First Punisher Cover Hits Auction Block, Valued at $2 Mil!!!


What does a 1974 Spider-Man comic book cover featuring The Punisher have in common with the Mona Lisa? They're both masterpieces that were lost and recovered ... but only one's actually hitting the auction block.

The folks over at ComicConnect have found the original cover art to Spider-Man issue No. 129. The issue's special because it's The Punisher's first-ever appearance on a cover. The Punisher is the alter-ego of ex-marine Frank castle. The character sought revenge after the mafia killed his wife and children in a Central Park shootout.

For decades now, the cover art was only rumored to exist. But, little did anyone know co-artist Gil Kane quietly and privately sold the piece to a private collector.

ComicConnect now has a hold of it and values the piece of art at a whopping $2 million!!! How'd they come up with that number? When the original cover art of Hulk featuring Wolverine's first appearance in issue No. 181 was rumored to exist, speculators valued that cover art at $2 mil. ComicConnect will soon know what it's really worth.

The cover art will hit the auction block beginning November 23 until December 14. For context ... a few years ago a CGC-certified copy of Action Comics issue No. 1 sold for a record $3,207,852. There was also an original cover art to Amazing Spider-Man issue No. 328 ... which sold for a cool $690,000.

Ex-Dallas Cowboys Player Rips Dak's Prescott Agent ... 'Needs to Be Fired!!!'

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"His agent needs to be fired."

Ex-Dallas Cowboys player Jason Hatcher just went off on the Dak Prescott injury situation -- saying the QB's advisors should be ASHAMED for allowing him to play without a longterm contract.

"First of all, I wanna just send my prayers out to Dak," Hatcher said ... "[but] that young man and the team around him should have never allowed him to ever touch the field if he didn't have a longterm deal."

Prescott tried renegotiating a longterm deal with the Cowboys during the offseason, but ultimately agreed to play on a 1-year franchise tag deal that paid him $31.4 million guaranteed.

But, with Dak suffering that horrific ankle injury Sunday night, his future is in doubt ... and Hatcher is pointing the finger at Dak's agent, Todd France.

"There's no way in the world that his team should have allowed him to bet on himself during this situation," said Hatcher, a defensive lineman for the Cowboys from 2006 to 2013.

"He should've been in a comfortable situation with a longterm deal."

"Now, he's gotta start all back over again, rewind 4 years back when he came in as a rookie and prove himself all over again and he can play again and he can work through an injury or whatever."

Hatcher says if the Cowboys decide to cut Dak, fans shouldn't be upset with Jerry Jones because "there's no loyalty in business. It is business."

Hatcher says if Dak was his client, there's no way he sets foot on the field "if the money ain't right. Period."

'Dreams' Skateboarder I've Got Beef with Streetwear Brand


Nathan Apodaca -- AKA the Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- is putting on his legal face ... he wants a streetwear company to stop using his Doggface to sell merch.

Here's the deal ... Culture Kings is hawking a "Dreams Vintage T-Shirt" with the viral star's face on it for $36.95 ... but Nathan isn't feeling the good vibes with this merch, and says he's owed a piece of the pie.

Nathan's lawyer -- yep, he's got one now -- Jeffrey R. Klein of Fisher & Wolfe LLP, fired off a takedown notice, obtained by TMZ. It says Nathan owns the rights to the photograph on the shirt and claims Culture Kings had no right to make money off of it.

He's threatening a lawsuit if Culture Kings doesn't pull the shirt.

As you know ... Nathan's got a merch line of his own, and his personally designed line of Doggface clothing is selling like crazy after launching with

Bottom line ... don't let Nathan's easy-going persona fool you!!!

Halloween 'Fly Costume' Flies Off Shelves ... Sells Out After VP Debate


8:16 AM PT -- "Saturday Night Live" told the story behind the fly.

Anyone hoping to be an extraordinary housefly for Halloween this year after tuning into the VP debate is s*** outta luck ... because the costume is sold out!!!

Sorry, seems lots of folks already decided to be the infamous housefly that landed on Mike Pence's head during the debate ... honchos at tell us their "adult fly costume" is out of stock and their supplier is sold out too.

The Halloween costume retailer tells us they carried a normal amount of stock for this particular costume -- about 50 -- but they saw a huge demand right after the debate, causing the costume to fly off the shelf.

If you wanna settle for a housefly costume that's just headgear, you're gonna have to wait ... the site tells us their other fly costume is also sold out -- all 150 in stock were snatched up after the debate -- but they hope to get it back in stock by Friday.

FOX News

Seems the only people who don't want to be a debate housefly are those too young to vote ... you can still find a fly costume for toddlers.

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT

Kim Kardashian Donates $1M Toward Armenia Conflict ... Siblings Join In As Well

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian is putting her money where her mouth is on the conflict in Armenia -- she just announced she's dropping a fortune to aid in efforts on the ground ... part of an even larger investment on behalf of the entire family, TMZ has learned.

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney all just posted videos to raise awareness about an org they've partnered with called the Armenia Fund -- which aims to raise money for aid to help innocent people on the ground who are caught in the middle of the recent escalation.

Funds raised go directly to people in need of food, shelter, medical attention and other resources that are hard to come by at the moment. Clearly, the Kardashians are all in on the effort.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While Kim, Khloe and Kourtney's videos were all pretty similar ... Kim's was especially noteworthy because she said she herself was ponying up a million dollars for the fund, encouraging others to donate what they could and to spread the word about the cause in general. Our sources tell us other OG Kardashian siblings -- Kourtney, Khloe and Rob --  also made sizable donations ... so a heck of a lot of money is going to be sent over for aid from them.

Khloe also made mention of the fact even if one feels removed from the conflict going on over there ... it doesn't take much to empathize with families who are suffering. She says now that she's a mother, she feels especially bad for the kids caught up in it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If you're unfamiliar, Armenia's decades-long dispute with neighboring Azerbaijan over a mountainous territory in between both countries has recently reignited. The conflict dates back to the '80s, and until this past summer ... there had been a ceasefire over the region.

In July, there were accusations of both sides firing upon the other ... and now, armed forces have been mobilized and tensions are running high. Other neighboring nations have gotten involved as well, including Turkey and Russia ... the former backing Azerbaijan, and the latter behind Armenia. Kim and co. -- who are of Armenian descent -- support the Armenian side.

Phil Collins Sending Ex-Wife Eviction Notice ... After Her Alleged Secret Vegas Wedding


Phil Collins is booting his ex-wife out of her crib ... because he says he owns it, and he's tired of her B.S.

Sources close to the famous drummer and singer-songwriter tell TMZ ... his long, rocky relationship with Orianne Cevey is officially over ... after all, she remarried in August, and he wants her out of his Florida house STAT.

We're told Phil's asked her to vacate and she's refused, and instead is threatening to release false and embarrassing accusations about him unless he renegotiates their 2008 divorce settlement.

For the record -- Collins paid Cevey a reported $46.76 million ... and our sources say he's not giving her another dime. He believes she squandered the fortune through a series of bad investments, along with an expensive divorce from the man she married after Phil.

Our sources say Phil gave his ex until 3 PM Friday to vacate, but she didn't, and he says she's now changed the security codes and has been unruly with the staff.

We're told Phil plans to file an eviction lawsuit as soon as courts open up next week.

In case you haven't gotten the picture, the 2 have a pretty wild history. They got married in the late '90s, had 2 sons together -- Nicholas and Mathew -- but filed for divorce in '06, shortly after the youngest son was born.

After the record settlement, Cevey got remarried to Charles Mejjati, but then divorced him to go back to Collins in 2016.

Things seemed to be pretty peachy up until a couple months ago, when we're told Orianne got married again to a man named Thomas Bates ... telling Phil she was just traveling to Las Vegas for business.

Our sources say Collins continues to fully support his sons -- all of their expenses are paid for through a fully-funded, irrevocable trust -- but he believes he's no longer financially on the hook to his ex-wife.

Orianne's attorney, Frank Maister, had no comment.

Former Rapper Logic Drops $226k on Pokemon Card!!!

Former rapper Logic dropped an insane amount of loot for a Pokemon card -- more than a quarter-of-a-million bucks!!!

The card in question .. a super-rare, first edition Charizard. Pokemon trading cards have skyrocketed in value over the last few years. Back in 1999, when Pokemon became a thing, the card had almost no value ... now you can buy a house for the cost of a prized card.

As for how much Logic paid ... a whopping $226,000!!! It broke the record for Nintendo collectibles.

There have been other gigantic purchases in the world of Nintendo and Pokemon. Logan Paul plunked down $216k for a base set booster box.

As for what makes Logic's card so rare ... It's shadowless ... meaning the typical shadow on the right side of the art is absent.

A house or a card ... you choose.

Lindsey Vonn Auctioning Ski Suits For Charity 'Most Prized Possessions'

Lindsey Vonn is parting ways with her "most prized possessions" from her career ... by auctioning off her iconic ski speed suits ... and it's all for charity!!

The retired skiing superstar's annual fundraiser was put on hold due to COVID-19 ... but that couldn't stop the folks at the Lindsey Vonn Foundation from helping out her cause, so she opened up her closet to raise money instead.

"My jackets, helmets and WINNING RACE SUITS that I never wanted to part ways with will help support young girls and women through our scholarship program for educational and stem programs," Vonn said.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Among the suits include her epic "Captain America" suit, which was made for the U.S. Olympic team in 2017 ... the white and rainbow suit from her 54th World Cup win in 2012 ... and her U.S. Ski team jacket from 2016-2017.

The goal is to raise $200k for the LVF ... which will help provide resources for the youth.

Bidding for the first round of suits ends soon ... good luck!!

George Floyd Case Derek Chauvin Can Leave Minnesota Due to 'Safety Concerns'

Breaking News

Derek Chauvin -- the ex-cop accused of murdering George Floyd -- is now allowed to leave the state of Minnesota as he awaits trial ... after a judge ruled there are concerns over his safety.

The Hennepin County judge changed the conditions of Chauvin's bond Thursday, a day after he was released after posting $1 million. The former Minneapolis police officer can now reside in Minnesota OR a bordering state pending trial.

The decision came after the Department of Corrections provided evidence supporting safety concerns for Chauvin ... according to the judge's order.

Chauvin must report his new address to law enforcement and will remain under normal supervision as he awaits his murder trial ... which is scheduled for March.

Chauvin is required to obtain a cell phone and keep it on him at all times and answer all calls from the Minnesota Dept. of Corrections.

As for which states are contiguous to Minnesota -- North and South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

As we've reported ... Chauvin is facing charges of 2nd-degree after leaving his knee on Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds back on May 25.

Cal Ripken Jr. Historic Jersey Hits Auction Block ... 2,632nd Consecutive Gm


It's arguably the most untouchable record in American sports ... and now the jersey HOF'er Cal Ripken Jr. wore for his 2,632nd consecutive MLB game is about to hit the auction block.

Ripken Jr. -- a 19x All-Star and 2x A.L. MVP -- played in EVERY GAME from May 30, 1982 to September 19, 1998 ... spanning over 16 consecutive seasons.

Incredible ... never sick, never hurt, and a record almost everyone agrees will NEVER be broken.

Now, the black Baltimore Orioles home uniform -- rocked by Ripken Jr. during the last game of his amazing streak -- is on the block at Goldin Auctions ... and it can be yours.

FYI, Ripken Jr.'s Orioles beat Derek Jeter's New York Yankees at Camden Yards, 2-0.

But, that's not all ... Goldin has some other incredible items straight from Ripken Jr.'s personal collection.

Also on the block is the black Louisville Slugger bat Cal used on September 6th, 1995 (his 2,131 consecutive game) ... and the day he dethroned "The Iron Horse," Lou Gehrig, as baseballs Iron Man.

GA also has the jersey Cal wore during his Major League debut in 1981 ... and if that's not old enough for you, a game-worn Little League jersey.

The entire collection of items comes directly from Cal Ripken Jr. ... and Ken Goldin says he wouldn't be shocked if the jersey sells for over $500K -- which would make it by far the highest-priced modern jersey ever.

All in all, Goldin says the entire collection is likely worth OVER $5 million.

Auction opens on October 31 ... happy bidding!

Odell Beckham Shows Off New Xbox Series X One Month Before Release!!!

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File Under: Perks Of Being Rich and Famous.

Cleveland Browns superstar Odell Beckham's already got his hands on the new Xbox Series X ... which is pretty unfair, considering the damn thing doesn't hit shelves until next month!!!

OBJ showed off his new toy on Thursday ... and while he didn't say how he got it, he got his point across with a few emojis -- "🤐🤫🤯"

The new Xbox will become available to the non-VIP public on November 10 ... but when you're Odell Beckham, you ain't gotta wait like the rest of us normies.

Beckham's not the only one getting special treatment ... Travis Scott made heads explode when he bragged about having a PlayStation 5, which launches on Nov. 12.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

No word on Odell's review of the Xbox just yet ... we can only imagine how dope it's gonna be.

It's been a great week for OBJ, who's coming off a MONSTER game against the Dallas Cowboys ... with 2 touchdowns off of insane trick plays.

Lucky guy!!

Brad Pitt I Never Contacted Woman Suing Me ... Smells Like a Catfish

Exclusive Details

Brad Pitt says he doesn't know the woman suing him for allegedly taking thousands of dollars to appear at charity events, and it seems she might have been duped by a fake Brad.

Pitt's been sued by Kelli Christina, a Texas woman who claims Brad contacted her a couple years ago about helping him raise money for his Make It Right Foundation ... which has been rebuilding New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward since Hurricane Katrina.

Christina claims she established a working relationship with the actor, agreed to help his charity ... and even had a personal relationship that included "discussions of marriage."

Yeah, the marriage part sounds like a giant warning sign she wasn't really dealing with Brad. In fact, he denies ever having any contact with Kelli or communicating with her in any way. Further, in his legal response to her lawsuit ... he says he never asked her for payments, nor did he authorize anyone to do so on his behalf.

According to Kelli's lawsuit, first published by DailyMail ... she sent Pitt $40,000 over a 2-year period with the agreement he'd show up to fundraising events, but he failed to make it to any of them.

She says once she stopped sending payments, Brad cut off contact and it was impossible to reach him or Make It Right. She's suing him for breach of contract and fraud to get back her money back ... plus additional damages.

Again, Pitt says he never had any connection with or knowledge of Kelli ... that is, until his lawyer got a "demand letter" from her in March 2020. He says his legal team informed her she was mistaken ... but she sued anyway.

'Botched' Star Terry Dubrow Claims Ex-Butt Lift Patient Attempting $5 Mil Extortion


11:46 AM PT -- 10/13 Scoggins has now filed a lawsuit against Dubrow claiming she was put at risk of serious infection when her incision opened up after the July 2019 procedure.

As for the tools left behind, the lawsuit alleges there was a "tan and white synthetic mesh-like material" found inside Scoggins. However, sources close to Dubrow tell us he doesn't use mesh, and if it was left inside Scoggins, it must have been left by another doctor.

12:40 PM PT -- Scoggins' attorney, Stephen Le Brocq, tells TMZ, "Instead of doing the right thing and accepting responsibility for his gross incompetence, he (Dubrow) makes claims of extortion." Le Brocq also claims Dubrow left surgical tools inside Scoggins and rushed to finish her procedure so he could get back to filming his TV show.

Dr. Terry Dubrow has a legal problem that's a pain in the butt ... he claims an ex-patient of his is trying to extort him out of 5 MILLION BUCKS.

The "Botched" star filed legal docs Thursday ... claiming Sandy Scoggins threatened him with a federal lawsuit and threatened to report him to the medical board if he didn't settle up ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Dubrow -- who is being repped by legal eagle Larry Stein -- says he treated Scoggins in July 2019 for a buttock lift with fat flaps. During the June consultation, Dubrow claims he specifically advised her of the substantial risks of complications resulting from plastic surgery and the need for post-operative medical care. He says she should have gotten aftercare from another doctor upon returning home to Texas. Dubrow says he last communicated with her on October 25, 2019.

Nearly a year after surgery, Dubrow claims Scoggins sent him a pre-lawsuit demand alleging Dubrow was negligent in providing her with medical treatment and care because he allegedly failed to diagnose and treat her injuries.

She sent him a 901-page demand letter demanding $5 million ... or else she'd file a federal lawsuit against him and threatened to drag his "Botched" show into the lawsuit as well as his staff if he didn't pay up.

Dubrow calls Scoggin's efforts an extortion campaign, and he's willing to fight it out in arbitration.

Originally Published -- 10/8 11:12 AM PT

Kanye West Forget the Campaign ... Buy My Campaign Merch!!!

Kanye West is in the home stretch of his Presidential campaign, and he's laser-focused ... on making money off a pricey line of 2020 Vision merch.

Ye unveiled a collection that included $60 hats and $160 hoodies Wednesday night while the legit VP candidates were debating. The items included messages like, "Vote Kanye" and "God Save America."

Now, he's not completely ignoring his actual campaign -- Ye also listed a brief summary of his Presidential Platform.

Among other things, Kanye says he wants to restore prayer in classrooms, reduce household and student loan debt, work on equality in the criminal justice system and take care of the environment.

He does not go into detail about how he'd accomplish those goals ... but that's typical for politicians.

What's odd is the guy who claims he's really running for President hasn't made a single public campaign appearance since South Carolina back in July, when he cried while talking about abortion.

On the other hand, Kanye introduced a section on his website for supporters to donate in margins of as little as $20 to the maximum of $2800.

'Dreams' Skateboarder Everything's Coming Up Doggface!!! Merch Selling Like Crazy


It's gotta be feeling like more than a dream now for Nathan Apodaca -- the viral Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" skateboarder -- because the reality is ... he's riding a major hot streak.

After his video blew up last week ... the cranberry-juice-sipping, good-vibes viral star received a brand new and fully stocked truck from Ocean Spray, an homage from Mick Fleetwood, tons of donations, and now ... his merchandise biz is booming.

A rep for Nathan tells TMZ ... his personally designed line of Doggface clothing has already hauled in more than $30,000 in profit over 5 days since its launch with

The Doggface gear includes hoodies and t-shirts with the instantly classic shot of him chugging his juice ... along with a beanie. BTW -- Doggface is Nathan's longtime nickname, but more importantly ... his TikTok handle.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Nathan teamed with UpMerch because he was trying to put out all his swag himself but fell way behind ... and the company had the resources to handle the majorly increased demand.

Nathan's doing work for UpMerch too -- our sources say the site's recorded a 96 percent increase in new customers since the Doggface products dropped.


And, if you missed him on "TMZ Live" -- modeling one of his own shirts -- check it out. Nathan talks about why he rides with a big bottle of cran-raspberry and his possible collab with Travis Scott, and understandably ... he can't stop smiling.

President Trump It's a Blessing From God I got COVID!!! White House Official Reportedly Gravely Ill


6:00 PM PT -- Crede Bailey, a top White House security official, is gravely ill with the virus and has been hospitalized since last month, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

President Trump says his COVID diagnosis was a blessing from God in disguise ... and he wants the American people to get the same treatment he did -- for free.

Trump just released another video update on his health, and he says he's feeling great after getting treated with Regeneron. Trump promised to give the therapeutic to Americans who come down with COVID, and it's all gonna be free.

Ok ... lots of issues. First, Trump was speaking at The White House with NO MASK, despite the fact he has COVID, is contagious, and a hundred people who work in the residence quarters may be compromised.

What's even more ridiculous ... Trump says he's the one who decided he should take Regeneron. So, with all the doctors at Walter Reed, Trump decided he knows best so he's self-medicating.

And, there's this ... people with COVID can take a dramatically bad turn 5 to 7 days in, even if they feel good. In other words, he's not out of the woods. And, he's on steroids, which mask the symptoms.

Watch the video ... one minute in, you see Trump, and as he says "A short 24 hours later," spittle shoots out of his mouth. We point this out to show the dangers of the President being around people while he's still recovering from the virus.

BTW ... Trump's medical treatment for COVID would have cost more than $100,000 in our health care system, according to The New York Times.

Trump claims there are huge amounts of Regeneron just waiting to get sent to hospitals all over the country. He's also strangely calling it a cure and saying there are vaccines right around the corner.

Socialist Trump ... who saw this coming?!?

Originally Published -- 3:35 PM PT

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