Kourtney & Travis Cameras Rolling for Engagement ... Hulu Show to Benefit

The Kardashian's new project with Hulu has already scored a massive family life event thanks to Kourtney and Travis' engagement, cameras were rolling for the special moment and celebration that followed with loved ones ... TMZ has learned.

Barker popped the question at The Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito Sunday, and while it was mostly roses that surrounded the couple, cameras caught the moment too. We're told immediately following the proposal, there was a dinner to celebrate which was filmed for the upcoming family show as well.

Kourtney's sisters, Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble and Travis' kids, Landon and Alabama, all attended the dinner at The Rosewood, which was prepared by chef Massimo Falsini.

As expected, everyone ate well while the cameras rolled ... on the menu were different choices of pasta, lobster, cod, and filet. Not to mention, the table was filled with dozens more roses.


TMZ broke the story, Travis got down on one knee after nearly a year of his and Kourtney's relationship. The two had been friends for a decade, but were never romantic before getting together at the beginning of 2021.

Obviously, it's still early for wedding details, but there's a good chance Hulu cams will also roll on the big day.

Brian Laundrie Look-Alike Bum-Rushed by Feds ... On Appalachian Trail

A guy thought by some to be a dead ringer for Brian Laundrie got the fright of his life when agents came storming through his hotel room.

The so-called doppelganger's name is Severin Beckwith ... he was hiking the Appalachian Trail with a pal and staying at a hotel called the Fontana Village Resort & Marina in North Carolina recently -- and U.S. Marshals gave him a rude awakening.

Beckwith tells the New Yorker he heard a knock at their hotel room door ... and before he knew it, a gang of federal agents with riot gear and shields were busting in, guns raised and pointed at his face -- proceeding to pin him down and check for signs he was Laundrie.

Apparently, one of the agents who was checking him out said he had a notch in the upper part of his inner ear -- just like Laundrie -- but luckily, Beckwith was eventually cleared.

After providing an ID and showing he didn't have Brian's tattoos, Beckwith was cut loose ... while also being warned he should shave his beard for the foreseeable future. Beckwith's rocking a shaved look (like Laundrie, who's bald). Witnesses in that area claimed to have seen Laundrie lately.

As for who ratted out Beckwith ... he says he suspects it was one of the hotel employees, who apparently fired off a photo too, which the agents showed him during the ordeal.

The hotel ended up comping them a free night, and a complimentary breakfast for all the trouble. Not exactly a great consolation -- but considering the circumstances, we're guessing Beckwith took it with a smile.

Minnesota Vikings Fan Floored By Huge Punch In Wild Brawl ... At Panthers' Stadium


12:48 PM PT -- A spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... no arrests were made in the incident -- adding, "the situation de-escalated before officers arrived."

A Minnesota Vikings fan was sent crashing to the ground after being socked in the face during a wild melee at the Panthers game Sunday ... and all of the violence was captured on video.

The scene went down at some point during the Vikes' win over Carolina at Bank Of America Stadium ... when a man clad in purple got into a verbal altercation with several Panthers fans.

In footage of the fracas, you can see the Minnesota fan immediately started scrapping with a man in a Jaycee Horn jersey ... before yelling at others in the area.

Several people stepped in to intervene ... and pushing, shoving and screaming ensued.

Eventually, the altercation turned seriously violent ... with the man in the purple shirt being thrown to the ground and then being hit by a thunderous punch.

The guy laid on the floor for several moments ... but got up and appeared to try to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, another woman was knocked to the ground amid all of the chaos.

It's unclear what started the brawl, if there were injuries or if any arrests were made. We've reached out to cops, but so far, no word back yet.


Of course, fighting at NFL stadiums has unfortunately been commonplace this year ... with violent scuffles -- including one at the Bears vs. Rams game earlier this season -- breaking out seemingly weekly.

Originally Published -- 7:06 AM PT

Colin Powell Dead at 84 ... From COVID Complications

8:59 AM PT -- A former aide of Powell has confirmed he also had multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that hinders the body's ability to fight infections.

Colin Powell, the trailblazer who became the first black Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a military leader who was courted by many to run for President has died of COVID-related complications.

Powell died early Monday morning. His family wanted everyone to know he had been fully vaccinated.

Powell, the son of Jamaican immigrants, began his military career in combat duty during the Vietnam war. He was wounded twice -- in one instance he was involved in a helicopter crash and rescued 2 soldiers. He received 2 Purple Hearts.

Powell served in various capacities in the military. In 1987, he became Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor.

The General rose to become a national leader in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. His fierce leadership won the admiration of the American public ... his approval rate was above 70% and lots of political leaders wanted to groom him for high political office.

He became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and George W. Bush made him Secretary of State.

Powell retired from the military in 1993 as a 4-star general. The one blemish on his record was when he went before the UN Security Council and told the body Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. That justification led to the U.S. attacking Iraq, and after years of bloody war, no such weapons ever turned up.

Powell turned against President Bush in 2007 and spoke against the Administrations decision to declare war on Iraq. He also criticized the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Powell was a Republican, but he became disenchanted with the party and ended up supporting Barack Obama in 2008. On January 10, 2021, days after the insurrection at the Capitol, he said he no longer considered himself a Republican.

Powell had been urged by many to run for President, but never took the bait. Lots of people thought he had a shot at winning, given his overwhelming popularity. His integrity was always strong and in tact, and he was respected by leaders in both parties.

Powell leaves behind his Alma Vivian Powell, along with 3 children.

Powell was 84.


Originally Published -- 6:58 AM PT

Drake Kids in Wheelchairs Looked Up to You!!! Org Calls 'Degrassi' Role Pivotal

Drake might wanna reconsider the hatred he reportedly had for his 'Degrassi' character being in a wheelchair -- because lots of kids in wheelchairs actually felt validated thanks to his portrayal.

Madeline Robinson, executive director of Wheelchair 4 Kids, tells TMZ ... she hopes the rapper knows his role as Jimmy Brooks on 'Degrassi' really helped a lot of young people.

She says he actually made them kind of cool and, though he might not have known it, he instilled confidence and made their lives a little better. Robinson says Drake's character brought much-needed representation.

She explains ... kids in wheelchairs are often left out of things like getting invited to birthday parties or movies. She asked, "When was the last time you went to a mall and saw a kid in a wheelchair hanging out with other kids?" Sadly, she says it's rare.

ICYMI ... a writer of the Canadian teen drama show recently claimed Drake threatened to quit and took legal action against the show to get a rewrite, removing Jimmy's character from the wheelchair.

The writer claimed Drake made the demand because he worried it made him look soft. Jimmy was left paralyzed after a shooting, but ultimately underwent stem cell surgery ... allowing his character to stand with crutches in the season 7 finale.

It should be noted ... the show's writer also added that Drake relented and agreed that his character being in a wheelchair was a powerful moment on TV.

Robinson, whose org strives to give physically disabled kids a better quality of life, agrees ... saying, "It is great when we see our kids being represented." Ditto.

Patrick Mahomes' Brother Apologizes For Dancing On Sean Taylor Memorial ... 'Meant No Disrespect'


Patrick Mahomes' brother says he meant "absolutely no disrespect" by dancing on a Sean Taylor memorial Sunday ... explaining the whole thing was a complete misunderstanding.

Jackson Mahomes -- who's gained fame over the last two years for his TikToks -- recorded himself stepping on a swath of grass at FedExField that had been spray painted to honor Taylor.

The moves -- set to a popular song -- were seen as wildly inappropriate ... given that the Washington Football Team had chained off the area in order to recognize Taylor, who was having his number 21 retired 14 years after his tragic death.

Fans blasted the younger Mahomes on social media ... with others noting that he and Patrick's fiancee, Brittany Matthews, had even been standing on the logo prior to the dancing.

Jackson issued an apology hours after the Chiefs left the stadium with a win, deleting the TikTok and saying WFT officials had actually "directed" him to be there.

"I want to sincerely apologize for accidentally being on the Sean Taylor #21 at FedEx Field," Jackson said. "We were directed to stand in that area and I meant absolutely no disrespect to him or his family."


This is not the first time Jackson has created a headline at a Chiefs game this season ... just a few weeks ago, he doused a trash-talking Ravens fan with water.

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick said after that incident he was hopeful his brother would "learn from it."

No word yet from big bro regarding Sunday's incident.

Erika Jayne Pleads Ignorance ... Says Tom's Firm Handled All Her Money

Erika Jayne's blaming her estranged husband to deflect allegations of shady financial dealings, saying his firm managed her money while they were married ... and she was none the wiser.

As you know ... "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has been sued for allegedly hiding assets through a "sham divorce" with Tom Girardi, who's accused of stealing money intended for families of the victims in the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash.


So, there's been a cloud of suspicion hanging over Erika regarding how much she knew of Tom's business dealings, and how involved her company, EJ Global, was ... especially since Tom reportedly transferred $20 million from his law firm to EJ.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Erika insists she had zero clue what Tom was actually doing with his or her money, claiming every dime she earned went straight to him or his law firm, Girardi & Keese.

We're told Erika trusted he would manage it properly and make sure all the financial dealings -- like paying for a music vid production crew -- were handled appropriately, and she never actually monitored it.

Our source says all of Erika’s independent income -- from 'Housewives,' paid appearances, sponsorship deals, etc. -- went to EJ Global ... but Erika insists Tom ultimately managed the money.

As we told you, Erika's not watching the airing of the 'RHOBH' reunion, because too much of it is about her financial scandal, and she doesn't want to relive it again.

We reached out to lawyers for Tom ... no word back so far.

Boxer Rolando Romero Gonna Knock Tank Davis 'The F*** Out' ... In The 1st Round!!


"Tank's gonna knocked the f*** out. And, whoever believes otherwise can go f*** themselves."

That's 26-year-old, undefeated rising boxing star Rolando Romero -- aka Rolly -- declaring that he will not only beat Gervonta Davis when they fight December 5 in Los Angeles, but Tank will get flatlined within 3 minutes!!!

It's an incredibly bold prediction ... especially considering most experts have picked Davis to beat the very talented Romero.

But, Rolly -- who we spoke with leaving Wilder-Fury 3 -- is adamant he isn't just running his mouth ... he believes he's got a size and power advantage.

"The best thing about Tank is that he's a puncher, and I'm a bigger puncher and bigger person. What the f*** does he have?" Rolly tells us.

"I punch way harder than him. Ask anyone that knows us both. They'll tell you straight up."

Of course, Tank is known as one of the hardest punchers, pound-for-pound, in the entire sport. All but 1 of his 25 wins are by knockout ... and the uppercut he dropped Leo Santa Cruz with is one of the most devastating punches of all time.

But, Rolly's power definitely isn't anything to scoff at ... all but 2 of his 14 wins are also by KO.

So, Romero's prediction?!?

"I'm gonna knock him the f*** out."


"1 round. He's gonna run into something."

'Judge Judy' Bailiff Down For Another Court Show ... Already Drawing Interest

Petri Hawkins-Byrd, the bailiff from "Judge Judy," wants to work on another courtroom TV show now that Judy Sheindlin is moving on without him ... and he's getting some bites.

A rep for Petri tells TMZ ... he's not actively pursuing a spot on another show, but he'd consider any offers that come in, and some producers are showing interest.

We're told Petri's manager is having ongoing conversations with TV producers who are working on a new court TV show idea/concept ... and another big-name producer made Petri's camp an offer for a new project, with room for negotiation.

Petri's 25-year run working with Judy came to a sudden end -- a shock to him -- when she dropped the promo for her new show, "Judy Justice," and he wasn't in it.

We're told Petri called Judy and asked what was up, and she told him he was too expensive.

Petri's rep says he's not going to let it ruin his life ... he's confident God has a plan for him and something new is coming his way.

Sounds like there's no bad blood between Petri and Judy, despite how things ended ... we're told Petri knows he wouldn't be where he is without her.

In addition to drawing interest for potential new shows, Petri recently starred in an episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" ... and we're told he's down to film for the soap again or even land a recurring role.

Guess Who This Cowboy Kid Turned Into!

Before this cowboy kid was showing off his interior decorating skills on television, he was just another rootin' tootin' tot playing dress up in Mount Vernon, Missouri.

This costume cutie is best known for his passion of home decor ... and sharing his expert knowledge to those in need of his assistance. You may recognize this celebrity personality as part of an ensemble cast of five do-gooders in a heart-warming reboot of a reality series streaming on Netflix.

Also, this television star can be spotted making an appearance in a Taylor Swift music video.

Can you guess who he is?

Donald Trump 'Golden Showers' Tape Probs Exists ... Says Dossier Spy Author

An alleged tape showing Donald Trump watching Russian prostitutes urinate on a hotel bed quite likely exists -- so claims the British spy who put the story on paper to begin with.

Christopher Steele -- who was hired to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign in the run-up to the 2016 election -- has emerged from the shadows for an ABC documentary, with anchor George Stephanopoulos at the helm with the interviewing and grilling.

He's asked whether all the intel he collected and reported in the dossier is true -- this after the feds here in the U.S. and other investigative bodies debunked a lot of it -- and Steele's response is ... it may not all be 100% accurate, but he has opinions on which parts are ... including the claim that Michael Cohen met with Russians in 2016 in Prague.

Of course ... the other part he thinks is "probably" true is that the Russians might have blackmail over Trump in the form of a tape showing him taking in a "golden showers" show ... in none other than a bed the Obamas are believed to have once slept in while visiting.

Trump has adamantly denied any such occurrence -- even as recently as last week, per reports -- saying he's a germaphobe ... and that he's had no shady dealings with Russians.

So, naturally, GS asked why Steele believes the tape hasn't leaked yet if it does, indeed, exist. Steele's answer -- it hasn't needed to be released ... because the Russians feel they got good value out of Trump during his time as President.

It's interesting ... Steele apparently collected the pee tape part through word of mouth -- via sources who openly joked about it over beers, etc. So, not first-hand knowledge.

Hooters Backtracks on New Panties-Style Uni ... After Waitress Outcry

There is such a thing as too skimpy for Hooters -- the restaurant is reversing course on a new uniform they were trying to get their girls to wear ... this after being called out.

You might've heard about this over the past few days -- there was a ton of outcry from Hooters hostesses, waitresses and others who've gotta put on the already-bare outfits ... 'cause a new uni was dished out, which were pretty much thong-style panties.

The bottoms were very short, and provided little to no coverage of any employees' cheeks -- the overall consensus was ... they might as well have us in bathing suits here.

Different Hooters girls took to TikTok and demonstrated just how short the new bottoms were, comparing them to the old set ... which at least went down to the very top of their thighs. A lot of the girls were outraged, saying the wedgie-inducing booty shorts were sexist, and not what they signed up for when first taking the job.

Some folks pushed back, saying the shorts weren't really all that different -- but after this whole thing went viral ... it's quite clear they were, especially since Hooters is doing a U-turn.

A company rep clarified their uniform policy Sunday to Business Insider, saying ... "As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones." Hooters added, "They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image."

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

It also sounds like the revealing shirts may be changing as well -- Hooters went on to say that it "appreciates the feedback, both positive and negative, regarding a more accommodating and inclusive image policy on tattoos, jewelry, nails, hairstyles as well as new uniform options -- to include new top styles, shorts and the addition of socks."

One final thing from Hooters, per BI ... the org says it's excited to continue collaborating with their Hooters girls toward an environment of self-expression and inclusivity, and so they can feel empowered to do their best work on the job. Now, how 'bout them apples?!?

Washington State Trooper Final Sign-Off Amid Vaxx Mandate ... 'Inslee Can Kiss My Ass'


Washington is requiring all state employees be vaccinated by Monday -- but one trooper quit ahead of the deadline with a sobering final sign-off ... and harsh words for the governor.

22-year vet Robert LaMay -- who worked for the Washington State Patrol -- hung it up over the weekend, issuing one final thank-you to his coworkers and peers on the official dispatch system ... while also taking a big shot at Gov. Jay Inslee, who's enforcing the mandate.

Check it out ... LaMay, who's apparently unvaccinated, gets on the radio and says this will be his final time in a WA state patrol car, all because he's been deemed "dirty," as he puts it.

He goes on to recount the good times he had on the job, while thanking his colleagues for getting him home safe each night -- and, finally, ending his remarks with, "Jay Inslee can kiss my ass." He drops the mic on his lap ... waiting for someone on the other end.

Eventually, the dispatcher jumps on and goes through a list of his contributions as a trooper ... also thanking him for his service. It's somewhat unceremonious, which he acknowledges.

Of course, this paints a stark picture of what a lot of law enforcement officers -- and others -- across multiple states are facing -- and there's rumblings mass firings/resignations could be coming as more and more vaccine mandates go into effect over the coming weeks.

Even on the federal level, vaccine mandates are being hotly discussed and debated -- especially among airlines ... which got roped into President Biden's order since they contract with the federal government. And yet, not every airline will play ball -- like Delta.

The question ... is forcing people to get vaccinated with the threat of losing their jobs the most effective way to get 'em onboard??? Many say yes -- but some, clearly, feel differently.

Johnny Depp Mobbed by Adoring Fans in Italy ... During Rome Film Festival

Johnny Depp might be considered a pariah in the U.S. -- but the guy's still got the love and support of LOTS of fans outside the country, especially in Italy ... where he's a rock star.

Check out these clips of JD showing up Sunday to the premiere of his new animated TV series, "Puffins," at the Rome Film Festival ... hitting the red carpet with a swarm of people cheering him on and singing his praises from afar as he graciously waved and played along.

You can tell Johnny is grateful for these folks having his back ... taking his time to acknowledge everyone, bowing down to them at one point, and blowing kisses to everyone screaming his name. Usually, celebs might just pose for the cameras front and center, but here ... he gave everyone on the outskirts a nod of appreciation.

Even on his way out -- through the back of a building, presumably where the premiere was held -- there was a mob of people waiting for him ... and there, too, he gave them the time of day. Eventually, he got into a waiting SUV -- but didn't seem to be in a hurry to scram.

It's a fascinating dynamic -- especially as it relates to his public perception on the home front ... where the guy has claimed he's been blacklisted and ostracized over his defamation case in the UK, which effectively saw him branded as a "wifebeater" against Amber Heard.

He was quickly fired from projects he was attached to at the time -- and hasn't been able to land a mainstream Hollywood gig since ... and yet, many Europeans still welcome him with open arms -- while seemingly harboring hostility toward AH ... as we've recently seen.

Perhaps they're not as inclined to believe what's been alleged against him -- even after a court case didn't go in his favor ... with another one on the horizon.

In any case, Johnny's star obviously still has some shine to some.

Kyrie Irving Plays Pickup Football with Buddies ... Amid Vaxx Holdout Drama

Going deep ...

Kyrie Irving might not be able to play basketball this season as he continues to resist getting the COVID-19 vaccine -- but the dude's still stretching his legs ... with pigskin, no less.

TMZ Sports has obtained video of the Brooklyn Nets superstar all in Sunday on a game of pickup football with some guys at a high school in New Jersey ... where he seemed to be playing wide receiver and running routes, but not getting a look on this particular play.

We're told they were playing 4 on 4 here ... and this was actually a soccer field. So, not really a gridiron, per se, but at least we're getting a chance to see him out in public.

He's been seemingly reclusive of late -- taking to IG Live to try and explain his vaccine status and rationale -- this as he remains the focus of national media amid his stance to not get the jab ... and forfeit millions of dollars to be a "voice for the voiceless."

While we imagine his coaches and teammates won't be too happy seeing this -- Kyrie hasn't practiced/played with the Nets in a good long while now, due to the NY vaccine mandates -- at least they can take solace in the fact that he's staying active and somewhat in shape(?) for if/when he caves and decides to get back on the court at some point this season.

Then again ... maybe he never will. It looks like the Nets are prepared to move forward without Kyrie for now -- and they could very well trade him if he stays hunkered down like this.

In the meantime ... maybe he can get a tryout with an NFL squad or something 😅.

Jon Stewart on U.S. Politics Media Not Helping Divide Too Focused on Petty Conflict, DT

Jon Stewart is back after a long hiatus -- and it sounds like he thinks a couple things are ripping this country apart ... sensationalism in the media, and focusing on Donald Trump.

The former 'Daily Show' host sat down with CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday, to plug his new Apple TV+ show, "The Problem with Jon Stewart," but to also discuss the current state of things as it relates to our politics, national discourse and culture wars we're going through.


On that last point ... Jon got pretty real on what he thinks about issues like CA's new gender-neutral toy section law -- and that feeling is ... this is trivial, so who gives a s***!!!

Check out his thought process ... we as a society -- plus the media, by selecting/feeding us headlines -- seek out the conflict lines as opposed to news that actually matters in our daily lives. The gender-neutral thing is one example, but he brings up Karens/masks too.

Jon notes we see a ton of anti-masker stories all across media ... but what about stories reassessing the efficacy of masks, which affects us day-to-day??? Nowhere to be found.


Of course, Jon also talked Trump after Tapper asked him about his role in the ongoing division in the U.S. -- but Jon doesn't think this issue lives and dies with DT ... if anything, he says Trump is just the latest incarnation of a phenomenon that has long existed here.

His point is that there've been many rulers and institutions of this nation, historically, that've been power hungry, and he thinks the solution -- as it always has been -- lies in the people.

BTW, Jon's new show is way different from his old Comedy Central series ... in a good way. It's more nuanced, and definitely worth a watch for a fresh and still-funny take.

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