NFL 'Justice for Stephon Clark' Spotlighting Police Brutality Victim in New PSA

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The NFL is buying TV airtime to run a PSA about Stephon Clark -- an unarmed Black man who was wrongly shot to death by cops in his grandmother's backyard, TMZ Sports has learned.

It's the latest in the NFL's Inspire Change initiative -- which aims to raise awareness about the need to create positive change and end systemic racism.

Clark's story is heartbreaking -- cops believed he had been breaking car windows in the area ... and tried to hide out in his grandma's house.

Multiple officers entered the home and opened fire -- believing Clark was brandishing a weapon.

Turns out, all he was holding was a cell phone. No gun. No weapon.

Clark was shot 8 times -- 6 of those shots struck him in the back.

Stephon's mother Se’Quette Clark tells his story in the new PSA -- walking the audience through that horrific night in the hopes of forcing major changes that will help prevent tragedies like this in the future.

Viewers can check out for more info.

The spot is 5th PSA created through a joint initiative involving the NFL and Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

Aaron Rodgers Pounded Tequila After Packers Drafted QB ... Clock in GB Ticking

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Aaron Rodgers says he turned to booze to help him get through the shock of Green Bay's shocking 1st-round draft pick last April ... pouring "four fingers" of tequila after the Jordan Love selection!

Oh, Rodgers also says he sees the writing on the wall -- admitting it's highly unlikely he retires as a Packer.

The NFL star made the revelation on Kyle Brandt's "10 Questions" podcast ... saying once Green Bay chose the Utah State QB with the 26th overall pick -- he turned to the liquor cabinet.

"I love scotch but I've been drinking some, sippin' tequila lately as well," Rodgers said. "And, once I got that text, I went to the pantry, I poured myself about four fingers, and I knew it was going to be one of those nights."

Rodgers says he hoped Green Bay would draft a top-flight WR with its first-round pick --  eyeing LSU's Justin Jefferson, Arizona State's Brandon Aiyuk and Clemson's Tee Higgins

So, when the team went with a QB instead, Aaron admits he "wasn't elated."

In fact, 36-year-old Rodgers says he believes the draft pick will likely mean he won't wrap up his NFL career in Green Bay.

"Just look at the facts," Rodgers said of his future with Green Bay. "They traded up. They drafted him. I would say they like him. They want to play him."

As for the comparison between when Rodgers was surprisingly picked toward the end of Brett Favre's career in the 1st round and now ... A-Rodge says they're two completely different scenarios.

Rodgers says Favre had been hinting at retirement for years before the Packers took Rodgers ... while Aaron has consistently said he wants to play into his 40s.

Rodgers also said he fell into the Packers' lap during the 2005 NFL Draft ... while he notes the Packers TRADED UP from #30 to #26 overall to pick Love.

Regardless, Rodgers says he's still planning to be cordial to the rookie and help the QB through the whole process. He even called Love to talk things out the day after the draft.

"I understand it's a business," Rodgers said. "I understand the nature of the business. I'm not here advocating my spot by any means, that's not going to happen."

"But, I understand how the business works."

NFL Helmet Tributes Show Full Names of Police Brutality Victims ... New End Zone Phrase Too


When, and if, the NFL returns ... THIS is what many of the players' helmets will look like -- names like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor emblazoned on the back.

TMZ Sports obtained a few of the mocked-up images the league plans to release shortly ... confirming a report players would be able to honor victims of social injustice.

The images show the full names of victims like Floyd, Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Botham Jean. When Front Office Sports first mentioned the plans for these decals ... most people probably expected initials or some sort of commemorative sticker, but these images show the plan is to make the tributes wayyyy more prominent.

We're told the NFL will also roll out a new catchphrase ... "It Takes All of Us" ... which will be painted across the back of the end zones.

NFL Commish Roger Goodell has recently said the league is focusing on social justice initiatives -- and working with players to help make an impact.

Now, all we need is for NFL players and personnel to stay SAFE from COVID so we can see these new helmets in action.

NFL's Dana Stubblefield Found Guilty of Rape ... Faces Life in Prison

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Ex-NFL star Dana Stubblefield was just found guilty of raping a mentally disabled woman stemming from a 2015 incident ... and now he faces up to life in prison.

49-year-old Stubblefield was first arrested back in May 2016 after officials say the former 49ers superstar raped a woman he found on a babysitting website and had invited to his Santa Clara, CA home for a job interview.

Stubblefield had argued the sex was consensual -- and claimed he can prove it with a lie detector test.

He was initially hit with 5 felonies -- but in January 2018, prosecutors uncovered evidence they believe proved Stubblefield used a gun to commit the alleged rape. Bail was revoked and he was remanded back into custody.

He spent the next several weeks locked up in Santa Clara County Jail.

The case ultimately went to a jury -- and Monday, following a 9-month trial, Stubblefield was formally convicted of forcible rape while using a gun. He now faces 15 years to life in prison.

Stubblefield was a 1st-round NFL Draft pick in 1993 and went on to make 3 Pro Bowls. He was a key part of the 49ers 1994 team that beat the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

Back in 2016, Stubblefield's attorney Ken Rosenfeld told TMZ Sports the accuser was lying in an apparent shakedown.

"Dana Stubblefield is being unfairly targeted due to his celebrity and wealth by someone with full motivation to lie," Rosenfeld told us at the time.

"The clear motivation here is money."

Stubblefield was remanded into custody after the verdict was read. His next hearing is not until August 29.

Stubblefield was married at the time of the incident — but his wife filed for divorce right before the rape allegations went public. They have 2 children together.

Story developing ...

Drew & Brittany Brees Another $5 Million Donation ... Fighting COVID In Louisiana

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Drew Brees and his wife, Brittany, are making another HUGE donation to help Louisiana during the COVID-19 pandemic -- donating $5 MILLION to build healthcare facilities throughout the state.

Remember, the New Orleans Saints superstar's family pledged $5 million to help feed the youth and elderly back in March ... and told TMZ Sports at the time, "We're gonna find a way to get through this together and take care of one another."

Now, the Brees fam is focusing on healthcare ... announcing the contribution Monday on Instagram.

"COVID19 has changed nearly everything," Brees says. "From the way that we work, to how our kids learn, to the way we play football."

"As we work through one of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes, our health and wellness has never been more important."

March 2020

"The Brees Dreams Foundation is proud to commit $5 million to support healthcare in Louisiana."

Brees says his foundation will work with Ochsner Health to bring health facilities to under-served cities throughout the state.

"These health centers will offer primary and specialty care to communities who need it most and promote health equity for all."

Brittany added ... "Our family is honored to help break down the barriers and give back to the incredible people of Louisiana."

Brees has reportedly made more than $231 million in contract money during his 19-year NFL career -- and just signed a new 2-year, $50 million extension with the Saints back in March.

Dr. Dre Takes a Knee with Colin Kaepernick ... 'Defiant'

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Two icons. One photo.

Colin Kaepernick and Dr. Dre struck a pose together to send a message -- taking a knee during a recent get together ... and LeBron James approves!

"Defiant," Dre wrote about their photo posted Sunday night. Unclear when and where the pic was taken. We're working on it.

The pic was praised by stars like LeBron, Caron Butler, Busta Rhymes, Kevin Durant and more.

Colin and Dre have been in business together for years -- Colin had an endorsement deal with Beats by Dre starting way back in 2013.

And, by the way, Beats by Dre recently signed Bubba Wallace -- the only Black driver in NASCAR's top series.

"No one should ever be asked to apologize for standing up for what’s right," the company said after signing Wallace earlier this month.

"We are proud to welcome @bubbawallace to the Beats by Dr. Dre family."

As we previously reported, Colin is still dead serious about trying to get back into the NFL -- and has been training almost every day to stay ready.

A few teams mentioned they're interested in the QB -- but so far, no one has brought him in for a workout.

Mike Ditka Against Kneelers In New Football League ... 'Get the Hell Outta the Country'


Mike Ditka says anthem kneeling protests are unpatriotic ... and the NFL legend tells TMZ Sports if he had it his way, he wouldn't allow the demonstrations in his new women's football league.

The Hall of Famer is slated to be the chairman of the X League -- a women's tackle football org. that was previously known as the Legends Football League -- and when we asked him if he'd be OK with protests during the national anthem, he straight-up said no.

"If you can't respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country," Ditka said. "That's the way I feel. Of course, I'm old fashioned, so I'm only going to say what I feel."

Colin Kaepernick and others have said the kneeling protests have nothing to do with military or the flag ... they've continuously claimed the demonstrations are all about raising awareness for social justice and police brutality in America.

Some high-profile people like Drew Brees have changed their stance on the anthem in light of recent events -- including the death of George Floyd.

But, Ditka says he's sticking to his guns -- claiming he views kneeling as a slap in the face to the red, white and blue.

"You don't protest against the flag and you don't protest against this country who's given you the opportunities to make a living playing a sport that you never thought would happen," Ditka says. "So, I don't want to hear all the crap."

Ditka says he does NOT have the final say when it comes to the league's national anthem policy -- these are just his personal feelings.

As for the league itself, Ditka believes it has HUGE potential -- featuring a bunch of truly talented female athletes "knocking the crap out of each other."

Ditka's new league, which will feature 8 teams in major markets like L.A., Chicago and Seattle, is slated to kick off in April 2021.

"These women are pretty and good looking and want to knock the crap out of each other -- we'll see how it works!"

Ex-UCLA RB Craig Lee Cuts Deal In Attempted Murder Case ... Gets Probation

Exclusive Details

Ex-UCLA player Craig Lee -- a key piece of one of the school's best recruiting classes ever -- is breathing easier today ... the former Bruin just cut a plea deal with prosecutors in his attempted murder case, and is only getting probation.

We broke the story ... Lee -- a top UCLA recruit in Jim Mora's famed 2013 class -- was arrested last year after law enforcement says he was involved in an altercation at a weed dispensary that turned violent.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, officials say Lee and at least 2 other men entered Kings Palace Marijuana Dispensary in Jurupa Valley, Calif. on June 30, 2016 ... when someone from the group shot a store employee.

Officials say a security guard in the store returned fire ... and that's when they say Lee and the other suspects bolted out of the place.

After an ensuing 3-year-long investigation into the incident ... law enforcement claimed the whole thing was a robbery gone wrong, and say a key witness told them Lee's role in it all "was to grab drugs and money and run."

Lee was eventually hit with 3 felonies by prosecutors ... including attempted murder, attempted robbery, and accessory for allegedly aiding the others to flee.

But, a rep for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office tells TMZ Sports Lee agreed to a deal this month ... pleading guilty to the accessory count.

In exchange, the prosecutors agreed to drop the other 2 charges.

We're told Lee was sentenced to 80 days in jail ... but was given credit for time served and won't have to spend another day behind bars.

Lee was also hit with 36 months of formal probation ... but prosecutors say if he keeps his nose clean for two years, he'll have the opportunity to have the felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor.

As part of his probation terms, Lee, among other things, cannot possess a firearm or leave the state without first getting permission.

Lee -- who was part of the UCLA class that included future NFL players like Packers' Kenny Clark, Jaguars' Myles Jack, and Titans' Jayon Brown -- never quite lived up to expectations with the Bruins, battling academic issues before leaving the team in 2015.

NFL's Malik Jackson Sues West Coast Customs ... You Screwed Me In Classic Car Build!!!


Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Malik Jackson says West Coast Customs overcharged him BIG TIME after he brought them some cars to trick out ... and now, he's suing.

In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Jackson claims back in July 2019 ... he reached a deal with the famous California custom car shop to flip two of his Chevys into sick hot rods.

The problem? Jackson says more than a year later ... the shop still has his cars -- and wants WAY MORE cash than they initially quoted him on for the job.

Jackson says for one of the builds -- a Chevy Gasser -- he agreed to pay $200,000 to have the thing rebuilt and customized.

But, in the docs, Jackson claims when West Coast Customs brought him the bill ... it was more than $37,000 above the agreed-upon price.

In the docs, Jackson says with the other car he brought in -- a Chevy Cruiser -- WCC charged him more than $150,000 above the agreed-upon price as well.

Jackson is now suing the shop for breach of contract ... asking for more than $187,000 in damages.

We reached out to WCC -- which gained HUGE fame in the early 2000s for its work on MTV's "Pimp My Ride" ... but they had no comment.

Jackson is one of the NFL's highest-paid defensive players ... he signed a 3-year, $30 MILLION contract with the Eagles in 2019.

He had previously helped the Denver Broncos win a Super Bowl in the 2015 season.

'License Plate Guy' NYG Super Fan Upset With No Fans Policy ...'I'm Devastated!!!'


Iconic NY Giants super fan "License Plate Guy" says he understands why his team is implementing a no fan rule this season due to COVID-19 ... but he tells TMZ Sports he's still "devastated!"

LPG -- aka Joe Ruback -- is maybe the most famous Giants fan on the planet ... he's been to EVERY G-men game for nearly TWO DECADES, always showing up with NY license plates around his neck.

But, with New Jersey passing a rule this month that says no fans can come to MetLife Stadium this season ... Ruback's streak is now over -- and he tells us he's feeling pretty blue about it.

"We can sit here and talk about how devastated I am, and then you get the people that are like, 'Oh, you don't care about people's health then!'" the 51-year-old fanatic tells us.

"But, no, we're just talking football. Let's just talk football, OK? I'm devastated, yo! I mean, I'm devastated!"

Ruback, though, says he's still planning to make the most of the situation ... promising to throw some epic watch parties to make up for not being able to cheer on Saquon Barkley in person.

"If you think I'm going to sit here in my basement, you got another thing coming," Ruback says.

"I'm going to get a caterer, I'm going to get a DJ, I'm going to drink, eat and I'm going to watch on a big-ass screen wherever it is."

Fortunately for LPG ... his ties to the team are still strong -- he tells us he was just in contact with star receiver Golden Tate about the upcoming season this week.

Not a bad way to be let down if you ask us!

Cam Newton Throws Deep Bombs To Logan Paul ... Doesn't Suck!!!

Logan Paul -- Cam Newton's next New England Patriots receiver??

Hell no!! But, the YouTube superstar DID put in work with the NFL QB in a training sesh earlier this month ... and he actually made some impressive catches!!

Logan -- who says he recently broke his wrist -- spotted Newton while leaving sports rehab in L.A. ... and naturally, they joined forces to whip up some #content.

The 2015 MVP enlisted Paul to be his receiver for some throwing drills ... starting off with 5-yard stop routes and 10-yard dig routes ... and we'll keep it a buck -- LP didn't do so hot.

"Everybody think they an athlete," Cam says. "But, real athletes come out when you're doing certain things athletically that you're not used to doing."

Newton's new Pats teammate, 4th-round pick Devin Asiasi, was there as well ... and simply put, things went a little better for him.

Then Logan turned it up a notch during the rest of the workout ... connecting with Cam from 15, 35 and 50 yards out!!

Cam seemed genuinely impressed with Paul ... and celebrated when he landed the final deep bomb.

FYI -- Logan was a star athlete in high school ... and was an All-Ohio honorable mention.

For a dude who says his old nickname was "No Hands," Logan didn't do too shabby!!

Maybe Bill Belichick will take a look?? Ehh ... prolly not.

Ciara & Russell Wilson New Baby Boy for the Win!!!

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Ciara and Russell Wilson just made sure they will NOT raise a loser ... 'cause their new baby boy's name is literally Win!!!

That's right ... the singer and superstar NFL quarterback hubby announced Friday they welcomed their new baby boy and revealed his name is Win Harrison Wilson. The singer posted a touching video on Instagram as she sang the baby boy happy birthday while cradling him in her arms moments after giving birth. Win, born Thursday, weighed in at 8 lbs., 1 oz.


No doubt the couple was ecstatic about welcoming their second child together -- Ciara's third overall -- but it was an even special moment Russell soaked up considering he feared not being present for his son's birth.

The Seattle Seahawks QB had feared COVID-19 restrictions would keep him out of the delivery room. But, that apparently wasn't the case ... 'cause dude was in there with camera phone in hand enjoying the hell out of a memorable experience.

Goes without saying ... the kid's gonna have a lot of pressure living up to his name. But, with superstar genes in his bloodline, winning at life should come easy for Win.

Jamal Adams Rips Jets Head Coach Adam Gase ... He Ain't A Leader!!!

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Jets superstar Jamal Adams just UNLOADED on his head coach ... saying Adam Gase is NOT a leader -- and it all appears to be yet another attempt by the DB to get traded from the team.

Adams took aim at Gase in an interview with the NY Daily News this week ... saying straight-up he believes his team's head man lacks the leadership skills necessary to win rings.

"I don't feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the Promised Land,” Adams said. "As a leader, what really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building."

Jamal says Gase doesn't address the team as a whole after games and workouts ... and when it comes time to break down issues at halftime of games -- Adams says Gase passes off the responsibility to other coaches.

"If we’re playing sh*tty and we’re losing," Adams said, "he doesn’t address the entire team as a group at halftime. He’ll walk out of the locker room and let another coach handle it."

Adams added he hasn't spoken with the coach since he had his exit interview with the guy way back in December.

Jamal's criticism of his org didn't stop there, though ... Adams also blasted general manager Joe Douglas for the way he handled the star safety's contract negotiations this spring.

"Why would Joe come out and say, ‘We want to make Jamal a Jet for life?’” said Adams, who claims Douglas and the team never sent him a new contract offer this offseason.

"Why would you say that and then not even give me an offer? ... Don’t BS me. I’m a straightforward guy. You don’t have to BS me, because I’m going to keep it honest."

Of course, all of this comes just days after Adams blasted team owner Woody Johnson over allegations the guy made racist and sexist comments toward staffers.

As we previously reported ... Adams has been requesting a trade from the Jets for weeks -- and was even spotted in a public parking lot in June saying he hoped to be jettisoned to the Dallas Cowboys.

Rob Gronkowski Freaks Out Over 'Outer Banks' ... I Binged In 2 Days!!!

Rob Gronkowski says he's all about that POGUE LIFE ... 'cause the NFL superstar is coming clean about his newest addiction -- Netflix's hit show "Outer Banks."

For those who haven't heard, the new series hit the streaming service earlier this year and quickly became the #1 show on the platform.

The show covers a dude named John B. and his friends in Outer Banks, NC ... who go on a hunt for treasure. It's a bit more complex than that ... but if you want, check the trailer.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE is one of the millions of viewers who quickly became hooked on the show ... crashing his S.I. Swim model girlfriend Camille Kostek's interview to rave about his obsession.

"Outer Banks ... best show ever!" Gronk told Barstool Sports' Chicks In The Office. "I love John B! ... "They need season 2 to come out."

"We watched season 1 in the first 2 days and then when it ended we were all mad, we were like, dang it!"

BTW -- yes, the ending will most definitely piss you off ... and as of right now, Netflix hasn't confirmed a follow-up season.

It's probably good for Gronk that he's done with the show -- now he can refocus on gearing up for his big NFL comeback with old teammate Tom Brady.

Although Gronk says he loves John B, he definitely gives off Kook vibes.

If you don't know what that means, watch the show already.

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