'The Office' Star Kate Flannery MAGA Votes Save Spicer's Bacon ... But PISS Off 'DWTS' Purists!!!

He's got the Base

Kate Flannery realizes she probably brought a knife to a gun fight as far as challenging Sean Spicer on "Dancing with the Stars," but says all his Presidential support might alienate core 'DWTS' fans.

We spoke to the 'Office' star Wednesday on "TMZ Live" on the heels of her elimination, and asked why she thinks Spicer keeps getting through ... despite the judges giving him incredibly low scores.

Kate -- who had to bow out after dancing a jive - says Sean's obviously got the backing of President Trump ... which goes a long way in this country. Whether he deserves to be there or not is almost irrelevant --  as she notes, it's really a popularity contest.

She rightfully points out that she's got her own fanatic base herself, especially after her old 'Office' costar, Steve Carell, gave her a shout-out -- and adds that 'Office' fans have been more than supportive in her 'DWTS' bid.

But, when push came to shove ... the power of Trump was too great to overcome for Dunder Mifflinites. And, that's a shame for dance fans, according to Kate ... who says a bad dancer like Spicer winning, purely on fan votes, would hurt the show.

She's keeping a good attitude about the loss, though, thanks to her good friend, Jameson. Yes, THAT Jameson.

'Office' Star Jenna Fischer Jim & Pam Still Together??? Uhhh, What Do You Think, Chrissy?!?


Chrissy Teigen thinks Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are definitely dunzo after getting married 10 years ago -- but Pammy herself is all like, whoa, whoa ... that's just what she said.

Yep, we ran into Jenna Fischer as she left the "Today" show in NYC -- where she was plugging her new 'Office'-themed podcast with Angela Kinsey -- and asked her point-blank ... if she and her TV hubby are divorced all these years later or nah???

Chrissy first raised the issue with a whole 'Office' romances theory that went viral -- she thinks every other couple EXCEPT J&P is going strong.

Welp, Jenna has some thoughts on that. You gotta watch to get her full retort to Chrissy, but suffice to say, she's clear that Jim and Pam ARE together. OKAY, Chrissy?!?

Of course, die-hard 'Office' fans probably already suspected that ... considering everything they overcame together in season 9 when Philly Jim emerged and put his relationship on the rocks with his soulmate. SUPER LATE Spoiler alert -- Jim finally chose Pam over work.

And, according to Mrs. Beesly-Halpert herself ... they DID live happily ever after!!! Can we get a YUP?!?

Rainn Wilson Cops Investigating ... Noose Hung in Friend's Yard


Rainn Wilson's disturbing photo of a noose hanging in the front yard of a black woman in L.A. County's home isn't falling on deaf ears, as the actor claimed ... because cops are investigating what appears to be a hate crime.

"The Office" star shocked followers earlier this week when he posted the image, saying the noose was left on a tree outside the home of an acquaintance, who is African-American. Rainn said the woman called the police, but when officers showed up, she claims their reaction was basically ... "what's the big deal?"

Law enforcement tell TMZ ... that's not how it went down. Our sources say when cops responded, the noose had already been taken down and was in the garbage. We're told the woman wanted officers to make note of the incident -- which they did -- and provided them with photos.

Contrary to the account Rainn was given ... our sources say the case didn't just end with a report.

We're told L.A. County Sheriff's detectives currently have the case and are working to determine who might have hung the noose. Officers already checked for any surveillance footage in the area but came up empty ... however, they're continuing to dig.

One law enforcement source tells us the department takes this kind of hate crime "very seriously, especially in today's climate."

The LASD does not currently have any suspects in the case.

'The Office' Star Brian Baumgartner College Bar Bender ... Leaves a Big 69!!!


Brian Baumgartner -- aka Kevin Malone from "The Office" -- was the life of the party at an Iowa bar this week, throwing back shots with college kids and leaving a meaningful tip.

We got these pics of Brian crashing country night at Bo-James bar in downtown Iowa City ... and you can tell he had one hell of a night!

Folks who were there tell us Brian surprised everyone when he strolled in at 9 PM on a Wednesday, and he was cutting loose and boozing it up like a frat bro. We're told Brian was downing Crown and Cokes, and he even climbed behind the bar to do a little bartending!

As you can imagine, Brian's rager was a big hit ... and we're told everyone was clamoring to buy him a round. Brian's a celeb, so he asked the bar staff to charge his card so he could leave a tip -- and they both had fun with the number 69!

Brian's in town for a speaking engagement at the University of Iowa, and we're told he partied the night away at the student hangout until 1 AM. Booze wasn't the only thing on Brian's brain ... he also played darts and belted out some country songs.

Can we all go back to college?!?

Hank from 'The Office' Died from Pancreatic Cancer Death Certificate Reveals

Hugh Dane -- who played the popular security guard on "The Office" -- died from pancreatic cancer ... this according to his death certificate.

According to the doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Hugh Anthony Dane died on May 16, 2018 at 10:56 PM at his home in L.A. Pancreatic cancer is listed as the cause of death. As we reported ... a nonprofit org Hugh was involved with announced his death, but it was unclear exactly how or when he died.

The death certificate also lists Hugh's occupation as an actor with 40 years experience in the entertainment industry. Besides his recurring role as Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch enforcer ... Hugh also appeared on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Martin," "Boy Meets World," "The West Wing" and "Friends."

He was 75. RIP.

Actor Hugh Dane Hank from 'The Office' Dead at 75

Dunder Mifflin fans have lost a member of their TV family -- Hugh Dane, who famously played Hank the security guard on "The Office," has died.

One of Hugh's costars on the sitcom, Rainn Wilson, tweeted out the news Monday with a link to a nonprofit Hugh was involved with. The org., The Inner City Cultural Center in L.A., posted about Hugh's death late last month ... they say he died in mid-May.

It's unclear what Hugh might've died from -- the ICCC didn't provide any details about the circumstances surrounding his death. They did mention, however, he'll be honored through a memorial this weekend.

Hugh had a long acting career dating back to the 1990s. Besides his recurring role as Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch enforcer ... he's also appeared on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Martin," "Boy Meets World," "Everybody Hates Chris," "The West Wing," "Friends," "Sister, Sister," "The Steve Harvey Show," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "New Girl" and lots of other shows and films.

He was 75. Here's to Hank, and his blues ... RIP.

'The Office' Star There Will NEVER Be a Reunion Even For a Movie


Brace yourselves Dundler Mifflinites ... one of the stars of "The Office" -- who also ran the show behind the scenes for a few seasons -- says there will NEVER be a reunion.

Paul Lieberstein -- better known as Toby Flenderson -- was on his way out of Riva Bella in West Hollywood when we asked if there was a chance the cast would ever reunite.

The actor got right to the point without pulling any punches.

Don't worry ... in 15 years they'll just give the show a reboot.

'The Office' Dunder Mifflin Reunion For Kevin's Wedding

Just like the show's series finale, the cast of "The Office" got together for a wedding -- only this time it wasn't for Dwight Schrute.

Brian Baumgartner -- a.k.a. Kevin Malone -- tied the knot in his backyard Saturday in LA ... and was joined by former co-stars Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, John Krasinksi and Oscar Nunez.

It doesn't look like Steve Carell made a cameo appearance at this wedding ... but it's obviously 'cause he and Holly are busy taking care of the kids.


Craig Robinson ARRESTED in Bahamas Weed & Ecstasy

Breaking News

"Office" star Craig Robinson was arrested for drug possession in the Bahamas yesterday ... after trying to board a plane with half a gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills.

Robinson -- who was in the Bahamas for a comedy show at the Atlantis hotel -- appeared before a magistrate (wearing a T-shirt and shorts) ... and pled guilty to two counts of drug possession.

Robinson was facing up to 4 YEARS in prison ... but got a huge break with the magistrate, who let Craig off the hook with a simple $1,000 fine. He was also ordered to leave the country ASAP.

During the hearing, Robinson told the court he brought the drugs from the U.S. and simply didn't know they were outlawed in the Bahamas.

After the hearing, one Bahamian law enforcement official told reporters the incident was "nothing major."

Now everybody hop aboard the Hot Tub Crime Machine and let's go back to 2008 ... when C.R. was busted for possession of MDMA and meth. But those charges were later tossed after the actor completed a drug diversion program.

'The Office' Auction NBC Selling Show's Old Crap

In the market for some cool "Office" supplies? Well you're in luck, 'cause some of the most iconic props from the sitcom have hit the auction block ... from hats, to business cards and even a DUNDIE AWARD!!

It's all going down on eBay -- where stuff like Dwight Schrute's famous Dundie Award, the kettle drum Michael Scott used to annoy "Office" staff and Phyllis Vance's knitting set are all up for grabs.

What you won't see -- the shark that the show jumped over when Steve Carell left in 2011.

'Office' Star Sorry Jim, Pam, Dwight ... I Didn't Watch the Finale


He was the CEO of Dunder Mifflin ... he terrorized Andy Bernard ... but former "Office" star James Spader tells TMZ he just didn't care enough about the show to watch the series finale back in May.

A well-dressed Spader -- who played Robert California on the NBC sitcom -- was hanging out at Comic-Con yesterday when he asked if he enjoyed the way the show wrapped up after 9 seasons on the air.

"I didn't see it," Spader revealed ... which is kinda shocking considering he was a major character on the show for all of Season 8. He was essentially hired to replace Steve Carell.

So why didn't he watch the finale? Was it a diss? Was he just really busy? Or, like the rest of America, did he just get bored with the storyline?

The U.K. finale was better anyway.

Angela Kinsey's Favorite 'Office' Moment? Jews & Jamaica


Angela Kinsey's career on "The Office" might be over, but she'll always have her favorite "Office" memory -- one that includes Jews and Jamaica.

Kinsey was leaving the WME agency building in Bev Hills last night -- along with her "Office" co-star Craig Robinson ... when Angela revealed her favorite moment in the show's history.

We did some digging and actually found the clip -- THEY WERE SO YOUNG!!! (And also, we almost forgot Steve Carell was on the show!)

R.I.P. Dunder Mifflin.

John Stamos 'Office' Pulled Gay Joke to Spare My Feelings

"Office" producers pulled a John Stamos gay joke from a recent promo because they were afraid ... afraid of John Stamos -- this according to John Stamos.

Stamos was out in L.A. yesterday -- and he told us, "They thought that I'd be offended by the gay joke. But apparently, a week before, they didn't see me kiss a man at the GLAAD Awards." (video below)

The joke aired in a recent promo for "The Office" -- in which Andy tries to dump his girlfriend by lying about being gay, claiming, "I'm gay ... I had to fake it. I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with John Stamos." But producers quickly edited it out, and released a new promo instead.

Now we know why.

John Stamos I Loved 'The Office' Gay Joke About Me!

John Stamos had nothing to do with NBC editing out a gay joke using his name in a promo for "The Office" -- in fact, Stamos says he's ready to take a steam with Ed Helms any time he wants!

As TMZ first reported, NBC aired a promo for the once-funny show in which Andy (Ed Helms) attempts to convince his girlfriend he's actually gay, saying, "I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with John Stamos."

The promo was re-cut, removing Stamos' name. The joke remained in the actual show.

When we caught up with Stamos yesterday in Hollywood, he said he had no problem with the joke or the promo and actually found it quite funny.

Come to think of it ... has John Stamos ever been mad about anything ... ever?

'The Office' Cuts John Stamos Gay Joke From Promo


John Stamos takes steam room showers with gay men -- at least that's the joke that's been running in a recent promo for "The Office" ... a joke that has since been awkwardly edited out.

The original promo aired on NBC for several days beginning last Thursday -- advertising an upcoming episode of the "The Office," in which Andy (Ed Helms) attempts to dump his girlfriend by lying about being gay. In the promo, Andy says, "I'm gay ... I had to fake it. I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with John Stamos."

But this morning, viewers began to notice ANOTHER version of the same promo -- in which the words "John Stamos" have been clumsily edited out.

Now -- instead of Andy saying "I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with John Stamos" -- he says, "I had to imagine that I was in a steam room with ..." and it cuts to a voice over saying, "cool guys."

It begs the question -- why is "The Office" backing off the John Stamos gay joke?

We reached out to Stamos' people -- so far, no word back. A rep for NBC had no comment.

'Office' Star -- 'It Sucks' Steve Carell Is Leaving

Mindy Kaling -- who plays Kelly Kapoor on "The Office" -- is pretty bummed out that Steve Carell is leaving the show after this season ... telling us, "It sucks."

Kaling was leaving a Links of London event in L.A. last night -- adding, "I'm sad [Steve] is going to leave."

But the question is ... without Michael Scott ...

Old news is old news!
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