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Ice-T & Coco Say Hello To Baby Chanel

11/28/2015 10:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1128-coco-baby-instagram-01Ice-T and Coco Austin are the proud new parents of a beautiful baby girl.

Chanel Nicole was born early Saturday morning in New Jersey. According to Ice and Coco's posts, she weighed 5.7 lbs and was 18 inches long. Coco was 37 weeks into her pregnancy. We're told Chanel was a natural birth and took Coco just three pushes.

You'll remember -- Coco did pregnancy right -- taking Chanel to rock concerts and posing for sexy pics. 


Coco I Got 3 Baby Bumps ... But Only One's Gonna Pop

11/25/2015 6:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125-coco-pregnant-instagramCoco's carrying just as much baby weight in her bra as in her belly these days ... which isn't exactly a bad thing.

Coco is around 36 weeks along ... shocking on several fronts. 

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Get Yer Ya-Yas Out ... We're on Bourbon Street!

11/23/2015 8:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1123_caitlyn_kris_jenner_bourbon_street_party_photos_launchIt's like the LAST place you'd expect Kris and Caitlyn Jenner to hang out -- but here they are ... tossing beads together off a balcony to drunk Bourbon Street revelers.

We're told the exes were in the French Quarter shooting for an episode of "I Am Cait." They hit up a couple bars and tried their hands at the Mardi Gras bead tradition. Far as we know, both women kept their tops on though.

Girls just wanna have fun ... but not THAT much fun.

'Love and Hip Hop' Star Benzino Check Out My New Kid!!

11/21/2015 11:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1121-benzino-baby-instagram"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Benzino is a dad three times over ... he welcomed a baby boy with his fiancee Althea Eaton and couldn't wait to show him off.

Sources close to Benzino tell TMZ his son, Zino Antonio Scott was born earlier this month. We're told Althea was in labor for nearly 10 hours before giving birth to the 5 lbs. 11 oz. baby and everyone is happy and healthy.

TMZ broke the story ... the couple was shopping the first pics of the kid for big bucks, but looks like Benzino couldn't wait any longer to show his new offspring to the world cuz he posted one on Instagram.

Zino is Benzino's third kid ... he has a son and daughter as well. 

Chris Brown My Daughter Gets My Last Name And I Get Her ... Sometimes

9/28/2015 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928-chris-brown-nia-guzman-TMZ-INSTAGRAM-01Chris Brown and his baby mama Nia Guzman have settled their custody war, right down to the official name of their child.

Sources connected with the case tell us, Chris and Nia have agreed to joint physical and legal custody. He'll get their 1-year-old 12 days out of the month, and there will be no supervised visitation. 

As for the baby's name ... they've agreed she's Royalty Brown -- no middle name.

And we're told Chris will pay Nia $2,500 a month. He's also paying her $15k in back support.

Chris also has to pay for Royalty's schooling, health insurance, medical bills and nannies.

And we're told the drug test Chris submitted to during the custody hearing has come back positive for both weed and codeine, but we're told he had a prescription for both.

The settlement is subject to a judge's approval.


Kim Kardashian My Pregnancy's Going Just Swell ... Thanks for Asking

9/23/2015 4:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923-kim-kardashian-splash-01Kim Kardashian's learned a thing or two about fighting inflation ... of her ankles during pregnancy -- and let's just say she won't get fooled again.

Kim cruised out of her San Diego hotel and for once, chose comfort over fashion ... because in full public view she was wearing fuzzy slippers.

Looks like the run of the mill, hotel spa-issued slippers too -- and NOT couture!

There's a very simple reason why roughly 6-months pregnant Kim is dressing down. Who can forget the great ankle crisis of 2013? 



Kyrie Irving I Knocked Up Texas Beauty Queen!!!

9/23/2015 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923-kyrie-irving-getty-instagramKyrie Irving is convinced he's gonna be a dad -- and the baby mama is a SMOKIN' HOT former Texas beauty queen ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers star filed court docs in Texas saying he impregnated 2010 Miss Texas United States Andrea Wilson ... and he's asking for a paternity test to make it official.

FYI -- Wilson has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram ... and it looks like she's due in December. 

Sources connected to the two tell us they've been close since 2013 -- but in the court docs, Irving says they are now separated. 

0923_andrea_wilson_photos_launch3As for child support ... Irving says he wants to step up and cover everything the child needs -- including medical care. But there's one catch, he wants Wilson to raise the child in Texas ... where Wilson and her extended family reside. 

Kyrie's attorney, Jim Mueller, issued a statement to TMZ Sports saying, "In filing this petition, Kyrie is doing the right thing, taking responsibility and actively seeking to establish his rights so that he can be involved the day he becomes a father from the outset."

Ex-NBA Star Larry Johnson Settles With Baby Mama ... Go Ahead, Take My House

9/20/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918-larry-johnson-getty-01Former NBA superstar Larry Johnson was nearly a million bucks in the hole with one of his baby mamas -- but he found a way to make her happy ... hand over the keys to a house!!

Laura Tate filed docs claiming the ex-Knicks and Hornets player was way behind in child support payments -- to the tune of around $900,000. She wanted the court to liquidate his assets so she could get paid, but we've learned Johnson hammered out a deal with her.

According to the docs he filed ... Larry will hand over his $800,000 home in Orange County, CA. He'll also pay Tate a total of $55k over time ... a loooong time. He's scheduled to make $1,500 monthly payments.  

The last time LJ made anyone as happy as we imagine Tate is with this deal -- he was knocking down the legendary 4-point play in '99. Great times in NYC.

Chris Brown Do Me a Solid, Judge ... Make My Baby Mama Shut Up!

9/11/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910_chris_brown_nia_guzman_tmz-instagramChris Brown wants the courts to do his dirty work -- as in, force baby mama Nia Guzman to quit bad mouthing him and talking about his fathering skills, or lack thereof, in public.

Chris and Nia are heading into court Friday morning to start hammering out a formal custody agreement for Royalty, but sources connected to the case tell us job 1 will be a gag order. Brown filed docs for an injunction blocking Guzman from bashing him to news media AND on social media.

0910_nia_chris_brown_instagram_SUBRoyalty's mom and dad have had very public beefs -- most recently when each accused the other of putting Royalty in dangerous situations. Sources close to Guzman say she thinks the gag order is a joke, since she only blasts Chris when he starts with her.   

Also on the table today -- custody time (he wants 50/50), and monthly child support (she wants $15k/month instead of $2,500/month). This case won't be quick and easy. As one source put it, "It's gonna get nasty."

We'll be at court when the fireworks begin. Stay tuned ... update_graphic_red_bar6:45 AM PT -- Nia just showed up at the courthouse in Houston. No sign of Chris yet.


Rick Ross I Didn't Steal Car from Baby Mama ... IT'S MY CAR!!!

9/10/2015 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-rick-ross-instagram-tmz-02Rick Ross and his baby mama are in an all-out war over a luxury sedan -- she claims Rick boosted it from his son, but Rick says that's impossible ... since he footed the bill for the ride!

Tia Kemp went HAM on Rick early Thursday ... saying, "Rick Ross takes the car from his Son Again!!" -- in a post that included a shot of their 9-year-old standing next to the BMW B7, just to tug at the heart strings.

A source close to Rick tells TMZ ... yeah, he took the car, but it's not theft since Rick paid for it. The fact that Tia says it belongs to their son is kind of a stretch -- we're told Rick lets Tia use it to drive the kid to school, but it's always been in Rick's name.

0910-rick-ross-son-instagramStill, Tia's not having it. She's spent all day posting pics of Rick with just about everyone -- Jay Z, Diddy, LeBron James, T.I., and French Montana -- begging them to convince Rick to give back the whip.

As for why Rick took the car in the first place -- we're told Tia started beefing with him about his new chick, Lira Mercer. Not sure why Tia would have an issue ... seems like a lovely girl.


Blake Griffin Ripped Clip

9/10/2015 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-blake-griffin-beach-splashBlake Griffin showed off his insane physique as he played around in the ocean in Hawaii with his son Ford and baby mama Brynn Cameron.

FYI ... Blake and Cameron broke up a long time ago, but they seem to do these annual vacations for the kid.

The Los Angeles Clippers star hasn't been seen out with his son often ... though he did bring him to a post-game press conference following the team's big win over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of their first round series. 

Griffin and Cameron have had an on-again/off-again relationship over the years. Cameron famously has another kid ... with former NFL and USC quarterback Matt Leinart.

Gilbert Arenas Blasts Baby Mama You Blow My Cash On Clothes for IG!

9/10/2015 6:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Ex-NBA superstar Gilbert Arenas UNLEASHED on his baby mama Laura Govan -- claiming she blows the $20k he gives her every month on clothes for Instagram "for u f*cks to hit the like button."

Arenas is LIVID -- and clearly blames Laura for negative stories about him in the media ... in which he feels he's painted as a deadbeat dad to their 4 young children. 

Enter Gilbert on social media last night ... putting Laura right in the crosshairs. 

"I always read about what kind of dad I am but I've never posted about it so who's telling yall? let me guess the mother RIGHT im a Deadbeat??"

In his rant, Gilbert says he's set up each of his kids with a $300k college fund, plus he pays for everything from private school to food, clothes, house, cars, etc. 

Then he goes after Laura -- "She gets 20k a month but if u read what I do then ask urself what does she do with 20k ...she has to feed the kids at home, pay for gas to get them to school and pay her phone bill andddddddd that's it."

He added, "She gets 20k to buy her self clothes for #IG for u f*cks to hit the like button."

"She has 2 million dollar closet but my kids look like their bums half the damn time they get posted and I'm the #Deadbeat....if I'm a #deadbeat and a bad father WHAT the f*ck are the rest of the fathers called??? Yall can call me what u want but i bet yall want me as ur baby daddy smdh."

The fight between these two is clearly nasty -- with Laura having previously asked a judge for a restraining order against Gilbert, though her request was shot down. 

Chris Brown I'm Not Losing Royalty ... This Tour's On Lockdown!

9/6/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0903-chris-brown-instagram-01Chris Brown is beefing up his security force and putting his entourage, dancers, and crew on notice -- NO screw-ups on tour ... or else. 

Sources close to Chris tell us he's hired 5 new bodyguards to shadow him during his "One Hell of a Nite" tour. One of the guards will be eyeballing his money and his jewelry at all times -- and there will be NO backstage access for anyone, unless they know Chris.

The problem is ... he's fighting for joint custody of Royalty and fears Nia Guzman will use any missteps against him when they meet in court in 2 weeks. We're told Chris wants to make sure there are no more robberies or violent incidents.

He's so serious about keeping things clean, he's told his dancers and entourage they'll be sent home if anyone acts out. 

So, to recap ... Chris is now the adult. Go figure.


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