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Mama June

Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative

10/23/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mama June BoyfriendMama June is seeing someone new, but there's a big problem ... the guy just got out of prison after serving time for molesting one of June's relatives ... TMZ has learned.

The new guy is 53-year-old Mark McDaniel. He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation. Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child -- forcing oral sex. June was dating McDaniel at the same time he molested the child.  

We will not identify the child but it's someone with whom June has contact.


McDaniel served 10 years and was released this past March. He is now a registered sex offender in the state of Georgia.
We're told Honey Boo Boo's mom has been seeing McDaniel for the last few months ... sneaking away from production of the show and meeting up with him. We're told she's also been setting him up by buying him various gifts. 
The photo was taken a few weeks ago in a hotel room where June, McDaniel, and other guests were hanging out.

We contacted TLC, which produces "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." The official says, "TLC is not currently in production on HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO.  We are very concerned about this new information and are reassessing the future of the series."

We reached out to June ... so far no word back.


'Buffy' Star's Arrest

I'm Going to Rehab

For Booze & Pills

10/20/2014 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Nicholas Brendon Arrest

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Nicholas Brendon says he made a bad decision to mix pain meds with alcohol this weekend ... and now he's going to rehab to get help.

Brendon posted an apology on Facebook Monday afternoon ... saying he was on pain meds for 5 days to manage a cyst behind his knee -- but when he drank as well, things got bad.

We broke the story -- cops say Brendon was causing a disturbance in the lobby of a hotel Friday night in Idaho -- and was arrested when he didn't cooperate with officers.

Brendon says he plans to check into a rehab facility, and adds ... "I apologize. Those two small words don’t begin to express my regrets, but they do mark the beginning of my recovery."

'Buffy' Star Nicholas Brendon


Snaps Gnarly Mugshot

10/18/2014 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Nicholas Brendon was arrested Friday night in Idaho ... and his mugshot looks like Xander got into it with one of the bloodsuckers his co-star famously fought.

Brendon was in Boise for a Comic Con event when cops say they were called to a hotel around 10PM after witnesses reported a disturbance in the lobby involving Nicholas and hotel staffers.

When officers arrived, they found Brendon -- who appeared drunk -- and he repeatedly refused their commands to stay seated while they tried to speak with witnesses. 

The actor then tried to walk away, so officers took him into custody for resisting and obstructing arrest. 

Cops tell us the hotel staff also reported Nicholas had broken a decorative dish and they wanted to press charges. Therefore he was hit with one count of causing "malicious injury to property." He was released a few hours later on bond.

Nicholas' rep says the actor would like to apologize to the Boise PD and the hotel staff for the disturbance. He adds, "It would be extremely helpful, if we could all put this misunderstanding behind us and focus on more positive things."


SJP's Makeup Artist

Arrested AGAIN

For Mass Purse Snatchings

10/16/2014 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1016-lisa-leslie-mug-shot-01Sarah Jessica Parker's klepto makeup artist was just busted for stealing once again ... this time she allegedly jacked 3 different purses over the course of 6 months -- worth TONS of money!

Leslie Lopez -- who was caught shoplifting twice in Norway back in 2012 -- has been the focus of a police investigation ... over 3 designer handbags from Saks Fifth Avenue in Florida that went missing.

The Bal Harbour PD says Lopez allegedly swooped a Fendi handbag in January worth $2,750 ... then in April she allegedly swooped a Louis Vuitton purse worth the same amount -- and walked out of the store with the purse draped over her shoulder.

Same goes for a Louis Vuitton purse in June worth $3,800 ... only that time she concealed the item inside a shopping bag before walking out.

Leslie turned herself into authorities this week and was charged with 3 counts of grand theft.

Sources close to Leslie tell us she voluntarily went to police because she wanted to set things right by paying for the stolen merch. We're told Leslie has been depressed and on a bunch of meds since her mother's death last year -- but recently she's been cleaning up her act, and as part of that process she surrendered to cops.

In case you forgot ... SJP's longtime makeup artist was fined in Norway for stealing a pair of sunglasses -- she also took some lipstick -- but Leslie INSISTED she had been set up.



Shopper Busted for Humping Toy Horse

Cops Release Victim's Pic

10/16/2014 9:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

These are the cold, dead eyes belonging to the victim of a heinous faux sex crime ... perpetrated right inside a Walmart.

19-year-old Sean Johnson allegedly roamed the aisles Tuesday and picked his prey ... a brown stuffed horse. Cops say Johnson then pulled out his namesake and pressed it against the horse's chest.

THAT was just foreplay. Johnson then ferociously humped the horse -- making his deposit and then wrapped the animal in a comforter he took from a nearby aisle.

According to the Smoking Gun ... an employee saw the whole thing go down and alerted cops who subdued the perp across the street from the Florida super chain.

He was charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief. 

This would never happen at Target ... too obvious, right?

'Swamp Man' Shelby Stanga

Busted for Felony Botanical Violence

10/12/2014 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shelby "Swamp Man" Stanga -- one of reality TV's biggest bad ass loggers -- got a little carried away with his ax, and ended up getting busted for murder ... of a neighbor's tree.

Stanga was arrested and hauled off to jail down on the bayou this week for allegedly cutting down a cypress tree 3 years ago. Problem is the tree was standing in a swamp on his neighbor's property.

The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office tells us Stanga -- star of "Ax Men" and his own spinoff -- was nabbed Monday. There's been a felony warrant out for his arrest since he took down the tree. He was released the same day, and now faces a felony theft charge.

We haven't been able to contact Stanga. Mobile phone service just ain't great in the swamp.

FUN FACT: The bald cypress has been Louisiana's official state tree since 1963. 


Boxer Jermain Taylor

Wins Championship Fight

Just 2 Months After Allegedly Shooting Cousin

10/9/2014 8:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


NFL player accused of attacking someone? Suspended. 

NBA player accused of assault? Suspended.

Boxer accused of SHOOTING SOMEONE??  Well, you can fight for the title!!! 

At least, that's what happened last night when Jermain Taylor -- who won the IBF Middleweight title in Mississippi ... just 2 months after he was arrested for allegedly shooting his cousin. 

As we first reported, cops say Taylor FESSED UP to shooting his cousin during a domestic dispute in Arkansas back in August. 

But despite the fact he was arrested for 1st degree battery and aggravated assault -- the powers that be in the boxing world ALLOWED Taylor to get in the ring and fight for the title.

He won.

Ex-NFL Star Larry Johnson


Broken Bottle Nightclub Attack

10/7/2014 5:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Ex-NFL superstar Larry Johnson -- once one of the highest paid players in the NFL -- was arrested in Miami Beach early Tuesday morning after allegedly attacking another man with a broken bottle.

The police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, reads like a scene out of a bad '80s fight movie -- where Johnson allegedly got pissed at another patron at the club inside the Delano Hotel for "taking drinks from his table."

The alleged victim told police Johnson punched him in the face, sending him to the ground ... and then "broke a bottle on the table and began swinging it toward him."

According to the police report, the victim told cops Johnson then punched him in the face a few more times while he was on the ground.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to police, at some point during Johnson's arrest, he told the officers he used to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Johnson last played in the NFL in 2011, but made his mark mostly as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and still holds the record for most rushing attempts in a season.

Johnson has had a few run-ins with the law in the last few years -- he was arrested in 2012 for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend ... and he allegedly spat on and threatened to kill a woman in a Kansas City nightclub in 2008.

Minnesota Vikings Player


... At Minneapolis 'Ultralounge'

10/6/2014 7:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Tom Johnson was TASED by cops at a Minneapolis nightclub ... BECAUSE PEPPER SPRAY DIDN'T STOP HIM ... this according a police report obtained by TMZ Sports

Johnson was arrested early Sunday morning at Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar -- where he was allegedly causing trouble around 3AM. 

According to the police report, Johnson was told to leave the building -- but refused ... so cops decided to break out the pepper spray.

But Johnson -- 6'3", 288 lbs --  wasn't fazed ... so cops broke out the stun gun.

He was eventually taken into custody and booked for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Johnson posted $78 bail -- and was released later that day. He's due back in court on Oct. 17.

Johnson's agent has told the media he was confident the Viking's player would be exonerated.

'Ink Master' Judge Chris Nunez

Arrested For DUI

9/21/2014 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Ink Master" judge Chris Nunez was arrested Saturday in Florida ... after he got busted for driving under the influence.

The Spike TV star got pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign ... and he was eventually hauled off to jail for DUI -- according to the Broward County Sheriff.

It's unclear what Nunez was allegedly on -- booze or drugs -- but we're told he was released hours later on bond.

We reached out to Chris for comment, so far ... no word back.


John Elway's Son

GUILTY in Domestic Violence Case

9/18/2014 6:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0602-john-elway-iii-mugshot-4John Elway's son -- a former Arizona State University quarterback -- has been sentenced to domestic violence counseling after an altercation with his GF back in July ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

As we previously reported, the 25-year-old was arrested in Denver back in May after getting into an argument with his girlfriend and allegedly dragging her out of his car by her hair. 

According to the police report, Elway then pushed her down to the ground as she tried to get up.

Elway was initially charged with assault and disturbing the peace -- but struck a plea deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to plead guilty to the D.T.P. and in exchange the assault charge was dismissed.

In the end, Elway was sentenced to 1 year probation -- with "monitored sobriety" -- he was ordered to pay fines,  can't own firearms and may not have any contact with the victim. 

He was also ordered to complete 1 year of domestic violence counseling.

Josh Gordon

Pleads GUILTY to DWI

9/16/2014 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news


Cleveland Browns superstar Josh Gordon plead guilty to driving while impaired in North Carolina this morning ... and if he stays out of trouble for 12 months, he'll stay out of jail. 

As we previously reported, the WR was pulled over on July 5 in Raleigh after cops say he was speeding -- and during the stop, officers noticed he was boozed up (blew a .09). 

Gordon was sentenced to a 60-day suspended sentence -- with 12 months unsupervised probation ... which means if he does anything stupid during the next year, like break the law, he'll have to serve the 60 days. 

But if he keeps his nose clean, he'll stay out the joint -- the operative word being "if."

Adrian Peterson

Booked For Child Abuse


9/13/2014 6:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Peterson
turned himself over to authorities early Saturday morning on child abuse charges ... faintly smiling for his mug shot.

Peterson was booked in Houston just after 1 AM and released a half hour later.

The football star is accused of beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch ... hitting him so hard it left welts and caused him to bleed.

Peterson actually admitted to cops he gave his son "a whooping" and says it's the same treatment he got as a kid.  Peterson's lawyer adds that his client "deeply regrets the unintentional injury."

The Vikings have deactivated Peterson for Sunday's game.


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