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O.T. Genasis

In Love With the ...

Making It Rain Gun

1/27/2015 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OT Genasis Stip ClubO.T. Genasis can't be bothered with all the energy it takes to manually throw dollar bills at strippers ... so he went and got himself a dollar bill gun ... to fire George Washingtons at 'em! 

O.T. hit up the new Los Angeles strip club Ace of Diamonds Monday night where he displayed his device ... which we're gonna go ahead and dub, the Makin' It Rain Ray.

We're told the rapper dropped about $5,000 all told. 

He's in love with the CoCo ... and also Diamond and Champagne and Destiny and Missy and Candy ...



LisaRaye McCoy

Stripper Biz Is Booming ...

Thanks to One Man

9/4/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LisaRaye McCoy knows her way around a strip club ... and says the skin biz is doing better than ever ... thanks to the heavy-hitter of making it rain.

LisaRaye, who starred as a stripper in "The Players Club," told us ... where there's big money, there's opportunity -- and she agreed with our photog that there's one athlete in particular who's attracting more and more women to exotic dancing.

She even thinks his extravagant spending is helping the country's bottom line. So, give that man another lap dance, please ... for America!


Scores to Monica Lewinsky

Assume the Position ...

We'll Provide Cigars

5/8/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Monica Lewinsky Strip Club Job Offer

Monica Lewinsky
just got an offer to handle big bills in the cigar biz ... at a famous strip club -- and it's a serious offer that pays six figures ... TMZ has learned.

We've obtained a letter written by the head honcho of SCORES ... offering Lewinsky a position at their Atlantic City club as a hostess in their Sports and Cigar Bar.

CEO Mark Yakow says he made the offer after reading a recent Vanity Fair article ... where Monica complained she can't get jobs because of her "history."

Yakow says the hostess gig pays $100K a year -- and does not require stripping ... but he's only giving her until Saturday to accept.

Sounds like easy money ... hope she doesn't blow it.

Khloe & French

Strip Club, House Hunting

Are they Banging?

4/7/2014 8:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian Dating French Montana
Khloe Kardashian and rapper French Montana have been spending a lot of time together ... the kind of time that leads people to ask, "Are they banging?"

We're told French is on the hunt for a new pad and took Khloe along to check one out -- a 4,800 sq. ft. Hollywood Hills home that rents for $29,000/month. It's a 4 bedroom, 4 bath house with a wine and cigar cellar, a sauna, and screening room.

And, they hit up Pink Rhino in Phoenix this weekend where French was a promoted guest.  We're told the pair and their entourage went through 10 bottles (on the house, of course) and shelled out $7K on girls.

Our spies inside the club say French and Khloe were "close" all night -- taking photos with fans, never posing together.

Check out the video above of them entering the club, with his arm wrapped her. And then tell us ...

'Mob Wives' Star Natalie Guercio

Battered In Fight With Strip Club Bouncer

3/31/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Mob Wives" star Natalie Guercio just learned one of the major rules of a strip club ... never, EVER mess with the bouncers.

Guercio was at Delilah's Gentleman's Club in Philly last Thursday to judge the Entertainer of the Year event ... when witnesses say she got into a fight with one of the club's security goons.  Guercio's camp claims the bouncer hauled off and PUNCHED her in the face.

We don't know what set it off, but club sources tell us Guercio called the guy every name in the book.

Cops were called and took a report ... but Guercio decided not to press charges. She was taken to a hospital for a bruised face.

No word on who won Entertainer of the Year.

'Magic City' Strip Club

Rival Strip Joint

Bitch Slapped By Judge

3/17/2014 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Chicago strip club just got schooled on how to spell L-O-S-E-R ... because a judge has ruled it can't use the name "Magic City" -- or any version ... no matter how it's spelled.

TMZ broke the story ... Atlanta's infamous "Magic City" strip club sued the Chicago joint for trying to jack the club's name that has become iconic in the rap world  -- with regulars like Jay Z, Ludacris and Outkast.

A  judge just ruled the ATL club has cornered the market on the name, ordering the Chi-town club to stop using the name Magic or any variation, including Majik, Majic, and Magik.

The Chicago owners are required  to take out ads apologizing for confusing customers.

Ass-clapping ATL strip clubs ... accept no substitutions.

Katy Perry's Fired Stripper

Back on the Grind

3/15/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The stripper who was fired for taking photos with Katy Perry -- inside a strip club -- is back in the good graces of the stripper gods ... TMZ has learned, after breaking the cardinal strip club rule she got her job back ... but with one G-string attached.

Sources tell us, Cassidy (her stripper name) received a call from Spearmint Rhino honchos, informing her she could have her job back -- but she's not allowed to work at the Santa Barbara location where she was fired.

Instead, we're told Cassidy is now back working at a nearby Spearmint Rhino location in the decidedly less tony Oxnard.

TMZ broke the story ... Cassidy lost her stripper Santa Barbara job last month after management found out she'd been taking pics with Katy inside the strip club ... A HUGE NO-NO. TMZ later posted the pics.

Ain't nuthin' but a g strang.

Jay Z

Strip Club of Choice

Sues to Ass-Slap Impostor

3/11/2014 8:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Atlanta strip club made famous by Jay Z, Outkast, and Ludacris wants a pound of flesh from a Chicago club that has jacked the name.

ATL's famed Magic City strip club just filed a lawsuit claiming a namesake club in Chicago has insinuated the two joints are connected ... but they're not.

The Atlanta club owners are indignant because they've created a huge cache in the rap community, where stars like Gucci Mane, Bow Wow, Young Jeezy and Ying Yang Twins have referenced Magic City in their songs.

The original MC wants to shut down the knockoff, claiming it cheapens the brand and confuses consumers.

Thing is ... any consumer who thinks they're in Atlanta but are actually in Chicago ... well, they're probably so wasted it doesn't make a difference.

Stephen Hawking

Joins Bachelor Party

Black Holes, Anyone?

3/4/2014 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0304-stephen-hawking-SplashStephen Hawking took a break from being smarter than everyone else this weekend ... to hang out at a BACHELOR PARTY ... and dude even posed for a picture! 

The Hawk was out in Cambridge on Saturday night ... when he was approached by a bunch of guys wearing superhero costumes (apparently, they're all dressed like something called "Bananaman). 

Hawking, always the good sport, posed for a pic with the gang. 

The most shocking part ... Hawking, who reportedly LOOOVES strip clubs (seriously), went back home after the pic ... and didn't accompany the guys on the rest of their debaucherous journey. 

Too bad ... we hear the guy's a real party machine.

2 Chainz

Death-Defying Strippers Join Tour

After $4K Rainstorm

2/27/2014 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two death-defying strippers/acrobats made 2 GRAND EACH -- IN 15 MINUTES -- when they performed for 2 Chainz  this week in Phoenix ... so impressive, he's booked them on his tour!

The video is a thing of beauty ... Spyda and Magic defying the laws of gravity during their breathtaking routine at Essex Gentleman's club ... while 2 Chainz littered the place with cash.

The women tell us 2 Chainz was so impressed by their contortions he invited them to a VIP room afterward so they could talk business ... and then asked them to join him full time on his tour.

Spyda and Magic say they're still waiting to finalize the deal ... but fingers crossed. And legs and arms.


NFL Star Brandon Flowers

I 'HEAR' the Best Strip Clubs Are ...

2/27/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0226_Brandon-Flowers_stripclub_compositeCheck this out ... TMZ Sports recently asked Kansas City Chiefs defensive stud Brandon Flowers to name his Top 3 favorite strip clubs in the country.

But since Brandon says strip clubs are "kind of frowned upon in the NFL," he agreed to tell us about the one he "hears" about the most instead.

So, here's Brandon's official Strip Club Breakdown:

1) Onyx in Atlanta -- "I heard that one's pretty good"

2) Tootsies in Miami -- "I heard Tootsies has the best lobster tail and rice on earth."

3) 11 in Miami -- "It's a new club that's supposed to be pretty good so I'm looking forward to 'hearing' about that one."

Brandon says he usually only "hears" about Florida strip clubs ... and says, "If anyone has any suggestions, please tweet me ... I'd love to 'hear' about it."

Katy Perry's Fired Stripper

Mayweathering the Storm

I'm on the Money Team Now

2/21/2014 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0221_floyd_mayweather_jr_devonThe stripper who was fired for taking photos with Katy Perry -- INSIDE A STRIP CLUB -- has moved on to bigger and richer things ... Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The stripper -- Devon -- Instagrammed the photo Wednesday night in Vegas after randomly running into Money May ... who's worth a reported $170 million ... way more than Katy Perry.

TMZ broke the story ... Devon lost her stripper job in Santa Barbara earlier this month after management found out she'd been taking pics with Katy inside the strip club ... where Katy spent thousands of dollars.

TMZ later posted the photos.


Kirsten Dunst

Hits Strip Club

Can You Keep It Down? I'm Trying to Have a Conversation Here

2/17/2014 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's like reading Playboy for the articles -- Kirsten Dunst went to a New Orleans strip club Saturday night for the drinks and conversation ... paying ZERO attention to the naked girls shaking their asses on stage.

The "Spider-Man" actress hit up Rick's Saloon -- which flew in extra dancers from V-Live Club in Houston just for All-Star Weekend -- but Kirsten didn't appear impressed ... facing away from the stage, stirring her drink, and trying to talk with her friends.


Thankfully, Kirsten still dropped some cash on the ladies -- we're told about $1,000 -- and then came back the next night too.

She could still learn a lot from Katy Perry.

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