Chrissy Teigen Cookware Off Target Site ... Biz Move Unrelated to Stodden

3:30 PM PT -- Sources connected to Chrissy tell TMZ ... the break-up with Target was a mutual and amicable decision reached way back in December.

We're told she launched the cookware line exclusively with Target in 2018, but late last year, they decided to end the exclusivity. Now, Chrissy's hawking her cookware through e-commerce, most notably on her own website ... and through several other retailers.

All of these business moves were in motion long before Courtney, rightfully, raised their issues with Chrissy's treatment of them.

Chrissy Teigen's not only feeling the heat from Courtney Stodden -- Target's also made a big move ... one that impacts Chrissy's bottom line.

The retail giant's website shows her "Cravings by Chrissy Teigen" line of cookware has been wiped out. Target's move appeared to come as Chrissy was owning up to her past abusive behavior -- DMing to suggest Courtney kill themself -- issuing an apology on Twitter.

However, Target sources say the line wasn't just removed from their website this week -- we're told it was yanked last month. It should be noted, Chrissy's 3 cookbooks are still available on Target's website.

You'll recall, Courtney first called out Chrissy back in March, telling us they felt Chrissy is a hypocrite for quitting Twitter over negativity on the platform.

MARCH 2021

Courtney pointed out Chrissy had, years ago, heavily bullied them on Twitter. However, it turns out it's just coincidental Target dropped Chrissy's cookware from its website the very next month.

In any event, you can still find those products in other retail outlets -- and some Target brick-and-mortar stores still have inventory too.

Originally Published -- 2:27 PM PT

Prince Harry Incognito Shopping Trip Hid Meghan When First Dating in London

Armchair Expert

Prince Harry went to extreme lengths to keep his relationship with Meghan Markle on the DL -- like going on a secret supermarket run to meet her while pretending he didn't know her.

The Duke of Sussex made the revelation on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast when Dax asked if he'd ever been able to do any mundane things ... like going to the supermarket. His answer was yes, but he had to go way back to 2016 when Meghan first stayed at Kensington Palace.

He said, "The first time Meghan and I met up for her to come and stay with me, we met up in a supermarket in London, pretending we didn't know each other, texting each other from the other side of the aisles. There's people looking at me, giving me all these weird looks and coming up to me and saying hi."

He didn't reveal which supermarket ... but there's a Whole Foods a mere 100 yards away from the Palace. Harry said he stayed in such true "incognito" character ... he wore a baseball cap and kept looking down to avoid being recognized. Obviously, he needs better costumes, since people were spotting him.

But, since leaving his Royal duties and moving to L.A. ... Harry says he feels free. And, he feels like he can walk with his head held high. He compared living the Royal life between a mix of being on "The Truman Show" and living in a zoo with all eyes on him.

Harry chatted about a ton of other subjects ... including Joe Rogan's recent controversial remarks about the vaccine. The Prince called out Joe for initially saying healthy, young people don't need the vaxx.

Joe, of course, later called himself a "f***ing moron" for the remark but that didn't stop Harry from ripping Joe and essentially telling him to stay in his lane because "if you have a platform, with a platform comes responsibility."

Harry also talked about his mental health docu-series "The Me You Can't See" -- he executive produced it with Oprah Winfrey, and it premieres next week on Apple TV+.


Cops and FBI agents have 3 men in custody who they say pulled off a daring armed robbery and shooting outside Bev Hills hot spot Il Pastaio ... injuring one woman.

The feds say the suspects are members of the Rollin' 30s Crips, and each is charged with conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery for the violence that broke out at the restaurant back on March 4.


TMZ broke the story ... the armed robbery went down in broad daylight with the shooter and 2 accomplices going after a $500,000 Richard Mille watch a man was wearing. During the incident, a bystander ended up getting shot in the leg.

Additionally, the feds say the victim wearing the watch was held at gunpoint. During the struggle for the watch, the gunman fired 2 shots -- one of which hit the woman who was sitting nearby.


According to the feds, one of the alleged gang members' DNA was found on the robbery victim's clothing, and surveillance footage all 3 scouting the area before the robbery. Bev Hills cops, Santa Monica PD and the FBI teamed up to make the arrests.

The suspects face up to 20 years in federal prison, if convicted.

DeAndre Hopkins Launching Cereal Line For Great Cause ... 'DeAndre's HOP BOX!!!'

The best wide receiver in the NFL could be the best at the breakfast game now too ... 'cause TMZ Sports has confirmed DeAndre Hopkins is getting his own cereal box!!!

... and, it's all for a great cause!!

Troy Witt, a rep for PLB Sports & Entertainment (the same people who helped create Flutie Flakes!), tells us the company is in the process of launching a cereal for the Cardinals star called "DeAndre's HOP BOX."

The sweet treat will be Honey Nut Cheerios style ... and will release online and in local Arizona Fry's grocery stores sometime in August.

But, the best part of it? Witt tells us a portion of the proceeds from the cereal will go toward the S.M.O.O.O.T.H. Foundation, a charity set up by DeAndre and his mom, Sabrina Greenlee, to help survivors of domestic violence.

"DHop's Hop Box will be unlike any athlete cereal before it," Witt says. "DeAndre helped curate this box in a way that only he can by blending football, fashion, and family. We’re proud to be working with him!”

We're told the cover of the box will feature Hopkins, while one of the side panels will have a nod to DeAndre's famous TD celebrations with his mother.

Witt says the back of the box, meanwhile, will feature a color-in style design that fans can win autographs and more from for unique creations.

Yeah, watch out, Chubb Crunch!!

Oscar De La Hoya Goes Full Mariachi on Cinco de Mayo ... Impromptu Concert


Oscar De La Hoya took a break from training for his return to the boxing ring ... to SING with a mariachi band on Cinco de Mayo, and TMZ Sports has the footage.

The 48-year-old hit up Maestro, a Mexican food restaurant in Pasadena (he's like the mayor over there) and started feeling himself when the mariachi band began to play.

So, Oscar -- who once released a Latin Pop album back in the day -- decided to grab the mic and take over the lead singing duties.

Look, he ain't exactly Marc Anthony ... but it's not bad for a guy who was mowing down his dinner just minutes before taking the stage.

The crowd loved it and cheered him on as he sang hits like "Amor Eterno" by Rocio Durcal and "Sigo Siendo el Rey" by Vicente Fernandez.

FYI, Oscar's self-titled album was released in 2001 and actually got nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album alongside Shakira, Christina Aguilera and Luis Miguel!!!!

Oh, he lost to Shakira's MTV Unplugged album -- which, in her defense, still holds up.

As for the boxing side of things, Oscar announced he'll be returning to the ring on July 3 ... but his opponent has still not been announced.

Oscar hasn't fought professionally since he lost to Manny Pacquiao in 2008 ... and fun fact, Manny also released an album!!

Pizza Vending Machine Debuts in Rome, and ... Italians Offended, DOH!!!

Italians now have an option for who makes their most beloved food -- their favorite neighborhood pizzaiolo or ... a machine!!! Yeah, some folks ain't happy about option dua.

A company called "Mr. Go Pizza" rolled out pizza vending machines Thursday in Rome -- offering 4 kinds of pie which take just 3 minutes to make, and cost as little as $5. The machine kneads the dough, puts on toppings and bakes ... all in a small glass window, so customers can see the magic.

pizza of the future?
Shutterstock Premier

Well, as you can imagine, in Italy ... not everyone thinks it's magic. A couple early reviews: "Acceptable" if you're in a hurry, while a student from Naples (birthplace of pizza) said it tastes like a bread wrap.

Look, it's one thing if machines/robots wanna take over the world -- we all kind of expect that -- but can't we keep A.I. out of our pizzas???

No word on Mr. Go Pizza's expansion plans, but if it's in Italy today, can Brooklyn, the Jersey Shore and Chicago be far behind?

Show your local pizza shop some love today ... while you can.

Bill Gates Divorce Melinda Now Sipping on 25 Million Shares of Coke!!!

Bill and Melinda Gates are shifting more of their fortune into Melindas' name ... and new documents show she's gonna be a big fan of Mexican Coca-Cola.

Here's what we know ... the day after Melinda filed her divorce docs, the estranged couple filed docs with the Securities Exchange Commission that show she now owns more than 5 percent of Coca-Cola Femsa  ... which is why they had to notify the SEC.

According to the docs, Melinda acquired 25,793,660 shares of the Coke bottler which is based in Mexico, and Bill has zero shares. Those shares would be valued at around $120 million today.

It appears the shares were transferred from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For reference, the Foundation still retains more than 62 million shares of Coca-Cola Femsa.

Another doc, also filed on May 4, shows Melinda now owns more than 155 million shares of Grupo Televisa ... which is a Mexican multimedia company that produces programs, several of which air on Univision.

For those keeping score ... the Grupo Televisa stock is worth about $386 million.

As we reported, nearly $2 billion in shares of AutoNation and the Canadian National Railway were also transferred to Melinda on May 3 ... the day she filed the divorce docs.

More evidence, this divorce has been months in the making. They've clearly already decided how their $130 billion is being divvied up, and now the chips are all falling into place.

Justin Bieber Crazy Hairdo ... Give it a Nest!!!

Justin Bieber's fortunate there were no birds around as he headed in for his dinner date with Hailey, or they might have tried to set up shop on his new 'do -- a pulled-back take on locks.

The Biebs and his wife hit up Craig's restaurant in WeHo Monday night, arriving with very contrasting styles -- Hailey dressed to the nines, while JB had a more chill teen look ... at least it matched his bird's nest-like hair.

Speaking of that new coif, Justin partially covered -- or wrapped -- his locks with a black bandana, and umm ... pulled them back into pigtails. Ya can't say he's half-stepping into the new look.

Justin rounded out his ensemble with sneakers, jeans and a baggy red sweatshirt ... and seemed to be in his own world on his phone.

It should go without saying, but this style Bieber's putting down ain't for everybody -- yet somehow, it's working for him.

NFL's Mark Walton Insane Pizza Hut Arrest Caught On Police Video ... 'I Can Pee On Myself?'


NFL free agent Mark Walton argued with Pizza Hut employees, yelled at cops, got violent with his cousin, and then peed on himself before being arrested last January ... and the entire, wild scene was all caught on police video obtained by TMZ Sports.

It all went down back on Jan. 31 ... when around 11:24 PM, the 24-year-old running back got into a tiff with workers at a Miami Pizza Hut shop.

In the police footage, you can see officers rolled up to Walton while he was in a heated dispute at the pizza joint's ordering counter.

In the clip, Walton says he was pissed at employees because after they canceled one of his orders ... he claims one of them called him a "f*** n***a."

Walton says he personally came to the store to confront them over it ... and that's when all the drama began.

Cops say Pizza Hut employees claimed Walton was "banging on the windows" prior to their arrival ... and you can see in video, Walton was yelling at the employees when the officers showed up.

Mark continued to bicker with the Pizza Hut staffers while cops were present ... and eventually, he became combative toward the officers themselves.

At one point, as the cops tried to get him to calm down and leave the area, Walton screamed at an officer, "You don't know who I am! I don't care! I'm about money!"

Walton eventually walked away from the scene with his cousin -- though the two didn't get very far, because they ended up in a physical altercation at the back of the Pizza Hut.

You can see in footage, when cops turned the corner to check in on the two ... Walton was standing over his cousin, who appeared to be knocked out while bleeding profusely from his forehead area.

Cops ordered Walton to the ground at taser-point ... and while they put him in handcuffs, the NFL player told them his cousin had fallen after grabbing him during their dispute.

While detained, Walton argued with officers more ... and then asked them if he could "pee on myself." When cops said yes, Walton let it go.

Eventually, Walton admitted to an officer on video that he had been drinking earlier in the day.

Walton was ultimately hit with 2 charges over the incident, misdemeanor trespassing and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

But, court records show he reached a deal with prosecutors last month to have the case closed ... though we're working on the specifics of that agreement.

Walton was a Cincinnati Bengals fourth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft ... but he was eventually cut by the team in 2019 following multiple arrests.

Walton eventually signed on with the Dolphins in '19 ... but they too cut him after he ran into more trouble with the law.

The current free agent has rushed for 235 yards on 67 carries in his two-year career.

Celeb Chef Cat Cora Wife Files for Divorce

Celebrity chef Cat Cora's wife is throwing in the kitchen towel on their marriage ... we've learned she just filed for divorce after 3 years of marriage.

Cat's wife, record executive Nicole Ehrlich, filed divorce docs Monday in Los Angeles County Superior court ... according to online records.

The divorce petition comes just a few days after Cat and Nicole reached their 3-year wedding anniversary. We'll assume there wasn't much of a celebration.

The 'Iron Chef' and "Around the World in 80 Plates" star started dating Nicole in 2017, and in April 2018 they tied the knot with a big ceremony in Santa Barbara. They didn't have any kids together.

It's the second divorce for Cat, who has 4 kids from her previous marriage to Jennifer Cora. They were together for 17 years before divorcing in 2015.

Nicole, meanwhile, has 2 sons from a previous relationship with her ex-partner, Rosa Ehrlich. This is her first divorce.

Dr. Drew Runs for Cover Gunshots Erupt at Famed Steakhouse


Dr. Drew got way more than he bargained for Thursday night at a world-famous Brooklyn steakhouse ... his meal was interrupted by gunshots.

The famous doc joined "TMZ Live" Friday and told a crazy story about finally getting a reservation at Peter Luger Steakhouse where he, his wife and friends chowed down on what he said were incredible steaks.

But then ... the sound of gunfire. Someone who was dining outside had beef with another table. The guy pulled out a gun and fired several times, missing the other patrons but striking 2 bystanders on the street.


What followed is terrifying ... Drew and Co., who were dining inside, huddled in a corner with other diners, not knowing if this was the beginning of yet another mass shooting. The waiters were true heroes, standing tall and protecting their customers.

When the drama ended, they all went back to their meals, and Drew tipped handsomely ... both for the meal service and the security they received from the waiters.

As for the bystanders, a 57-year-old man was shot in the stomach and a 30-year-old man was shot in the shoulder and back. They're expected to be ok.

Lil Huddy & Charli D'Amelio Deny Dating Rumors ... But We're 'Really Close'


Charli D'Amelio and Chase "Lil Huddy" Hudson have more than 100 million TikTok fans combined, and millions of them seem to believe they're dating again ... but they're sticking to the friendship story.

We got the teenage TikTok superstars out Tuesday night at Craig's, as they hit the WeHo hot spot with friends to celebrate the release of Lil Huddy's new single "America's Sweetheart" ... for which Charli co-stars in the music video.

Yeah, so that's how the romance rumors got sparked ... along with the fact the duo's actually dated in the past.

But, both Huddy and Charli shot down the dating speculation separately, with the singer saying they're "just friends" and Charli -- a bit more energetically -- saying they're just friends ... "really close" friends.

Take that for what it's worth, kiddos.


BTW, the release party for Lil Huddy's new single was swarming with other popular TikTokers ... including Addison Rae and Charli's older sister, Dixie.

Whole lotta social influencing going on.

Demi Lovato Fro-Yo Shop Denies She Donated $100k ... Cold War Still On

The L.A. frozen yogurt shop Demi Lovato called out over its sugar-free items is debunking the rumor she made amends with a large donation ... and it says it doesn't want one.

The Bigg Chill claims online messages and photos suggesting Demi donated $100k to the shop and wrote a private letter of apology for her behavior are fake and Photoshopped.

The fro-yo store adds ... "We have not heard anything from Demi since her 'sorry, not sorry' apology on Monday. We have not heard from her team." Finally, The Bigg Chill says it's not changing its menu ... and thanked everyone for their support.

As we reported ... the "Dancing with the Devil" artist picked a fight with the fro-yo shop over the weekend, publicly calling it out Saturday for its placement of sugar-free items, which she claims are triggering for folks with eating disorders.


After The Big Chill defended itself, Demi doubled down Monday by complaining about the store's "diet culture" cookies and dropping a "customer is always right" DM on them.

Ultimately, Demi sort of apologized for seemingly using her celeb status to take down a small business. She says that's not her intent, she just wanted to start a dialogue on the issue.

The Big Chill says it's been hurt by Demi's remarks and feels unfairly attacked ... and it's clearly not backing down either.

Demi Lovato to Fro-Yo Shop 'You Don't Wanna Mess with Me' ... But Then Apologizes, Sorta

Demi Lovato isn't backing down in her diet food war with a frozen yogurt shop -- she's now warning the store about messing with her ... but also walking back her comments a bit, saying she was having a really bad day.

The singer continued going back and forth with The Bigg Chill -- the fro-yo shop she attacked Sunday for its placement of sugar-free items -- by sending a DM to them, complaining about the "GUILT FREE" label on cookies in the store. TBC defended itself saying the pic was old.

Demi swatted back ... insisting they carried another, similar "diet culture" cookie -- and also warned TBC to stop fighting with her, and that they didn't wanna mess with her. She even dropped the ol' ... "customer is always right" on 'em.


However, Demi's apparently seen the some of the backlash against her, because she just went live on IG, and restated her initial complaint -- her visit to TBC seriously triggered her eating disorder issues -- but she hopes she's opened a dialogue with TBC about relabeling some products.

She added that she had a very bad day and weekend afterward, and feels like she needs a mental health day. Demi apologized if it seems like she's a big celeb using her power to take down a small biz.

Soooo ... "Sorry, Not Sorry," or fully sorry? We think it's somewhere in the middle.

Demi Lovato Doubles Down on Fro-Yo Beef The Bigg Chill Fires Back

11:30 AM PT -- 4/19 -- Demi and The Bigg Chill are still exchanging fire over her rant ... and it seems there's no end in sight to this beef.

Demi went after TBC again on social media, posting a screenshot from the fro-yo shop's page and ripping the store for advertising guilt free cookies. Demi says these kinds of ads set her off in the first place.

But, folks at The Big Chill tell TMZ ... the picture Demi posted is from 2016 and they no longer carry the product she's upset about. We're told Demi did not see any kind of "eat me guilt free" cookies at her last trip to the shop.

10:45 AM PT -- 4/19 -- The Bigg Chill tells TMZ ... they are really hurt by Demi's comments, because for 36 years the small, woman-owned business has catered to anyone who's come through the door.

TBC says they've always tried to have something for everyone, whether they are diabetic, vegan, gluten-free, or just wanting some dessert ... and they tell us there's been an outpouring of support since Demi's rant.

Demi Lovato has a lot of people scratching their heads over this one -- she got mad that a fro-yo shop advertises "diet" options ... something she considers triggering and harmful.

The singer took to IG Saturday to call out a frozen yogurt joint called The Bigg Chill ... which apparently has low-sugar/low-fat/fat-free goodies positioned toward the front of one of their stores and/or checkout counters.

She writes, "Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from @thebiggchillofficial when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter."

Demi went on to tell them to "do better" ... and hashtagged her gripe with #dietculturevultures. If you're confused about what the heck she's upset about ... you’re not alone.

However, she elaborated with another comment, saying she's gonna use that hashtag to call out "harmful messaging" from brands that she believes perpetuate a society that enables and also praises disordered eating.

What she SEEMS to be saying ... by this place putting these low-cal foods in people's faces like this, they're also gaslighting/shaming them, and making them feel bad for wanting a treat, which Demi sees as hurtful -- especially for those who have eating disorders and body issues.

TBC responded to Demi in her DMs, which she published. They explained they have those alternatives for diabetics, folks with Celiac disease, vegans and a host of others who might want (or need) the so-called "diet" options. Demi appears to have realized ... she jumped to conclusions and perhaps even overreacted, as noted in her response.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She recommends that they label things better to be more inclusive. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Originally Published --  4/18 2:40 PM PT

Tree Creature Mystery Beast Scares Residents ... DOUGH!!! Just a Croissant

A Polish woman's gotta be feeling pretty flaky about the panicked phone call she made to animal control to report a strange creature lurking in a tree ... that turned out to be a pastry!!!

Okay, before ya toast the concerned lady too much ... take a look at the mystery beast in a Krakow neighborhood.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

If ya didn't know better, it could be a GIANT caterpillar-ish thing or something of that ilk. 🤷🏽‍♂️

The woman told animal welfare officers people were afraid to open their windows for fear the big puffy creature might scurry into their homes. After all, she said it had been stalking them, just sitting there -- all brown and buttery -- for 2 whole days!

When asked to described the "animal" ... she said it looked like an iguana. The officers were skeptical, but went to check it out, only to discover ... they shoulda brought coffee or a cup of tea. It was just a croissant.

The belief is someone threw it out of their window to feed the birds and it got stuck, setting off the hilarious chain of events. Animal control said it was a funny false alarm, but encouraged the public to err on the side of caution and report anything suspicious. Y'know, like a shady scone.

Also, what's up with birds in Krakow?? That thing looks delicious!!!

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