Elon Musk Gimme a Five Guys Refuel, Please ... After SpaceX Launch Delay


Elon Musk will tell ya, making history makes ya hungry ... which is why when bad weather scrapped his SpaceX launch earlier this week, he worked up a big burger-sized appetite.

The SpaceX honcho hit up Five Guys with his 2 bodyguards for some tasty burgers Wednesday, not long after the attempt to launch 2 NASA astronauts to the International Space Station got postponed ... until Saturday at 3:22 PM ET.

Les Hatter, Five Guys' VP of Operations of the Central Florida franchise, tells TMZ … Elon stopped at a location in West Melbourne -- which is about 45 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center, where the launch will hopefully happen for real this time.

Conveniently, there's a Tesla supercharging station less than 100 feet from the front door of the fast-food joint ... which had to have made parking a breeze for the electric vehicle company boss.

We're told, Musk sent his guys in to order the food while he stayed out front and chatted with some guests as they were coming and going.

As for what they got -- a round of Little Cheeseburgers (don't let the name fool ya, they're quite hefty), fries and a drink ... and got 'em to go.

As you know, SpaceX is trying to become the first commercial aerospace company to send humans into Earth's orbit. The mission is dubbed Demo-2, and SpaceX's Crew Dragon will take off from the historic Pad, 39A, which famously launched Apollo 11 in 1969 ... en route to the first moon landing.

The 2 veteran astronauts on this mission are 49-year-old Robert Behnken and 53-year-old Douglas Hurley, and it should take them about 19 hours to travel from Florida to the space station ... God willing, and weather permitting.

SpaceX Rocket Explosive Failure to Launch!!! But Unmanned (Whew!)


Elon Musk is having a rough week -- one of his SpaceX rockets ignited into a massive ball of fire Friday, and yet ... there's still some good news.

The company's 4th prototype of its Starship rocket was fueled up on a south Texas launchpad when it burst into flames. You can hear SpaceX engineers discussing something about a possible methane leak, though it's unclear if that was from the rocket or something nearby the pad.

Either way ... something lit Elon's baby on fire. Luckily, the test was unmanned -- unlike the Crew Dragon spacecraft, they hope to send into orbit on Saturday from Cape Canaveral.

As you know, Wednesday's launch was scrubbed due to crappy weather in Florida. Right now, the launch still only has a 50/50 shot of going off as scheduled. It rains a lot in FL and could get pushed to Sunday.


As for the Starship rocket ... SpaceX hopes that will eventually be able to carry large numbers of space tourists -- up to 100 at a time -- into space, and eventually to Mars.

Show of hands ... who wants to be first on board?

Tom Brady Pimped Out Escalade For Sale ... For $300,000!!!

Wanna ride like the G.O.A.T.? Here's ya chance!

Tom Brady is parting ways with his tricked out Cadillac Escalade -- which is so luxurious, the inside looks like a private jet!

The whip is a super modified 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV Edition -- which was customized by the folks at Becker Automotive Design in Oxnard, CA.

According to TB12 himself, he picked out "all the customizations of the ESV; from the trim of the seats to the color of the rug."

The big changes he made have to do with the size of the SUV -- it was stretched by 20 inches and the roof was raised by 5 inches.

And, just to make sure everything looks proportionally correct, the rear doors were also expanded by 10 inches.

Why make it bigger? Tom says he needed the room for his custom VIP reclining seats, private jet-like folding tables and a 32-inch HD LCD screen ... plus a 12-inch screen in the back!

Tom says all of the changes were made with one thing in mind -- giving him more time to focus on football.

"With such limited time in my busy schedule the ESV gave me those extra minutes to study my play book, make phone calls and be with my family," Tom says in the listing.

"Immediately my productivity went up and my stress came down."

According to the listing, the SUV is also equipped with "a high end mobile Internet router that allows for multiple service providers, ensuring the very best connectivity on the road."

B.A.D. says the price of the car when new is $350k -- but Tom will let it go for $300k or the best offer ... noting that it's a "collector's car."

Could it actually go for more? Maybe! TB12 memorabilia is hot these days!

"I hope the next owner will take great care of her; she will always be a part of the Brady family," Tom adds.

Miami Dolphins Converting Stadium Into Drive-In Theater ... Social Distancing!!!

Breaking News

This looks AWESOME!!

The Miami Dolphins have announced they're converting Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in, outdoor theater ... so you can watch live events, movies, etc. from your CAR!!

And, the mock-up photos look pretty cool!

"[Hard Rock Stadium] will now feature both an open-air and drive-in theater that will showcase select Miami Dolphins matchups from the team’s 54-year history, classic motion picture films, host commencement ceremonies and other events," the team said in a statement.

"The family friendly experiences will provide a unique environment while staying in accordance with social distance policies."

The drive-in event space can hold up to 230 cars -- while the open-air theater "can host small groups for an intimate viewing experience on the complex’s south plaza."

Unclear when the drive-in theater is set to open -- but it seems like it's a priority, since it could be a long time until we get live fans back at NFL games.

Question is ... how much would you pay to drive-in to watch a football game or a movie?

Earlier today, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he expects the 2020 NFL season to go on as planned -- so, in theory ... you might be able to drive-in to the stadium to watch the Dolphins play an away game if you're craving that stadium experience.

Tyler the Creator Surf's Up ... Landlubber Style!!!


Tyler the Creator looks more like Tyler the Cheese Grater these days -- 'cause the guy can seriously shred ... and he doesn't even have to be in the water to do it.

Here's the rapper/producer out in L.A. this week getting his bike ride on with some nifty circus-like tricks to spice it up a bit. The dude hopped up on his two-wheeler and balanced himself on the handlebars and crossbar ... and looked just like a land version of a surfer.

It appears he was up there for a solid few seconds or so while the bicycle was in motion -- so it definitely seems he's had some practice with this stunt. BTW, the whole thing was social distance-friendly ... no one else around him, just a guy and his bike. Well done.

In other TTC news ... the dude just hit his one-year anniversary for his Grammy-winning album, "IGOR," and even dropped a new song from the hard copy version to appease fans eagerly awaiting his next project. He's also got a new clothing line with Levi's.

All the more reason to jump up and celebrate ... on a bike, or elsewhere. Congrats, man.

Jason Momoa I'm a Harley Man Cruising These Hills!!!

Sometimes Jason Momoa just needs to feel the wind blowing through his ... beard, which is why he's ruling the road on his sweet vintage motorbike!!!

"Aquaman" busted out his sick 1947 Harley for a joyride through some of the most scenic roadways in L.A. County ... the rolling countryside of Agoura Hills. And, yeah ... you can see he was in full badass mode.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Seriously, the '47 chopper was exactly what Jason needed to cut loose and blaze a trail during his weekend ride. No room for his wife, Lisa Bonet, on the bike ... but looks like he was joined by a couple friends on their own motorcycles.

The "Game of Thrones" star is used to riding stallions with his Dothraki warriors, but Jason's gotta helluva lot more horsepower with this Harley.

On the downside ... no Khaleesi.

MLB's Hunter Green Hits Insane Trick Shot ... Through Autopilot Tesla's Windows!!!


Wanna see a dude who throws 100 MPH toss a ball through the windows of a moving, autopiloted Tesla???

Good ... 'cause here's MLB super prospect Hunter Greene hitting the insane trick pitch -- and the video is wild!!!

Greene -- a Cincinnati Reds pitcher who's famous for hitting 103 MPH on an MLB radar gun -- hit up an L.A. parking lot Sunday for the trick, getting his fancy ride and his buddy to help with the shot.

It's unclear how exactly the dudes got the car to drive by itself without a passenger in it ... but if you know anything about Teslas, there's a "Summon" mode that can get the whip to drive by itself for short distances.

So, 20-year-old Greene let the car drive by ... and then fired a heater that passed straight through the windows and into the catcher's mitt!!


Of course, Greene's hit similar shots recently ... famously throwing a football to his friend on the Tesla back in November.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Hey, we know it's not quite as exciting as real MLB action ... but we'll take it for now!

Rich the Kid On the Lam-BO


Rich the Kid did some damage in the hood this week ...

The rapper was shooting a music video on Long Island and wanted to film with 4 Lamborghini's in the background. A woman named Irina Pichkhadze, aka @queenofexotics, brought 2 Lambos she owned to the shoot. Rich rented a third Lambo and a buddy of Irina brought the fourth. Each car goes for more than $600k.

Then Rich had an idea ... line up the 4 Lambos and take a pic in front of them while they waited for the videographer.

The shoot did NOT go well ... in fact, it didn't go at all. The videographer was a no show.

And then ... he jumped on the hood of one of Irina's whips, and she just lost it, hurling profanities at the rapper as he clowned on top the car.

Irina tells us when Rich jumped off, he just said, "whatever," and left in his Lambo.

She told us she brought her car home, put it in the garage and hasn't looked closely at the hood. She said, "I'm scared to see if it's dented."

Ferrari Designs And Builds Ventilator ... To Fight COVID-19

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COVID-19 fighters just got a super-charged lift from Ferrari ... the exotic sports car company announced it's built ventilators to help battle coronavirus!!

The guys who make the sweet vehicles say in just 5 weeks ... they designed and manufactured "reliable, versatile" and "easy to use and assemble" ventilators that are ready to be rolled out to hospitals soon.

Of course ... the machines weren't built with super parts from the legendary whips -- Ferrari execs say the ventilators needed to be constructed with normie equipment to make it easier to mass-produce.

Disappointing, we know ... but still -- AMAZING gesture!!!

Ferrari said in a statement Wednesday they partnered with the Italian Institute of Technology (ITT) to make the pieces ... which have been touted by Italian docs as "effective, advanced and performs well, while also being safe and durable."

Ferrari says the name of the equipment is FI5 ... F for Ferrari, I for ITT and 5 for "the number of weeks required to produce a fully functioning prototype, starting from a clean sheet of paper."


Joe Exotic Jeff Lowe Claims He's Up to Old Tricks Reports Him to FAA


'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic allegedly managed to have a helicopter fly over his old zoo and freak out all the animals -- at least that's what Joe's ex-business partner and owner of the zoo, Jeff Lowe, thinks ... but Joe's team is calling BS.

According to the FAA ... it received an official complaint about a chopper illegally flying over Lowe's Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma. We're told an investigation is underway.


Sources close to Jeff tell TMZ ... the helicopter violated restricted air space and at one point was hovering right over the zoo's gift shop. We're told this caused the animals to go nuts and stressed out the endangered ones, which violates the Endangered Species Act.

As for the connection to Exotic ... our sources say Lowe's people got the chopper's tail number as it buzzed nearby, and discovered it matches with the one featured in a video produced by Joe's legal team.


We broke the story ... the legal team made the video to ask President Trump to free Joe, claiming he was framed for putting a hit out on his foe, Carole Baskin.

We're told Jeff's wife, Lauren, called and reported the incident Monday to the FAA.

Joe's rep, Eric Love, tells us ... Team Tiger has no knowledge of the incident. Love says no one on the team was involved, and says the helicopter used for the video was one they chartered ... it's not theirs.

Of course, the whole thing raises eyebrows. As you may recall from 'Tiger King' ... Joe once flew a helicopter over Baskin's Big Cat Rescue park in Florida to check it out, which she also claimed caused the animals distress.

Clearly, Jeff thinks Joe's at it again ... even from behind bars.

Jamie Foxx, Shaq Grant 5-Year-Old Utah Kid's Wish ... Days After Viral Joyride


The 5-year-old boy, whose joyride went viral, won't have to dream about driving a Lambo ... a celeb car broker made his dream a reality, with an assist from Jamie Foxx and Shaq.

ICYMI ... Adrian Zamarripa was pulled over by Utah Highway Patrol last week after he was spotted driving 32 MPH down Interstate 15 in the family's SUV. The trooper wanted to know where he was headed. Adrian -- who barely made it 3 miles from home -- told the trooper he was headed to L.A. to buy a Lamborghini ... with the $3 from his piggy bank.

The story spread like wildfire, and one of the many who heard about it was celeb car broker RD Whittington, who owns the luxury brand, Wires Only. We're told RD flew Adrian and his family out to L.A. just days after the infamous traffic stop, and hooked him up BIG TIME.

We're told RD took the fam out to Malibu where they visited a luxury car dealership. The best part ... Adrian got in the driver's seat of a Ferrari, a Hummer and other fancy rides. His face lit up when he got to rev the Ferrari's engine ... but nothing like when he saw Shaq and Lil Pump show up via FaceTime.

And, it didn't end there ... Adrian got in the passenger's seat and RD got behind the wheel as they cruised down PCH. And, again, it didn't end there. RD and Adrian eventually pulled into Jamie's crib in the hills. They cracked a few jokes ... but it wasn't all fun games.

As you might have figured ... Adrian got in a lot of trouble after his joyride. His mother reportedly said he's being punished, and fortunately for the parents, the Weber County District Attorney said they will NOT face charges because there was no evidence of neglect.

But, that didn't stop RD from giving Adrian a much-needed pep talk ... telling the kid he needed to stay in school and listen to his mom. A win-win all around, honestly.

Tua Tagovailoa Gifts Mom Escalade For Mother's Day ... 'This Is Mine?!?'

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Tua Tagovailoa is showing serious love for his mom with one of his first big NFL purchases ... surprising her with a Cadillac Escalade for Mother's Day!!!

The 22-year-old Miami Dolphins star rookie revealed the new whip in an emotional video on Sunday ... explaining to Diane, "I know you wanted something that would be able to carry everyone."

Mom's reaction is PRICELESS ... and she can't believe Tua's being serious -- "This is mine?!"

It's a smart choice ... 'cause an Escalade can hold up to 8 people, which is perfect for Mama Tagovailoa! Tua's the oldest of 4 kids.

The model appears to be a 2020 Cadillac Escalade -- which starts at $75k -- but we're assuming Tua went all-out for the occasion with some added features.

Of course, Tua is about to cash in on a HUGE rookie deal worth $30.3 milli over 4 years with nearly $20 million signing bonus.

Great move, rookie!!

Taylor Swift Ditches a Private Jet!!! Has a Backup, Don't Worry


Taylor Swift's not going full Elon Musk -- as in, selling off all of her possessions -- but she IS a little lighter in the private jet department.

TMZ's learned the famous singer's sold one of her 2 jets -- a Dassault Falcon 50 she originally bought back in 2012 -- reducing her personal air force by half.

It's unclear how much she paid for the aircraft back then, but similar jets are priced anywhere from $1 to 6 million. Since Swift bought it, it's been registered to a company called SATA, LLC in Nashville ... which is believed to stand for family members' names -- father Scott, mother Andrea, Taylor and brother Austin.

According to FAA records ... the Falcon 50 was switched over to BoneDoc Aviation, LLC on March 16, which means she transferred ownership just as most of the nation went under stay-at-home orders. Pretty good timing.

It's unclear what BoneDoc paid for its new plane ... but it flexed by sharing a photo of it on its Facebook page a couple weeks ago.

As we said ... the sale still leaves Taylor with one private jet at her disposal -- the Falcon 900. Not to flex back at BoneDoc, but the 900 is a bit bigger than the 50. She reportedly paid $40 mil for it in 2011.

It's the private jet featuring her lucky #13 at the front -- so it's no wonder she decided to keep that one.

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