on Tuesday morning -- and things developed rapidly after that.

There was reported interest from the Chargers, Dolphins, Raiders and others -- but in the end, the Bucs won out. The Chargers were the last team in the mix before the Bucs came out on top.

Of course, it's a sad day for Pats Nation ... and as owner Robert Kraft put it, "I had hoped he would choose to stay, as a fan and an owner. But, out of respect for the relationship we’ve built, I gave him his freedom."

Brady played 285 games for NE in 20 seasons with the team ... throwing for more than 74,000 yards, 541 TDs ... and oh yeah, winning 6 Super Bowls.

It's the first time Brady was a free agent in his career ... and a new era in the NFL is here.

Originally Published -- 3/17 4:12 PM PT

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