Elon Musk's Tesla Employees Making Ventilators Out of Car Parts ... Here's How They Do It!!!

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Elon Musk's Tesla ventilators are a thing of engineering beauty and ingenuity, 'cause he's got his workers making 'em from scratch with stuff they got lying around their factories.

Tesla just posted a tutorial video of sorts, giving folks a sneak-peek at how exactly it's making the 1,000-plus ventilators it's already donated to Los Angeles ... plus more they're apparently cranking out right now. It's fascinating ... they're literally re-purposing car parts.

Elon's brainiac employees give a step-by-step walk-through of the first prototype the team built to donate to hospitals, and from what we can gather ... it's a massive contraption that, indeed, filters oxygen and CO2 in and out of a patient. We'll let the experts explain how.

There's more though ... one guy goes on to explain that Tesla's Model 3 vehicle and all of its internal systems are what power and keep track of these makeshift ventilators, which is crazy! They figured out a way to rewire stuff and make their operating system work for this cause.

With dudes like this in the lab, our chances at beating COVID-19 and treating those affected by it just went through the roof. Well done, fellas ... you're doing us proud.

Jay Leno Roadside Mechanic to the Rescue ... Right Up His Alley Too!!!

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If you're ever stranded along the side of the road in L.A. ... don't be surprised if you see Jay Leno pull up and ask you to pop the hood so he can get a good look at what's up.

That's exactly what happened Sunday to luxury real estate agent Dwayne Henry of Westside Estate Agency, who had a little car trouble off the Sunset Strip ... and was somewhat rescued by none other than the legendary late night talk show host in the flesh.

Dwayne tells TMZ ... he took his 1953 Mercedes-Benz -- a classic car if there ever was one -- out for a spin 'cause of the nice weather and to beat the quarantine blues, and almost immediately ... he knew something wasn't right mechanically. So, naturally, he pulled over.

DH says the issue was so bad, he called a tow truck right away ... but between the time he called and the truck arriving, Jay pulled up with his wife in a Tesla seemingly out of nowhere. Sure enough, Dwayne says Jay walked over and asked to have a peek inside.

Of course, Jay is the owner of SEVERAL classic cars -- including an even older Mercedes-Benz than this one. So, it's no wonder he spotted this whip -- but wild he actually reacted.

Anywho, as Jay was fiddling around in there, the tow truck driver showed and tossed Jay a wrench so he could tinker some more. Eventually, Dwayne tells us Jay had the diagnosis ... a brake issue that was also screwing with his fluid. Unfortunately, we're told he wasn't able to band-aid it on the spot, but hey ... an official car workup from JL ain't too shabby.

And, yes, Dwayne snapped a shot with Jay ... and he tells us it made his day. What a guy!

American Airlines Passenger Boards Flight w/ One Other ... Empty Cabins New Normal


Just about every industry in America is being hit hard by the coronavirus -- but when you have the whole plane pretty much to yourself ... you know airlines are especially screwed.

Meet Dan Nolan, who took an American Airlines flight Saturday from Newburgh, NY to Philly, and would later connect to an L.A. flight. Along the way, he walked into an empty cabin -- save for one other passenger traveling with him -- and it truly made for a surreal scene.

Rows and rows of empty seats, except for Dan and other fella. Yeah, he had some fun with it ... but this reality is becoming more and more common. And, frankly, it's concerning on a number of fronts.

For one, it's a testament to how doused the air travel industry is with coronavirus woes right now. Very few are flying at the moment, and airlines have cut back their flight schedules significantly. Meanwhile, the government hasn't shut 'em down yet -- as they're deemed essential. The more and more of this we see, though, might change that.

Frankly, it's probably more expensive to operate these planes and flights -- even just the domestic ones -- than the money they're seeing coming in from anyone booking tickets. At the end of the day, airlines might have to seriously self-regulate to avoid going under.

The new stimulus package that just passed will certainly help in avoiding that, but still ... the longer this goes on, the more dire it becomes. Not just that, but some flight attendants have also expressed concerns about having to continue working, worrying about getting sick.

Circling back to Dan, he says there was just one flight attendant on-board, and she did the whole safety spiel. No cart service, but more upsetting -- no upgrade from coach ... seriously.

Playboi Carti Busted in Georgia Drugs & Guns Found in Car

Playboi Carti's been arrested in Georgia on drug and gun-related charges ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement ... the "wokeuplikethis*" rapper got pulled over in his Lambo Thursday for having an expired tag, and Clayton County officers claim they discovered the drugs and weapons in his vehicle during the traffic stop.

Our sources say Carti's ride was loaded with 12 bags of marijuana, xanax, oxycodone and codeine ... along with 3 firearms.

The rapper was arrested with another man and they were taken to the county jail.

Photos of the items seized during the stop were posted by the Clayton County Sheriff's Office.

Carti posted bond and was released Friday morning.

Nick Cannon 1 Year Later, Marathon Lives With Custom Nipsey Paint Job on Impala

Nick Cannon still has Nipsey Hussle in his thoughts and all over his classic car ... thanks to this sweet new artwork.

Nick recently got his 1964 SS Impala's trunk repainted with a custom tribute to the late rapper -- who was gunned down in South L.A. a year ago Tuesday. It's pretty clear, for Nick ... the Marathon continues, indeed.

We're told the actor/host/rapper/comedian commissioned Jr's Kustoms to do the airbrush paint job about 2 months ago ... apparently in anticipation of the anniversary. At the moment, the car's sitting in Nick's Ncredible Motorsports warehouse in Los Angeles.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Interesting that Nipsey is still top of mind for Nick ... who made a vow of sorts shortly after the murder.

At the time Nipsey had been working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi -- a controversial self-described healer, who claimed to have the cure for several fatal ailments.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Nick implied he would pick up the baton and actually finish the film about Sebi and dropped a trailer for the project Tuesday ... we're told he's close to finishing the whole thing up.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Still, here's hard proof Nipsey's vision and legacy are still a priority for Nick.

Disney Theme Park Rides Still Open ... On YouTube, That Is!!!

Disney lovers can still get a healthy dose of magic during quarantine -- it's just a watered-down, digital version, of course ... but hey, anything to beat those COVID-19 blues, right?

Turns out, the Mouse House has a YouTube channel dedicated to their theme park attractions -- specifically, an immersive version of them that can be enjoyed (partially, anyway) through a screen. Basically ... you can experience pretty much any ride via virtual reality.

It's sorta fascinating ... the YT channel has been racking up videos of pretty much all of their roller coasters and other rides that capture the entire journey with 360-degree cameras -- shot from inside the car itself, and which is adjustable so you can "look around."

If you have a VR headset, there's a way to hook it up and make the ride, if you will, all that much more real ... almost as if you were there yourself. You might have to use a bit of imagination though -- there's no motion-activated seats we're aware of to make it even closer to the real thing. Still though ... it's something to do, and it's a taste of Disney parks from home.

Looks like the VR ride videos are productions of both Disneyland and Disney World -- for the most part -- with rides like Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, The EPCOT Center and everything in between.

We'll ... take it? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Jameis Winston Pushes SUV On Street ... Somebody Sign Me!!!

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Jameis Winston is taking his offseason training to the streets -- literally -- pushing a 5,500-pound SUV up an incline ... in an effort to remind NFL teams he's still a beast!

The 26-year-old just lost his job in Tampa Bay to some old guy ... and while his agents work on getting Winston a deal with another squad, Jameis decided to put in some work!

We did some research ... Winston is pushing a 2020 Ford Expedition -- which weighs between 5,500 and 5,800 pounds depending on how tricked out it is.

Oh, and it looks like he's working out on an INCLINE -- so gravity ain't helping him out there. Winston even busts out a little sprint at the end.

Jameis led the NFL with 5,109 passing yards in 2019 and set a Bucs single-season franchise record with 33 TD passes.

BUUUUT ... he also led the NFL with 30 interceptions -- 7 of which were returned for TDs.

Will the SUV video help Jameis get hired somewhere else? Maybe, maybe not ... but it's still impressive.

NFL's Cre'Von LeBlanc Surprises Mom With New Jag ... 'Happy Cake Day'

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Here's a challenge for you ...

Try watching this awesome video of Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cre'von LeBlanc surprising his mom with a brand new car for her birthday -- and DON'T think about coronavirus!

It's impossible!! But, we'll try ...

LeBlanc's story is amazing -- he was an undrafted free agent who was cut by 3 teams before catching on with the Eagles. He's growing into a stud cornerback and will probably sign a big contract one day, but he ain't exactly drippin' in cash yet.


Still, he decided to treat his mom to a brand new Jaguar for her birthday -- and made sure his friends and fam were standing by to catch the action!

But, all we can think about is ... SOCIAL DISTANCING!! Don't hug! Air high-fives maybe!?!

Make sure to wipe down the inside of the car before Mama gets inside!!!

Of course, LeBlanc's mom was THRILLED over the gift -- saying, "Thank you, Lord!"

25-year-old LeBlanc is obviously close with his mom. His father passed away when he was only a sophomore in high school.

"You deserve the world and much more," LeBlanc wrote on social media ... "I know we have been thru a lot and I'm here to relieve some of dat pain. enjoy ya new ride."

Congrats to Cre'Von and his mom -- and remember to wash your hands before getting in and out of that sick new whip!!

NFL's DeMarcus Ware Lap Dance From Shirtless Cowboy ... At 'DWTS' Show

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DeMarcus Ware gave playing with the Cowboys a whole new meaning Sunday ... the ex-Dallas star got a lap dance from a shirtless dude in rodeo gear -- and the vid is hilarious!!

The future NFL Hall of Famer took in the "Dancing With The Stars: LIVE!" show in Grand Prairie, Texas ... and at one point during the event, he was invited on stage for a special performance.

FYI, Ware was on season 27 of the 'DWTS' show -- famously dancing with pro Lindsay Arnold -- and she was the one that pulled him up from the crowd.

But, what happened next was TOTALLY unexpected for the 6'4", 260-pound former pro-bowler ... 'cause he got grinded on by a shirtless dancer dressed as a cowboy!!

You can see in the clip ... Ware was completely shocked -- but he took the whole thing in stride, playing along with it after the initial surprise!!

Afterward, Ware told the crowd the whole thing was a set-up from Arnold.

"Oh, my God," DeMarcus said. "I cannot believe she put me on stage. She said she was going to play a prank on me, and she got the guys to dance and I am so embarrassed right now! Very, very embarrassed!"


Relax, bro ... enjoy the ride!

'The Batman' Pattinson Gets Vintage Muscle ... New Batmobile Unveiled!!!

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Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight is a fan of classic American muscle cars, it seems, 'cause his Batmobile looks like it rolled straight out of a 1960's Detroit factory ... with custom touches, of course.

Director Matt Reeves just posted a few photos from the set of his forthcoming "The Batman" -- with RP in the suit, but more importantly ... showing off his sweet new ride. From a bird's-eye view, it kinda looks like a souped-up Chevy Camaro or maybe a Dodge from the late 60s.

You can see the top of it, and there are also shots from the rear and side ... putting the full body on display. Don't get us wrong, it looks cool and all -- but at the same time feels not-so-Batman-y???

It's like Bruce Wayne became a gearhead all of a sudden.

Reeves' flick is supposed to chronicle Batsy in his early years -- so it's reasonable to assume he's a young dude who likes sweet rides like this now but will eventually get a little more sophisticated in B'mobile taste.

It's certainly a different take than any previous iterations of the iconic whip, and hey ... it might just work out on the big screen.

In the meantime though ... crank that HEMI, Bats!

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