Arizona Attorney General Knock it Off, Dream City Church!!! Rips Trump Venue for COVID-Free Claim

2:56 PM PT -- CleanAir EXP CEO, Tim Bender, tells TMZ, “We are committed to developing and providing advanced air and surface purification systems for homes and businesses. No air purification system, including ours, can universally prevent coronavirus (including COVID-19) infections."

He continues, "On June 23, we updated our website to further emphasize the coronavirus surrogates used in our laboratory testing and made all lab reports available. We encourage following hygiene guidelines in the manner ordered or suggested by government authorities.”

The Arizona church that hosted President Trump's rally and the company it claimed had tech to kill COVID-19 just got a tongue-lashing from the state's top prosecutor.

Arizona's Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Dream City Church and CleanAir EXP ... telling them they're misrepresenting what CleanAir's technology can actually do -- claiming they haven't shown any scientific proof to back up the claim that it neutralizes 99.9% of viruses that are "COVID-19 surrogates."

Dream City Church

The AG's office says it is "aware of no scientific research or public health authority certifying any kind of air treatment product as a means of preventing COVID-19 infections." As we reported, the Dream City Church bozos, Brendon Zastrow and Pastor Luke Barnett, made a video claiming CleanAir EXP's tech could zap away the virus.

A day later, CleanAir EXP chief strategy officer, Tim Bender, told TMZ ... Zastrow and Barnett went overboard and flat-out exaggerated about CleanAir's product.

The AG also said, "the church was placed on notice that misrepresentations and false promises related to the safety of church facilities may violate the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act."

As we reported ... tons of Trump supporters packed the venue earlier this week, with virtually none of them wearing masks or socially distancing.

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Face Mask Exempt Card Dept. of Justice Says Don't Buy It!!!

The U.S. Department of Justice is calling out the "Exempt" cards folks claim allow them to get away with not covering their faces in public ... because the cards are fraudulent.

An alert was issued by the feds Thursday warning of the phony face mask flyers, urging the public to "be aware regarding fraudulent postings, cards, or flyers on the internet regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the use of face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

The alert made it clear the cards were not issued by the government and not endorsed by it ... despite the appearance of the Dept. of Justice's seal.

U.S. Attorney Matthew G.T. Martin warned ... "Do not be fooled by the chicanery and misappropriation of the DOJ eagle. These cards do not carry the force of law. The 'Freedom to Breathe Agency,' or 'FTBA,' is not a government agency."

We'd like to say, "Yeah, no duh" ... but way too many people on social media seem fooled, as they circulated the cards this week as if they were legit.

The U.S. Attorney adds to check out the ADA website for official and correct info about the American Disabilities Act, and the CDC still encourages the use of facial coverings in public.


Not that you could tell from VP Mike Pence's latest coronavirus task force briefing.

Willie Cauley-Stein Opting Out of NBA Restart ... Expecting Baby In July

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Family over everything ... including the NBA.

Dallas Mavericks center Willie Cauley-Stein will NOT join his team in the Orlando bubble when the NBA season resumes ... and it's all because he's got a kid on the way.

The 26-year-old -- the 6th overall pick of the 2015 Draft -- has a baby due in July with his partner and clearly doesn't want to miss that experience, according to The Athletic.

Plus, Florida is experiencing a surge in positive COVID-19 tests ... so it also seems Willie doesn't want to put himself in harm's way while preparing to parent a newborn.

Cauley-Stein was only traded to the Mavs back in January -- and has just played in 13 games with Dallas.

The Mavs are the 7th ranked team in the Western Conference playoff standings -- which means they'll be included in the playoffs.

The regular season resumes on July 30 -- but Mavs players will report on July 8. If the Mavs make a run to the Finals, they would be in the bubble environment all the way until October.

Can you really blame Cauley-Stein for his decision?

Boxing Legend Roberto Duran Hospitalized with COVID-19 'No Signs of Serious Damage'

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Roberto Duran -- the boxing legend who famously battled Sugar Ray Leonard in the '80s -- has been hospitalized with COVID-19, his family confirms.

The 69-year-old was admitted to a hospital in Panama City, Panama on Thursday ... but the good news, he seems to be doing okay so far.

"My father's tests have just arrived and confirm that he is positive for COVID-19," Roberto's son, Robin Duran, posted on IG.

"Thank God he is not having symptoms beyond something similar to a cold."

Duran is NOT in intensive care or on a ventilator, according to his son ... but he is still under observation.

Duran's son also notes that his father already had a bad lung due to a 2001 accident in Argentina ... and because of that injury, they can't mess around with coronavirus.

"We just talked to the doctor and he tells us that the lungs are fine and there are no signs of serious damage."

"Let's continue to have faith that everything will turn serious injury well. I keep you informed."

Duran -- who was born in Panama -- was a monster in the ring ... winning titles in 4 different weight classes during his 33-year pro career!!

He retired with 119 fights under his belt ... racking up 103 wins and only 16 losses.

Of course, everyone remembers his fight with Sugar Ray -- Duran won their first bout in 1980 but lost the rematch later that year.

In his loss to Leonard, Duran refused to come off the stool in the 8th-round ... saying, "No Mas" -- which became one of the biggest moments in boxing history.

The two actually became friends after their fighting careers ended.

Duran later went on to become an actor and a singer -- and even had a role in "CSI: NY."

Ezekiel Elliott Sued Dogs Allegedly Bit Pool Cleaner ... In Violent Attack


A pool cleaner claims she required surgery and will likely be scarred for life after Ezekiel Elliott's dogs violently attacked her in March ... and now she's suing the NFL star.

But Zeke's attorney tells us the NFL star adamantly denies wrongdoing and now he's digging in for a legal war.

It's all spelled out in new court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which a woman says she went to clean Elliott's pool at his home in Frisco, TX on March 11 ... when she was "ambushed" by his 3 dogs -- a Rottweiler and two bulldogs.

In the docs, the woman claims the Rottweiler bit her arm and dragged her ... before the two bulldogs began attacking her legs.

The woman says the dogs bit her multiple times ... and after she was able to free herself from the animals, she went straight to the emergency room "in immense pain."

She claims the injuries were so bad ... 2 weeks later, she required surgery to repair the damage done by the Rottweiler's bite to her forearm.

In the lawsuit, the woman says she's still having issues with her surgically repaired arm ... and says she constantly suffers from mental and physical pain over the attack.

She's asking for over $200,000 in the suit from the Dallas Cowboys superstar ... but less than $1 million.

The woman also claims this wasn't the first time Elliott's dogs have attacked a pool cleaner ... she alleges that around Dec. 2019, the Rottweiler bit someone else who worked for her company.

We reached out to the Frisco Police Dept. over the allegations ... and a spokesperson said animal services did respond to an incident at Elliott's home on March 11, but the spokesperson says no criminal charges were filed.

As for Zeke, his attorney Frank Salzano tells us his client did nothing wrong, saying ... "Ezekiel was in no way negligent in connection with the alleged incident and intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit."

Elliott has made no attempts to hide his infatuation with his dogs ... he's created an Instagram page for the three -- and even has his Rottweiler, Ace, tattooed on his forearm.

In fact, Zeke just showed off all three dogs on a Twitch stream this week ... giving each one a kiss for the camera.


By the way, if this all sounds familiar ... it's because it kind of is -- Elliott's teammate, Dak Prescott, had to deal with allegations that his dogs violently attacked somebody back in Feb. 2019.

Jon Jones DWI Arrest Changed My Life ... 'Set Me Free'

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Jon Jones says there's a silver lining to his March drunk driving arrest -- "it set me free in so many ways" -- and now he's focused on staying clean.

"It embarrassed me, it reality-checked me," Jones said on Steve-O's "Wild Ride" podcast ... "I've never been on camera drunk for the public to see like that."

"It was humiliating, and somewhat of a bottom for me -- and I'm ready to snap it into high gear."

As we previously reported, Jones was arrested around 1 AM on March 26 after cops responded to reports of gunfire in the Albuquerque area.

When cops found Jones alone in his Jeep, he appeared intoxicated and admitted to drinking earlier in the evening.


32-year-old Jones later plead guilty to DWI and was sentenced to 1 year probation, ordered to house arrest and forced to wear an ankle monitor.

During Steve-O's podcast, Jones said he's been thinking deeply about his life ever since his arrest ... and he's trying to cut out the bad influences who have led him astray in the past.

Jones also says the COVID-19 pandemic is helping him learn how to stay away from the party scene -- "detach from the nightlife."

"The coronavirus really helped though -- it helped me learn how to stay home on Fridays and Saturdays."

"Before the world got put on hold, I had this fear of missing out ... and coronavirus helped me realize 'Jon you're not missing anything out there.' And, anything that really matters is happening during the day time with your wife and kids."

Jones also talked about his work with the C.A.R.E. project -- which is raising money and support for communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in NM.

"I'm trying to create a life of more substance outside the UFC," Jones says.

Protester to Sue LAPD Claims Cops Nearly Killed Him w/ Rubber Bullets ... Vows to Continue Protesting


10:37 AM PT -- Steyn detailed the horrific aftermath of allegedly being shot at close range with a rubber bullet by an LAPD officer ... saying he was left with a ruptured testicle, passed out and almost bled to death in the streets.

Bloom later claimed Steyn got shot when he went to help a fellow protester, and that he received no aid for his injuries from law enforcement around him.

Steyn went on to describe a discussion he had with his daughter the night before the incident, in which he told her no matter how powerful the government or police are ... we can always march peacefully to fight for our rights, and that he won't let corrupt police continue to kill people.

Bloom also called for the use of rubber bullets by the LAPD to be severely curtailed or banned, and never shot at close range. She says her legal team has filed a complaint with the Inspector General and Internal Affairs as the first step of filing a lawsuit for Steyn ... and she's seeking witnesses who were at the May 30 protest.

The protester who allegedly took rubber bullets fired by LAPD officers to his scrotum is about to unveil his lawsuit against the cops ... and call for major reform.

Bradley Steyn -- along with his attorney, Lisa Bloom -- is about to address the media in front of LAPD headquarters ... and TMZ will be live streaming.

Steyn -- a renowned South African anti-apartheid activist -- is expected to detail his account of alleged police brutality encountered during a May 30 protest over the death of George Floyd in L.A.'s Fairfax district ... and announce legal action.

He claims he was roughed up by cops who shot him with rubber bullets at point-blank range in the inner thigh and genitals ... severely injuring him. He ended up losing a testicle.

Steyn and Bloom say they will call for "specific reforms."

The press conference is scheduled to begin Thursday at 10 AM PT.

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George Floyd Protests Activist Claims LAPD Shot His Scrotum ... Rubber Bullets Do Real Damage

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A Black Lives Matter protester allegedly took rubber bullets fired by LAPD officers right to the crotch, and he claims it caused him to lose a testicle. So, yeah ... he's suing.

Bradley Steyn -- a South African man who protested apartheid back in the day -- claims he was maimed by law enforcement during a May 30 George Floyd protest in L.A.'s Fairfax District.

He claims he witnessed police brutality, then became a victim himself when cops allegedly used batons to beat him in the chest ... before shooting him with rubber bullets at point-blank range.

Bradley claims he was hit in the inner thigh and genitals and has since suffered horrific pain and the loss of a testicle.

His attorney, Lisa Bloom, will hold a press conference with him in front of LAPD headquarters Thursday, where Bradley will speak on "the impact his beating and shooting has had on his life and family."

Bloom and Bradley will also reveal details of the legal action they are taking against the police department and call for specific reforms. Bloom says, "Police brutality is our national shame."

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