Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Co. Trying to Turn Space Travel Into a commercial flight (eventually)

Jeff Bezos says he wants his virgin trip to space to become something everyday people can do on the regs -- almost like catching an airline flight ... which his company is aiming to do through their shuttles.

The richest man on Earth made the morning media rounds Monday, including a chat with Michael Strahan of 'GMA' -- who went down the line, introducing the 3 others accompanying Bezos to space Tuesday and hyping their launch.

82-year-old astronaut Wally Funk said she felt like her life dream was coming full circle; 18-year-old Oliver Daemen said he hoped he could serve as an inspiration for the youth, and Mark Bezos said he was excited to go on yet another adventure with his sibling ... with this trip obviously being the ultimate.

Standard pre-maiden trip to space kinda stuff -- but Jeff also dropped some new insight into Blue Origins plans with their shuttles -- namely, that they're planning to turn the spacecrafts eco-friendly by making them reusable for repeated voyages going forward.

He compared it to commercial airliners that zip back and forth in the skies now -- explaining that he and BO hope to get to that type of efficiency in the near future. So ... that's neat.

The implication (we think) is that it hopefully won't cost folks an arm and a leg to get up there one day. No telling what type of eventual price tag Bezos has in mind -- but if they're serious about the rinse and repeat approach ... maybe there's a future Groupon coming???

It'll all depend on how Tuesday's mission goes.

UCLA Hoops Star Johnny Juzang Gunning For Sponsorships ... 'Cars, Clothing, Shoes!!!'


"Cars, clothing, shoes" -- that's the type of sponsorships UCLA hoops star Johnny Juzang wants after the new NCAA rule change ... telling TMZ Sports, he's excited to make some deals!

The NCAA announced earlier this summer that athletes can now make money off their name, image and likeness ... and when we got Juzang out at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills this week, he told us he's ready to start negotiating.

Juzang told us he wants to rep things that he aligns with ... which, of course, includes vehicles and swag!!

"I love cars, clothing, shoes -- all that type of stuff," the 20-year-old said. "Should be some cool opportunities."

The 6-foot-6 guard tells us he's also interested in food brands -- specifically healthy ones.

"I eat healthy," Juzang said. "So, different brands that’ll align with that -- it’ll be interesting, man."

He added, "It’ll be a cool way to share a little bit about myself. It’s going to be exciting, man."

Juzang -- who averaged 16 points per game last season -- became a star after leading the Bruins to the 2021 Final Four -- their first appearance there in 13 years.

JJ declared for the 2021 NBA Draft shortly after, but he withdrew before the deadline and is now back in Westwood for his junior season.

And, he says he's hoping the Bruins can make another strong run for the title in 2022!

"We’re going for it," Juzang said. "We’re going for it."

Daymond John To Kris Moutinho Offers Fighter Financial Advice ... After $75K Bonus Check

Daymond John is offering up financial advice to new UFC star Kris Moutinho ... after the crazy tough fighter admitted to TMZ Sports he has no clue what to do with his $75K bonus check.

The Shark Tank star and business mogul joined "TMZ Live" for his weekly "Follow The Money" segment ... and laid out exactly how Moutinho should allot the cash.

Pay your manager, start a corporation, write-off expenses, and open an account to save money are just a few of the tips John recommended Kris follow.


Remember, "Suga" Sean O'Malley peppered Kris with 230 significant strikes during their UFC 264 matchup ... but WOULD NOT QUIT. Moutinho ultimately lost, but Dana White gave him the $75K Fight of the Night bonus ... money KM admitted he had no idea to manage.


And, get this, Daymond -- who's an extremely busy guy -- actually offered to work with Kris one-on-one ... and help Moutinho get his finances together.

"This young man is gonna be getting a lot of checks. He's my new favorite, and if he wants to call me, I'm gonna help him put that money in the right place, stay protected, and grow that money," Daymond says.

"And, I have a lot of good friends who would love to help him financially and show him what to do, cause he was smart enough to know he did not know what to do with that type of money, and many of us need to act like that when we get money."

Kris, give Daymond a call!!!

J Lo & Ben Affleck Changing Lanes in Hollywoodland??? SM House Huntin', W/ Kids!!!

Ben Affleck is a man about town with Jennifer Lopez playing co-pilot as they continue to look for the perfect home for her -- and their latest stop featured a much-needed 3rd (and 4th) opinion ... from none other than her kiddos.

Bennifer was house hunting again Friday (on J Lo's behalf) ... this time cruising through what we're told was an upscale neighborhood in Santa Monica -- not too far from where Ben currently stays in the Pacific Palisades. Just like a couple days ago, Ben was in the driver's seat ... and Jen was mapping things out on her phone -- navigating him through SM's busy streets, we're sure.

The big difference this time, though, was the fact that her two children were tagging along for the stop-in. 13-year-old Emme and Max were in tow with their mom and what looked to be bodyguards/handlers ... who were also present for the tour of a place they ended up peepin'.

Check out the picks of the two tykes running into the crib -- a house that we're told was nice and all ... but not nearly as gargantuan or ritzy as the $65 million palace, among others, they were scoping Thursday in Holmby Hills. The price tag is that high for a reason.

No word yet on how much this new potential pad they saw Friday might cost -- but we've been told it appeared "modest" compared to the cribs the couple had just seen a day prior. Hey ... just 'cause she's filthy stinkin' rich doesn't mean she can't be smart with her dough.


At any rate ... something tells us Emme and Max offered some great insight that'll probably weigh in heavily on where J Lo ends up settling down. Like we told you -- this place would be just for Jen and the kids (for now) ... and it looks like her move West is all but guaranteed at this point, based on all the circumstantial evidence we've seen lately.

Good luck, you two four!!!

Packers' Marcedes Lewis Predicts Rodgers Will Be At Camp ... 'I Think So'


Packers tight end Marcedes Lewis is at least somewhat confident Aaron Rodgers will show up for training camp later this month ... telling TMZ Sports he "thinks" the QB will be there.

Rodgers -- who's been feuding with Green Bay brass for MONTHS now -- still has not committed to playing for the Packers this season ... and it's unclear if he has any plans at all to join the club for training camp when it kicks off on July 26.

But, Lewis says he's predicting his quarterback will show up to the mandatory workouts in two weeks ... telling us out at LAX, "I think so."

"I hope so," the 37-year-old added. "I hope to see my guy there."

Lewis, though, made it clear he doesn't have too much inside information on the situation ... explaining, "We'll see what happens."

Rodgers has reportedly been upset over his contract situation, as well as some of the personnel moves the team has made ... and, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, it's unlikely he comes to camp without some sort of guarantee that he'll be traded after the season.

As for how the quarterback has handled this offseason amid all the drama -- staying away from the Packers and instead jettisoning around the globe with his fiancee, Shailene Woodley -- Lewis tells us he's all for it.

"It's probably good for him to just give him some time to himself -- some family time," Lewis said. "Hopefully I see him on the 26th."

All of Green Bay is right there with you, Marcedes.

Damon Dash JAY-Z Won't Let Me Sell ROC-A-FELLA Stake!!! Judge Sides with Jay

Damon Dash just took another L in court at the hands of Roc-A-Fella and Jay-Z ... but their legal war's far from over, and they could be duking it out again soon.

A federal judge just shot down Dash's bid to get a temporary restraining order which would have blocked Friday's meeting of the record label's shareholders -- a meeting where Dash claimed Jay would try to pass bylaws restricting Dame's ability to sell his stake in RAF.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Dash says he's trying to sell his 1/3 interest in Roc-A-Fella, but claims Jay's trying to do anything he can to block him.

Dash claims he recently learned of a Friday afternoon meeting between Jay and the third RAF founder, Kareem Burke, and he raced to court to get a judge to stop it.

But, the judge denied DD ... and instead, told him he could sue later if he takes issue with whatever comes out of Friday's meeting.

It's another legal setback for Dash ... as we previously reported, a court temporarily blocked Damon's attempt to sell Jay-Z's debut album, "Reasonable Doubt," as an NFT.

Jake Paul Mails McGregor Chain To Poirier ...'Good Always Beats Evil!!!'


11:05 AM PT -- Good news! The chain has made its way safely to Poirier, who confirmed he'll be auctioning it off for his The Good Fight Foundation charity.

Poirier also promised "to do something big in Lafayette" with the funds.


Check your mailbox, Dustin Poirier ... it's about to be filled with a pricey Conor McGregor chain -- 'cause Jake Paul says he sent out the trolling diamonds on Thursday evening!!!

Paul copped the piece ahead of last Saturday's McGregor vs. Poirier tilt ... and it was pretty funny -- making fun of Conor for being dazed after getting rocked by Dustin in their second fight back in Jan. 2021.

And, when Poirier beat McGregor again over the weekend, Paul offered DP the $100k bling as a congratulations gift -- and Diamond accepted!


So, Paul finally mailed the thing out Thursday ... and wrote a personalized letter with it too!

"Dear Dustin, congrats on your much earned victory," Paul said. "I love what you're doing with your Good Fight Foundation. You deserve this chain more than me!"

He added, "Good always beats evil! Keep winning!"

As good as Poirier would look in the chain, Paul said Dustin has agreed to sell it for charity, which means we're assuming the proceeds will go to Poirier's famous foundation that helps underprivileged communities.

Light-hearted smack talk AND a helping hand? We're here for all of that!

Originally Published -- 7:47 AM PT

Blue Origin Flight Will Make History ... Youngest & Oldest Space Travelers!!!

Jeff Bezos lost the billionaire space race to Richard Branson, but his trip will still be historic ... because it's carrying both a teenager and an octogenarian into space.

As you've probably heard ... the Amazon honcho's rocket company, Blue Origin, is scheduled to launch into space aboard the New Shepard rocket July 20. When it does, its first paying customer -- 18-year-old Oliver Daemen -- will go down in the record books as the youngest space traveler ever.

Blue Origin announced the Dutch teenager would join Jeff and his brother, Mark Bezos, on the flight because the original $28 million winner of the company's auction for the spot chose a later mission "due to scheduling conflicts."

That person remains anonymous, but Oliver is the son of Somerset Capital Partners CEO Joes Daemen ... who paid for his kid to replace the original winner.

Meanwhile, the person who will pilot Blue Origin's rocket with the 3 men aboard is 82-year-old Wally Funk ... who will become the oldest human to go to space.

Funk was part of the Mercury 13, a group of 13 American women who in the early 1960s underwent similar studies as NASA’s Mercury 7 astronauts to determine if they could handle space travel ... but they never launched.

If all goes according to plan, Wally will finally get there, and when she does she will break the age record set by John Glenn, who returned to space in 1998 at the age of 77. Daemen will break the youth record set by the Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov, who was 25 when he blasted into orbit in 1961.

Virgin Galactic

The FAA approved Blue Origin's launch Monday, just a day after Branson flew to space aboard the first passenger flight by his own space tourism company, Virgin Galactic.


Branson received a hero's welcome back on Earth Tuesday in NYC, as he was heading in to "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

We're just days away from finding out if Bezos will have similar success ... the countdown is on.

Mac and Cheese Ice Cream Sells Out In One Hour!!!

Macaroni and cheese and ice cream -- 2 great tastes that, apparently, go great together -- because the, umm ... unique flavor sold out in just 60 minutes!!!

Here's the deal ... Kraft and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream joined forces to create a limited-edition mac and cheese ice cream flavor and the demand was so great for the dessert debut, the website crashed within 9 minutes and the entire 2,000 pint inventory was wiped out online within the hour.

The ice cream launched Wednesday on National Mac & Cheese Day -- yes, that's a real thing -- and, in addition to online sales, they hawked it in Van Leeuwen's brick-and-mortar shops nationwide. Well, for a brief period, anyway ... we're told it took only 3 hours to sell out of their 9,000 scoops.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"Holes" star Khleo Thomas was one of the lucky ones to get their hands on the $12 pint ... and ya gotta see his reaction to his first bite!!!

Khleo says Van Leeuwen totally nailed the Kraft Mac & Cheese flavor, something he says he wasn't expecting.

For those who missed out, don't worry ... Kraft is launching an online sweepstakes with the chance to win 2 free pints.

Americans really will eat anything.

Lamar Odom Sued You Owe U$ for that Chevy Suburban!!!

1:46 PM PT -- A rep for Lamar tells us, "This was not his car, it was purchased for his ex. The courts are doing what they have to do."

Lamar Odom is on the hook for a huge chunk 'o change after allegedly missing the payments on an SUV ... at least according to the lender, who's now suing over it.

U.S. Bank Leasing just sued Khloe Kardashian's ex claiming he owes back payments on a 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. In docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, the lender claims he hasn't made his monthly $668.40 payment since February 15, 2020.

U.S. Bank claims it sent Lamar a letter demanding payment or surrender of the SUV but he's failed to do so.

So now ... U.S. Bank claims Lamar owes a cool $35,116.76. They want the car back or, if they can’t get it, then the money. We've reached out to Lamar for comment, no word back.


This is just the latest drama in Lamar's personal life. As we reported ... Lamar said on "The Megan Pormer Show" things with Tristan Thompson "could have turned ugly" when they beefed over a steamy pic from Khloe ... but, thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

For the uninitiated ... LO left a "hottie" comment on Khloe's outdoor shower pic. Wasn't long before Tristan responded with a not-so-veiled threat ... while bringing up Lamar's nearly-fatal OD.

Originally Published -- 12:28 PM PT

Patrick Mahomes & Brittany Hook Up Bridal Party W/ Insane Gifts ... Rolexes & Cartier Bracelets!!!

@sydnipaige_ @jacksonmahomes / Instagram

How did Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews ask their best pals to be in their wedding??


The power couple clearly spared no expenses when it came to their future bridal party ... with some of their close friends/family revealing the NFL star and his fiancee went all out for them this week.

Matthews' good friend, Sydni Paige, revealed Matthews' presents in a social media post Wednesday ... showing Brittany hooked up her future bridesmaids with a personalized robe and a gorgeous Cartier Love bracelet.

As for Mahomes' future groomsmen ... his little bro, Jackson, revealed the Chiefs QB gave out personalized flasks, a shot of Fireball, and a silver Rollie.

Mahomes' gift basket also included a little freestyle on the card ... with the QB writing, "The time has come to help me with the task … be my groomsman for the wedding weekend with help from this flask!"

Of course, both Jackson and Sydni responded with resounding yes's ... because, uh, how could you turn that down?!?!

As for the wedding itself, Patrick dropped some hints on how and when it'll go down on his card ... finishing his rhyme with, "Drink up and let me remind, in March set your Rolex to island time!"

So, see ya'll at the wedding by some ocean in March 2022?!!?

Safaree Claims Erica Mena Trashed His Gear ... I Want $50K for Damaged Property!!!

Safaree and Erica Mena's bitter divorce has gone from mudslinging to bleach pouring ... according to Safaree, who claims she destroyed his expensive sneakers and motorbikes.

Safaree filed docs asking the judge to hold the 'Love & Hip Hop' star in contempt for violating their domestic relations standing order, which prohibits them from harassing each other or destroying each other's property during the divorce.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Safaree says Erica did him, and his stuff, dirty back on May 23, just 2 days after she filed for divorce. He alleges she damaged $30k worth of custom sneakers by pouring bleach on them and cutting the laces.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

That was just her warm-up, allegedly. Safaree claims Erica also destroyed 2 motorcycles and a four-wheeler motorbike by pouring paint all over the motorcycles, and directly into the exhaust pipes and gas tanks of all the vehicles. He says her goal was pretty clear -- render his beloved bikes useless.

Safaree points out Erica was 8 months pregnant, with their second child, when all this alleged mayhem went down -- and he claims their home security cameras recorded all of it, and he's more than happy to turn that footage over to the court.

He wants the judge to force Erica to reimburse him around $50k for the damage.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Besides the money, Safaree also mentions the possibility he'll report her to law enforcement -- he's considering pursuing felony charges for criminal destruction.

He adds, Erica's attempting a narrative in the public that she's overwhelmed with taking care of their newborn, but apparently “has ample time to engage in disruptive and intentional acts to vilify and disparage” him. He also claims she has changed the locks and security codes on the home they shared.

As we reported ... it's been nothing but legal drama since Erica filed for divorce. There are also child custody issues.

'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne Breaks Down Crying My Divorce is Not a Sham!!!


Erika Jayne was on a pandemic walk with Kyle Richards, and as soon as her mask came off ... the tears started flowing over allegations her divorce is a total fraud.

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star had a couple of emotional breakdowns on Wednesday night's episode, but the big one came at the park with Kyle ... when she let out how lonely and overwhelmed she's feeling.

If ya don't recall ... Erika filed for divorce from her attorney husband, Tom Girardi, in November, but shortly afterward she was sued for allegedly hiding assets in a "sham" divorce. Not long after that, Tom's assets were frozen and he's under criminal investigation amid accusations he stole money intended for the families of those killed in the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash in Indonesia.

But, Erika denied her divorce is a sham to Kyle -- mind you, this was shot months ago -- and says she could not have predicted what's happened to her. She's also clearly stressed over the fact she's a possible target of a federal criminal probe ... and feels like a pariah.

She tells Kyle ... "And, you would be shocked at how quickly people turn on you, how quickly people distance themselves from you."


Erika seemed to be on a spin-doctoring mission ... she also FaceTimed with Kyle and Lisa Rinna during the episode to say how horrible she was feeling about being sued, and all of the allegations swirling around her.

She reiterated that her divorce is not a sham and things being said about her were wrong ... and also claimed she "wouldn't f***ing know" how to hide assets anyway.

At one point, she also threw her estranged hubby under the bus. She said ... "People think that Erica Jayne brought down Tom Girardi. Tom Girardi brought down Tom Girardi ... I don't want his actions to absolutely kill what I have created."

Logan Paul Calls For Floyd Rematch ... Guarantees Knockout


Logan Paul wants a rematch with Floyd Mayweather ... and the YouTuber turned boxer says he's sure Money's gettin' his ass knocked out this time around.

TMZ Sports talked to Logan at a media event for his bro Jake's upcoming boxing match with former UFC champ Tyron Woodley ... and when we asked Logan if his bro would ever fight Floyd, LP said it's him who wants the fight.

"Let me ask you what you would rather see, Jake Paul versus Floyd, or me versus Floyd again?" Logan said. "Because, let me tell you something, if I fight Floyd again, I promise I’ll knock him out. Promise."

Remember, Logan and Floyd fought an exhibition fight June 6 in Miami ... and the fight went the full 8 rounds. No winner was declared.

This time ... Logan suggests they fight more rounds -- and he says that won't bode well for Mayweather.

"I got it figured out. I got it. End of the 8th round, he’s breathing heavy, I’m coming alive. It’s gonna be a 10-12 round fight. We run it back, and this time I finish him."

Now ... will this happen? Even Logan says probably not.

"I don’t think it’s gonna happen. This is all just hypothetical bulls***."

Still, LP had a message for 50-0 Mayweather ... "Hey Floyd, loved the opportunity, would love to run it back sometime. If you’re feeling up for it champ."

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