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Ray J

911 Call for Suicidal GF ...

'She Might Kill Me First'

1/2/2015 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Ray J 911 Call
Ray J was afraid his girlfriend was going to pull a murder-suicide -- offing him and then herself -- just days after rapper Earl Hayes did the same ... at least according to his 911 call that day.

TMZ broke the story ... Ray J freaked last month when he broke up with Princess Love, and he says she threatened to kill herself with a gun.

We've obtained the 911 call he made ... begging the dispatcher to send police to check on Princess. He repeatedly mentioned the Hayes murder-suicide -- and that he attempted, but failed, to take Love's gun.

One weird thing to listen for -- Ray J can't seem to decide if he left Princess in the  house out of fear, or because ... "I gotta go shoot a television show."

We know time is money, but damn.

Creed's Scott Stapp

Shocking Audio of a Crumbling Man

12/15/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Scott Stapp
is circling the drain ... it's incredibly sad and extremely evident from 4 recent recordings  which show the desperation of the former Creed frontman.

Clip #1 Stapp made a desperate 911 call last month from the side of a Florida highway, telling the dispatcher he's trying to dodge a group of people out to kill him. 

Clip #2  In the same conversation, a panicked Stapp tells a dispatcher 15 vehicles are following him and he's been on the run for 36 hours straight.

Clip #3  Stapp placed a call to the dean of his kid’s school last month, warning that ISIS will attack the people of Florida, and he knows that because the terrorists are members of his family.

Clip #4  Stapp accuses his wife Jaclyn of stealing his truck. The singer claims his wife has blackmailed him, saying she will ruin his career if he blows the whistle on her to cops.

As we reported, Stapp's wife claims Stapp is deep into drugs and is trying to get him committed to a psych hospital for 60 days. 

Scott Stapp

Relatives Panic

He's Out to Kill Obama [911 Tape]

12/12/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
121114_scott_stapp_911_sister_launch_v2Scott Stapp threatened to assassinate President Obama ... and his alarmed wife and sister-in-law made a desperate 911 call to stop him. 

Scott had just gone AWOL from a mental facility late last month, when his sister-in-law told the 911 dispatcher he was cruising around his neighborhood, shirtless on a bicycle. She says the former Creed frontman claimed to be a CIA agent and his mission was to kill Obama. 

Stapp claimed in a rambling video the IRS is trying to ruin his life because he's been trashing Obama.

Jaclyn Stapp, Scott's wife, joins the 40-minute 911 call, telling the dispatcher Scott had printed out 400 - 600 pages of CIA documents which he supposedly found online, put them in a book bag and took off on his bike.

The 2 women were pleading with the dispatcher to snare Scott and take him back to the psych ward. 

As cops were dispatched, Scott placed his own 911 call, saying his wife had stolen his truck and that's why he was on a bike.

When cops arrived Scott told them Jaclyn had pilfered $6 mil from him, and when he confronted her she decided to get him locked up. In the end, police determined Scott did not show enough signs of mental instability to warrant a psych hold.

TMZ broke the story ... Jaclyn has filed legal docs trying to get Scott on a 60-day psych hold, claiming he was deep into various drugs, including coke, weed, PCP and amphetamines. Scott posted a video claiming he's drug free.


Ray J's Girlfriend

I Made a Mistake

Suicide Threat Was Wrong

12/11/2014 11:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Princess Love Suicide Threat
Ray J's girlfriend says she'd never kill herself ... and her recent threat was just a bad choice of words.

Princess Love says she clearly took things too far -- especially considering her friends Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes' murder-suicide

Princess tells us her suicide scare Wednesday was triggered by an argument she and Ray J had over holiday plans. As TMZ previously reported, Ray J thought she was upset over a BET special he filmed with Karrueche Tran.

Princess tells us she and Ray J have reunited ... but we're guessing it's only a matter of time before things once again go south.

Ohio State QB JT Barrett

Cops Called Over

Alleged Fight with Pregnant Ex Girlfriend

12/10/2014 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news
Police rushed to the campus apartment of OSU quarterback JT Barrett after an alleged fight with his pregnant ex-girlfriend -- and on a 911 call she claimed he choked her and threw her across a room.

The incident happened early Wednesday morning, and ultimately no arrests were made. 

According to the police report, Barrett -- who broke his ankle in a game last month -- told police Alexandra Barrett-Clark refused to leave his apartment. He claims she ran at him and he merely pushed her away in self-defense.

But Alexandra's version is that Barrett "choked her on the bed," using his forearm to apply pressure to her neck. She says she managed to get away and call police. 

Actually, they both called 911 -- take a listen. They both sounded oddly calm on the phone. When police arrived they didn't see injuries on either of them.


Shelly Sterling 911 Call

An 'African Black'

Is Tormenting My Husband (AUDIO)

10/10/2014 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Shelly Sterling dialed 911 the second she found out Donald Sterling was home alone with V. Stiviano -- and told the operator a woman she described as "African black" had broken into her house.

On the October 1 call -- obtained by TMZ -- Shelly says her gardener saw V. going in a side door of the Sterling mansion ... and she was in a bedroom with Donald.

By the way, Shelly was in France while this was all going down, but repeatedly tells the operator ... V. is "tormenting" Donald. 

In the bedroom? We doubt it, but you gotta hear Shelly explain why police have to race to the house ... WITHOUT calling Donald. It's tricky.

George Zimmerman

Questioned by Cops

In Alleged Road Rage Incident

9/12/2014 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

George Zimmerman allegedly threatened to kill a man in Florida earlier this week during a road rage incident ... and cops pulled over Zimmerman to grill him about it.

According to the Lake Mary PD, a man named Matthew Apperson called 911 on September 9 and told the operator Zimmerman had pulled up next to him and began yelling, "Why are you pointing your finger at me? I'll f***ing kill you. Do you know who I am?"

Apperson says he drove away to a store where Zimmerman followed him to continue the verbal barrage. Apperson called 911 from inside the store, but according to cops ... Zimmerman was gone when they arrived.

Apperson claims 2 days later, he saw Zimmerman parked outside his work, and called police again. Cops responded and pulled Zimmerman over near the office. After questioning him, police decided not to press charges -- mainly because there was no independent witness.

For what it's worth ... Apperson is white. Also, he was carrying a gun at the time of the alleged run-in, but he has a permit for it.


Conrad Hilton Crash

He's Doing 200 MPH On the Shoulder

9/10/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Conrad Hilton CrashConrad Hilton was driving so out of control moments before he crashed his car near Palm Springs ... at least one alarmed driver was convinced he was going "about 200 miles an hour" ... according to 911 tapes obtained by TMZ.

As we reported ... Paris' youngest brother crashed after clipping the rear of 2 other vehicles, and had to be cut from the wreckage with the jaws of life. Somehow he walked away without major injury.

So many people called 911 after seeing Hilton fly by on the freeway -- sometimes on the shoulder -- the police dispatcher seemed to get annoyed at repeat callers ... and even challenges the 200 MPH report.

Cops say the accident is still under investigation.

Shia LaBeouf


There's a Strange Chick 'In My House!'

8/23/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf called 911 after coming face-to-face with an intruder at his L.A. home ... and you hear Shia scream at the strange woman, "Don't touch me!."

LaBeouf -- who sounds relatively calm -- tells dispatchers a woman who'd been stalking him for weeks was right at his door.

Cops arrested 31-year-old Graciela Nahle.  Law enforcement tells us ... she's been there twice ... both times skulking around.

Nahle copped a quick plea after last weeks' arrest .... no contest to trespassing. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail ... but she was out in just 4 days.  

She's also been ordered to stay far away from LaBeouf.   

Good luck with that.

Michael Johns 911 Call

Emotional Cry

For Help

8/4/2014 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Former "American Idol" contestant Michael Johns may have been dead for more than an hour before he was discovered ... according to the friend who found him.

TMZ has obtained the dramatic 911 call.  Michael's friend tearfully tells the dispatcher he had left Johns 2 hours before and he seemed ok, but when he returned Michael was motionless ... and not breathing.

The friend tells the dispatcher he fears Michael is dead and says Michael was cold to the touch and it appeared rigor mortis had set in.

 You hear the friend breathlessly perform CPR ... to no avail.

Johns died Friday.  The coroner has not determined the cause of death.  Johns complained he had twisted his ankle and the swelling spread to his knee.  Police were told he had been drinking a significant amount of alcohol although we do not know the time frame.  We don't know if he was on pain meds.

Ex Destiny's Child Member

911 Call

She's Hysterical and High

7/22/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Farrah Franklin 911 Call
Former Destiny's Child member Farrah Franklin was "hysterical and drugged" ... so says NFL player Da'Quan Bowers who told the 911 dispatcher he was certain his houseguest was high on something.

Franklin is screaming bloody murder as an uber-calm Bowers tells the dispatcher she had been drinking and was under the influence of drugs.

We broke the story ... Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct early Sunday morning after she allegedly became drunk and belligerent.

Cops found Franklin lying in a neighbor's front yard, telling them she wanted to sleep in the woods.

Wu-Tang Clan Rapper 911 Call

What it Sounds Like

When You Cut Your Penis Off

6/30/2014 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you want to hear what it sounds like when a friend realizes his buddy cut off his penis ... you've come to the right place.

TMZ has obtained the 911 call from an incident in April, when rapper Christ Bearer -- affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan -- jumped off his apartment balcony after cutting off his junk.

Christ Bearer's friend told the dispatcher he didn't see the cutting but did see the rapper jump.  The friend initially tells the dispatcher the rapper might be dead, but then you hear Christ Bearer scream bloody murder.

Then it gets crazy ... the friend says Christ Bearer ran upstairs to the apartment and tried to get in, and that's when he noticed the carnage.

You gotta listen ... it's unbelievable.

Andrew Stern

Suicide Attempt at Gun Range

2 Months Before Death

6/25/2014 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PDT
-- A rep for Stern's family tells TMZ it's extremely upsetting their private tragedy has become public, saying "This unwanted attention has resulted in several false & hurtful speculations that do not truthfully describe the devoted, unselfish, accomplished & proud man Andrew was."
We're told the family chooses to honor his memory by remembering how he lived, not how he died.
update_grey_gray_barAndrew Stern -- who committed suicide Sunday at a firing range -- tried to kill himself at another firing range in April ... days after he filed for divorce from "Deal or No Deal" model Katie Cleary.

The facts are chilling.  We've learned Stern left L.A. in mental distress ... and went home to his parents in Ohio.  On April 17 -- 8 days after filing for divorce -- Andrew's mom was so alarmed she called 911 and said he was trying to kill himself.

Andrew's mom told the dispatcher he was going to end his life in 1 of 2 ways ... either going into an enclosed garage with the car engine on, or going to a local firing range and shooting himself.

The 911 call begins with Andrew's mom speeding to the firing range, saying she checked the garage and he wasn't there.

By the time the mom arrived, cops were on the scene.  Sources tell TMZ ... they were told by employees at the range, Andrew showed up but they turned him away because he seemed unstable.

Andrew left and got on the phone with Katie as he drove back to his parents' home.  Cops arrived soon thereafter, determined Andrew was a danger to himself and he was taken to a hospital for mental observation.

And our sources say a month later cops from a different police department in Ohio went to Andrew's home for a wellness check, after a local doctor alerted authorities Andrew was in bad shape.

Andrew told authorities he was having suicidal thoughts because Katie left him a few weeks before.

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