Bike Race Violent Crash Video ... Spectator Walks In Front Of Cyclist

A spectator blindly walked right in front of a cyclist during a bike race ... causing a brutal collision at the finish line, leaving them both injured.

The scary accident happened last weekend on the Canary Islands at the Cicloturista Condaca Salmor Bike event where 270 cyclists were racing.

The collision happened just feet before the finish line ... when a woman, phone in hand, nonchalantly walked right in front of a cyclist in a blue uniform and yellow helmet

The biker -- going full speed -- had zero chance of stopping or swerving to avoid the accident, slamming right into the woman, sending both crashing to the asphalt.

Both received medical attention on-scene.

The biker, who was transported to a local hospital, reportedly suffered head injuries and memory loss. The woman's condition after receiving treatment is unknown.

The racecourse was blocked off with barriers ... but unfortunately, some fans decided to get a closer look.

In fact, seconds before the collision you can see another spectator walk across the course. Thankfully, they weren't also hit.

It's not the first time we've seen a nasty spill at a race. Back in June during the first stage of the Tour de France, an overeager fan took out a rider with a sign, causing a chain reaction that took out multiple cyclists.

The female fan was arrested.

Be safe, everyone!

Ariana Grande One Year Later ... I'm Moving Up Out of the Hills!!!

Ariana Grande buy-eth, and Ariana Grande sell-eth just as fast -- she's unloading her L.A. fortress after a little more than a year of living there ... and turned a small profit.

AG just sold her mansion up in the Hollywood Hills, with a birds-eye view of La La Land below -- scooping a nice and neat $14 million in the sale. No word on where she may be heading next ... but wherever she lands, she'll have more than just one person to think about.

Since snapping the place up back in the summer of 2020 ... Ari's gone through a lot of changes, including her marriage to Dalton Gomez.

Presumably, their next property might become their love nest and permanent home base ... as the possibility of kids and everything else that usually comes after nuptials starts to work its way into the picture.

As for the pad she's leaving behind ... it probably would've worked just fine for a future fam too, as it was NOT lacking in space or luxury. It was a 4-bed, 7-bath modern-day palace -- with a private fitness studio, a 300-bottle wine cellar, a pool and gorgeous views of the city.

Still, maybe they're thinking of a new area ... and perhaps want even more room to spread out than this. Remember ... Ari bought it for a cool $13.7 mil at the time -- so she made about $300k from the sale, and probably broke even after fees and closing costs.

Aaron Kirman of the Aaron Kirman Group at Compass repped Ariana in the sale. Josh Altman and Jacob Greene represented the buyer.

Small Dong March End Small Penis Shame!!!

There's a movement to end the shame cast down upon those with small penises ... and it's getting bigger.

Los Angeles played host to the "Small Dong March" ... with throngs of folks taking to the streets to try and end the stigma around tiny members.

As you can see, people busted out a bunch of funny signs to make their point ... so click through the gallery to see some of the more creative cracks.

The Small Dong March is the brainchild of YouTube stars Chad and JT ... the surfer bros famous for pitching the San Clemente City Council on a 12-foot-tall Paul Walker statue.

Not everyone in the march was there because they had a small dong ... despite some of the chants you can hear on video echoing down the streets.

We're told attendees did not have to pack a small penis themselves, they could just be an ally.

@beach_pub_siesta / Instagram

The Small Dong March is the latest step in the crusade to end small penis shaming ... the organizers previously hosted a small dong art show.

No word what's next, and it might take a big effort to change hearts and minds ... but ya gotta start small.

Donald Trump Set To Attend World Series ... Game 4 in ATL

3:29 PM PT -- A source familiar with the situation says Trump will, in fact, be in Atlanta for the big game ... though it's unclear if any of his family members will be with him.

2:50 PM PT -- Our sources tell us if Trump is attending on Saturday, he was NOT a guest of Manfred's or the MLB's ... and they will not be sitting together.

#45 will be in the building for Game 4 of the World Series this weekend ... with Donald Trump reportedly slated to catch the Fall Classic between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves.

Of course, the former president is a huge baseball fan -- he's thrown numerous ceremonial first pitches over the years ... and more recently, played catch with Yankees legend Mariano Rivera on the White House lawn when he was still in office.

On top of that, Trump was set to throw the first pitch at a Nationals/Astros World Series game back in 2019 ... but he later declined to allow easier fan entry into the stadium.

Trump -- who got paid millions to call the Evander Holyfield/Vitor Belfort fight earlier this year -- appears to be attending as a fan this time around ... so the headset gets a rest on Saturday night.

It'll be interesting to hear how the crowd reacts -- the Donald is known to get a mixture of cheers and boos wherever he goes.

Commish Rob Manfred will also be in attendance on Saturday night ... after pulling the 2021 All-Star Game out of ATL due to discriminatory voter laws.

Worth noting -- Donald Trump had a huge issue with Manfred's decision ... so, safe to safe DT and the commish aren't exactly on the best of terms right now.

If the Braves end up winning Games 2 and 3, there's a chance Trump will watch the home team bring home the Commissioner's Trophy in Game 4 ... so it'll be a good game to catch.

Originally Published -- 2:08 PM PT

Church Brawl Maskless Guy Rushes at Priest ... Fists Fly on the Altar!!!


Instead of catching the Holy Ghost, one man caught these hands -- he defied the priest by storming the altar without wearing a face mask ... and the other churchgoers gave him a beatdown.

The video -- shot Sunday inside a church in Lakewood, WA -- shows the man approach the altar, and the priest immediately identifies him as a problem, saying he was trespassing and needed to leave immediately. Words didn't stop him, but when he got up on the altar ... several church members rushed out of their pews to manhandle him.

Fists were flying, and several guys fell to the ground ... eventually, someone calls 911 and the man was arrested for trespassing.

As for what led up to the incident, local station KIRO obtained a letter from Father Paul Brunet to worshippers explaining the history. Brunet says problems started with the man last month after he threatened the safety of church staff and other parishioners.

Brunet claims he had a meeting with the man to help fix things, but they only got worse ... and the church had no option but to ban him from the property. The guy still showed up ... and that's what you see playing out in the video.

According to KIRO, the church is now working with cops and a security company to make sure everyone stays safe moving forward.

Big Freedia Boosie Isn't Homophobic ... He Just Has Beef with Lil Nas X!!!


Boosie Badazz doesn't hate gay people, in general -- he just hates Lil Nas X, which is why he went on a disgusting tirade against the guy ... so says Big Freedia, who's defending the former.

We got the NOLA-based rapper at LAX, who gave her take on the whole controversy over Boosie calling LNX the homophobic f-slur, while also telling Nas to off himself. This is interesting ... not only does Freedia back Boosie, but she explains away his behavior.

Freedia's definitely not as up in arms over Boosie's language as others in the LGBT community. She seems to think he's only directing those words at Lil Nas, despite the fact they're offensive to all.

From her POV ... Boosie and Nas X are in an endless back-and-forth of online trolling, and have been for a while. That's actually how this whole thing started -- LNX jokingly said he had a song coming out with Boosie, and Boosie went into outrage mode and fired away.

However, despite his clearly homophobic words ... Freedia simply doesn't think Boosie actually has malice in his heart toward the gay community, and her evidence of that has to do with his feature film, "My Struggle."

Boosie stars as himself in the biopic, and Big Freedia says the movie has prison scenes where gays are portrayed and represented in a positive light.

That might suffice for Freedia ... but, clearly, others have differing opinions. Some feel Boosie straight up crossed the line with his tweet, which Twitter has since removed.

The ultimate remedy might be an actual collab -- Nas X joked about one happening, but Freedia says for these 2 to truly bury the hatchet ... maybe they should really link.

We won't hold our breath.

'RUST' ACTOR I Don't Think Film Should Continue ... Halyna Was The Vision


It's time to drop the curtain on the Alec Baldwin movie "Rust" after the fatal shooting on set ... at least according to one of the principal actors.

Ian A. Hudson, a New Mexico-based principal cast member who plays an outlaw in the film, tells TMZ ... the show can't go on because slain cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was the vision behind the movie.

While Ian says it's ultimately up to director Joel Souza and the rest of the creative minds, he thinks the movie just wouldn't be the same without Halyna and Joel working in tandem ... and it's time to throw in the towel.


Remember ... Ian was smack in the center of some of the gun scenes in the movie, and he told us his shootout scene felt "life-threatening" because real firearms were firing blanks at him, resulting in him being struck by small bits of cardboard and a rush of air.

As you know ... Alec pulled the trigger on a gun that fired the fatal live round of ammo that killed Halyna and injured Joel.

Assistant director Dave Halls gave Alec the gun used in the scene, telling him it was a "cold gun" ... meaning it was not loaded.


There's an ongoing investigation into the incident and authorities say criminal charges are still on the table for all involved ... which could make it even harder for the movie to continue.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast.

'Rust' Fatal Shooting Assistant Director Admits Serious Safety Lapses

The head armorer on the set of "Rust" told authorities she took all the necessary steps to secure the gun that killed the cinematographer ... but the assistant director confessed the gun was not thoroughly checked before Alec Baldwin fired the fatal round.

According to a new search warrant, obtained by TMZ, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed told authorities the day of the shooting she had checked the ammo -- which she called the "dummies," meaning they were not live rounds. She added there were never live rounds on the set.

She went on to say the gun was locked up in a safe in a prop truck during the lunch break and taken out shortly before the fatal scene. The implication -- she's saying the gun appeared safe to her, because it wasn't messed with it during lunch. She did, however, say there were a few people who had access to the safe.

Assistant director David Halls -- the person who handed the weapon to Baldwin and called it a "cold gun" -- confessed when she showed him the firearm before rehearsal he could only remember seeing 3 rounds. He admitted he should have checked all of the rounds, and doesn't remember if Hannah spun the drum before she handed him the gun, and he, in turn, handed it to Baldwin.

After cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza were shot, Halls says he inspected the chamber and he remembers seeing at least 4 dummy casings with the signature hole on the side, and one without the hole. He said the one without the hole didn't have a cap ... the implication is it was the remains of a live round of ammunition.


This all points to a lapse of safety precautions on the set, and that's something the District Attorney is now looking at in determining if criminal charges should be filed. The D.A. said charges are on the table for everyone involved. Authorities want to speak with Baldwin again and they want to review the employment history of both Halls and Gutierrez-Reed before making a filing decision.


As we reported, Halls was fired from a previous job over safety issues, and Gutierrez-Reed was a novice who only worked on one film as head armorer before "Rust," and even expressed fear over performing the lead role.

Bucs Fan Byron Kennedy Still No Regrets Over Returning Tom Brady TD Ball ... I Swear!!!


Byron Kennedy's now had three days to stew over returning a $500,000 ball to Tom Brady ... but he tells TMZ Sports he STILL has no regrets about handing over the pigskin.

We got the Tampa Bay Bucs superfan on Wednesday ... and he made it clear, he's not feeling down in the dumps one bit about giving away TB12's 600th TD ball on Sunday -- even after half a week to think about his decision.

"I think I did the right thing," Kennedy said. "I'm happy Tom has it."

As we previously reported, Mike Evans accidentally gave away the Brady ball to Kennedy following his touchdown catch against the Chicago Bears ... and after the Bucs asked for it back, Byron obliged.

The problem ... memorabilia experts say it was worth half a mil!!

Kennedy, though, has since been rewarded for his troubles ... the team hooked him up with tickets and swag, and Brady and Rob Gronkowski have since sent him cryptocurrency as well.

And, Byron tells us the return haul has been more than enough for him, saying, "It's all working out pretty well."

Sure, it's not exactly 18 holes on the golf course with Brady ... but it's clear, Kennedy's very happy nonetheless -- even if his wallet ain't.

'Rust' Shooting Sheriff, D.A. Speak on Probe Charges on Table for All, Armorer/AD History to Be Considered


The local sheriff and D.A. investigating the fatal shooting on Alec Baldwin's "Rust" movie set are speaking for the first time about the case ... and they made clear, criminal charges are still on the table for all involved, and the armorer and AD's work history WILL be considered.

Santa Fe County Sheriff, Adan Mendoza, and Santa Fe District Attorney, Mary Carmack-Altwies, were in front of cameras Wednesday to discuss the probe and potentially answer questions -- and while they insisted the investigation was still ongoing, they did offer clarity on what they're looking at in weighing potential criminality ... when they get there.

Mendoza said his deputies recovered about 500 rounds of ammo, which included a mix of blanks, dummies and live bullets. He didn't specify how much of each was found. He also said a whopping 600 pieces of evidence were seized in total, including the gun itself.

The Sheriff said they are still in the process of interviewing people who were working on set -- about 90 people total -- even though he said there was a small crew in the immediate vicinity of the shooting. He also said they want to re-interview a number of people ... including Baldwin, the director, the assistant director as well as the armorer in charge of weapons.

Speaking of those latter two -- who are at the center of this whole drama -- the Sherriff and D.A. noted without ambiguity ... they will take Hannah Gutierrez-Reed and David Halls' rumored incidents and/or conduct on previous sets into account as they consider whether to charge anyone over this. They're encouraging anyone with info to contact them, STAT.

The D.A. also made a point to say ... nobody has been ruled out at this point when it comes to potential charges, and that includes Baldwin himself -- who fired the fatal round.


As you know, Alec pulled the trigger, firing the fatal live round of ammunition that killed director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and injured director, Joel Souza.

Assistant director Dave Halls handed Alec the weapon used in the scene, and told him it was a "cold gun" ... meaning it was not loaded. Clearly, it had not been adequately inspected beforehand. As we first told you, some crew members were using the same gun for target practice with real bullets.

The movie's chief electrician, Serge Svetnoy, recently shared what he says is the last photo of Hutchins on set, and he's blaming her death on Halls and the film's armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

Now it sounds like we'll have to wait to find out if the authorities have evidence of criminal negligence.

Chris Evans Young Buzz Lightyear Role Political Shot at Tim Allen?!? 🤔

There's a new Buzz Lightyear in town -- a younger one, more flesh than plastic -- and he's being played by Chris Evans ... sparking a convo about whether Tim Allen was stiffed over politics.

Disney just released the trailer for their 'Toy Story' prequel, titled simply "Lightyear," and it's all about Buzz's origin story -- before he was reimagined as an action figure, it seems.

Like we said, CE was cast to voice the character -- and while we don't hear him talk much in this teaser, he does utter a word at the end that gives a glimpse of what he'll sound like. Frankly, it's very Allen-esque, which begs the question ... why not just tap TA again???

That's what's at debate here, and there are different POVs on the matter. For one, some are happy to be done with the Tim Allen-Buzz Lightyear era ... calling Chris an "upgrade." Part of the reasoning behind that though is political, as the amateur critics don't like Tim's political views.

As you know, Tim's a proud conservative, and in recent years he's had to deal with some backlash in largely liberal Hollywood for it -- especially in the Trump era. So it makes ya wonder ... if Tim was a liberal, would people be so happy to discard him???

There's another take, which is the flick captures Buzz's younger years, so it makes sense he'd have a slightly different, younger-sounding voice -- so, it might not be a political cheap shot at all.

One way to truly gauge this might be if Woody gets a prequel, and Tom Hanks gets the cowboy boot for a new voice actor. If so, then this would not be shade at Tim -- but if they stuck with Tom ... you'd have to say something's amiss.

To infinity ... and beyond the pale???

Gabby Petito's Dad No Closure in Brian's Notebook ... I'm Focused On Domestic Violence Crisis

Gabby Petito's father is not obsessing over what might be inside Brian Laundrie's notebook ... instead, he says the focus should be on the domestic violence issues plaguing the nation.

Joe Petito tells TMZ ... nothing in Brian's notebook is going to bring his daughter back, and whatever's in there won't explain how her tragic death could have been avoided.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

As you know, Brian's remains were found last week in an area that was previously underwater, and law enforcement found some of his belongings, including a notebook, nearby.

Joe says he is never going to get closure from the notebook -- even if cops can recover any info from it -- and it's not going to help him get over losing a child. He says the only reason he would want to know what Brian wrote would be for his own selfish gratification.

Gabby's father also says the notebook won't do much for Brian's parents either, because they lost a child too, and the book won't bring their son back either.


Brian's parents don't know what's inside the journal either ... according to the family lawyer.

Instead of focusing on the notebook, Joe says he would rather put meaning behind Gabby's death ... and for him, that means making a difference with domestic violence issues.

Joe now wants the focus to be on how to avoid another tragic incident like his daughter's. He says it's "insane" to see research showing over 1 in 3 women in the United States have experienced domestic violence. He adds, society needs to figure out how to shift the shame from the victim to the abuser ... and maybe that starts by having conversations that reassure victims it's not their fault.

Joe wants to see more resources made available for domestic violence victims -- and hopes Gabby's case helps shine a light on other missing persons who could be saved still.

'Rust' Armorer Insurance Paid Out $50k Settlement In Friend's Deadly Motorcycle Crash

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed -- the woman at the center of the "Rust" death investigation -- was also recently tied to the death of a close friend, and her insurance company shelled out big bucks to his family.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Reed's friend, Tyler Dyer, was killed in an accident back in August 2020 -- a wreck that also involved her boyfriend, Aaron Butcher. Both men were on motorcycles at the time -- Aaron had borrowed Hannah's.

Tyler's dad tells us all 3 of them had been hanging out at a party prior to the accident -- and Hannah admitted to cops she'd seen both Tyler and Aaron drink 4 to 5 beers each before she opted to give Aaron the keys to her ride.

BTW, Aaron was already on probation for a DUI, and only permitted to operate vehicles with a breathalyzer attached to the ignition ... which Hannah's bike did not have.

According to cops, Tyler was going too fast when he made a turn and crashed his bike into a wall ... while Aaron tried to avoid him, and ended up wrecking Hannah's bike.

Tyler died in the crash, Aaron was arrested for aggravated DUI, and because he was on Hannah's bike ... her insurance company paid Dyer's parents, Joe and Sara, $50,000 in exchange for an agreement not to sue Hannah in the future.

The documents state each of Tyler's parents ended up walking away with $15,481.

TMZ broke the story, 24-year-old Reed revealed just last month she only recently wrapped her first project as a head armorer ... a project she says she almost didn't take on because she was afraid she lacked experience.

Many people on the "Rust" crew, including the head electrician, have placed blame on Reed and the assistant director for the death of Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and killed when an actual bullet was fired from a gun Alec Baldwin was holding.

Miami Dog Show Haymakers & Chairs Thrown In Brawl ... Wild video!!!

All hell broke loose at a dog show in Florida last weekend -- when people threw haymakers AND chairs at each other in an insane brawl -- and the wild scene was all caught on video!

The fight went down at an event called the Miami Bully Takeover at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel near Miami airport last Saturday ... and it appeared to all start over a verbal argument between two women.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A spectator in the crowd caught the chaos on camera after things turned physical -- and you can see in the video, it's violent.

The footage shows two men striking each other, while another man picked up a chair and threw it. You can also see in the clip another person was being stomped out on the ground.

Eventually, the fight was broken up ... but a few seconds later, another fight started in a different area -- with more chairs and punches flying.

Security finally stepped in to shut everything down ... and thankfully, no humans or dogs were reported injured.

One of the organizers of the event -- which was a bully breed convention for dogs, owners, kennels, rescues and vendors -- apologized for the melee on social media following all the day's action.

"My heart really hurts and I know the money that goes into showing and We want to make it right and refund people that were unable to show," the organizer said. "I wanted to finish but the cops would not allow it."

"My shows are family shows and this really is hurtful and not the image I want people to see."

The organizer added, "It's truly sad that grown adults act like they did."

Despite all the violence, event organizers are expected to put on another bully breed dog show in Georgia this Halloween weekend.

Halloween 2021 Celebs In The Spooky Spirit

It's not quite Halloween yet, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood from getting into the spirit early ... showing off elaborate costumes, some solo, some in groups, and some paying tribute to their early acting days.

Celebs from 'Housewives' stars Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton -- who went as circus ringmasters and medical pros -- to Jason Biggs and his wife, who took the more traditional vampire route have already posted pics of their costumes.

However, it's Drew Barrymore who paid homage to her "Scream" roots, dressing up as her character, Casey Becker, from the horror classic ... complete with Ghostface.

Among some of the other notable getups -- Olympian Ryan Lochte and his crew went as the Addams Family, Charli D'Amelio as Charlie Brown and Travis Barker with Kourtney Kardashian as Sid and Nancy.

The holiday is quickly approaching, so expect a lot more looks, both elaborate and not, to pop up on social media and at A-list parties across the country ... cuz if there's one thing celebs love, it's playing pretend.

Michael Myers Alleged Homophobe ... For Killing Gay Dudes in 'Halloween Kills'

Psychopathic serial killer Michael Myers might have more issues than just his penchant for murder -- apparently, the internet is gravely concerned about his bigotry against gay people.

This is actually a thing ... the latest iteration of the masked madman is being accused by some Twitter truthers of being homophobic for offing a same-sex couple in the new "Halloween Kills" movie ... which just came out about a week or so ago.

Granted, some of these tweets were likely done in jest, but it's hard to tell who means what. Point is, people have written the words -- which is sorta outrageous in and of itself.


If you haven't seen it yet ... there's a middle-aged gay couple depicted for a good portion of the flick who are now living in Myers' childhood home. He eventually breaks in and murks 'em both, in pretty brutal fashion too. In the end, MM lays their bodies next to each other.

While many appreciated the representation, others appear to have been offended by these two guys being among the body count. There've also been a few articles and op-eds written on the matter -- and despite most who acknowledge it as silly ... some are pointing out "The Shape" may, in fact, not be as progressive as some of his counterparts.

Take Chucky the killer doll, for example, who's got a new series out where he acknowledges a "child" of his who's gender fluid (yes, that's Canon). Many in the LGBT community praised the showrunners for including it in the storyline, and for Chucky showing empathy to it.

By that rationale, some feel Myers could be a little more open-minded as to whom he targets ... but frankly, he's an equal opportunity slasher, as proven in the movie itself.

Dude literally kills everyone in his path -- Black people, gay people, young and old ... and any gender. He even executes first-responders -- also seen in the film -- which is something that was also in debate of late, and addressed by the man behind the mask himself.

A group he *seems* to spare no matter what ... young children/babies -- Mike usually never touches 'em. That's where his line is ... but everyone else is fair game.

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