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Future Buses in Hot Chicks ... For Homie's Bday Bash

1/20/2017 12:20 AM PST

Future and Big Bank Black blazed their own party trail for a friend's birthday -- including a pit stop to rage with a busload of hot chicks -- but predictably ... it ended at the strip club.

The rappers were celebrating big record exec Ricardo's bday in Atlanta Wednesday night. They hit up STK steakhouse, shut it down for a private dinner, and dropped around $37k.

We're told the 3 amigos moved on to Gold Room nightclub -- open just for them -- and bussed in around 20 beautiful women to party. They spent $10k apiece in 2 1/2 hours.

Finally ... they left those hot chicks and met up with a new group at Platinum strip club, throwing down more than $15k for 30 minutes of entertainment.

So, if you're keeping track ... that's around $82k for Ricardo's birthday. Judging by the pics -- it was worth it.


Tyson Beckford Coming to the Stage ... I'm Full Time at Chippendales!

1/19/2017 12:30 AM PST

0118-tyson-beckford-tmz-01Tyson Beckford will be bumping and grinding more than usual on the Vegas Strip because he's coming back for more than 3 months at Chippendales ... TMZ has learned.

We're told ticket sales broke records when Tyson did a 3 week guest appearance 2 years ago, so he struck a deal to return ... but things will be a little different.

He'll be in more numbers and several dances will be custom choreographed for him, as opposed to last time when he was just joining the ensemble on stripteases.

Tyson's residency starts March 30, but word is he'll stay on until the end of summer, possibly longer.

Hehe ... longer.


Donald Trump Inauguration Naughty Interns, Sexy Staffers Headline D.C. Strip Clubs!!!

1/16/2017 1:00 AM PST

0113-inauguration-strippers-strip-club-fun-art-TMZ-GETTY-01Donald Trump will be dressing up for his inauguration as the 45th Prez, but just down the street a bunch of strippers will be dressing down and making their bank accounts great again.

We surveyed the D.C. landscape and found most of the big gentlemen's clubs are pulling out all the stops next weekend. They include ...

ARCHIBALD'S -- Come for the naughty interns and administration staffers party next Thursday night. And, on inauguration night, there's the Grand Inaugural Ball featuring strippers in Trump's signature red hat. The club normally closes at 2 AM, but that night it's open till 5. They'll also serve Fruity Pebbles French toast before closing and inaugural breakfast sandwiches.

The MPIRE CLUB -- No "last call" here. The club will stay open the entire inauguration weekend (watch out for the strippers at 11 AM Sunday). They don't serve food here, but they're making an exception because they think they'll be a market for breakfast sandwiches and waffles.

CAMELOT SHOWBAR -- Anybody who's anybody will breeze though this joint. We're told a bunch of VIP tables have already been booked. They'll serve champagne with the lap dances. And, get this ... they're serving salmon and Australian lamb chops!!!   


Blac Youngsta Rips 'Grandma Bra' Wearing Strippers

1/11/2017 3:53 PM PST

Blac Youngsta admits leaving the strippers at Ace of Diamonds high and dry in the tip department, but says it's their fault for wearing cheap-ass lingerie and not getting naked.

The Memphis rapper fired back at the AoD ladies ... who've been very vocal about Youngsta and his crew leaving zero dollars for services rendered on the stage Monday night.

He's pissed at the club for paying him "crumbs" for his appearance, but says the bigger issue is strippers with bullet wounds ... who don't strip at all.

Blac Youngsta's rebuttal to the pissed off AoD dancers is brutal ... yet entertaining. 

Blac Youngsta All His Money Is Just a Gimmick ... Claim Stiffed Strippers

1/11/2017 1:12 PM PST

Do NOT believe the hype on Blac Youngsta's stacks of cash ... so say the strippers who didn't get a dime from him at L.A.'s  Ace of Diamonds.

AoD dancers Tokyo and Ari Safari sounded off on getting stiffed by the Memphis rapper who famously flaunts piles of hundos on social media. After Monday night they're now dismissing him as nothing more than a "gimmick."

It's that simple, but it sounds so much worse when you see it straight from the mouths of angry strippers -- who want this rant to be a warning to any other rappers who get onstage with them.

You're on notice, cheap bastards. 



Rapper Blac Youngsta Accused of Stiffing Strippers ... Pissing Off Strippers

1/10/2017 5:43 PM PST

Blac Youngsta -- the rapper known for constantly flashing stacks of cash -- didn't pull a dime out of his pocket to tip the strippers at Ace of Diamonds ... according to several angry dancers.

Multiple dancers in L.A.'s famous strip club tell us Blac Youngsta was rolling deep Monday night ... coming in with at least 20 of his pals for a paid appearance. He even shared the stage with some of the dancers while he performed.  

We're told he was there for about 90 minutes, but tipped exactly zero dollars. Same goes for his crew. There was some cash raining down while the ladies twerked extra hard -- but our sources say none of it came from Youngsta.

You can imagine ... strippers ain't having it. As one of them said, "It's super embarrassing to be onstage, after HE requests you and then doesn't tip anything."

We reached out to Youngsta for his side of the story, but no word back.

The irony is he famously makes it rain all over the place -- even on his dog. The AoD strippers clearly expected at least that. 

Vivica A. Fox My Male Strippers Don't Dance for Gays

1/6/2017 7:44 AM PST

Vivica A. Fox is drawing a line in the strip club when it comes to gays and her 'Black Magic' male revue.

Vivica and a couple of the dancers from her new reality show hit up "The Breakfast Club," and things got kinda homophobic when Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy asked if gay guys go to their shows.

Check out Vivica's quick response. Sometimes a simple "HELL no" speaks volumes.

As she put it ... her show is all about the girls. 

Fetty Wap Drops $10k on Favorite Stripper

12/29/2016 8:57 AM PST
Exclusive Details

Fetty Wap actually has a favorite stripper ... no really, and that lucky dancer got showered for her birthday.

The "679" rapper rolled 50 deep into Aces strip club just after 1 AM Thursday in NYC ... and we're told the visit served a 2-pronged attack -- to turn up at the joint one last time before New Year's and shower the dancer, Blu, with $10k.

Way to boost the economy.

Young Thug & 21 Savage 'Tis the Season to Give Tons of Cash to a Bunch of Twerkers

12/25/2016 12:40 AM PST

Young Thug and 21 Savage can't help themselves -- when beauties come twerking so does a bunch of cash!!

The rappers attended something called The Ultimate Twerk Off at Club Crucial in ATL ... where a bunch of chicks went hard in front of the rappers, and that prompted a bag of cash to make an appearance.

Check it out ... YT and 21 also spread the wealth to a bunch of clubgoers ... which for some odd reason were treated to what looks like an amateur boxing match.

All in all, Young Thug tossed around $20k and Savage unloaded $10k.



Floyd Mayweather 'Tis The Season To Make It Rain ... $40k at Strip Club!!

12/13/2016 10:26 AM PST

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to treating himself to some luxurious presents ... so it's only right that he spread some love to his favorite people this holiday season -- STRIPPERS!!

The champ showed up to V Live Detroit over the weekend with $40,000 in hundred dollar bills ... jumped onstage and made it rain for an hour straight. We're told Floyd was enjoying one dancer in particular -- LuvHonesty -- and personally handed her $20k.

Well, watch the vid, he didn't exactly HAND it to her ... but she's gonna need a bigger stocking.


Iman Shumpert & Teyana Hot 'Couples Twerk' ... At NYC Strip Club

12/7/2016 6:19 AM PST
Exclusive Details


Iman Shumpert and his smokin' hot wife, Teyana Taylor, hit the strip club TOGETHER Tuesday night -- gettin' their lap dance on with some of the hottest women in town ... and TMZ Sports has the footage. 

It all went down at Aces New York -- where rapper A-Boogie was celebrating his 21st birthday ... and Iman and Teyana rolled through to join the celebration.

We're told the couple dropped a couple thousand on bottles -- PLUS the "couples twerk" session ... because, hey, why the hell not?

As for A-Boogie, we're told he dropped $5k on Ace of Spades champagne and Patron. 

Happy birthday. Now go wash your hands. 

Rick Ross Quiet Storm On L.A. Strippers

11/22/2016 12:30 AM PST

Rick Ross didn't let the weather rain on his parade at the L.A. strip club where he hosted ... and toasted the ladies with stacks of cash.

Rozay showed up late for his gig at Secret Sundayz after the American Music Awards -- due to rain and L.A. traffic -- but made the most of it when he arrived. We're told Rick dropped $10k in about 15 minutes, and you gotta see how he did it.

Da boss was onstage with Drake's ex, Maliah Michel, and shared his wealth ... slow jams style.


V Live Strip Club Ass Tatts Flying ... These Chicks Need a Job!

11/19/2016 12:30 AM PST

V Live Detroit's casting call has strippers going all-out to get noticed, and standard pole dancing ain't gonna cut it when the competition has wings ... on her ass!  

The new strip joint plucked 200 strippers during auditions for Friday night's grand opening. We're not sure which one of these hopefuls made the final cut, but they all threw down very unique and flexible moves.

We do know you will NEVER look at a delicate butterfly the same way.

The ladies also had to do one thing they won't do on the job -- stand perfectly still. Mannequin Challenge strikes again.

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